Hedonist Sovereign

Chapter 370

Chapter 370 - The Party Becomes a Concert

Translator: BinBin

Editor: Nova1237

“Big… Big Brother Feng? Is that you?” Liu Xiao Jia took a few deep breaths, and slowly picked up her phone.

“Little Sister Xiao Jia, you’ll be performing next. Where are you now?” Qin Feng’s gentle voice wafted over from the other end of the line.

Tears suddenly glided down her cheek, robbing her of her ability to speak.

The night when Qin Feng was at Bai Qing’s villa, the system suddenly announced the accomplishment of Xu Ruo Rou’s mission and simultaneously released two new missions. One of the missions was the chain mission “Martial World’s Crisis,” while the other mission was Liu Xiao Jia’s mission.

Qin Feng looked into the matter after he’d accepted the mission. After he learned that the theme of Liu Xiao Jia’s end of semester school party was Parent-and-Child, he started to understand everything.

“Xiao Jia, go to the fitting room behind the stage now. I have a surprise for you!” Qin Feng’s heart ached when he heard Liu Xiao Jia’s choked up voice.

After hanging up, Liu Xiao Jia remained frozen in place. She thought she was dreaming; it seemed like the phone call just now wasn’t real, but merely her imagination.

“What’s wrong Xiao Jia? Who bullied you? Tell me, I’ll help you scold him!” Chen Mei Han suddenly appeared beside Liu Xiao Jia.

Liu Xiao Jia wrapped Chen Mei Han tightly in her arms and cried profusely.

“Xiao Jia, don’t be sad! Liang Cai Jing is just a slut who makes use of her body to seduce men. She’s nowhere near our Xiao Jia. Don’t worry, I’m going to teach her a lesson so she will behave better!”

Huffing with anger, Chen Mei Han strode away to relinquish her anger against Liang Cai Qing. However, Liu Xiao Jia pulled her and yelled excitedly with her face covered in tears, “Mei Han! Big Brother Feng is here! Big Brother Feng is here!”

Chen Mei Han then realized that Liu Xiao Jia was crying because she was overjoyed.

Chen Mei Han became excited when she learned Qin Feng was coming. Without wasting any more time, Chen Mei Han pulled Liu Xiao Jia and ran toward the fitting room behind the stage. As soon as they arrived, the two young girls were awestruck by the sight before them.

“May I know who is Princess Xiao Jia?” A pageant of refined beauties in qipao stood by the doorway and welcomed the duo with charming smiles.

Liu Xiao Jia trotted in front and said, “I am.”

“Please follow us inside Princess Xiao Jia. Young Master Qin has given us a direct order. We’ll be responsible for your costumes and make-up tonight.”

Liu Xiao Jia was led into a room by four qipao beauties. Upon entering the room, she realized that this wasn’t the temporary fitting room prepared by her school. This fitting room was lavishly decorated, just like a palace!

The room was filled with various kinds of dresses and gowns, wigs, and a wide array of props.

Liu Xiao Jia sat quietly on the chair. Meanwhile, the four beauties worked swiftly and in an organized pattern. Some of them helped Liu Xiao Jia put on makeup while others picked the best suitable costume for her.

“Ah, our beloved students! I’m certain that all of you are very familiar with our next contestant… Yes! You’re right! She is the Deadliest Beauty of our First Junior High—Liu Xiao Jia! Let’s welcome her with a hearty applause!

The audience exploded in cheers right after the host announced the name of the next contestant.

Roaring, murmuring, and buzzing filled the sports field.

“Liu Xiao Jia! Liu Xiao Jia!”

“I thought Liu Xiao Jia quit! So it’s all a hoax!”

“Liu Xiao Jia refused to team up with Xu Xiao Bai and went on stage all by herself! I’m impressed by her courageous and unyielding spirit!”

“People please don’t compare Goddess Xiao Jia with that Liang Cai Qing anymore, okay? Xiao Jia is pure and holy; Liang Cai Qing’s reputation is too awful. I heard that a dozen men in our school have gone to bed with her!”

Some of the students were extremely antsy. However, you can’t make everyone happy at the same time. There was a pair of students among the crowd that weren’t happy; both had frosty faces.

“B*tch! Liar! Liu Xiao Jia, you’re such a hypocrite!” Liang Cai Qing cursed Liu Xiao Jia after she learned Liu Xiao Jia would be performing.

Xu Xiao Bai’s face twitched vigorously as he thought to himself, I invited you to team up with me earlier to perform together, but you refused. You would rather go on stage all by yourself. Hmph! Ungrateful woman, just wait for your utter defeat!

The judges’ representative is my second uncle. I would like to see what kind of trick you can pull off now. No matter how or what happens, the champion has to be me!

The host retreated from the stage.

The stage that was as bright as daylight suddenly dimmed; the spotlights shut down!


This unexpected incident stirred up the audience. Everybody thought it was a blackout!

“Why it has to be Xiao Jia’s turn?! Why does the electricity have to go out now? I want to watch Liu Xiao Jia’s performance!”

“Ah! Ah! Ah! I want to watch Xiao Jia dancing! I want to listen to her singing! I want the school to fix the lights immediately!”

“Hmph! Not even God cares for you, Liu Xiao Jia. Get the f*ck off the stage and never come back again!”

The lights went off. Liang Cai Qing and Xu Xiao Bai smiled wickedly. However, their happiness was short lived. Their smiles froze and their eyes widened in disbelief.

Click, click, click…

The sound of cars turning on their headlights sounded out in quick succession and rainbow-colored rays of light beamed onto the stage.

The audience hastily checked their surroundings. Unbeknownst to them, more than 20 cars suddenly appeared out of the thin air on the spacious sports field, surrounded everybody in a half circle, and shone their headlights on the stage.

“Holy sh*t! I know that car! That’s a Lamborghini Murcielago!”

“F*ck! That car is Porche 911! Its engine growls like a beast!”

“I know that car. It is Maserati Quattroporte Zegna Limited Edition. There are only one hundred in the world! This car cost about 3,000,000 yuan! Where did she get this car from?!”

“Tsk! That one’s nothing. Did you people notice that race car in red and white? That’s a Ferrari FXX. They built only thirty of them and among the thirty, twenty-two of them are retained in their exhibition hall. This car is truly a priceless treasure!”

Those who knew the cars yelled until they were hoarse. They normally saw these race cars either on TV or in magazines. Now they had the chance to see them in reality. Since they were in such close proximity, it felt like they were attending a luxurious auto show!

Even those who were unfamiliar with the cars were dumbstruck by these stylish and cool race cars. They couldn’t stop screaming.

The shock robbed Liang Cai Qing and Xu Xiao Bai of their speech. Their faces blanched.

The stage was illuminated brightly, a thousand times more intense than before.

The simple makeshift stage became different; it changed. On the center of the stage, an elevating platform was ascending slowly, revealing Liu Xiao Jia shrouded in a snow-white dress and rainbow-colored knee socks before the audience.


The entire audience was taken aback and gasped in surprise.

Even the panel of judges was dumbfounded. What are these supercars? Since when does the stage have an elevating platform?

Long silky hair draped over her shoulders. Her white dress fluttered in the wind.

Liu Xiao Jia exposed her delicate snow-white shoulders and sexy, slender legs in the air. She wore light eyeshadow and rouge on her cheeks. A crystal crown sat perfectly on top of her cascading silky dark hair.

She was as gorgeous as a heavenly maiden.

Liu Xiao Jia and the audience couldn’t recover from the shock. Qin Feng had yet to show himself to her. She didn’t know what to do now and remained frozen on stage.

But Liu Xiao Jia was as charming as a heavenly maiden who’d descended from heaven. Everyone in the audience around the sports field was dazzled by her beauty, and her mere presence was enough to strike the heart of every audience member, making them feel breathless.

Da! Da! Da!

Suddenly, a rumbling sounded above them. The audience hastily raised their head and looked over towards the sound. Some of them exclaimed:

“Wow! It’s helicopter! She even has a helicopter!”

“Madness, this is madness… I’ve been studying at the same school as Liu Xiao Jia for such a long time, but I never knew she was so powerful!”

A helicopter hovered above them, exciting the audience so much that some of them fainted. Even Chen Mei Han was astounded by the sight. She gaped, her mouth hanging wide open, and stared blankly at the helicopter, unable to describe her current feeling.

Liu Xiao Jia! How come you didn’t tell me, your sister, that you’re an heiress of a wealthy family?

The helicopter descended slowly, and hovered above Liu Xiao Jia’s head. Suddenly, a roll-up ladder fell from the helicopter. Then, a man clad in a snowy white tuxedo slowly climbed down from the ladder.

Everybody focused their gaze at the man.

Handsome! Sunshine! Tall! Noble!

He had the same white tuxedo as Xu Xiao Bai, but Qing Feng’s aura completely crushed and suppressed Xu Xiao Bai’s.

If Xu Xiao Bai had the vibe of a Prince Charming, then Qin Feng was the cavalry in shining armor who descended from heaven! [TN: Prince Charming - A handsome, attractive, and considerate young man who’s a perfect lover or boyfriend.]

Liu Xiao Jia instantly dissolved into tears as she finally saw her big brother Feng. He’s still so handsome!

She thought Qin Feng had abandoned her and their paths would slowly drift further and further away. However, Qin Feng’s action tonight proved to her that he hadn’t abandoned her, but he cared for her. He prepared a grand, boundless, and splendid party just for her, and it was something that Liu Xiao Jia had never imagined before, not even in her dreams.  

“Little Sister Xiao Jia! Sorry for keep you waiting!” Qin Feng landed, and stood firmly on the stage.

However, Liu Xiao Jia still felt that all of this wasn’t real but merely an illusion to deceive her. It seemed to her that Qin Feng would vanish the moment she blinked her eyes.

“Big Brother Feng!” Liu Xiao Jia, overcome with emotion, threw herself into Qin Feng’s arms.

Qin Feng gently caressed Liu Xiao Jia’s head, comforting her.

“Xiao Jia, your friends are all looking at you. Are you going to hug me the entire night? How about we perform a song together? You choose the song, I’ll give you a piano accompaniment.”

After Liu Xiao Jia calmed herself down, she bashfully withdrew herself from Qin Feng’s arms. Then, she peered into Qin Feng’s eyes and nodded vigorously.

“Big Brother Feng, let’s perform Superstar Rao Shi Man’s famous song!” suggested Liu Xiao Jia as she cast a pure and bright smile at Qin Feng.

She felt this song represented her current feeling and she wanted to convey it to Qin Feng.

The song was child’s play for Qin Feng since he had performed it with Rao Shi Man at Qin Manor before.

Qin Feng positioned himself in front of a piano. A headlight’s ray beamed directly on him, and at this moment, he was a quiet and handsome young man.

Liu Xiao Jia went to the center of the stage. Dozens of headlights from different directions converged on her body, making her ethereal.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Qin Feng’s fingers dropped on the piano keys, and a familiar melody sounded out.

Stunned, Liu Xiao Jia was slightly startled by Qin Feng’s prowess in piano. She never expected Big Brother Feng to know how to play piano, much less to have such a high caliber of skills.

It was a blazing day on September beside the lotus lake.

Because of you, everything became better…

The piano was gentle and harmonious. Liu Xiao Jia’s voice was naturally beautiful.

Their performance was perfect. The entire audience closed their eyes and waved the glow sticks in their hands.

Qin Feng looked at this sight with a satisfied expression. This was the effect he wanted: the effect of a concert!

Since he’d come, he had to be perfect!

After all, this was Liu Xiao Jia’s end of semester party and this probably was the only chance in his lifetime that he could bestow upon her an unforgettable end of semester party.

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