Golden Time

Chapter 95

Chapter 95

When Dongsu hit him hard, Suhyuk’s head was turned to the side.

He fell down to the ground, with his eyes reflecting a blue sky.

He felt his body aching here and there.

How long was he beaten for?

Despite such a beating, he felt his mind was getting clearer.

“Stand up, you son of a b*tch!”

Cracking his fingers, Dongsu was walking towards him.

“Hey, stop it, man.”

Did he not hear Suhyuk’s words?

He grabbed him by the collar, who was lying on the ground, and lifted him slowly.

“You must have lost your mind. Can you take care of patients like that? Before you see them, you had better take care of yourself first, or are you a crazy man?”
Dongsu punched him one more time.

Suhyuk’s lips were blustered, and blood was running down from his nose.

“Stop it!” said Suhyuk.

“No, I’m not finished yet.”

When he was throwing his fist, Suhyuk quickly pushed his head against his nose.

Covering his face with one hand, Dongsu moved back.

Suhyuk was stretched out on the ground.

The shining sunlight tingled his eyes, when Dongsu’s voice suddenly came into his ears,

“Do you remember what you had said to me before? ‘If I behave weirdly, just beat me to death.’ That’s what you said in the past.’”

As Dongsu pointed out, it was true that he had made such remarks to him.

When Suhyuk said that, he thought Dongsu had fallen asleep, completely drunk enough to forget what he said, but he did not forget it at all.

Suhyuk let out a long sigh.

Very occasionally, a weird guy appeared in his dreams.

Another self of him, perhaps the him from before he lost his memories.

Lee Jinhan walking with his family, and his urge to cure him. That made Lee open up his eyes.

‘Stupid!’ Suhyuk blamed himself.

Recalling the guy in his dream, he murmured,

“When I see him again, let me completely get rid of him.”

When he thought about it, he suddenly felt confident. 

Now he felt that he could be in control of himself in any circumstances.

“You feel you were not beaten enough, right?”

Suddenly Dongsu came up to him to grab him by the collar, and met his eyes.

Suhyuk smiled, and so did Dongsu. Both sat against a wall.

“No matter how hard it is for you to lead a life with sensible mind, you should never lose your mind as a doctor who takes care of patients’ lives.”

Dongsu took out a cigarette and lit it.

Suhyuk pulled it out from his mouth,

“It’s time to stop smoking, man.”

Dongsu looked at  Suhyuk, saying, “Did it hurt a lot?”

“No, it felt great. Thanks!”

Shaking his head slowly, he reached out his hand.

“Yeah, my hand cures everything.”

Yes, he was right. Now he came back to senses like this.

Dongsu stood up, holding his hands, and touched the bridge of his nose.

Both of them just chuckled, but did not say ‘sorry’ or apologize. 

And Dongsu, without turning back, walked toward the alley exit, waving his hand.

Wiping his lips, Suhyuk looked at the place Dongsu left behind.

He thought of what Dongsu had said: 

“I know whether a suspect is the criminal or not by judging from his eyes.”

Was it because he beat him so hard?

He felt thankful to him, but made a frown while touching his lips.

His mouth was all bruised inside.

“Seeing as I’m not a criminal, I should not have been beaten up like this…”

Though Suhyuk frowned inside, he was still smiling.


Inside the restroom, Suhyuk wiped off the blood on his face. His face was somewhat alright, which meant Dongsu controlled his punching. Occasionally he felt a tingling inside his mouth though. 

Dusting off his hands, Suhyuk headed for the patients’ ward right away.

“Did you have a good lunch?”

Suhyuk lowered his head at Im Gyungsu’s asking.

“Sorry, I’m late.”

Actually he was not late. He still had ten more minutes of lunch break.

Nonetheless, Im’s expression was frozen as if he was still not satisfied with his attitude.

“I’m sorry.”

At Suhyuk’s words he wrinkled his forehead.

Just one hour ago, he was such an arrogant guy, but now he’s changed completely!

It was too late, though. 

“What did you say to me a while ago? Say it again.”

Suhyuk made an embarrassed expression, because he could not remember what he had said.

“What did you say?”

Im kicked him in the shins.

As Im kicked so instantly, nobody passing by could notice it.

Suhyuk made a frown because of the sharp pain he felt from the shinbone. 

“I’m sorry, sir.”

There was nothing he could say except ‘sorry.’

“Are you crazy? How can you dare say something like ‘sense of authority’ about me?”

“I’m sorry.”

Despite his repeated kicking, Suhyuk did not move at all. He just took it with patience.

“Where is your overconfidence? Uh?”

At that moment chief resident Kang Mingyu came up to them.

“What are you guys doing?”

Im pointed to Suhyuk with his fingers.

“Sir, he’s complaining that I’m armed with a sense of authority, crazy for money…”

“You, folllow me.”

When Kang moved toward a PC, Im, sneering at Suhyuk, followed him.

Kang moved the PC mouse several times, and a medical chart on the patient’s diagnosis appeared on the monitor screen.

“Patient Lee Dohee. I directed you to pay close attention to her, right?”

She was diagnosed with valvular heart disease.

“Yes, you did, sir.”

Im found his heart pounding, saying that.

When the chief used the word ‘you,’ it meant one should be careful because of his possible reproaching. 

“I clearly told you that even the professor was keeping an eye on her.”


“Look here.”

The mouse cursor stopped moving at one point om the monitor. 

There was a doctor’s name who administered a prescription to the patient, and it was Lee Suhyuk.


Looking at the PC monitor, Im’s eyes became wider.

“Was she given an anticoagulant?”

From what he could remember, he did not give such an instruction. He clearly did not.

It was possible to administer an anticoagulant toward a patient with valvular heart disease, but patient Lee Dohee was suffering from severe osteoporosis. 

It was like inviting bone fraction on purpose to prescribe anticoagulant to a patient with osteoporosis. 

“What a crazy guy…”
When Im suddenly looked at Suhyuk, he heard the chief’s voice.

“Good job!”

Looking at Suhyuk, Im’s eyes became bigger, and he slowly turned his toward the chief.

“I think you administered a proper amount of anticoagulant, and her blood pressure has improved.”

The chief said, looking at Suhyuk,

“By the way, why did you give Suhyuk such direction?”

Im could not reply anything, because he did not give him such direction. 

Then Suhyuk opened his mouth.

“As Im was in charge of an emergency patient, he had to give me such direction.”

Nodding his head, the chief looked at Im.

“You did a good job, but what if Lee made a mistake? Next time, make sure he consults with you first, okay?”

“Yes, sir.”

He then patted Im on the shoulder lightly.

Im was kind of bewildered. 

The chief resident Kim Mingyu was very stingy about praising someone to the point that almost nobody had ever heard any praise from him.

Im felt a strange feeling.

With a smile, the chief opened his mouth again, “Okay, you can leave for home early today.”

“What about the patients I’m in charge of, sir?”

“Don’t worry about that.”

Kang left the place after saying that.

Looking at Suhyuk quietly, Im came up to him, saying “You…”

“Sorry, sir. I think I was absent-minded as I did not sleep well these past few days. I would gladly accept if if you want to discipline me.”

His head lowered, Suhyuk could not lift it up.

Whatever happened, he just felt sorry for Im.

Im just looked at Suhyuk without saying anything. 

Though his facial expression was icy, he was a man of manners.

“Okay, I’ll let it slide this time. Got it?”

Only then did he lift his head.


“No mercy next time.”

And, come to think of it, Suhyuk once helped him out when he was in a difficult situation.

Im blew away his lingering anger, thinking of that memory.

Above anything else, did he also not just get the praised by the chief?

At that moment the chief came back, and talked to Im,

“I forgot to say something. The professor wanted to see you...”

“Me, sir?”

“Looks like he wants to know what made you administer an anticoagulant, and about it’s good effect.”

Then Im felt he got cold sweat on his back. When he was about to turn to Suhyuk suddenly, the chief told Im, “Follow me quickly, okay?”

While following the chief, Im turned his head to Suhyuk, saying in a murmuring tone,

“Why did you use anticoagulant?”

Because his voice was very small, it did not reach Suhyuk’s ear. He just slightly lowered his head.

Then his cell phone buzzed. It was Binna’s message.

<Doctor, did I make any mistake today? I’m dumb, so... Please tell me. I want to apologize...”

Reading her message, he let out a short sigh.

‘What the hell did I do all day long?’

Suhyuk composed a very cordial message.

<I’m sorry. As I was so tired…>

And he made a dinner appointment with her before he knew it.


Im was standing before Prof. Han’s office.

It was the first time he met face to face with Prof. Han.


With a deep breath, he knocked on the door.

Knock, knock, knock.

“Come in.”

Im went into the office quietly like a cat.

“Did you call for me, sir?”

“Have a seat.”


When he sat on the sofa, Prof. Han offered a cup of coffee, asking,

“I had a lot of anguish about patient Lee Dohee, but the anguishing was over thanks to your help. How come you made such a bold decision?”


“It’s alright. Just relax and talk to me, regardless of the title or relationship. Aren’t we studying the same medical science?”

“Well, to be honest…”

Im felt crazy, because he did not do it. 

‘How can I make myself understood?’ He was just asking someone deep in his heart.

‘Lee Suhyuk, why did you do it? What was the reason?’

Then Prof. Han’s cell phone buzzed.

“Ooops, I forgot that I had an appointment. Let’s talk it over next time. I’m sorry.”

Im, who had a tearful face, suddenly became cheerful.

“That’s alright, sir. I’ll see you next time then.”

Im slipped out of the office like a gust of wind.

Standing from the sofa, Prof. Han looked at the A4 paper once again.

He did not receive any call, and was just looking over the paper.

There was the name of the doctor who gave the prescription. 

It was none other than Lee Suhyuk.

“Yes, my guess was right.”

With a faint smile, he took the coffee to his lips.

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