Hedonist Sovereign

Chapter 391

Chapter 391 - Ximen Chui Xue, Engage!

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“Hahaha! What a lovely night, how could you all not invite me?” A sinister laugh sounded.

Two dark figures suddenly appeared in the bright parlor.

These two people were shrouded in large black robes, and their faces were concealed by a big hat. Nobody could see clearly their features, ages, and figures.

The two of them appeared out of thin air and none of the people in the parlor noticed their presence. The black robes on their body were pitch black and swallowed all light that shone on it, dimming their surroundings and exuding a mysterious and ethereal vibe.

“It’s you…So this was your doing!” When he saw the man in the black robe, Qin Ye was so stunned that his eyes almost popped out.

“Who would’ve thought that you’d recognize me even after I cloaked myself and changed my voice. You really are the number one genius of Jincheng City.” chaffed the man cloaked in black robe. 

Then, he sneered, “But you’ll be ruined by your own own wisdom, kid. Don’t you know that the more you know, the quicker you die?”

As soon as he finished speaking, the sleeve of the person behind the man cloaked in the black robe fluttered. With the flash of a sword, Qin Ye fell to the ground before anyone could react.

Then, blood pooled from his body, dampening his clothes.

Qin Feng and Sima Tu gasped at the speed of the man. He was too fast; none of them could see clearly how or when he attacked.

“Hahaha! Such a weakling. I thought you’d be a worthy opponent for us. It turns out that I’ve overestimated you,” said the man cloaked in the black robe. He did not move an inch and his appearance was veiled by his overly large black hat, completely concealing his current expression from everybody.

Suddenly, that man turned to Qin Feng. “You’re Qin Feng, right? It’s your turn now!”

Following the man cloaked in the black robe’s order, the person who killed Qin Ye moved again and shot yet another streak of orange light from his sleeve. Qin Feng could see only a silhouette blur before him and a sword ray rammed into his chest.

A massive air stream suddenly exploded, sending Qin Feng flying into the air with a huge bang.

“You are not dead yet?” asked the man who attacked Qin Feng. This was the first time he opened his mouth and his voice was kind of hoarse. He should be an elder.

The face that obscured beneath the black robe was filled with astonishment. He tapped lightly on his feet, and arrived before Qin Feng in the next second.

“I would like to see how long you can endure my attacks, brat!”


He lifted his palm and stroke hard on Qin Feng’s head.

Carrying a ferocious gale, the palm strike erupted in an incredibly dense and powerful aura, and the suppression from the aura made Qin Feng feel suffocated. It was so powerful that he was unable to gauge the exact strength of this elder as this was the first time he had come across such a dominating opponent.

He was strong—so strong that Qin Feng had no room to retaliate.


It was a simple yet normal palm strike but it heavily injured Qin Feng. He became dizzy and his eyes dimmed.

He leapt into the air and vomited a few mouthfuls of blood. Suddenly, a cracking noise sounded out from his Flying Dragon Armour and Little Pig called out to him nervously.

“Master, the Flying Dragon Armour has reached its limit and it will break down at any moment. We have to retreat now!”

Even the usually laid-back and prideful Little Pig became nervous. This could only mean one thing—the elder before them was too powerful and his strength was off the charts.

The crack on the Flying Dragon Armour was getting larger and finally, it broke in two, leaving Qin Feng completely vulnerable to any attacks. At this moment, a dark figure flashed before Qin Feng. It was that orange color sword ray that charged at him once again.


Qin Feng shed the Flying Dragon Armour and became extremely light. He shot a few meters backward into the air. Then, he swung his Truesteel Sword and drew layers of orange radiance in the air before slamming it downward.

“Sword of Dugu!”

The materialized condensed powerful sword qi morphed into a large net of sword energy and crushed down at the elder who was cloaked in the black robe.

”Hmph, is this the best you can do?”

The elder scoffed and retreated a few paces while a long orange radiance sword flew out from his sleeve. The radiance it exuded was not inferior to Qin Feng’s Truesteel Sword, it was even brighter than his.

The longsword stopped in the air for a moment before flying toward Qin Feng.

The stench of death pervaded the air and rushed at Qin Feng. The sword qi pierced through Qin Feng’s net of sword energy and flew directly above Qin Feng’s neck.


Qin Feng hastily spun his body around in the nick of time.

The longsword missed its target and did not pierce through Qin Feng’s head. Instead, it pierced through and left a large gash in Qin Feng’s shoulder.

Blood surged out of the gash and an excruciating pain filled his mind.

“Qin Feng…” Xu Ruo Rou who had been laying on the floor screamed. She fell unconscious after seeing a gravely injured Qin Feng.

Qin Feng did not spare a single glance at Xu Ruo Rou. He wanted to keep and treasure the Xu Ruo Rou that he knew deep in his heart, while for the woman that lay in the corner… Qin Feng just regarded her as a stranger.

“Hmph, can you take my attack once more?” asked the elder cloaked in the black robe with a voice filled with killing intent and mockery. He then waved his hand and sent his longsword glittering with snow and frost at Qin Feng’s heart.

Qin Feng was not protected by the Flying Dragon Armour. Plus, he was gravely injured and he was certain that he could not parry this attack in his current miserable situation. As the sword ray neared his heart, Qin Feng yelled soulfully in his heart.

“Ximen Chui Xue, engage in battle!”


A massive explosion erupted and a young man descended out of thin air.

The man wore a long snow-white robe. His face was solemn and he had an impressive appearance. He held a thin ancient longsword in his hand. Nobody knew the name of the sword as all who saw the sword had perished.

The man named the longsword Wushao Sword. He was Ximen Chui Xue who bore the title of the God of Sword!

“Who are you?” The elder cloaked in the black robe was stunned.

It was totally out of his expectations for his last attack to be effortlessly blocked by the white-robed man before him. Before making his appearance, he had already scouted the surrounding area and he was certain that there were no people hidden around them.

Then where did this cold and handsome young man come from?

“Master, please punish Chui Xue for being unable to protect you.”

Ximen Chui Xue ignored the elder cloaked in the black robe. He spun his body around and bowed slightly at Qin Feng.

“You’ve been exculpated, Chui Xue. Now, just help me get rid of those two men cloaked in black robes over there!” Qin Feng was still in the midst of shock. He could sense the aura of Ximen Chui Xue—it was dense and pure, as if was carried down from the ancient times.

“How dare you lowlifes injured my master. Accept your death now!”

Ximen Chui Xue was a man of action. He brandished the longsword in his hand and shot out a ray of bright white light. The ray of light looked ordinary but in fact, it was extremely threatening and it could alter the magnetic field around it!

“Careful, young master!”

The elder cloaked in black robes lost his arrogance and his composure as he was startled by the almighty power portrayed by Ximen Chui Xue.

He pushed away the young man cloaked in black robes and simultaneously swung around his longsword, releasing dozens of orange sword qi in the air and forming a sword qi barrier dome around him.

The barrier was filled with inner qi and was impenetrable and indestructible.


A very slight sound of something piercing through a barrier sounded. It was hard for an ordinary person to notice it.

This was, however, not the case for the elder cloaked in black robes. Cold sweat started to ooze and bead from his forehead as he never expected his barrier of sword qi would be easily penetrated by Ximen Chui Xue. That fine hole became larger by the second until finally, the whole barrier of sword qi corrupted.


That ordinary longsword owned by Ximen Chui Xue dug into the stomach of that elder cloaked in black robes, going in from the front and exiting from the back and leaving a fist-sized hole in his stomach.

Seeing this horrid scene, the face of that young man cloaked in black robes changed dramatically; his face was flooded with fear. It was hard for him to swallow the fact that his opponent was able to easily and gravely injure his strongest companion!

“Young master, leave now!”

The elder cloaked in black robes roared. Then, he hastily pulled out a jade bottle and poured the powder on his wound. The hole instantly stopped bleeding and began to heal at a pace visible to the human eye.

“You’re looking for death, little brat!”

The elder cloaked in black robes was completely enraged. He jumped and flourished his longsword nimbly in his hand. The air above Qin Feng and Ximen Chui Xue was filled with dozens of barbarous sword qi and instantly enshrouded them.

“What an impudent lowlife. How can you show off your incompetence in front of me, the God of Sword?”

Ximen Chui Xue remained calm and composed; he did not even spare a glance at the elder cloaked in black robes. As a God of Sword himself, he was a prideful man, constantly exuding a kingly aura, showing off the supremacy of his finely honed sword skills in relation to the masses. Even if he was on Earth now and he only had a Stage 8 inner qi at the moment, he still retained his sense of superiority.


Ximen Chui Xue clasped his hands together with his longsword in between his palms. He circulated his inner qi around and suddenly, a loud hum sounded.

Layers of strong and solid aura filled their surroundings, doming and protecting Qin Feng and Ximen Chui Xue from the elder cloaked in the black robe’s relentless sword strikes. The barrier was unassailable. The elder cloaked in black robes could not penetrate it no matter how hard he tried.

“Master, Ximen Chui Xue’s magnetic field was heavily disrupted by the earth’s magnetic field. He was at Stage 8 inner qi when you summoned him and he dropped to Stage 7 inner qi within the span of 5 minutes. I estimate that Ximen Chui Xue’s strength will drop even further to Stage 6 in the next 10 minutes. And at that time, Ximen Chui Xue will not be an opponent for that monster even if he teams up with Master!” said Little Pig.

Qin Feng raised his brows after hearing what Little Pig had said. He never imagined that the disruption from the earth’s magnetic field would affect Ximen Chui Xue so greatly. He was originally a Stage 9 inner qi expert who completely mastered Stage 9 inner qi and was halfway stepping into the realm of comprehension. It was hard to believe that he only had Stage 7 inner qi after spending most of his power to counter the corrosion of the earth’s magnetic field. The cost of summoning him was simply too huge!

The standoff between Ximen Chui Xue and the elder cloaked in black robes had come to a standstill. It was obvious that they could not hold it any longer from their thinning sword qi.

“Quick, Ximen Chui Xue, bring me away now!”

Qin Feng was planning a retreat. Ximen Chui Xue was his last ace in the hole. If he lost, Qin Feng felt that he’d die here today.

Ximen Chui Xue did not persist on fighting after receiving the order from Qin Feng. He waved his longsword, pushing the elder cloaked in black robes a few meters back and hastily grabbed Qin Feng and escaped.

“Ding Congratulations Host Qin Feng for completing the 2nd side mission of “Martial World Disturbance.” Host Qin Feng has bought the hero Ximen Chui Xue from the Elysium of Heroes and made him battle once on the earth. The system will reward Host Qin Feng 5,000 Hedonist Points.”


The system beeped as soon as they retreated from the Amethyst Dragon Palace.

Qin Feng yelled in his heart to summon the flaming dragon horse out of the system. Ximen Chui Xue then leapt onto the flaming dragon horse and brought Qin Feng away on it.

“Little Pig, give me the Elementary Grade Golden Sore Medicine!” Qin Feng was gravely injured. He felt as though he was going to vomit his internal organs out just by sitting on the flaming dragon horse.

“Master, you’ve suffered very bad internal injuries and the Elementary Grade Golden Sore Medicine can no longer save you! Master has to buy the Primordial Spirit Pills to restore your damaged internal organs and meridians!”

“How much does it cost?”

“It costs 2,000 Hedonist Points for one bottle!”

“Give me one!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Qin Feng fell unconscious.

Without warning, he was stabbed by Xu Ruo Rou and received three consecutive palm strikes from the elder cloaked in black robes. It was considered a miracle that he could hold up until now.

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