Hedonist Sovereign

Chapter 396

Chapter 396 - Let’s Go Home Together

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“Vice-president Xiao, please calm down. I said he must have a reason and I meant it,” Chang Xin countered Xiao Shan while raising her brows as Xiao Shan’s glowering irked her.

“He beat up somebody! This is a fact and nothing can get him off scot-free!” Xiao Shan was exasperated with Chang Xin’s attitude for not taking his side.

Disappointed and annoyed by her attitude, Xiao Lei turned and looked squarely at Zhang De Yi. “President Zhang, Xiao Lei is one of our chief physicians and he was ambushed, beaten, and tyrannized by a savage. I hope President Zhang can set things straight for Xiao Lei and bring this barbarian to justice!”

Rage had been rising within Chang Xin from the moment she met Qin Feng in the hotel. Now, Xiao Shan had pressed her final button and she exploded.

“I say he has a reason and that means he has a reason! Why can’t you wait for me to finish telling the whole story before babbling like a bubbling fool!” Chang Xin went forward and stood in front of Qin Feng, guarding him like a hen protecting her own chick.

Extending his hand and pushing Chang Xin, Xiao Shan glowered, “You betrayer! You’re merely a doctor here and I’m the vice-president of the affiliated hospital! You dare not respect me?! You’re a cunt and I say a low-bred woman like you is not qualified to be a doctor!”

Xiao Shan was a man so his strength was quite strong. After he pushed Chang Xin, she wobbled for a bit before she fell into Qin Feng’s arms.

Qin Feng hastily caught and held her tightly and stepped forward.

His face turned cold. An incredibly dense and illustrious aura erupted from his body, putting so much pressure on Xiao Shan that he felt suffocated.

“Your name is Xiao Shan, that brat’s name is Xiao Lei. Seems like both of you are related.

“Hah, so that’s how it is. No wonder you keep breathing down my neck like a cat and a rat, so you’re trying to avenge your nephew. But how can you be so hardhearted and lay your filthy, grubby hands on a lady?! I guess you don’t want your hand anymore, do you?”

Qin Feng moved like a streak of lightning after he finished his speech.

Before anybody could stop him, Qin Feng grasped Xiao Shan’s arm tightly and with a little-exerted force, Xiao Shan’s face instantly clouded with pain, as if he had eaten some dung.

“Ah! It-It hurts… It hurts so much! Let go! F*cking let go of my arm right now!”

Qin Feng disregarded his demand and added more force to his grip. At the same time, he said, “As an angel in white, you did not fulfill your responsibilities, speak of vulgarities, and can’t tell black from white. You do not deserve to be a doctor!”

Xiao Shan’s cries of pain echoed throughout the entire hallway, pulling Zhang De Yi and Chang Xin back from their individual thoughts to reality.

“Qin Feng, please release him first. We can always talk this through.” As the president of the hospital, Zhang De Yi did not wish for something bad to happen under his watch.

Qin Feng glanced at Zhang De Yi, but did not release Xiao Shan’s hand. Instead, he turned to Chang Xin and asked for her wish. “Xin Xin, I’ll let you decide. How should this brat be punished?”

Chang Xin’s cherry mouth dropped open in shock. She never expected Qin Feng to be this violent. He did not question his opponent’s identity before firing his attack.

She remained blank for some moments before saying, “Release him first.”

Only at her command did Qin Feng let go of Xiao Shan. Xiao Shan quickly retreated a few steps backward and kept his distance from Qin Feng. To him, Qin Feng was now like a demon who had crawled out of hell.

“Chang Xin, tell me the whole story. What the heck is going on?” Zhang De Yi sternly questioned Chang Xin.

“President Zhang, Qin Feng came with me to the hospital to treat the patient. The patient had a sudden heart attack and we could not get through to his family in time so no one was able to authorize payment to cover his operating fees nor sign the consent letter for him.”

Accurately relaying the truth, Chang Xin blurted it all out to Zhang De Yi. “Concurrently, Doctor Xiao kept blocking my way, barring me from entering the operating room to save the patient. Then, Qin Feng stepped forward and, out of desperation, he pushed Xiao Lei away and accidentally injured him in the scrimmage.”

Countless expressions flashed across Zhang Dei Yi’s face as he listened to Chang Xin’s explanation. He became a little excited and asked, “Was the patient named Wang Cheng Fa?”

Chang Xin searched her memory for a moment before nodding. “Yes, he is Wang Cheng Fa.”

After getting confirmation from Chang Xin, Zhang De Yi shed his usual demeanor and his attitude changed drastically. Wang Cheng Fa was his old friend. Zhang De Yi rushed into the operating room with great haste as he was worried about Wang Cheng Fa condition.

“How is Wang Cheng Fa? Is he out of danger?” Zhang De Yi no longer cared about Qin Feng’s case. His mind was now preoccupied with the condition of his old friend.

“Luckily Qin Feng stopped Xiao Lei in time to give me enough time to save the patient. If I had waited another minute, I might not have been able to save him… Anyway, Wang Cheng Fa’s condition has stabilized and he only needs rest for the time being.”

Chang Xin figured out that President Zhang had a deep relationship with Wang Cheng Fa. She subconsciously put in a good word for Qin Feng.

After Chang Xin uncovered the real cause of the whole incident, Zhang De Yi turned to Xiao Lei with a cold expression and roared loudly, “You...you... you! As one of the chief physicians of our hospital, I won’t blame you for turning a blind eye to a patient who’s in mortal danger. But how could you interfere with Doctor Chang Xin attempting to save the patient’s life? Go back to your office now and write a self-evaluation for me. If you fail to present your review to me, you’ll be dismissed from your position!”

“President Zhang, what about Xiao Lei being beaten by…” Xiao Shan was incensed by Zhang De Yi not for failing to arrest Qin Feng, but for punishing his nephew instead. He refused to drop the matter and pressured President Zhang.

“Vice-president Xiao, Xiao Lei is your nephew, but he failed to honor his duty as a doctor, turning his back from a patient, barring another doctor from saving the patient’s life, and raising a disturbance in the hospital. Do you think you can run from the responsibility? I suggest you go back and teach him how to be a good doctor. As for the case, let’s just forget about it, shall we?”

Zhang De Yi had made his stand. His order was absolute so even though Xiao Shan disagreed with the outcome, he had to drop the matter as he was one position lower than Zhang De Yi.

Xiao Shan then helped Xiao Lei walk away from the operating room with a malevolent expression on his face.

“Second uncle, we’re just going to let that brat slip away so easily?”

“Hmph! I won’t let the matter drop! That brat called himself Qin Feng, right? Fine. I’ll ask somebody to find out who he was and I’ll make sure he pays double for what he has done to us today… Now that b*tch Chang Xin, how dare she look down on us when she does not possess any power and wealth. Don’t you like her? Conquer her fast!” said Xiao Shan as his eyes flickered with anger.

“But second uncle, that woman has always given me the cold shoulder.” Xiao Lei’s face turned sour as if he had been wronged.

Xiao Shan smacked Xiao Lei’s head hard and roared angrily, “If she won’t submit to you using the kid-glove method, can’t you claim her the hard way? Women are all the same: as long as you cast the die, there will be no turning back for her and she has no choice but to obey you.”


“Can you stop following me? I’ll call the police if you keep following me!” Even though Chang Xin increased her speed, she still was unable to shake the young man behind her.

She was the belle of the affiliated hospital and everyone knew it. All the doctors and nurses burst into discussion when they saw a tall, handsome young man followed closely behind her all the way to the main entrance of the hospital.

“Is somebody threatening you? Do you want to call the police? Don’t worry. With me by your side, no one in the world would dare to lay a single finger on you!” Qin Feng apparently did not take Chang Xin’s words to heart and cheerfully grinned from ear to ear as he looked at her.

“Of course no one would dare to come near me with the most villainous person by my side. And that villain is you!” Chang Xin stopped at her Chevrolet sedan and turned to Qin Feng. “I’m going home now. Go wherever you want.”

Just as she finished her sentence, Chang Xin saw Qin Feng sneak into her car. Then, he rolled down the car window and grinned at her. “Let’s go home!”

Chang Xin would have stomped on the car out of fury and frustration if it wasn’t hers. After she got into the car, she opened the passenger side door and yelled at Qin Feng, “Get out!”

“Did you ever heard the story “The Farmer and the Snake?” Qin Feng suddenly looked at Chang Xin seriously.

“F*ck off!”

“Then you should be familiar with the story “The Hunter and the Wolf!”

Chang Xin pulled out her cell phone and prepared to call the police.

“I never thought your standard of literacy would be so low. Then, I assume that you should know the phrase “Dog bites Lu Dong Bin.” Qin Feng placed his hands behind his head and murmured to himself. [TN: “Dog bites Lu Dong Bin is suggestive of someone who does not recognize a kindhearted person.]

Chang Xin forfeited her intention of calling the police, forcibly suppressed her anger, and glowered at Qin Feng. “What are you trying to say? Are you telling me that I burned a bridge?

“Please get this straight: you just helped me buy some more time to carry out the operation and pointed out the main problem of the patient… I did put in a good word for you and save you from being jailed.

“Plus I did not to argue with the fact that you’ve stolen my undergarments. How can you still feel that you’ve been wronged?!”

Seeing he had gotten on Chang Xin’s nerves, Qin Feng pouted his mouth, positioned himself comfortably in the passenger seat, and said to Chang Xin, “Okay fine. We’re even.”

“Why don’t you get out now?!”

Qin Feng had a mission regarding Chang Xin; of course he would not leave now.

And after the incident just now, Qin Feng felt that Chang Xin was an elegant lady with an outstanding mannerism and she agreed with his taste very well.

Besides, Chang Xin could stand her ground and her act of healing the injured and saving the dying was commendable. Qin Feng had always been sweet on a kind-hearted woman like her so he decided to stay in Chang Xin’s house while he waited for the Qin Family’s competition.

“Aren’t you interested in how I knew the right ventricle of Wang Cheng Fa had a problem?” Qin Feng smugly looked at Chang Xin.

Chang Xin was baffled. This question had been on her mind throughout the day. She could not resist her intense curiosity and asked, “How?”

“Because I can see through things!” Qin Feng answered proudly.

“Get lost!”

Chang Xin really exploded this time. She kicked Qin Feng out of her car and drove off.

Qin Feng was left alone by Chang Xin in the wind. He gave off the vibe of a handsome man who had gone through a significant change in circumstances as his long hair was blown about by the gentle breeze. His mouth curled into a grin as he watched the car slowly disappear from his view.

After a minute, the red Chevrolet once again stopped beside Qin Feng. Rolling the car window down, Chang Xin’s cold and exquisite face appeared in front of him. Then, she said, “I’ll give you one last chance. How did you know Wang Cheng Fa’s condition?”

“Because I can see through things… And I can even train you to be just like me!”

Chang Xin’s face blackened. She forcibly suppressed the urge to plunge down on the gas pedal and asked, “How can you prove your words?”

The Talisman of Clairvoyance could last for half an hour and the effects had not worn off yet.

Letting his gaze fall on Chang Xin’s body, Qin Feng could see through clearly the snow-white skin underneath her black uniform.

“The latest series of CK autumn red lace bra, D-cup. I love your see-through flower underpants very much. It suits you very well and it is very sexy on you!” Qin Feng withdrew his gaze as he answered her smiling.

He was afraid that his nose would bleed if he continued.[TN: “...his nose would bleed” is a Chinese saying meaning that a high increase in blood pressure would cause the capillaries in his nose to burst, resulting in a nose bleed. It is more of a mental status than an actual nosebleed. But, in some cases, some man or woman does really bleed their nose when they see a hot woman or man.]

Chang Xin was extremely shocked. She suddenly shrunk back into the car and wrapped her hands around her body.

After 10 seconds of silence, an earth-shattering and god-moving shriek sounded.

The shriek lasted for 15 seconds before it finally ended. Chang Xin tidied her fluttered hair and looked at Qin Feng indifferently, “Get on the car now.”

A Chevrolet sedan was zooming down the street. Within the car was a gorgeous young lady and a handsome young man. The young lady was Chang Xin and she could not calm her overactive mind.

Tonight was an Arabian Night for her. She had never come across something as peculiar as this before. She found a man that could see through things tonight. What stunned her the most was that she was actually bringing him back to her house!

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