Hedonist Sovereign

Chapter 372

Chapter 372 - I’m the Champion!

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“Xiao Jia, are you not confident with your performance? Or does Xiao Jia think Big Brother Feng has dragged you down?” asked Qin Feng smiling.

Upon hearing Qin Feng’s query, Liu Xiao Jia immediately tightened her embrace and said nervously, “No, that’s not what I meant. Big Brother Feng’s performance was remarkable. It has nothing to do with you… It, it’s Xu Xiao Bai. His second uncle is the judges’ representative and I assume the result is probably rigged.”

Liu Xiao Jia pouted and looked at Qin Feng with a saddened expression, “I’m sorry, Big Brother Feng. We still couldn’t get first place even though you’ve diligently prepared a wonderful night for Xiao Jia… At any rate, Big Brother Feng’s performance is still the best in Xiao Jia’s heart!”

Qin Feng soon understood the whole situation. However, he wasn’t troubled in the slightest. He ruffled Liu Xiao Jia’s hair and crooned, “In my eyes, Xiao Jia’s performance is the best and unmatched by anybody! Don’t worry, Big Brother Feng promised the champion of the night had to be you!”

Even though Liu Xiao Jia was worried, she gazed at Qin Feng with determination and said, “Okay! Xiao Jia trust Big Brother Feng!”

“Xiao Jia, Xiao Jia! You’re getting famous! You’re getting famous this time!” Chen Mei Han suddenly barged into the fitting room trailed by a group of young ladies.

Liu Xiao Jia hit the panic button as her cheeks flushed like a ripened tomato. She hastily jumped out from Qin Feng’s arms.  

“Mei Han, can you stop being so jumpy?”

“Aiya, forget about me! Have a look at this. Trust me, you’ll be even more astounded than I am when you see these comments and forwards!” Chen Mei Han handed her cell phone to Liu Xiao Jia as she spoke.

Liu Xiao Jia was instantly stupefied when she looked at Chen Mei Han’s cell phone.

Their live performance was recorded and uploaded onto Weibo. It reached 100,000 forwards and 10,000 comments in less than an hour!

It wasn’t only Weibo. This video was the hot topic of several large social media platforms such as Tieba and forums. Even some video sites posted the video on their homepage to attract traffic.

“How did this happen? This… is your doing?” Covering her cherry mouth, Liu Xiao Jia stared at Chen Mei Han in disbelief.

Chen Mei Han smiled wickedly and said triumphantly, “How are you going to thanks me, Xiao Jia?

“Also, Young Uncle, you’re getting famous too. How are you going to repay me?” Chen Mei Han felt smug as she looked at Qin Feng.

“Why am I getting famous?” Qin Feng failed to understand and came forward.

Qin Feng was taken aback as well when he saw Weibo’s hot topic on Chen Mei Han’s cell phone.

What stunned him was that even Rao Shi Man replied to this video.

“Is somebody laying his grubby paws on an underaged girl? Be aware that I’ll report this to the police!”

How could Qin Feng not understand this sentence? His heart skipped a beat. Is Beautiful Shi Man getting jealous?

This video went viral in such a short time only because of Rao Shi Man’s comment and forward. Among those who left a comment, half of them were guessing the connotation of Rao Shi Man’s comment.

“What does Superstar Rao Shi Man mean?”

“After meticulous analysis, I have a hunch that Rao Shi Man is very close to that young man. However, that young man dumped Rao Shi Man and went for a junior high schooler so Rao Shi Man got angry.”

“Are you out of your mind?! It’s obvious that Rao Shi Man’s making a joke; she isn’t angry at all!”

“I detect a whiff of jealousy in the room!”

“Who is this guy and who is this little girl? Please reply to me fast! I want the answer now!”

This was the first time Qin Feng experienced the mighty power of the internet. Everytime he refreshed the page hundreds of comments and thousands of forwards popped up.

This video obviously was going viral overnight!

Qin Feng’s cell phone rang when looked away from the cell phone. It was Rao Shi Man!

Qin Feng quickly retreated from the fitting room and picked up the phone after he went to a place of solitude.

“Beautiful Shi Man, do you miss me?” Qin Feng asked earnestly.

Rao Shi Man remained silent. Qin Feng guessed that she was trying to hold her anger. After awhile, her voice wafted through from the other end of the line. “Well, well. Qin Feng, what a spectacular performance you had tonight.”

“Hehe! I’m helping a sister of mine. Her school has organized a Parent-and-Child evening party. Since her family’s too busy and couldn’t attend, I’m just helping her out!”

Rao Shi Man quietly listened to Qin Feng’s explanation. Her heart dropped; not even she could fathom why she was so edgy.

Ever since Qin Feng told her at the airport that he was the little boy from the lotus lake eight years ago, Rao Shi Man’s frozen heart suddenly melted. Whenever she had free time, the bits and pieces of memories of what happened between them in Acropolis City surged and roamed freely in her mind.

Rao Shi Man had never fallen in love before. However, she suspected that this feeling must be the feeling of first love—filled with caution and uncertainties.

Suddenly Rao Shi Man said, “My schedule is pretty open after next week.”

“Is it true? I’ll pay you a call then! You’ll welcome me right?” Qin Feng got the gist of Rao Shi Man’s hint.

Although Rao Shi Man was happy as a lark, she emotionlessly replied, “Give me a call then when you arrive. I’ll pick you up whenever my schedule is free.”

“However, there is one thing that troubles me: I don’t have any relatives or friends staying in the provincial capital so I don’t have a place to stay. If Beautiful Shi Man could take me in for one night, then I’ll definitely pay you a visit!”

“You… Let’s talk about this after you’re here.”

Rao Shi Man hung up the phone the instant she finished speaking. She gripped her cell phone tightly as her heart raced.

Qin Feng returned to the fitting room with a cheerful smile on his face. After he chatted with the group of young ladies for awhile, the party came to an end and it was the time to announce the winners of the night.

All of them happily returned to the sports field. The audiences’ gaze followed Liu Xiao Jia wherever she went, and all the young ladies stared at and surveyed Qin Feng fondly as he was now famous in First Junior High. Liu Xiao Jia became anxious when she saw their lustful gazes. She pressed herself tightly against Qin Feng’s arm, fearing that Big Brother Feng would be snatched away by them.

“It was such a fascinating night, don’t you think?” The hostess started to speak.

A storm of applause and cheers filled the sports field.

Qin Feng and Liu Xiao Jia’s performance remained clear and vivid in their minds. With the twenty supercars behind them, they couldn’t help but feel shocked.

Once the audience quieted down, the hostess continued, “Now, let’s proceed to announce the winners of the night. I assume that every one of you have your rankings in mind, right? Our judges have finalized the result as well. I can see that everybody is getting a little edgy so without further adieu, let’s welcome our judges’ representative, the dean of our school, Teacher Xu Gao, to announce the result for the night!”

Xu Gao walked up onto the stage with his chin up and chest out under the intense gaze of the audience.

He gave a few speeches before reaching the moment they’d all been waiting for. He raised the nomination list and spoke loudly:

“I’ll now announce the top ten outstanding students of the night and their families!

“1st grade 3rd class, Chen Ming; 1st grade 9th class, Fang Hai.

“2nd grade 6th class Gong Rui; 3rd grade 3rd class, Liu Ming…”

The ranking was announced starting from the last until the first.

“Next, the 1st runner-up of tonight’s end of semester party will be…”

The atmosphere instantly froze. The entire audience held their breath as they eagerly waited for the name to be called.

Liu Xiao Jia tightly clasped Qin Feng’s hand. She was nervous and her hand oozed with cold sweat.

Up until now, her name still hadn’t been called. Obtaining the first place was like Arabian Nights—it was impossible. Liu Xiao Jia could only set all her hopes on getting 1st runner-up.

“1st runner-up, 3rd grade 1st class, Classmate Liu Xiao Jia! Congratulations to Liu Xiao Jia, please come on stage to receive your reward!”


The audience exploded as soon as Xu Gao announced Liu Xiao Jia’s ranking.

Liu Xiao Jia was happy as a clam; she was satisfied with this ranking since she knew it was impossible for her to obtain first place. However, her friends and her fans were all unsatisfied.

Liu Xiao Jia had to be the champion of the night. In their perspective, her performance was miles above Xu Xiao Bai’s and Liang Cai Qing’s.

“Classmate Xiao Jia, do you have any words to say to your friends?” Xu Gao said as he smirked at Liu Xiao Jia.

Liu Xiao Jia disliked Xu Gao’s gaze. She shook her head and turned down his offer. Immediately, Qin Feng stepped forward. He grinned and said gallantly, “Director Xu, I’ve something to say!”

Xu Gao glared at Qin Feng before passing the microphone to him. Qin Feng ignored Xu Gao’s attitude, stepped forward to face roughly 3,000 students, and opened his mouth:

“I strongly disagree and oppose the nomination of our judges!

“Classmate Xiao Jia’s performance was outstanding and her voice was heavenly, beautiful. I’ve noticed from the nomination list that the champion of the night is Xu Xiao Bai and Liang Cai Qing… Please don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying that these two students’ performance was poorly done since they’ve poured in a lot of efforts as well. I just hope that the contest tonight can be done fair and square. I truly suspect that the result we’re getting now is rigged!

“Now, tell me Director Xu Gao. Is the champion prearranged? Just because Xu Xiao Bai is related to you?”

“Bullshit! Please don’t casually cook up false charges against me!” Xu Gao’s face instantly went white and he glowered wretchedly at Qin Feng.

He never expected Qin Feng to be so bold; he dared to expose this kind of thing in front of everybody.

“Well, you’re the only one who knows if I am talking nonsense or not. Anyway, I demand a reelection. This time, we must do it fair and square!” Qin Feng’s sedate voice fell clearly on the ears of the whole audience.

The morales of Liu Xiao Jia’s supporters was heightened by Qin Feng. All of them began to protest.

The environment was out of control. Liu Xiao Jia gripped Qin Feng’s clothes tightly as she was moved to tears.

Seeing the situation was getting ugly, Xu Gao resorted to his last resort. He snatched the microphone away from Qin Feng’s hand and yelled, “Keep quiet! The rule was fixed and ranking was announced. How can we casually change it?

“Classmate Liu Xiao Jia, take the prize and get down from the stage with your big brother otherwise, I’ll revoke and confiscate your prize. You’ll get nothing tonight!” Xu Gao felt intense pressure facing Qin Feng so he threatened Liu Xiao Jia instead.

Liu Xiao Jia’s feeble appearance fell away and she firmly stood her ground. She looked at Xu Gao with her head held high and chest puffed up. Then, she said steadily, “Director Xu, I don’t want to be second. I want to be the first!”

Liu Xiao Jia was prideful. Her body surged with an indomitable aura.

She came to the conclusion that she must become champion for Qin Feng.

This was not to honor herself, but to acknowledge Big Brother Feng!

Otherwise, Liu Xiao Jia would rather not to get any ranking at all!

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