Hedonist Sovereign

Chapter 373

Chapter 373 - Secret Ballot

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“Liu Xiao Jia is the champion! Liu Xiao Jia is the champion!”

Liu Xiao Jia’s speech blew the entire audience’s mind, causing an uproar.

Surrounded by an uprising, Xu Xiao Bai and Liang Cai Qing’s faces went white.

“Has this b*tch slept with all the male students in the school? If not, why are they supporting her? They’re all fools! Madness!” grumbled Liang Cai Qing as she gritted her teeth.

She looked at Xu Xiao Bai and asked worriedly, “Xiao Bai, will we lose our championship?”

“Impossible! We’re at the school compound and this is a school activity. Do you think the judges will change their decision just because of a bunch of ignorant fools?”

Seeing a composed Xu Xiao Bai, Liang Cai Qing’s heart finally dropped. Xu Gao felt embarrassed remaining on stage. He hastily went to a corner below the stage and made a call to Headmaster Li.

“Headmaster Li! Something bad happened here at the end of semester party. A student wasn’t satisfied with her ranking and she is leading a couple of students in an attempt to overturn the decision made by us adjudicators. Do you want to come over here and address the scale? Okay… Sure, sure. Then I’ll be waiting you here at the sports field!”

Xu Gao hung up and his confidence returned.

The headmaster was very angry after listening to what he had said. Since he had Headmaster Li backing him now, how could he still fear Liu Xiao Jia and Qin Feng?

Xu Gao ignored the students and went back to his seat. Not long after, Headmaster Li strutted over with a few school leaders clustered around him. Seeing their school leaders had arrived, the protesting students instantly fell silent.

“What is going on, Director Xu?” Headmaster Li asked sternly as he arrived at Xu Gao’s side.

The judges hastily rose to their feet and welcomed Headmaster Li. Xu Gao plastered a smile on his face and said, “Headmaster Li, let me brief you on the situation. It’s that student on stage who caused a disturbance. Beside her is her big brother. They are the 2nd runner-up of the night, but she is very arrogant. She said she didn’t want to be the 2nd and that she must be the champion otherwise, she won’t be satisfied with the result!

“We, the adjudicators of the night have gone through a lot of hard work and settled on this result after we meticulously evaluated, cross-checked, and reviewed the performance of each and every one of the contestants. How can we retract the result simply because of an ungrateful student being dissatisfied with her result?”

Xu Gao distorted the truth and spoke in a serious manner. Once Headmaster Li got a good grasp of ins and outs of the whole situation, he stormed over to Qin Feng and Liu Xiao Jia with a grave expression.

The audience broke into a cold sweat as they watched the headmaster charge toward Liu Xiao Jia and Qin Feng. They all thought Liu Xiao Jia would be punished by the school tonight!

“Hmph! Want to tussle with me? You’re nothing less than an egg hurled against a rock. Don’t you know that I own this place?” Xu Xiao Bai’s sneering face was hideous.

Liang Cai Qing yelled roundly, “B*tch! It’s for the best if the school expels you! Your big brother is nothing but an incapable thug.”

“Headmaster Li, this is the student I mentioned—Liu Xiao Jia of 3rd grade 1st class. The young man beside her is her big brother. This young man is insolent and very arrogant. I suspect he’s one of the delinquents from the underworld.”

Xu Gao slandered Liu Xiao Jia and Qin Feng while they were on the stage.

Liu Xiao Jia grew anxious as the headmaster came toward her with the cluster of school leaders. However, she didn’t back down and clung tightly to Qin Feng’s hand.

“Who are you? The result of the night… Hold on.” Headmaster Li’s expression was frosty, ready to dress down Qin Feng. Just before he could finish, his countenance drastically changed. “Young man, you look familiar. Is there any chance that we’ve met somewhere before?”

Qin Feng smugly looked at Headmaster Li and said casually, “Long time no see, Headmaster Li. How’ve you been?

“I’m Qin Feng. I graduated from your school five years ago.”

Qin Feng was once a student of Acropolis City’s First Junior High. Even now, his great history was still the talk of the town among students at the school!

Headmaster Li’s memories finally served him right after Qin Feng revealed himself. No wonder he felt the person before him was familiar. So this young man was Qin Feng, the sole heir of Acropolis City’s number one billionaire Qin Huang.

Headmaster Li instantly yielded to Qin Feng as he didn’t have the nerve to act superior to Qin Feng.

The First Junior High was an unnoticed junior high in Acropolis City when Qin Feng was studying in it. It was Qin Huang who wished his child to have an exceptional learning environment, so he poured a mint of expenditures to expand and develop the First Junior High. After three years, the First Junior High had risen up to be the first class school in Acropolis City famous for top-notch teaching modules and an excellent learning environment.

Even after Qin Feng had graduated from the school, Qin Huang continued to invest in expanding the school and he was also one of the royal members of the board of trustees of the school.

“We don’t care who you are Qin Feng or Chou Feng. Let me tell you, this is a school. Please don’t tarnish our school with this raucous of yours… Our Headmaster Li is a lionhearted man who sees things in black and white. He is here tonight to do justice for all of us!” yelled Xu Gao still unaware of who Qin Feng was.

Headmaster Li’s countenance completely blackened. He glared at Xu Gao and glowered, “Director Xu, who gave you the authority to speak? Keep your mouth shut and move aside!”

Xu Gao was stunned. He realized something and hastily zipped his mouth.

“Young Master Qin! Welcome, welcome. Welcome back to the First Junior High. I didn’t know that you returned to your alma mater to attend our activity. Why didn’t you inform me beforehand that you’re performing tonight? If I had known earlier, I would have canceled all my social activities to come to admire your wonderful performance!” Headmaster Li shook Qin Feng’s hand.

Everyone could tell he was buttering up Qin Feng.

The microphone was still on, so the entire conversation between Qin Feng and Headmaster Li fell loud and clear on the ears of every audience member below the stage. All of them were stupefied; their jaws dropped to the ground. Qin Feng’s appearance tonight was grand enough. Yet again, he struck the audience with awe.

Who the hell is this person? Even the headmaster of First Junior High has to suck up to him!

“You’re too humble, Headmaster Li! The First Junior High rose to its fame and became the top school in Acropolis City all because of Headmaster Li’s sagacity and farsightedness.” Qin Feng praised Headmaster Li. He’d do justice to him as Headmaster Li was crucial in making Liu Xiao Jia the champion.

“Hehe! You flatter me!” Headmaster Li was so happy that he laughed with his mouth open.

“Headmaster Li, to be honest, I don’t mean to make a big deal tonight. It’s just that I truly couldn’t accept this kind of result so I hope Headmaster Li can personally monitor the nomination process and reselect the winners of the night fair and square!” Qin Feng hastily cut to the point.

“Yes, yes. This is the right thing to do. Our First Junior High has always treated its students fairly. Since Young Master Qin is unsatisfied with the result, then we shall revoke the previous result and reselect the winners.” Headmaster Li hastily appeased Qin Feng.

“This time, we ought to reform the voting system. I suggest we select our winners through secret ballot and every student here be given the right to cast their votes. Then we will compile all the votes and select the winners by calculating the number of votes they obtained,” suggested Qin Feng.

This was the fairest and most open way. It was natural that Headmaster Li would agree to it.

Xu Gao felt angst when Headmaster Li agreed to Qin Feng’s suggestion as an ominous premonition rose within him.

The students were ecstatic that they had the right to cast their vote. All of them felt like they were at a singing contest voting for their favorite singer.

Qin Feng and Headmaster Li supervised the whole process on stage. Every teacher led their own class to cast their votes. The voting process soon ended and the school leaders started to compile the votes.

After the school leaders tallied the result, Headmaster Li then announced the winners on stage.

Just like before, the winners were summoned on stage starting from the 10th to the 1st.

There was a huge discrepancy between the result selected by students and the result concluded by Xu Gao and his panel of judges. Those who were the top five were not even getting a prize now!

It was clear in everyone’s mind that somebody had pulled strings with the panel of judges from behind the stage to get their own favorable result.

“We’re now announcing the 4th runners-up… 3rd grade 1st class, Classmate Xu Xiao Bai and Liang Cai Qing! Please come on stage to receive your reward!

The duo who was the champion now was the 4th runners-up. Both of them were ashen-faced without any trace of joy at winning a prize. It was as if somebody from their family had died.

The anticipated moment of the night came: the announcement of the champion.

Liu Xiao Jia hadn’t been summoned on stage yet. Everyone fell into a pool of dead silence…

“Liu Xiao Jia! Liu Xiao Jia…” Everybody was rooting for Liu Xiao Jia.

Her group of sisters was so nervous they tightly clasped their hands together and focused on Headmaster Li with their pure and innocent eyes.

“The champion of the end of semester party, organized by the First Junior High… 3rd grade 1st Class, Classmate Liu Xiao Jia!”

“She was selected by the mass! She deserves the honor! Let’s invite our very own Classmate Liu Xiao Jia to come up to receive her award with a hearty applause! Also, let’s not forget her partner of the night, Mister Qin Feng!

"The champion will be rewarded 15,000 yuan, and at the same time, receive five additional marks on their final exam!"


The whole audience exploded in cheers after Liu Xiao Jia won the champion title!

Liu Xiao Jia broke down in tears of joy as she held on tightly to Qin Feng's hand. She might have kissed Qin Feng if they weren't surrounded by so many students.

Xu Gao's countenance completely darkened. Headmaster Li came down from the stage and called him to follow him. Xu Gao would be severely punished. As for Xu Xiao Bai and Liang Cai Qing, they vanished among the crowd after they receiving their reward as they were too embarrassed to stay.

Ding… Congratulations, Host Qin Feng for completing the mission: assist Liu Xiao Jia in getting first place at the end-of-semester party. The system rewards Host Qin Feng 500 Hedonist Points.


The system notification resounded in his mind. Qin Feng hastily looked over and saw he had 6,150 Hedonist Points now. He was in seventh heaven.

He still remembered he had a mission that required him to activate the Elysium of Heroes. Qin Feng had been so busy these past few days that he didn’t have time to look at the chain mission. Since he’d finished Liu Xiao Jia’s mission, Qin Feng thought he finally had time to study it.

Liu Xiao Jia went on stage to receive her award and gave a few speeches.

The award ceremony marked the end of the party. Everyone reluctantly parted ways and went back to their homes.

Several of Liu Xiao Jia’s friends swarmed beside her, chirping and cheering. However, when they saw Qin Feng, they all cast a lustful grin at her and then ran back to their own homes.

Unaffected, Qin Feng brushed it off with a smile while Liu Xiao Jia’s face flushed with embarrassment.

“Where are you going now, Big Brother Feng?” asked Liu Xiao Jia as she looked at the spacious sports field.

The night was gloomy. Liu Xiao Jia suddenly tensed up.

“I’m going home after I drive you back.”

Disappointed by Qin Feng’s answer, Liu Xiao Jia thought to herself. Are we going back to how we used to be?

Qin Feng and Liu Xiao Jia went for a spin in his Lamborghini Murcielago before stopping at Liu Xiao Jia’s house.

“Goodbye Xiao Jia, and good dreams!” wished Qin Feng as he caressed Liu Xiao Jia’s head.

A little downcast, Liu Xiao Jia alighted from the car. Suddenly, a plan flashed in her mind and she returned to Qin Feng. Then, she held onto Qin Feng’s arm and said happily, “Big Brother Feng, my sister is not home yet and I’m a little scared of staying alone in the house. Can you come in and stay with me until my sister returns?

“Plus, you have to help me to inform my sister about the 15,000 yuan prize.”

Liu Xiao Jia hit on an idea. She wanted her big brother Feng to meet her big sister. She knew Big Brother Feng was lascivious, and he must be attracted by her big sister.

As long as they were together, Liu Xiao Jia thought she would always see her big brother Feng in the future!

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