Hedonist Sovereign

Chapter 405

Chapter 405 - Am I In the Wrong Lecture Hall?

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Editor: Nova1237

Zhang Feng Zi and his five minions had left more than ten minutes ago. However, no one left remaining in the private room took the initiative to spark a conversation.

Trembling in fear, Chang Xin still could not extract herself from the gruesome scene that had happened moments ago. Meanwhile, wolfing down the hot pot in front of him, Qin Feng ravenously devoured the dishes and paid no heed to the blood on the floor.

He had seen worse so this was nothing for him.

By all means, he was still a pure and benevolent man. Qin Feng would repay double should he receive kindness from good people. At the same time, his heart froze. He never went easy on the wicked, even to the extent that he was willing to repay evil for evil.

“Xin Xin, why is your body shaking? Is it cold in here? I can’t feel it… Eh! Aren’t you two hungry? Why don’t you eat?” Qin Feng returned to his frivolous demeanor, grinning from ear to ear while pondering the actions of the two ladies.

Still, Chang Xin could not calm herself. The more she thought, the more she could not comprehend Qin Feng. What kind of activity has this man engaged in the past?

Meanwhile, Hua Yan remained silent and stayed in her seat. Nobody knew the story that was playing in her mind.

The smell of blood filtered into every particle in the air and, due to the reeking smell of blood, both ladies lost their appetite. Qin Feng happily finished the whole thing. Once Qin Feng finished the meal, only then did they realize that Zhang Feng Zi and his five minions had paid the bill for them.

What’s more, they even left 200 yuan for him, which Qin Feng gladly accepted. This will be their lesson fees! Hehe!

Qin Feng drove rather slowly on their way back as he was afraid that the two ladies would puke if he drove too fast after seeing such a bloody scene tonight.

Neither of them chatted along the way. The atmosphere was dull.

“Yan Yan, please come with me!” Chang Xin pulled Hua Yan upstairs after they arrived at the villa.

Qin Feng parked the car and hastily went to the garden once the two ladies were out his sight.

His nose twitched as the dense spiritual essence released by the flowers and plants in the garden intoxicated him.

He knew that these flowers and plants meant a lot to Hua Yan and he was reluctant to pluck any of them. However, when he thought of how close he was to breaking through to Stage 4 inner qi and that he could form the Blood Qi Pill to save Lin Bei Bei from unconscious state after he went back to Acropolis City… Qin Feng was in a sticky condition.

“This will be the last one. I won’t have a chance if Yan Yan comes and checks on her garden as she must count the flowers that she has lost.”

The corner of Qin Feng’s mouth curled into a grin and looked at the first floor of the villa. After he was certain that the two ladies were not looking at him, he hastily uprooted two peculiar flowers.

After Qin Feng had the flowers in hand, he vanished into thin air and moved like a phantom in the dark back to his own room.

The third floor of the villa: Chang Xin’s room.

With a worried face, Chang Xin pulled Hua Yan to a seat beside her bed.

“Yan Yan, I’m sorry for what has happened tonight. I didn’t know that Qin Feng had such a cruel side. Even I’m shocked by him… Should we banish him from our house?”

Chang Xin only kept Qin Feng around for his ability to see through things. Chang Xin realized that Qin Feng had deep knowledge about Chinese medicine so she did not cast him out and kept him by her side so that she could learn more from him.

However, what had happened tonight disturbed Chang Xin and she felt that she had to put an end to this before anything bad happened.

After all, Hua Yan was one of the residents in this villa as well. Even if Chang Xin was willing to allow Qin Feng to stay with them, she was certain that Hua Yan would not allow him to.

“Big Sister Xin Xin, why would we have to cast him out?” Hua Yan’s eyes displayed puzzlement and shot a question of her own to Chang Xin, stunning Chang Xin.

“Yan Yan, are you not afraid of Qin Feng? He is so ruthless. How can we two ladies defend ourselves against him if he attacks us?” replied Chang Xin. She was flabbergasted by Hua Yan’s question.

“Big Sister Xin Xin, how long has Qin Feng been staying here?”

“I think… almost a week.”

“And has he done anything irremissible to you?”

Chang Xin searched her memory and realized that Hua Yan was right. Even though that brat always exhibited frivolous and lascivious looks, he always walked on a fine line and never did anything unbearable to her.

Hua Yan added, “Yes. Qin Feng is very scary when he’s angry, but he knows how far to go and when to stop. Did you forget why he was so angry tonight? He attacked those guys to protect us!

“Speaking of which, it is kind of dangerous for only two women to stay in this spacious house. However, if Qin Feng is staying with us and, say something bad happened, save for his long sword, he can protect us with his powerful close combat skill too… Considering that Qin Feng harbors dirty thoughts about us, I guess Big Sister Xin Xin thinks too much. If he really had a dirty thought, he would have made his move a long time ago.

“So, this is the least of my concerns.”

Chang Xin was stunned by Hua Yan. She suggested casting Qin Feng out because of Hua Yan as Hua Yan seemed to hate Qin Feng a lot. It was surprising that she actually didn’t mind it; she even recommended keeping Qin Feng!

“Yan Yan, are you sure?” Chang Xin looked seriously at Hua Yan.

“Big Sister Xin Xin, let him stay.” Hua Yan nodded.

“Fine then. Let’s erase what happened tonight from our minds.”

Both ladies had reached a consensus. Suddenly, Hua Yan screamed. Then, she charged downstairs bare-footed.

“Yan Yan, what’s wrong?”

“Big Sister Xin Xin, I want to check my garden!”

She reached her garden soon after. Tears began to stream down Hua Yan’s cheeks after she saw her ravaged garden.

Using the light from her cell phone to light her path, Hua Yan walked on the cold soil barefooted. The flowers and plants were blooming and lively before she left the villa. It was only half of month and her hard grown garden had reduced to such a terrible condition. She’d lost seven varieties of spiritual plants.

Amongst the spiritual plants, she’d lost the Hundred Flavor Grass which was the most important among the spiritual plants.

The Hundred Flavor Grass was a special medical herb with mystical effects. It could absorb the essence from heaven and earth and that was the reason the garden had a such a dense spiritual essence. After the Hundred Flavor Grass had matured, one could use it to concoct the “Condensed Qi Pill” which could massively increase the speed of cultivation.

“Yan Yan, are you alright? How many flowers and plants have you lost?” Chang Xin followed Hua Yan to the garden. Her heart was pricked with pain when she saw Hua Yan cry copiously, like a helpless little girl.

“Big Sister Xin Xin, I lost seven flowers and plants! I’m so sad!” Hua Yan threw herself into Chang Xin’s arms and dissolved into tears.

Qin Feng felt a dense spiritual essence surging in his pubic region after he devoured the two spiritual plants that he stole from Hua Yan’s garden. As he was combining the spiritual essence with his own inner qi, Hua Yan’s cries wafted into his ears.

Raising his eyebrows, Qin Feng let out a mouthful of foul qi, crossed the villa, and arrived in the garden within a few seconds.

“Xin Xin… What happens to Yan Yan?” Qin Feng saw Hua Yan had curled herself into a ball at the side of garden.

She only had on a flimsy nightgown. She looked very pitiful.

“Let’s go in the house. You might catch a cold out here.”

Qin Feng dismissed Hua Yan’s struggle and carried her in his arms into the house.

The intoxicating scent teased Qin Feng’s nostrils and her nightgown’s neckline was torn open from her struggling, revealing her snow white skin texture. Damn, she smells good and her body is so finely carved. Qin Feng almost succumbed to his burning desire.

“Release me now, Qin Feng.” Hua Yan’s struggle grew stronger.

“Yan Yan, please stop moving. Your feet are full of mud… Hey! Stop moving, you almost stomped on my face!”

Qin Feng placed Hua Yan on the couch. Hua Yan struggled with all her might in anger while sending a few kicks into the air. Qin Feng was quick with his hands. He grabbed Hua Yan’s feet and secured her in his arms. Then, he used tissue paper to wipe off the mud on her feet.

Hua Yan’s feet were white as a glacier and her skin texture was as soft as a newborn baby. She had painted her toes with black nail polish, seemingly inviting people to touch them.

Hua Yan flinched when Qin Feng grabbed her feet. A weird sensation spread like an electric current all the way from her feet and struck her heart hard, making her melt.

“Okay, we’re done! Hurry up and wash your feet in your room. Have a good night’s sleep after you finish washing your feet. Everything will be fine tomorrow!” Those flowers were plucked by Qin Feng so he had to treat Hua Yan better to lessen his guilt.

On the other hand, Hua Yan examined Qin Feng as if he was an alien. She felt Qin Feng was somehow strange tonight. “Qin Feng, why are you being so good to me? Could it be… it’s you who destroyed my garden?”

Qin Feng’s heart skipped a beat. He offered her a nervous laugh. “No, no, no. How could that be possible? I love gardening so why would I destroy your garden?”

Not entirely believing Qin Feng, Hua Yan kept her eyes glued to Qin Feng. She attempted to search for a loophole in his words but to no avail. She shook her head and went upstairs. Seeing Hua Yan had calmed herself down, Chang Xin finally felt relieved.

Qin Feng heaved a long sigh of relief after the two ladies left. He then went back to his room and continued the process of converting the spiritual essence into his own inner qi.


Provincial Capital University’s medical college: lecture hall.

When Qin Feng stepped into the lecture hall, he stopped. If he did not see Hua Yan in the mass of people, Qin Feng might have thought he had walked into the wrong class.

There were not more than twenty students yesterday; however, that was not the case today. The hundred plus seats were filled; even the aisles were filled with 50 students.

“Well, well, what do we have here? Could it be my class has been canceled? Or was my class replaced by another beautiful lecturer who will teach you guys ‘human’s anatomy’?”Smiling, Qin Feng surveyed the students from the podium.

Cheerful laughter echoed in the lecture hall. Each and every one of the students was tickled pink by Qin Feng’s humor.

All of them heard that the Chinese medicine class had a new handsome, humorous, and narcissistic lecturer. All of them wanted to meet him in person so they came to see whether the news was true or just a hoax. And now, all of them believed the rumor.

“Handsome Professor Qin Feng, we missed you very much! I couldn’t sleep all night yesterday knowing that your class was my first class today!” A cheerful and excited voice drifted down from the last row. It was Ma Chao.

“Haha! Excellent! Very well!”

“See, under my meticulous tutelage, Mister Ma Chao has turned a new leaf. He’s now an expert kiss up. I’m certain that he’ll achieve mediocre success in the future. Everyone, you guys must make Mister Ma Chao your model and learn from him!”

Qin Feng had once again caused the students to exploded into a gale of laughter.

“Handsome Professor Qin Feng, I intentionally washed my face three times today. You must study my face later!”

“Why did you have to wash your face three times? Professor will be happier if you wash your *ss three times!” Being so close in age to the students, the reach of Qin Feng’s joke was quite large.

“The otherworldly handsome and tall Professor Qin Feng, you only studied my boobs yesterday. This time you must carefully study my face!”

“It’s not true, my dear student… To be honest, the art of studying breasts is much harder than studying your face. Perhaps the knowledge required to study boobs is much deeper and abstract than studying a person’s face.”


Very soon, the students mixed freely with Professor Qin Feng. Everybody cracked joke after joke to lighten the situation, which in turn gave rise to a lively and bustling discussion in the lecture hall.

After a good while, Qin Feng gestured with his hands and the students instantly fell silent.

“Every student has unlimited potential. Today, I won’t be studying any faces nor any breasts. I want all of you to study faces and identify the illness… Did everyone finish the assignment I gave you at the end of the previous class?

“Yes, we did! We can read it out for Professor Qin Feng now!”

With Hua Yan as their leader, the twenty or so students who attended Qin Feng’s previous class simultaneously recited loud and clear the tongue twisting and obscure “Treatise on Febrile Diseases Caused by Cold” without stopping.

Their voices filled the room and their faces were brimmed with vigor. Qin Feng was very satisfied with their changes.

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