Hedonist Sovereign

Chapter 403

Chapter 403 - Chang Xin’s Bestie

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Editor: Nova1237

Qin Feng snuggled into the couch like a snake suddenly sitting upright.

With a serious look, he peered into Chang Xin’s eyes, startling her.

“Xin Xin, your bestie is coming back?! What a good news! Do you have her photograph? It’s best if you can provide a no-makeup picture that hasn’t been photoshopped… Should I change my clothes? Oh yeah, how old is your bestie? Does she have a boyfriend?”

Chang Xin’s well-endowed breasts that were hidden beneath her purplish nightgown bounced up and down from her anger. A few slices of cucumbers fell from her face and her dewy eyes blazed.

“Qin Feng, do you think you’re the police who’s investigating a person? I’m warning you: don’t ever try to pick up my bestie. If you do, I’ll throw you out of my house and never let you in again!”

“Xin Xin, don’t get so carried away. Do you really think I’m that kind of person?”

Qin Feng looked seriously at Chang Xin, confounding Chang Xin.

“Let me tell you something you don’t know. Today I taught at the medical college. Those students loved me, especially the female students. All of them rushed up to me, wanting me to study their breasts… Ah no, study their complexion and determine if they have any illnesses.”

Chang Xin choked down her anger. She did not believe Qin Feng at all as he was a fast talker. She didn’t even know how she managed to bring this weirdo back to her house.

“Oh yeah, I guess Xin Xin you should be familiar with our Chinese medicine class representative. Her name is Hua Yan. Oh my f*cking goodness, she is gorgeous; I’ve never see a girl that is as beautiful as she in my life before! She asked for my cell phone number and Wechat number as soon as she saw me. You know what, she even invited me out to a movie or dinner. But I declined her request. As you say, as an upright and promising young man like myself, how can I agree with this kind of rude request?”

Chang Xin had closed her ears and no longer listened to Qin Feng’s bullsh*t. Nevertheless, when the name ‘Hua Yan’ wafted into her ears, she suddenly jumped up from the couch.

“What did you say? Hua Yan threw herself into your arms?”

Scratching his head, Qin Feng was perplexed by Chang Xin’s reaction. Why is she jumpy? Could it be she that she’s jealous?

Sitting with his leg crossed, Qin Feng took a bite of an apple and said nonchalantly, “Yes, you’re right! She is Hua Yan. She has a tall stature and her boobs are even more developed than yours!”

“Big Sister Xin Xin, I’m back!” A beauty suddenly entered the villa.

Dressed in a white shirt, black vest, and tight-fitting black leather pants as a final touch, it revealed the wearer’s hot and sexy body. She had a wickedly smart look and shone with the brilliance of youth.


Qin Feng spewed the apple out of his mouth the moment he saw Hua Yan.

In the meantime, Hua Yan wobbled and almost fell to the floor.

“Big Sister Xin Xin, why is this bastard is in our house?!”

“What made you come over, Yan Yan?”

Qin Feng and Hua Yan spoke at the same time, confusing Chang Xin.

She looked back and forth between Qin Feng and Chang Xin. With a puzzled expression, she asked, “You guys… know each other?”

“Very close!”

“The hell I know this scumbag!”

Qin Feng and Hua Yan again spoke simultaneously.

“Xin Xin, please don’t tell me that your bestie is Hua Yan.” Qin Feng finally got back on track.

“She is. She has been living with me for almost two years!”

After getting confirmation from Chang Xin, Qin Feng suddenly felt awkward.

Hua Yan’s expression changed drastically. She exclaimed, “Big Sister Xin Xin, could it be that this the man you brought from outside… is Qin Feng?”

“Yea, he is the one I talked to you about.” Chang Xin was thrown to confusion by the duo; she felt weird. It seemed to her that something bad must have happened between Qin Feng and Hua Yan.

Qin Feng’s face darkened when he remembered how he bragged to Hua Yan in the university this afternoon about how he stayed with two beauties under the same roof and how they cleaned themselves up to serve him. Then, his face changed from black to white after he remembered he told Chang Xin about how Hua Yan had fawned over him, taking his cell phone and inviting him for a date.

He felt he should flee the soon-to-be war zone parlor and hastily went into hiding in his room.

He hid in his room for about twenty minutes before the screaming and cursing from the parlor slowly ceased.

“Qin Feng, get out here now!” Hua Yan was in a huff.

“Hehe! Xin Xin, I’m not feeling well tonight, I’m having a stomachache. Why don’t you go to dinner with Yan Yan instead? No need to worry about me, I’ll be fine alone!”

The opposite side of the door fell silent for a moment. Then, Hua Yan’s voice bombarded the door and fell into his ears loud and clear. “Who’ll worry about you, you freak! Come out now and receive your punishment! You really piss us off!”

Another round of revile ensued. After half an hour, the two ladies finally gave in to their fatigue and stopped. Qin Feng then ventured out of his room and he saw both of the ladies were sitting on the couch catching their breath.

“Eh? Xin Xin, who is this beauty? When did she come? You should have informed me that we have a guest in our house so I can receive her well!”

Qin Feng walked to Hua Yan’s side, offered a cheerful grin, and said in all seriousness, “Hello beauty. I’m Qin Feng. Nice to meet you!”

Hua Yan and Chang Xin were helpless as they looked at Qin Feng’s pure, innocent smile and felt his severe emotion. They finally realized this man was a douchebag and they felt that not even thunder could inflict damage on this man.

Worn out from yelling and cursing for almost an hour, both of the ladies paid no mind to Qin Feng. After they had had enough rest, Chang Xin went upstairs and returned after changing into a white fur coat and a pair of light purple pantyhose.

“Let’s go get dinner, Yan Yan!

“Qin Feng, you’ll drive!” Chang Xin hurled the car keys at Qin Feng.

An intoxicating perfume tickled his nose. Qin Feng took a sniff and instantly knew that was the latest Chanel perfume.

A red Chevrolet tore down the street; people thought it was a streak of red lightning under the bath of the hazy, waning moon. Qin Feng drove so fast that it startled the two ladies in the backseat. Qin Feng was not familiar with the area so Chang Xin had to guide him. Finally, the car stopped in front of a Chong Qing hot pot restaurant.

“Mister, where would you like to be seated?” It was early winter and there were many people in the restaurant.

“Three people.” Chang Xin replied before Qin Feng. She handed a member card to the hostess. “Please give us a private room.”

“Sure, please follow me!” The trio followed the hostess into a private room.

“Big Brother Zhang, those two chicks were fine as hell!” Six rogues were hiding in a corner. All of them glued their eyes on Chang Xin’s and Hua Yan’s thighs and breasts as they walked past them.

“They are not only fine as hell, they are the very definition of perfect! I’ve seen it clearly. Not only do they have perfect shapes, they aren’t wearing any makeup. Their profiles are on just as beautiful as some celebrities, or can be considered even better than those celebrities!”

“Why would these two heavenly beauties come for dinner with an unfledged brat. Could it be that the two ladies are going to have a threesome with him? Tsk, tsk, he’s so fortunate!”

The six of them chatted together and reached the height of their conversation. There was a man who sat at the corner of the table. He had a scar under his eyes. Seeing his restless minions, a devilish grin flashed across his lips.

“All of you are going to pick up the two chicks?”

“We’re just waiting for your order, Big Brother Zhang. It’s so rare to meet fine girls like them!”

“Seems like both of them are virgins.”

The minions were even more pumped up after Big Brother Zhang voiced his interest in the two women as well. They did not have the guts to snatch the girls away in public with so many people present. They were more confident with Big Brother Zhang backing them.

“Hehe! Stay calm brothers. The two chicks just arrived in the restaurant and they won’t be leaving any time soon. Let’s drink some beer to steady your nerves.” Zhang Feng Zi shot a meaningful laugh at his minions.

“Haha! To our Big Brother Zhang! He will help us experience the best night of our lives tonight!”

“The two chicks are only accompanied by a little brat. What should we afraid of since we have the advantage in numbers!”

Their blood boiled as they discuss the matter further. Zhang Feng Zi and his six minions could not suppress their burning desire anymore and wished to barge into the private room and dominate both Chang Xin and Hua Yan. Meanwhile, Qin Feng, Chang Xin, and Hua Yan placed their orders.

Hua Yan and Chang Xin sat side by side. They enjoyed watched a series from an IPad while exchanging anecdotes about their recent lives. Both of them completely ignored Qin Feng who was sitting in front of them.

“Yan Yan, it’s fortunate that Xin Xin has you as her bestie!” Qin Feng refused to talk about the conflict between him and Hua Yan and made his own show all the way from the villa until the arrived in the private room.

His acting was so consuming that even Hua Yan questioned herself. Could it be I really don’t know Qin Feng?

“But I think it’s less fortunate for Big Sister Xin Xin to bring you back to the villa!” Hua Yan shot a contemptuous glare at Qin Feng.

“Yan Yan, you must stay with me for a couple of days before going back to the university!” Chang Xin said as she coquettishly wrapped her arm around Hua Yan’s arm. She missed her a lot since they had not seen each other for a long time.

Hua Yan was reluctant to stay under the same roof as Qin Feng. However, when she thought of the garden that she treasured, she couldn’t help but agree to Chang Xin’s suggestion while maliciously glaring at Qin Feng.

“Haha! Our home will be full of laughter afterward. I believe that with Beautiful Hua Yan joining us, our life in the future will be full of fun!”

Hua Yan rolled her eyes after experiencing Qin Feng’s acting. Not even an Oscar holder could hold a match to him. She ignored him and continued her conversation with Chang Xin.

“Oh yeah, Big Sister Xin Xin, have you been looking after my garden lately?”

The flowers and plants were Hua Yan’s treasure; it was completely natural for Chang Xin to take care of them.

“Rest assured, Yan Yan. I’ve done what have you told me to. I watered the flowers and plants with the snow mountain water you gave to me. They are living a life better than me!”

“Hehe! Then I should treat Big Sister Xin Xin to this meal as an expression of my gratitude for Big Sister Xin Xin in helping me take care of my flowers and plants!” Hua Yan finally laughed. Her laugh was brightful and as elegant as a heavenly maiden.

Qin Feng was not in the mood to admire Hua Yan’s beautiful smile. His heart thumped.

He had been visiting the garden recently as the flowers and plants in the garden were filled with dense spiritual essence. Every night before he went to bed, he uprooted one as his supper. He felt his inner qi had become purer and denser after he had consumed the flowers for three consecutive nights.

He remained stagnant in Stage 3 inner qi ever since he was severely injured after the battle at the Amethyst Dragon Palace. The flowers and plants in the garden had given him hope to break through to Stage 4.

“Ahem! Ahem! Seems like you have led a good life, Yan Yan. I never knew you had a knack for gardening… But nobody can take care of your garden during the day. I’m afraid some naughty kids in the neighborhood might destroy some of your plants,” Qin Feng said carefully.

Hua Yan rolled her eyes. “What are you saying? Who will touch my garden? If I find out who did it, I’ll kill them!”

A sudden chill erupted from Hua Yan’s body, startling Chang Xin.

“Qin Feng, I warned you not to touch the flowers and plants in the garden. Those are Hua Yan’s treasure and she takes care of them like her own children. I still remember I accidentally stomped on a flower once and Yan Yan ignored me for half a month! If you lay even a finger on those flowers and plants, I swear Yan Yan will kill you!”

The soup and dishes had arrived as they were talking. Earlier, Qin Feng was very hungry, but he lost his appetite now.

He plastered a hard smile and chattered on to Hua Yan, “How is there any possibility that I will destroy Hua Yan’ hard work? I love gardening as well… But what I’ve said is true. I saw a few naughty kids playing around the garden. They even uprooted a few of the flowers and plants.

“At that time, I didn’t know that those flowers and plants were so important to Yan Yan or else I would have captured those kids and asked them to pay for what they have done!”

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