Hedonist Sovereign

Chapter 369

Chapter 369 - I Want to be His Only Beauty

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It was midnight by the time they arrived at Qin Manor.

Qin Huang and Han Ying Ying were in a deep slumber. Qin Feng and Xu Ruo Rou returned to their respective rooms. After taking a shower, Qin Feng went to out check the new mission. Then, someone knocked on his room door.

“Qin Feng, it’s me, Ruo Rou. Can… Can I come in?” Xu Ruo Rou’s feeble voice wafted into his ears.

“Yes, of course. Come on in, Ruo Rou.”

Xu Ruo Rou immediately entered his room. Qin Feng’s eyes shone brightly when he saw Xu Ruo Rou’s attire.

She had just taken a shower and her wet hair was draped over her shoulders. Her alluring dark flimsy nightgown revealed her mellow jade shoulders and beautiful legs. Her skin glittered with a snowy-white radiance. With her face blushing in shyness, she could easily steal the heart of a man by merely standing there.


Xu Ruo Rou closed the door and walked toward the bed.

She climbed onto Qin Feng’s bed, wrapped herself tightly around Qin Feng’s waist and said, “Qin Feng, I’m sleeping with you tonight.”

Xu Ruo Rou’s balmy fragrance filled the room as she nestled in his arms.

Qin Feng was so awe-struck by Xu Ruo Rou’s actions that he lost his senses. He’d never seen an active Xu Ruo Rou before. Could it be this is the after effect of her personality changing?

“Ruo Rou, are you alright?” He asked earnestly as he hugged her lightly. Qin Feng dare not act recklessly.

Xu Ruo Rou shook her head, and peered at Qin Feng with her dewy eyes. “You can do whatever you want tonight.”

Qin Feng wasn’t sure how long had he waited for Xu Ruo Rou to offer herself to him. He had tried everything to trick this little girl into sleeping with him, but to his dismay, he never succeeded… When she took the initiative, threw herself at him tonight, and enticed him to do something bad, Qin Feng didn’t show any excitement at all, but fell silent instead.

“Ruo Rou, time to sleep… We’ve plenty of time for this later.” After Qin Feng patted her head, he tucked her in his blanket.

Something bad happened to her tonight causing her to completely exploded. Qin Feng could not believe she recovered in such a short time.

Qin Feng didn’t want to harm Xu Ruo Rou when she was in the midst of post-traumatic shock. He felt that he was taking advantage of her precarious position.

Qin Feng turned off the lamp above his bed. The room instantly went dark and was engulfed by the hazy moonlight.

Qin Feng turned his back to Xu Ruo Rou and refused to touch her.

Under the cover of night, Xu Ruo Rou couldn’t fall asleep for a long time. She kept her eyes opened, staring blankly at the ceiling and mumbled, “If you don’t want to touch me this time, you may never want to touch my body again!”

After awhile, Xu Ruo Rou spun around, extended her arms, and wrapped Qin Feng tightly from behind. She said softly, “Qin Feng, please be careful with Han Ying Ying. Keep your distance from her.”

Qin Feng’s whole body trembled. He relaxed soon after and laughed. So Ruo Rou will be jealous also!


Acropolis City First Junior High.

The daylight was ebbing away. The field of the Junior High was crowded students.

Tonight was the end of semester party. All the students were dressed up in fancy clothes and ready to hit the stage later.

“Xiao Jia… Did you really give up performing onstage?” There were two forlorn figures among the bustling crowd.

“Mei Han, I’ve decided not to take part tonight. Stop trying to persuade me!” Liu Xiao Jia answered dispiritedly.

Chen Mei Han opened her mouth, about to speak, but said nothing.

She understood Xiao Jia’s difficulties; the theme for tonight’s party was Parent-and-Child. Unfortunately, Xiao Jia’s big sister didn’t have time and Xiao Jia didn’t want to bother Qin Feng. Hence, she had no choice but to quit the competition.

“Fine, then! Let’s be normal audience members and enjoy our friends’ performances!” Chen Mei Han opened her bag, revealing a bunch of snacks and two cans of beers. She said gleefully, “I brought snacks, and I snuck in two cans of beers… Let’s pretend we’re attending a star concert tonight!”

Liu Xiao Jia was tickled pink by Chen Mei Han. She nodded heavily. “Mei Han, you’re the best!”

“Aiyo! Isn’t this our school belle Xiao Jia? The party is about to start, why haven’t you changed your attire and putting on your make-up? Are you going onstage in your school uniform?” The two young girls’ moods were just getting better when a sharp, unkind mockery sounded behind them.

“Liang Cai Qing, why do you keep trailing us like a ghost?!” scoffed Chen Mei Han as she glared at Liang Cai Qing.

Xu Xiao Bai was beside Liang Cai Qing. He was dashing clad in a white tuxedo while Liang Cai Qing wore a glamorous dress and a pair of high heels. Standing together, they gave off a superstar vibe.

“Chen Mei Han, please stop flattering yourself. The one I’m looking for is Xiao Jia. Why do you blabber on and on every time I’m looking for her? Are you out of your mind or something?”

After that, she looked triumphantly at Liu Xiao Jia and said, “Could it be… you’re so intimidated by us that you gave up performing?”

Liu Xiao Jia tightened her fists, but loosened them soon after. She raised her head to prevent her tears from falling down and said resolutely, “I’m not going to perform tonight. Now, please move aside!”

“Yo! Yo! I was right after all. Hah! What a wimpy kid; it’s unfathomable why every boy in this school regards you as their goddess. Well, they’re all blind I guess… Anyway, starting tonight, you, Liu Xiao Jia, will be trampled under my foot and you’ll never get in front of me. I’m the First Beauty of First Junior High. As for you… Hmph! You’re not even worthy to hold my shoes!”

“Liang Cai Qing…”

Chen Mei Han was so angry she rose to her feet to chase down the duo. However, Liu Xiao Jia stopped her, shook her head, and said in desperation, “Let it be, Mei Han. I don’t care about the title of the First Beauty whatever… If I have the chance, I want to be his only beauty!”

The party started on schedule. A pair of student hosts stood on the makeshift stage emceeing the party, followed by speeches from a few of the First Junior High leaders.

A panel of judges sat opposite the stage. These judges were all school deans. Among them was a dean named Xu Gao, the second uncle of Xu Xiao Bai.

He sat in the center as the judges’ representative of the night. This meant that he had the largest authority to vote for the winner tonight.

“Without further adieu, let’s get the party started. The first contestant is our own Xiao Ming from 3rd grade five class. He will perform a song with his father. Let’s welcome them with a round of applause!”

Thousands of students had gathered at First Junior High’s massive sports field. Everyone sat in a semi-circle, facing the magnificent makeshift stage.

The first contestant was already on stage. Coruscating light beamed down on stage, illuminating the stage as bright as daylight while the sports field was surrounded by gloom. Everybody seemed to enjoy this environment very much.

“Xiao Jia, that 1st grader is so handsome and he can sing well. Do you want me to help you get his number?” More than ten students had already performed, and Chen Mei Han graded them after their performance.

“You can just go by yourself. Why drag me along?” grumbled Liu Xiao Jia. This young lady is in heat again!

“Hehe! I’m too shy.” Chen Mei Han continued after she took a sip from the beer. “Frankly, Xiao Jia, none of these contestants can compare to you. They are just too normal. If you…

“Ai… forget about it!” Chen Mei Han realized she said too much. She stopped abruptly so that she wouldn’t cut Liu Xiao Jia to the quick again.

Suddenly, the hostess’ sweet voice sounded.

“Let’s welcome our next contestants, Xu Xiao Bai and Liang Cai Qing from 3rd grade one class and their parents. They will be performing a special and exotic Italian song. This will be a musical extravaganza so everybody buckle up. Keep your ears open and listen to your heart’s content!”

Chen Mei Han and Liu Xiao Jia stopped moving and looked at the stage.

The handsomely dressed Xu Xiao Bai went on stage first, trailed by the gracefully dressed Liang Cai Qing and their parents.

“Wow! Xu Xiao Bai is so handsome tonight!”

“Oh please, Xiao Bai is already very handsome in normal attire… Ah, I almost fainted just by looking at him!”

“I never expected Liang Cai Qing to perform with Xu Xiao Bai. I thought it would be Liu Xiao Jia!”

“Although Liang Cai Qing is drop-dead gorgeous, she’s still kind of lackluster compared to Liu Xiao Jia… But I’ve heard Liu Xiao Jia quit the competition tonight. Ai! I guess she will have a rough time at First Junior High after this!”


The students below the stage exploded with exclamations and whispered among themselves when the two of them appeared on stage.

These two youngsters were influential figures in First Junior High. They created controversy just by showing up together!

Listening to the students’ discussions, Chen Mei Han felt Liu Xiao Jia had been misjudged. Liu Xiao Jia just listened to them quietly. Her eyes flooded with disappointment and sadness.

Xu Xiao Bai and Liang Cai Qing’s performance was massive. They moved dozens of musical instruments such as violins, cellos, saxophones, and harps on stage. It was obvious that they were prepared to perform a Bel canto.

The audience erupted in chaotic excitement before they even started their performance. Each and every one of these musical instruments was worth a mint. There were so many of them on stage that the combined value was simply immeasurable.

Indeed, this world was the stage for those rich and powerful to act pretentious and show off their wealth!

The performance began right after the l instruments were in their rightful places.

In order to perform a perfect Italian song, Xu Xiao Bai and Liang Cai Qing deliberately paid a fortune and requested a teacher to give them special training. Xu Xiao Bai’s deep voice chimed with Liang Cai Qing’s loud and sonorous voice, resulting in perfect harmonious cadences. Their performance was excellent. Even though they couldn’t pronounce some of the words correctly, no one knew. Liang Cai Qing’s voice cracked several times when she hit the high notes of the chorus. She covered it all up by stretching her legs or crouching to reveal the sight under her skirt.

The atmosphere of the sports field reached it climax after they finished the song.

All the boys chanted Liang Cai Qing, while the girls shouted Xu Xiao Bai.

Meanwhile, Chen Mei Han and Liu Xiao Jia watched this spectacle from a dark corner, as if they were completely forgotten and cast aside by the world.

“Mei Han, I’m tired. I’m heading home first.” Liu Xiao Jia suddenly got to her feet and left. She was sad and lonely.

Chen Mei Han couldn’t get up to stop her. She just shook her head and sighed.

Ring, ring. Liu Xiao Jia’s cell phone rang after she took no more than two steps. She pressed ignore without looking at who called her. However, it rang again.

A little downcast, Liu Xiao Jia pulled out her cell phone and prepared to shut it down. When she pulled it out, she realized who had been calling her. She freaked out and almost threw her phone away.

Big Brother Feng! It’s Big Brother Feng! He called me!

Liu Xiao Jia couldn’t remember the last time Big Brother Feng called her. Was it a year ago, or a lifetime ago?

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