Hedonist Sovereign

Chapter 398

Chapter 398 - Just Require A Few Acupuncture Treatment

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Editor: Nova1237

It was such a long time since Qin Feng had slept so soundly. He slept through the night and woke up at noon the next day.

The red Prada high heels at the door front were gone. Qin Feng knew that Chang Xin had gone to work.

He went to the dining hall. Since Chang Xin had prepared breakfast for him, Qin Feng felt that Chang Xin was really a kind-hearted lady. Although the breakfast was cold, Qin Feng still enjoyed it very much after he heated it up in the microwave.

After filling his stomach, Qin Feng went for a stroll in the small garden in front of the villa. As soon as he arrived near the garden, the air was permeated by a dense spiritual essence which surged in front of him.

Amazed by the sheer amount of spiritual essence in the air, Qin Feng quickly lengthened his stride and arrived at the garden within a few large leaps.

China was a vast, ancient country with 5,000 years of history. The supply of spiritual essence on earth nowadays was scarce and due to this issue, only a tiny number of martial artists amongst China’s population of 13 billion could reach the realm of the immortal.

Without a dense spiritual essence, how could people cultivate and ascend to the realm of immortality?

The garden was planted with all sorts of flowers and plants. The flower and plants were planted in orderly arrangement. The same species of flowers and plants were planted on the same row and there was a set distance between each row of flowers and plants.

“What are these things? How come they can release such a dense spiritual essence?” Qin Feng squatted down and studied the flowers and plants in the garden.

In any case, he was the first hedonist young master of Acropolis City. He had learned all the names of the flowers and the definition of their names to impress the girls he hooked up with so he was self-proclaimed as a florist expert.

However, even he had studied the flowers and plants in the garden for a good while, he could not recognize a single one. The flowers and plants were intriguing; they were nothing similar to what he had seen before and their colors were peculiar as well.

Each and every one of the flowers and plants released a wisp of spiritual essence into the air. The intensity of the spiritual essence was not as dense as the one in Devil Beast Mountain, but it was sufficient enough in a metropolis that was almost bereft of any spiritual essence.

“Let me try one of them.” A devilish grin whipped across Qin Feng’s face.

He extended his hand and plucked a heart shaped black flower once the thought formed in his mind. Then, he threw the flower into his mouth and chewed it.

As he was munching on the heart-shaped flower, Qin Feng’s cell phone rang.

“Xin Xin, your lovely breakfast was very delicious. Did you call because you missed me? I miss you very much too!” Qin Feng would not let go of any chance to flirt with Chang Xin and confidently talked to her.

“Qin Feng, I’ve something very important for you. Please come over to the hospital now!” said Chang Xin. Qin Feng noticed that she was suppressing her anger.

“What happened?”

“There is a patient who requires an emergency operation and I need your ability… Just come to the hospital now, let’s chat later!”

Chang Xin hung up. From the way she had spoken, it was obvious that the patient was running against the clock so Qin Feng did not take it lightly.

“Provincial Capital University’s medical college affiliated hospital!” Qin Feng ran out from the villa and flagged down a cab.

“Quick, I’m in a rush!”

“Sure! Don’t worry. I’ve worked as a cab driver for over a decade. I’m pretty skilled in it!”

The driver was a middle-aged man. He stomped on the gas pedal and the car zoomed out like an arrow.

“Big brother! I’m running out of time. I won’t pay for the ride if you don’t drive faster!” Qin Feng searched his pocket and realized did not have any money.

“I’m driving top speed, kid. Can’t you see that I’ve overtaken twenty cars or so? I dare you not to pay for the ride!” The driver rolled his eyes at Qin Feng in the rearview mirror.

He quickly glanced at Qin Feng and realized his clothes were off-the-rack. He was afraid that this young man was a rogue taking a free ride!

“You call this fast? I can run even faster than your speed now!”

The driver looked over at the speedometer. They were now traveling at 129 km/h. After listening to Qin Feng’s boastful words, he had the urge to pull the car off to the side and treat him to a feast of punches.

Tsk! Pull aside and let me drive. At the rate which we are driving, the patient will already be dead by the time I arrive at the hospital!”

Qin Feng grabbed the driver and switched seats with him.

The driver wanted to glower at Qin Feng, but Qin Feng stepped hard on the gas pedal and with a low growl, the car shot out like a beast awakened from slumber.

Whroom! Whroom!

The engine roared as loud and powerful as a Ferrari!

The car accelerated from 129 km/h to 193 km/h after Qin Feng shifted the gears and pumped the gas pedal a couple times.

“Big-Big Brother. P-Please slow down!”

The aged driver was frightened by Qin Feng. He held onto the car door tightly as if this was the first time he had ever ridden in a car.

They reached the most crowded zone of the provincial capital and most of the roads were jammed. However, this did not hinder Qin Feng. At times he drove the car on two back wheels while performing a beautiful drift on the road; onlookers pulled out their cell phones and cameras to take photos of it.

Whroom! Whroom!

The elder driver’s words flitted by Qin Feng’s ear like a breeze; he did not slow down, but further increased the speed of the car. Before the elder driver realized it, Qin Feng performed another stylish drift and perfectly parked in between two cars.

“Phew, we finally arrived!” The elder driver heaved a long sigh of relief.

“Two hundred yuan!” Qin Feng extended his arm toward the elder driver.

The driver was still in the midst of shock, he did not think much and handed 200 yuan to Qin Feng. “Master, you indeed have a godly driving skill, but you drive too fast. It’s too terrifying. I won’t ride in your car again.”

“There will be no next time!” With a smile on his face, Qin Feng alighted from the car after getting the money.

The driver came to his senses only after Qin Feng alighted from the car and vanished before his eyes. He was seething with anger and he yelled, “F*ck! This is my car! Why do I have to pay to him?!”


After he entered the hospital, Qin Feng made a beeline for the operating room. He saw the operating room was crowded with many doctors in white coats and a few of the patient’s family members seated beside a chair. All of them wore long faces and had knitted eyebrows.

“Here is the operating room, unauthorized personnel is not allowed to enter!” Qin Feng was blocked by two doctors.

“Doctor Chang Xin asked me to come. She needs my help!”

“Hah! You’re so full of air, brat. Your way of hooking up with a girl is too basic and low. Get lost now!”

The two doctors judged Qin Feng with a contemptuous expression.

Chang Xin was the belle of the hospital and too many flies wandered around her everyday, including the two doctors who halted Qin Feng bore the same thought as well. Hence, it was natural for them to give Qin Feng sour looks when they saw another contender join in the fight to vie for the heart of the belle.

“Who will pick up a girl inside an operating room? I stay with Xin Xin and I’ve plenty of time to flirt with her outside of the hospital. I’m in a rush. Step out of my way now!” said Qin Feng impatiently.

The two doctors were tickled pink by Qin Feng and broke into a fit of laughter, ignoring the fact that they were at a hospital which prohibited any loud noises.

“Liar! Brat!”

“Do you think you’re worthy enough to be Chang Xin’s housemate with that virtue of yours? She wouldn’t even hire you as her housekeeper!”

“You don’t believe me?” Qin Feng was serious. He inwardly thought. Why does everyone prefer to believe a lie than the truth?

“Haha! Do you think we’re as foolish as you? Your lie is low, you pathetic loser!”

“If you really are staying with Chang Xin, I’ll strip down to nothing and run naked around the hospital!”

The two doctors laughed even louder without any respect for the tranquility of the hospital.

Qin Feng was slow to speak to them. Just as he was about to raise his fists and give them a few punches, Chang Xin’s melodious voice wafted from the operating room.

“Qin Feng, why are you still standing out there? Get in here now!” Chang Xin anxiously waved to Qin Feng from the door of the operating room.

“Xin Xin, I know you miss me very much, but we have to maintain a low profile. There are so many people here!” Qin Feng slowly walked over to her, grinning from ear to ear.

The two doctors’ jaws dropped to the floor in astonishment. They never thought that this kid really knew Chang Xin and, what’s more, it was Chang Xin who took the initiative and asked him to come over!

He just said that he is staying with Chang Xin under the same roof. Is that true?

“What are you saying? Don’t make up things for me!” Chang Xin pinched him hard after Qin Feng arrived beside her.

“It’s nothing. Come, the patient doesn’t have much time left. Let’s hurry!” Qin Feng cheerfully carried Chang Xin into the operating room. Once in the room, he noticed there were quite a few doctors inside the operating room.

Amongst the doctors, Qin Feng saw two “old friends:” President Zhang De Yi and Vice-president Xiao Shan.

“Who allowed this brat to come in? He is pestering us!" Xiao Shan was instantly engulfed by a flame of fury as soon as he saw Qin Feng.

He disregarded other doctors and the patient and yelled at Qin Feng loudly, “Get the f*ck out of this room!”

A frosty expression slowly crawled up Qin Feng’s face; he held his fist tightly.

As Qin Feng raising his fist, ready to punch Xiao Shan’s face, Chang Xin’s exquisite hand crawled onto Qin Feng’s arm, halting and canceling his attack. Then, she raised her well-defined brows and talked to him in a low tone, “Take it easy. I’ll settle him for you.”

After that, Chang Xin trotted to Zhang De Yi and said, "President Zhang, Qin Feng is the person I've been talking about.”

Furrowing his brows, Zhang De Yi measured Qin Feng from the top of his head until the tips of his toes. Then, with an unconvincing look, he asked, “Is he a doctor?”

“No, he is not. But he owns a very peculiar set of skills that could of great help to me.” Chang Xin did not want to disclose Qin Feng’s ability to see through things. She rephrased her sentence and said, “Dean Liu had an acute myocardial infarction and is in a dire condition now. He’ll probably die if we do not perform in time surgery… President Zhang, with Qin Feng assisting me, I can reassure you that the success rate of this operation will be much higher!”

The patient was Liu Feng, the honored dean of Provincial Capital University’s medical college. Almost all of the doctors were alumni of the medical college and his students.

Only because of this relationship did Zhang De Yi attached great importance to this operation.

Chang Xin also respected Liu Feng very much; however, she was uncertain as to how successful the surgery would be. Compelled by the circumstances, she remembered Qin Feng’s ability and which was the reason she asked him here.

Zhang De Yi’s complexion changed slightly. He agreed with Chang Xin.

“President Zhang, we can’t do this! This brat is not a qualified doctor. He’s just a goofy, bumbling fool! Did you already forget how he brutally beat Xiao Lei last night? How can we leave Dean Liu in his hands?! We’re throwing Dean Liu under the bus!” Xiao Shan stepped forward and voiced his objection as he slandered Qin Feng.

“Vice-president Xiao, if you deliberately make things difficult for everyone just because Qin Feng beat up your nephew last night, please, step down. Dean Liu is at death’s door now. How can you put your feud with Qin Feng above the interest of everything else?” Chang Xin heavily criticized Xiao Shan.

“How… How can you say that? You’re becoming ruthless! How dare you sully my name?!”

Angered by Chang Xin, Xiao Shan immediately faced Zhang De Yi and said, “President Zhang, you must set the record straight for me! Her words don’t carry conviction and she’s merely slinging mud at me! Can we really let this kind of doctor who lacks morality continue to stay in our hospital?!”

Zhang De Yi’s brain almost exploded from the quarrel between Xiao Shan and Chang Xin.

Looking at Liu Feng who was at his last breath, numerous thoughts ran through Zhang De Yi’s brain before he finally settled down on a plan. He gnashed his teeth and looked at Chang Xin as he said, “Doctor Chang, what percentage of success do we stand if Qin Feng assists you in carrying out the operation?”

Chang Xin fell silent for a moment. She then said resolutely, “70%!” She fabricated the number as she was afraid that Zhang De Yi would decline her offer.

At this moment, Qin Feng broke into a scornful laugh which stunned everybody in the operating room.

“Xin Xin, stay out of this. Your skill is not required in treating this kind of small illness. Just leave it to me… I promise you, I have 90% confidence in fully healing this elder!”


Qin Feng’s daring words raised a lively discussion across the operating room.

Not only did Xiao Shan shoot a disdainful and mocking look at Qin Feng, all the other experts and nurses’ faces clouded with puzzling expressions.

The illness Liu Feng had was an acute heart attack. Even Chang Xin, who was an expert in cardiology, only had a 70% rate of success in this operation. Who on the earth would believe the words of Qin Feng boasting that he had a 90% of success rate?

Before the discussion settled down, Qin Feng opened his mouth again and added, “Oh yeah, before I finish talking, I do not need any surgical tools nor need to perform a surgery. I can restore him to full health just by giving him an acupuncture treatment!”

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