Hedonist Sovereign

Chapter 375

Chapter 375 - I’m Not An Outsider

Translator: BinBin

Editor: Nova1237

“Big Sister, you’re back!” Liu Xiao Jia hastily jumped out of Qin Feng’s arms, causing her to roll on the floor.

Ignoring her sister, Liu Wen Jing stared at Qin Feng with her large dewy eyes as if she had seen a ghost.

“Liu Wen Jing?” Qin Feng was stunned.

Liu Wen Jing raised her eyebrows and asked, “Qin Feng?” Suddenly, her face distorted and clouded with anger.

Ever since she received Qin Feng’s bank card, she had been living her life under the shadow of fear and anxiety. She had to scuttle her way home from work, fearing that Qin Feng might jump out of thin air and threaten her. She was getting tired of being shrouded by the sense of insecurity and living her life like a scuzzy mouse. However, when she thought of the money and of giving her sister a better life, she couldn’t help but swallow her pride and move on.

Nevertheless, Qin Feng still found her in the last place she expected.

What stunned her the most was that this beast had even barged into her house and abducted her sister… When she saw her sister was held captive by Qin Feng in only flimsy pajamas, she was so enraged her eyes brimmed with tears.

”Qin Feng! Can you still consider yourself a human?! How can you harden your heart and lay your hands on an underaged girl? She’s just a child. Are you aware of that? You beast!

“I’m going to kill you!”

Qin Feng was having a hard time finding this young lady; he never expected he would meet her here! While he was ruminating on Liu Wen Jing’s nonsense, a glass ashtray flew at his head. Following this, Qin Feng waved his hand and effortlessly blocked her attack. Simultaneously, he wrapped his arm around Liu Wen Jing’s thin waist and pulled her into his embrace.

“Liu Wen Jing, are you trying to kill your husband?!” Qin Feng yelled angrily.

Liu Wen Jing struggled for all her worth in Qin Feng’s arms. When she saw her struggle was futile, she spun her head and gave Qin Feng a huge bite on his wrist. Pained, Qin Feng became angry and pinned Liu Wen Jing on the sofa. He then raised his hand and spanked her.

Slap! Slap! Slap!

The spanking was loud and clear with a rhythm of its own, stunning Liu Xiao Jia.

Big Brother Feng knew Big Sister? Should I or shouldn’t I stop them?

“Qin Feng… stop it now, Xiao Jia’s watching!” said Liu Wen Jing as her face flushed with embarrassment.

She wished to kill Qin Feng, but she forcefully suppressed her anger as her sister was watching them. She didn’t want her sister to see such an embarrassing sight!

“Big Brother Feng, can you please stop spanking my sister?” Waking out of her astonishment, Liu Xiao Jia hastily went up and appealed to Qin Feng with her glassy eyes.

Qin Feng heeded her plea and released Liu Wen Jing. He patted Liu Xiao Jia’s head and said, “Don’t worry, Xiao Jia. I’m just playing with your sister.”

This world is too small. Qin Feng never expected Liu Xiao Jia’s big sister to be Liu Wen Jing!

On the other hand, Liu Wen Jing realized that something wasn’t right. Qin Feng couldn’t have abducted her little sister. From how Xiao Jia saw Qin Feng, Liu Wen Jing had a hunch that her little sister had a long acquaintance with Qin Feng.

“Big Sister, why are you getting so riled up all of a sudden? Can you stop being angry now?” Liu Xiao Jia hastily went up to her big sister to dissolve her sister’s anger.

Liu Wen Jing calmed down after seeing her little sister was alright.

She patted Xiao Jia’s head and asked, “Xiao Jia, do you know Qin Feng?”

“Big Sister, he’s the Big Brother Feng that I told you about!”

The three of them sat on the couch with Liu Xiao Jia in between Qin Feng and Liu Wen Jing. She shuffled back and forth between her big sister and Qin Feng to alleviate the tension. After they finished talking, the doubts of all three cleared up!

Liu Xiao Jia was as happy as a lark. She didn’t expect that Qin Feng knew her big sister from long ago. What stunned her the most was that they seemed to be in a relationship! Meanwhile, Qin Feng and Liu Wen Jing were astonished by their discovery that they didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. They never thought this was what had been happening all along!

“Xiao Jia, go upstairs and finish your studies.” Liu Wen Jing sent her little sister away after they cleared the air between the three of them, leaving only Qin Feng and herself in the spacious parlor.

“Jing Jing, why have you been avoiding me lately?” Qin Feng became bold since Liu Xiao Jia was not around them anymore. He pulled Liu Wen Jing into his arms and tousled her hair.

Liu Wen Jing was annoyed by Qin Feng’s action. She furrowed her brows and wiggled in his arms. However, she stopped struggling after she realized she couldn’t break free from his embrace.

Then, she said to Qin Feng resolutely, “Qin Feng, I never touched the money in the bank card that you gave to me. I’ll now return it to you. After you take the card, please don’t come looking for me again and please stay away from my sister!”

Qin Feng replied indifferently, “Keep that card. I don’t need that money anyway. I get what you mean and I know your concern, Jing Jing. Don’t worry, I just see Xiao Jia as my little sister and nothing more than that… As for you, you’re different. You’re my woman!”

“Since when did I become your woman?!” Liu Wen Jing glowered.

“As long as I say you are, then you are!” Qin Feng replied arrogantly.

“Hmph! You’re just delusional. I will not fall for you nor is my body yours. Stop flattering yourself and quit dreaming!”

“Your heart is mine. It’s just you dare not admit it. On top of that, you hold some grudge against me so you didn’t want to admit it… As for your body, I’ll have it now!”

Liu Wen Jing was alarmed and she struggled with all her might in Qin Feng's arms.

"Release me now! Xiao Jia is upstairs. I swear I’ll f*cking kill you now if you dare touch me!”

Liu Wen Jing was a strong woman; she wouldn’t yield to anybody easily. Anyone except Qin Feng would not prefer this type of fiery woman. Qin Feng got a kick out of dominating this kind of beauty.

He tidied Liu Wen Jing’s disheveled clothes and scruffy hair before releasing her. Then, he said smugly, “It’s getting late now, Jing Jing. I should get going now.

“Jing Jing, don’t avoid me and come to me if you encounter any problems. Besides, I’m serious about appointing you as the head of Feng Group. Although Feng Group is not the strongest group in Acropolis City, but trust me, I’ll make it fast. And at that time, you’ll be the head of Feng Group!” Qin Feng said with a sober expression.

Liu Wen Jing’s frail body trembled; she’d almost forgotten how it felt to be cared for by other people since it was she who always took care of her little sister. Now that she was treated wholeheartedly like a little girl by Qin Feng, helping her to tidy up her clothes and fixing her hair, Liu Wen Jing couldn’t help but fall for him once again.

“Tonight was Xiao Jia’s school end of semester Parent-and-Child party. She knew that you were too busy with your work so she didn’t tell you and she asked me to attend with her. Xiao Jia is great; she is the champion of the night! The school rewarded her 15,000 yuan in cash and an additional five marks to her final exam… Jing Jing, Xiao Jia would never have had her achievement today without your support!

“Xiao Jia is outstanding, and you are even more outstanding!”

Qin Feng briefed Liu Wen Jing on Xiao Jia’s school party and how she won the contest before leaving the house.

A surge of warmth suddenly welled up in Liu Wen Jing’s heart. She finally understood why Qin Feng suddenly appeared at her home now. So it was her sister who brought him back after the party!

Seeing Qin Feng’s figure about to vanish in the doorway, Liu Wen Jing’s heart raced wildly as a long-lost sensation gushed within herself. She rushed forward before she realized it.

“Qin Feng, let me see you back.”

The two of them ambled shoulder to shoulder in the villa area under the gloomy starlit sky.

Neither of them spoke; it was as if they could converse with their thoughts.

The night was cold and windy. Qin Feng wrapped his arm around Liu Wen Jing while Liu Wen Jing rested her head on Qin Feng’s broad and muscular shoulder.

“Jing Jing, do you know how to drive?” Qin Feng suddenly asked.

“Yes, I got my driver’s license last year.” Liu Wen Jing’s attitude towards Qin Feng had undergone a huge change. Previously, she viewed Qin Feng as her archenemy; now, she viewed him as her partner and became as lovely and pliable as a little bird who rested upon a man.

“I’ll give this car to you then. Also, quit your part-time job at night or I’ll be worried about you when you go home at night alone. Besides, don’t you think it’s better if you can spare some time for Xiao Jia? You can take her for a spin or go shopping in your free time. And lastly, remember to look for me if you face any financial difficulties; don’t treat me as an outsider!”

Qin Feng handed the key to the Lamborghini Murcielago to Liu Wen Jing. Stunned, Liu Wen Jing almost screamed as she stood before the stylish supercar!

If it had been earlier, Liu Wen Jing might wonder about Qin Feng’s intention and motive for giving her this car. But after the series of things that happened tonight, Liu Wen Jing could feel Qin Feng’s affection and mindfulness toward her and she knew it was impossible to fake these sincere emotions.

“I’ll be very disappointed if you decline my offer, Jing Jing. It will only mean that you’re still regarding me as an outsider.” Qin Feng said without giving Liu Wen Jing a chance to reject him.

Liu Wen Jing gnashed her teeth and kept the car key after she pondered for a good while. Following this, she suddenly rose up on tiptoe and kissed Qin Feng’s face. After that, she lowered her head and rushed into her house.

“Qin Feng, please be careful when you go home. Remember to send me a text message once you get home!”

Under the moonlight, Qin Feng stood in the wind while he watched Liu Wen Jing run into her home like a startled rabbit. A warm sensation gushed and flooded his heart.


After returning from Heping Town, Qin Feng felt the days were getting too quiet; he couldn’t get accustomed to it. It seemed to him that something ominous was going to happen at any moment!

Peace before a storm. A raging tempest would follow!

Qin Feng had initiated the Elysium of Heroes and obtained Ximen Chui Xue.

He now had a total of 6,150 Hedonist Points and he could feel his inner qi changing. This was the omen he was about to break through Stage 4!

Right now, all he need was an opportunity; an opportunity that either allows him to ascend to a whole new level or drag him down into the abyss and completely destroy him.

The base of Feng Group: Fei Tian Bar.

Long-hair, Baldy, and Wild Wolf were all gathered here. All of them greeted Qin Feng with honor. “Young Master Qin.”

Qin Feng lounged in a couch and took a sip of red wine from a wine glass. He looked good in a white suit. He didn’t take his free time for granted. He’d been working around the clock to clear those missions released by the system.

“Assist Liu Wen Jing to expand the Wen Group and become the number one influential underworld group in Acropolis City. The system will reward 3,000 Hedonist Points if the mission is cleared.”

As Qin Feng studied the mission, he swept his glance indifferently over Long-hair and his two brothers. Two months ago, the three of them were three total failures serving time in the prison of Northern Sub-bureau, drifting through life without a care in the world.

However, the three of them had morphed into another being—they had wisdom on their brows and rulers in their beings. They had turned over new leaves and all of this was because of Qin Feng!

“I come here today because I've got a mission for you three. After three days, I want the Southern Wyvern Group destroyed during the night and I want Feng Group to become the strongest in Acropolis City!” Qin Feng ordered emotionlessly.

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