Hedonist Sovereign

Chapter 374

Chapter 374 - The Elysium of Heroes

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Qin Feng followed Liu Xiao Jia into the villa after Liu Xiao Jia gave him “puppy dog eyes.”

Qin Feng was familiar with structures of the villas in Cloud City Hua Manor Phase 1. Even though this was the first time he came to Liu Xiao Jia’s house, he knew the ins and outs of her house.

“Please have a seat and make yourself at home Big Brother Feng. There is a plate of fruit and snacks on the table. You can have some if you are hungry… I’m heading upstairs to take a shower now; I’ll be done shortly.”

Barefoot, Liu Xiao Jia went upstairs. However, before she reached the top, she returned to Qin Feng and added, “Big Brother Feng, you mustn’t leave me alone at home. I’m afraid of thieves!”

Liu Xiao Jia took a shower while Qin Feng lounged on the couch and watched TV.

The first floor was equipped with various electrical appliances and was clean and tidy. Qin Feng even detected a familiar scent which wasn’t Liu Xiao Jia’s. He suspected that it was the body fragrance of Liu Xiao Jia’s big sister.

Now free, Qin Feng didn’t waste time as he activated the Hedonist Sovereign System and started studying the chain mission.

“Martial World’s disturbance main mission: protect the Spiritual Equipment and skill books Host Qin Feng acquired from the system, and fend off all the enemies! The system will reward 10,000 Hedonist Points for clearing the mission and 20,000 will be deducted if the mission is failed!

“1st side mission: initiate the Elysium of Heroes. The system will reward 5,000 Hedonist Points if Host Qin Feng succeeds in clearing the quest. 10,000 Hedonist Points will be deducted if the mission is failed!

“2nd side mission: purchase a hero from the Elysium of Heroes and expand your forces to defend against the attack of enemies. The system will reward 5,000 Hedonist Points if Host Qin Feng succeeds in clearing the quest. 10,000 Hedonist Points will be deducted if the mission is failed.

“3rd side mission: fish out the mastermind of the Martial World’s disturbance. The system will reward 1,000 Hedonist Points, a flaming dragon horse, and a spear of Rathalos if Host Qin Feng succeeds in clearing the quest. 10,000 Hedonist Points will be deducted if the mission is failed!”


Qin Feng carefully reviewed the “Martial World Crisis” mission. He wasn’t clear about the main mission as he didn’t know why the Martial World Crisis would happen. And who would come to steal his Spirit Equipments and skill books?

Since he had no clue about the main mission and the 3rd side mission, Qin Feng put them aside and went to study the 1st and 2nd side missions. These two side missions were related to the Elysium of Heroes and now Qin Feng had considerable knowledge about the Elysium of Heroes.

Ever since he was promoted to Rank Five Hedonist Mortal, the Wuxia interface in the system and the Elysium of Heroes was activated simultaneously. There were countless heroes residing in the Elysium. As such, he just needed to initiate the Elysium of Heroes and then he could purchase various kinds of heroes to aid him in a fight!

Qin Feng originally had his eyes set on the sword of Dugu which cost 10,000 Hedonist Points. However, since he had to clear the Elysium of Heroes mission now, he had no choice but to focus on initiating the Elysium of Heroes first.

“Is Host Qin Feng spending 5,000 Hedonist Points to initiate the Elysium of Heroes?” The system’s notification beeped in his mind.

“Initiate now!” Qin Feng gave the order without the slightest hesitation.

Buzz! Buzz!

A buzzing suddenly resounded in Qin Feng’s head causing his consciousness to blur as he felt he like he was sucked into the other world.

The scene in his psyche dramatically changed quickly and became clearer and clearer.

He was now surrounded by millions of dazzling stars in the middle of the vast heavens. Upon closer inspection, he felt these stars breathing, their flickering light reminiscent of their ancient and sedate aura!

“Congratulations Host Qin Feng on initiating the Elysium of Heroes!

“Ding… Congratulations Host Qin Feng on completing the 1st side mission of ‘Martial World Crisis,’ and successfully initiating the Elysium of Heroes. The system rewards Host Qin Feng 5,000 Hedonist Points.”


Qin Feng was overjoyed!

He felt a pang of regret after he had spent 5,000 Hedonist Points, but in the next minute, he had earned it all back!

“Master, the Elysium of Heroes is a powerful application in the system. Since you’ve initiated the Elysium of Heroes, the system has bestowed upon you a free hero!” said Little Pig.

“For free? Where is he now?” asked Qin Feng hurriedly.

“Master, you have to use your psyche to alter the magnetic field around you and the system will randomly pick a hero for Master!”

Qin Feng understood. It was like a lottery: you get what you draw.

When he thought of those notable masters in the Martial World, Qin Feng’s whole body trembled in excitement!

He wished he could get magnates like Xiong Ba, Qiao Feng, or Di Shi Tian. However, getting those rare heroes required a certain degree of luck so he was satisfied if he could get a berserker like Xie Xun, the Golden Haired Lion King. [TN: Xiong(雄) Ba(霸) - An antagonist in The Wind and Cloud or Fung Wan and The Storm Riders by Ma Wing-Shing. Qiao(乔) Feng(峰) - A character in Demi-Gods and Semi-Devil, or The Dragon Story by Louis Cha, once the leader of the Beggers’ Sect. Di(帝) Shi(释) Tian(天) - An antagonist appearing in The Wind and Cloud or Fung Wan and The Storm Riders by Ma Wing-Shing as well.]  

A combination of a Dragon Slayer Saber and a mind-blowing lion-mane, Qin Feng felt that Xie Xun, the Golden Haired Lion King, could easily scare the sh*t out of people with just one roar if he was ever summoned! [TN: Xie(谢) Xun( 逊), the Golden Haired Lion King - A powerful martial artist in The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber by Louis Cha. His notable skill is the “Lion’s Roar” which allows him to use his voice to project his inner energy to cause internal injuries to everyone nearby who hears his roar.]

”Initiate draw sequence!”

Qin Feng focused his mind and started to use his psyche to draw his very own hero.

The vast heavens around him suddenly moved in a strange manner. Dark, heavy clouds filled the sky and rumbles of thunder periodically came from all directions.

Unfazed by the dark and heavy clouds, the stars that surrounded him flickered dazzlingly.

Everything around Qin Feng began to whirl. The stars, the heaven, the earth, all of them began spinning faster and faster until they blurred before Qin Feng.


The dimentional space abruptly stopped spinning and became calm again. It was like a raging sea that finally calmed down after being ravaged by a tsunami. Qin Feng looked at the heavens again and millions of bright stars vanished leaving only one star shining with great brilliancy in the pitch black sky.

Suddenly, the star shot out with a ‘shroom’ from a great distance away, traveling with the speed of a meteorite smashing on earth. It startled Qin Feng.


The meteorite exploded with an earth-shattering sound before Qin Feng!

Then, a long-haired, handsome swordsman clad in a snow-white long robe appeared in front him.

He was like an acrolith: chiseled and carved to perfection. He was tall and slender; his facial features were delicate and stunning. On top of that, his skin was cleaner than frost and purer than snow. His skin appeared to be even fairer and softer than any woman Qin Feng had ever met.

Although this young man had skin fairer and better looking than a woman's, Qin Feng did not dare belittle him. Powerful and dominating aura surged from this young man's body. Although faint, it was strong enough to make Qin Feng wary of him.

Forbidding and hardhearted, aloof and prideful! Qin Feng described the young man before him in four words.

“Ximen Chui Xue of Thousand Plums Mansion, meet the Master.” The young man greeted Qin Feng with a cold and emotionless voice. He displayed an icily arrogant and unyielding composure. [TN: Ximen(西门) Chui(吹) Xue(雪) - A powerful sword wielder in the Lu Xiao Feng Series by Gu Long.] 

Qin Feng gaped and stared at Ximen Chui Xue in awe. The raging wind ruffled his long hair and caused his white robe to whip around fiercely. Nevertheless, he was unfazed by the gale and remained standing tall. He wrapped his hand around his chest and in his arms was a long pitch black sword. He was like a statue, not even slightly affected by the outside world.

He was a legend, a handsome young man, and a powerful entity that was renowned as the God of Sword. He was Ximen Chui Xue!

Holy crap!

Qin Feng jumped. He never thought he would get Ximen Chui Xue in the first pull. As a hardcore fan of Wuxia himself, Qin Feng adored all those master artists like Lu Xiao Feng and Ximen Chui Xue. Now that his idol suddenly became his subordinate, Qin Feng was so freaked out that he was struck dumb.

“Little Pig, how powerful is Ximen Chui Xue?” Qin Feng hastily asked.

“Master, for your information, Ximen Chui Xue is the God of Sword, a powerful entity who’s halfway to the realm of comprehension. In other words, Ximen Chui Xue has completely perfected Stage 9 inner qi and he is halfway to cultivating true essence!”

Qin Feng was impressed by Ximen Chui Xue’s ability. He never expected him to be this powerful.

After Qin Feng obtained the Hedonist Sovereign system, he had gained some understanding about the realm of the martial arts world beyond the common one. Stage 1 to Stage 9 inner qi was the very foundation of cultivation. One broke into the realm of comprehension and started cultivating true essence after mastering all nine stages of inner qi. After that, the level of true essence cultivation was yet again divided into nine stages which required the cultivator to master all nine stages of true essence to reach the immortal realm.

It was unexpected that Ximen Chui Xue was already halfway to cultivating true essence. Qin Feng had yet to encounter a master with a strength on par with Ximen Chui Xue!

Previously, he always struggled fighting those Stage 6 inner qi experts. Since he had Ximen Chui Xue as his ally now, dealing with those Stage 6 inner qi experts would be as easy as chopping vegetables!

“This young master is going to be invincible!” Qin Feng fantasized all sorts of images of him dominating those master martial artists.

“Master, you think too much!” Little Pig rained on Qin Feng’s parade. “Ximen Chui Xue is not from this dimension. Even though in the system shows that Ximen Chui Xue has the strength of a true essence cultivator, once you summon him on the earth, the magnetic field of the earth will disrupt and alter his magnetic field!”

“How will it affect him?” asked Qin Feng.

“Disruption of his magnetic field might cause his inner qi to go out of control and he might get blown to pieces. Hence, he has to use some of his power to keep the corroding magnetic force at bay before he can utilize the rest of his power to help Master!”

“How much will be left then?”

“It’s hard to say… Master will know it when the time comes!” Little Pig smirked.

After he recovered from his shock, Qin Feng looked at the 2nd side mission and realized that it hadn’t been cleared yet. He had to summon Ximen Chui Xue on earth and battle once before the quest would be completed.

As Qin Feng was getting pumped up to summon Ximen Chui Xue, Liu Xiao Jia happily trotted downstairs.

“Big Brother Feng, sorry to keep you waiting!” Liu Xiao Jia came to the sofa and jumped into Qin Feng’s arms.

She had just finished her shower so her skin was as soft and fair as a newborn baby and her body was fragrant.

“I thought Big Brother Feng left already since I took so long!” Liu Xiao Jia was happy as a lark when she saw Qin Feng kept his promise and didn’t leave her alone. She clung tightly to Qin Feng’s arm and laughed cheerfully.

Qin Feng took a towel and helped her dry her drenched hair. He said, “I’m a man of my word. I won’t betray Xiao Jia’s trust!”

Liu Xiao Jia’s heart was drenched in honey when she heard Qin Feng’s speak. She was so happy that her eyes smiled into crescents. It was already pretty late and her big sister had not yet returned. Liu Xiao Jia became very anxious and held tightly to Qin Feng’s arm. She feared Qin Feng would leave suddenly.

Liu Wen Jing trudged along, her body exhausted, and arrived outside of her house.

Liu Wen Jing had been dodging Qin Feng after Qin Feng had given her a bank card following their encounter at the auto show.

That bank card had a mint of money in it which Liu Wen Jing saved for her sister’s college. At the same time, she thought Qin Feng gave her the money so she would be his kept woman, but Liu Wen Jing didn’t want to be anyone’s kept woman. That’s the reason she had been avoiding Qin Feng after she took the money.

Even though she felt guilty and uneasy, when she remembered Qin Feng’s betrayal and how he had took her for granted, she thought it was right she defraud Qin Feng of his money.


Liu Wen Jing opened the door.

Before she could call her sister to come downstairs for supper, her body trembled as she was dumbfounded by the sight before her!

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