Hedonist Sovereign

Chapter 404

Chapter 404 - Look for Me if Your Hands are Itchy

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Editor: Nova1237

Hua Yan and Chang Xin wolfed down the food after all of their orders arrived.

However, Qin Feng’s words had caught their attention, especially Hua Yan. She stared maliciously at Qin Feng.

“What did you say?”

“Er… What I said is true. I saw a few naughty kids playing around the garden and they uprooted a few flowers from the garden. You can’t blame me for not stopping them right, Yan Yan?” Qin Feng asked with a twang of guilt.

“Qin Feng, please don’t make fun of us. Those flowers and plants are truly Yan Yan’s treasure. I’ll cast you out from my house tonight if you dare to lie to us!” Even Chang Xin was serious.

Although the hot pot was boiling and released hot steam into the air, Qin Feng felt as if it was freezing, sending chills deep into his body and freezing him from the inside out.

“It’s true. Ai! I’m the one who should be blamed. I don’t know the garden is so important to Yan Yan. Yan Yan… just beat me or scold me. I’m willing to do whatever you want just to make it up to you,” Qin Feng said sternly.

Hua Yan was stunned. She stared blankly into the air like an empty puppet. Meanwhile, Chang Xin heaved a long sigh and rolled her eyes at Qin Feng.

“Anyway, you can’t be blamed. To be honest, I hold most of the responsibility in this incident. I should’ve told you to mind the garden the moment you entered my villa… Yan Yan, are...are you okay?”

Chang Xin blamed herself for not taking good care of Hua Yan’s garden. Out guilt, she wrapped her arms around Hua Yan and pulled her into her embrace.

Plop! Plop!

Suddenly, a few crystal clear tears glided down from Hua Yan’s dewy eyes, ran down her cheeks, and fell to the floor.

This lady is crying!

“I’m so sorry, Yan Yan. I regret not taking good care of your treasured flowers and plants. Don’t hold your tears, let them fall. Big Sister Xin Xin is here with you.” Chang Xin comforted Hua Yan.

Qin Feng did not have the nerve to look at Hua Yan. It surprised him that Hua Yan was crying over her flowers. In Qin Feng’s opinion, Hua Yan was always a tough, strong woman. She never shed a tear even though he had molested her.

“Ding New mission from the Hedonist Sovereign System: assist Hua Yan in becoming a grade six pharmaceutical master!

“Time period: six months!

Qin Feng raised his brows.

“Upon completion, the system will reward Host Qin Feng 30,000 Hedonist Points and an Ifrit pill. If the mission is failed, 60,000 Hedonist Points will be deducted!”


“Little Pig, what is a pharmaceutical master?” Qin Feng communicated with Little Pig via telekinesis.

“For your information, master, there are many people with unique abilities residing in the clandestine realm beyond the world of the mortal. A person who can cultivate inner qi like Master is known as a martial artist. Meanwhile, a pharmaceutical master is best known for their ability in growing spiritual plants and refining the spiritual plants into various mystical pills and medicines,” explained Little Pig.

Shocked, Qin Feng finally realized how shallow he was. Seems like there are still a lot of things I don’t know. Then, he added, “Besides martial artists and pharmaceutical masters, what other kinds of special occupation does this world have?”

“Aside from martial artists and pharmaceutical masters, there are mutants. The William Master previously met at Coiled Snake Mountain is an enhanced strength mutant. An enhanced strength mutant is gifted with extraordinary strength by nature and their attack is almost impossible to counter.”

Martial artists, pharmaceutical masters, mutants…

It was clear to Qin Feng that aside from the three occupations, there must be more people with special abilities hidden in every corner of the earth. Originally, he thought that he, as a martial artist who cultivated both external strength and inner qi himself, could be considered a superior being. However, from what he was seeing now, he still had a long way to go.


The door to the private room was suddenly burst open. The sound pulled Qin Feng back from his thoughts to reality.

Six men wiggled their way into the private room. Their bodies reeked of booze.

As soon as they entered the room, they instantly focused their gazes on Chang Xin and Hua Yan and walked toward them with wicked grins.

“Aiyo! Why is this beauty crying? Look at this pitiful scene; you break this brother’s heart!”

“Tell this brother, beauty. Who made you cry? I’ll take care of him for you!”

These six men were the very same ones who had hid in the corner of the parlor when Qin Feng, Chang Xin, and Hua Yan first entered the restaurant. Their leader was the man with scar under his eyes. His name was Zhang Feng Zi and he had a menacing look.

“Who are you people? Who gave you permission enter our private room? Get lost!” Furrowing her brows, Chang Xin glared icily at the small group.

These six people were drunk. Riding on their drunk courage, they were not intimidated by Chang Xin’s cold aura. Instead, they stared lustfully at Chang Xin and Hua Yan, measuring their bosomy breasts and long legs.

“Relax, beauties. We’re all good people. We just want to help the crying beauty in your arms relinquish her anguish.”

“Our affair is none of your business. Get out!” Chang Xin held Hua Yan tightly in her arms out of fear that they would harm her.

“Of course it matters to me! Yo, your light purple pantyhose looks good on you. I love this color. Can beauty tell me where you bought them? Quick, let me touch them; I want to feel the quality of this pantyhose!”

A fat headed man extended his hands over Chang Xin’s legs.

Chang Xin was a hot tempered lady. She felt insulted. Without a second thought, she grabbed an iron ladle and smacked that fatty’s head.

A bang sounded as the fatty’s head cracked open. Blood began to stream down his face.


Chang Xin was still startled enough to scream even though as a doctor she was accustomed to blood. Meanwhile, Hua Yan was rather calm and unaffected by the gory sight.

“B*tch! How dare you hit me? I swear I’m going to torture you to death today!”

“You see, brothers. It’s these two women who initiated the attack. Shouldn’t we teach them a lesson? Get them now. Knock them out and carry them away!” Zhang Feng Zi gave his order, invigorating his minions.

The five minions immediately surrounded and cornered the two ladies as they smiled evilly. It seemed that they were going to have a good taste of Chang Xin and Hua Yan tonight.

“Hey! I say, did you guys not see this handsome young master here? Do you know that you hurt me a lot by ignoring me for so long?” Qin Feng’s slothful voice echoed in the private room at a very crucial moment.

Stunned, Zhang Feng Zi and his minions turned around and looked curiously at Qin Feng.

Zhang Feng Zi and his six minions regarded Qin Feng as harmless and had ignored him from the moment they barged into the room.

They all thought Qin Feng was a poor, spineless brat and their sheer aura should be enough to scare him away and frighten him enough for him to pee in his pants.

“Yo, aren’t you dumb? I thought you were a dummy!” Zhang Feng Zi was close to Qin Feng and ridiculed Qin Feng as he walked over to him.

“What is it now? Do you have any opinion to share about us hitting on these two ladies?”

Zhang Feng Zi’s face sank. He suddenly pulled out a dagger and swung it in front of Qin Feng.

“Do you know what this is? This is a Swiss army knife. It can cut through steel like water. It can easily gut you!”

Zhang Feng Zi’s threatening had no effect on Qin Feng. A faint smile crossed his lips as he let a fleeting gaze pass over him.

He waved his hand and a longsword glittering in orange radiance suddenly shot out, scaring Zhang Feng Zi so much that he fell on the floor.

“Yeah, you are right. I do have an opinion about all of you.

“Do you all know who they are? One of them is this young master’s landlord while the other is this young master’s class representative. You guys have the nerve to touch them. Tsk, tsk, tsk. What a group of obnoxious, ignorant fools!”

Qin Feng held the Truesteel Sword in his hand and stood as straight as a pine tree.

Zhang Feng Zi and his five minions were shocked. None of them could fathom how or where this man had withdrawn such a large longsword from. They all concluded that Qin Feng had hidden his weapon around his groin area. But Qin Feng’s sword was too large and too long. They all thought inwardly, Isn’t he afraid of cutting his own “brother” while walking?

“What are you trying to do? Please put away your sword. You will be trouble if you accidentally cut somebody!” Zhang Feng Zi had crawled up from the floor and regrouped with his five minions. All of them were terrified facing Qin Feng’s large longsword.

The longsword was peculiar. It radiated with a faint glow of light, giving off the vibe of a treasured sword that appeared in the show Journey to the West.

“We are all bound by the law and you’re right. I will be in trouble if I hurt somebody… However, none of you are human in my eyes. You’re just a bunch of beasts!”

Qin Feng grinned like a Cheshire cat just before his face turned cold.

He waved his hand and the Truesteel Sword drew a perfect arc in the air. The sword qi was fast as lightning. It sliced through Zhang Feng Zi’s hand, chopping off two of his fingers along the way.

“B-Big Brother… Y-Your fingers are gone!”

The sword qi was so fast that Zhang Feng Zi’s fingers had fallen to the floor without their owner realizing it.

Astonishment creeped up Zhang Feng Zi’s face. He turned his head to look down at his two bloody fingers on the floor. He stared in disbelief, unable to retract himself from his dream and back to the mortal realm of reality.


A racking pain spread across Zhang Feng Zi, sending him to the floor writhing in agony. The nerves of fingers were connected to the heart. Who could understand Zhang Feng Zi’s pain if they hadn’t had their fingers chopped off before?


Everybody in the private room gasped.

The remaining five minions were so frightened that they were speechless. They never expected Qin Feng to be this cruel. He chopped off a person’s hand without breaking a sweat! Meanwhile, Chang Xin was taken aback by Qin Feng too. She felt Qin Feng at this moment had transformed into another being. It seemed to her that she had never understood Qin Feng before and fear started to overwhelm her.

Wiping off the tears on her cheek, Hua Yan calmly observed the scene before her. A twinkle flickered in her eyes when Qin Feng revealed his sword.


Qin Feng waved his hand and raised an intense gale.

Everybody only saw an orange beam flash before their eyes and vanished like a bolt of lightning. After a few seconds, the fatty who attempt to touch Chang Xin’s thigh screamed.

Three fingers fell to his feet. They were still trembling.

Everyone blanched in fear. None of them could fathom why this fresh and scholar-like young man would be as cruel as a demon and fierce as a monster when he went crazy.

“Is there anyone else who wishes to touch my landlord’s thigh? I’m giving you all a chance now; go ahead and try it!” There was complete stillness in the private room. Qin Feng’s sonorous voice dropped heavily on everyone’s heart like muffled thunder.

How could any of these people still have the nerve to touch Chang Xin’s thigh? Now all of them only wanted to find a hole to hide in!

“Big... Big Brother! Please forgive us. We’ll leave now. We’ll get the f*ck out of here now!”

“Please forgive us, Big Brother. We promise we won’t do it anymore!” The remaining four minions fell to their knees and crawled out of the room one by one.

Zhang Feng Zi and the fatty swallowed their excruciating pain, picked up their fingers from the floor, and retreated from the room as well. They were afraid they might not be able to reattach their fingers..

“Hey! Don’t forget to ring up the bill for us! Remember to look for me if your hands feel itchy again! I’ll cure it for you for free!” Qin Feng’s voice echoed after Zhang Feng Zi and his minions exited the room.

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