Golden Time

Chapter 85

Chapter 85


Suhyuk, who came out of the Korean restaurant, entered Lee's car, and it was now just the two of them. Lee Soyon had already left in a van to go to her talent work.

"Did you enjoy the food?"

Suhuk nodded at Lee’s asking.

"It was delicious."

The food was really good. Though he did not visit that kind of restaurant often, it surely offered the best traditionally Korean food that he’s ever had.

“Let’s come back again next time then."

So they left the place. As soon as the car was running, Suhyuk suddenly checked his cell phone.

Did the battery go out? It was turned off.

When Suhyuk pressed the power button, the screen turned on.

The capacity of the battery was enough for it to remain charged for a long while.

'Though, it is about time to change to a new one...'

He used this particular phone for the past  five years without changing it even once.

At that moment Suhyuk's cell phone vibrated and a message window popped up,

<Suhyuk, this brother feels regrettable…>

Starting with that one, other text messages continued to pop up.

All of them were sent by Prof. Kim Jinwook. What were they about?

<Suhyuk, did you turn off your cell phone on purpose? How about dinner tonight?>

<Oh, I have got a surgery scheduled today. If you want, let me reserve one spot for you?>

Reading all the text messages, Suhyuk rubbed his arms. He got goose bumps for some reason.

He wrote a reply right away.

At that moment he fixed his eyes on the front when Lee said, “What a traffic jam!”

As he said, the cars in front were crawling like a tortoise, though at least they got out of the foot of mountain.

It was impossible that there could be such a traffic jam in a place like this. Was there a car accident?

That was possible. Suhyuk checked his watch. It was already past 2pm.

"I’m afraid I’m too late returning back..."

Suhyuk's worries were evident on his face.

Lee smiled and said, "You do not have to worry about it. Why? Are you afraid someone is going to take any issue with you?”

Suhyuk was an intern who had not been assigned to any specific department for his internship, and he had no meaningful weight as a doctor.

Nobody could take any issue with him just because he was a bit late.

Especially because he was with Prof. Lee. 

“If anybody says something about this, tell me right away.”

Smiling bitterly, Suhyuk looked out the car window.

He just wanted to go back to the hospital.

“How about Soyon?”

“She looks beautiful," he said.

That was true. She was really beautiful.

"I’m not mentioning this because she is my niece, but she is very upright and good..."

While Lee said so, his eyes were getting bigger.

A two-story house was seen on the side, and it was leaning to one side. Then suddenly it collapsed with a big thump.




There was an incredible sight happening in front of him.

The cars that were crawling in the traffic jam stopped completely.

And the people inside the cars came out one by one. Suhyuk was no different.

Though he could not see well due to the dust. Was there anyone inside the house?

“Anyone trapped inside?!”

As if some being were answering his shouting, the water from a pipe burst out like a fountain, and the dust that interfered with his view disappeared in an instant.

“Is anybody here?!”

There was no answer. Was there nobody in the house? If so, that was really fortunate.

Soaked to the skin, Suhyuk looked around to check if there was anyone wounded, and walked around the collapsed house.

He heard nothing like a human voice, though.


At that moment, he heard something like “Help…”

It was a very quiet and muted voice.

When he called out again, he heard a voice immediately, “Here... Here...”

He moved hastily.

"Where are you?!"

Suhyuk started to remove the trees and stones quickly.

He did not care that he had the back of his hand bruised.

"Please help me..." Cried the voice of a woman trapped in a heap of stones.

Soon a child’s crying could also be heard.

"Are you okay?!"

Suhyuk, who knelt down on both knees, and put his ears closer to the ground.

"Please help me, I think my husband is shedding a lot of blood!"

Her voice was in pain.

Suhyuk, who rose from his place, had a hard time trying to lift up a big stone with all his might.

But it did not budge at all. It weighed at least 200kg or more. No wonder that he could not move it at all. 

He quickly shook his head and shouted out, "Help!"

Did no one hear his shouting voice?

They just came out from their cars, showing no sign of coming to help him, and called somewhere. Even some of them were leaving the place in a car.

Knitting his brows, Suhyuk pushed the stone hard again.

But it was the same as before. The stone still did not move.

At that moment he saw a metal pipe on one side.

It was pretty long. At least 5 meters long.

Carrying it on his shoulder, he put the pipe inside a gap underneath the stone.

He was about to use the principle of leverage, and then he pushed it down very hard at one end.

The stone hovered up and down. Suhyuk frowned his face.

He was squeezing out all the strength he had to push down the pipe and lift up the stone.

"Just a little more..."

Did Suhyuk’s desperate efforts pay off?

The stone rolled over with a big noise.

Throwing away the iron pipe, Suhyuk also then threw away some small stones scattered behind.

Lee Mansuk at that moment then walked up to him. He was all wet to the skin.

“Was there a person Inside?"

Suhyuk, not hearing his words well, moved his hand like a person who lost his senses.

Soon he could see a small hole, and there a woman’s face seen halfway, and the child's cry was heard more clearly.

Suhyuk’s mouth was reflexively opened, "Are you okay?"

"My husband isn’t opening his eyes," she said.

Her husband lay next to her, but Suhyuk could not see him because a heap of stones was blocking his view.

"Hold on a second, I’ll get you out soon.”

Suhyuk grabbed the pipe again, and he started to move away the stones blocking them from getting out.

Lee, who was next to Suhyuk, had finished dialing 119 and Daehan Hospital.

When he removed all the stones, there appeared a pit about one meter in diameter.

They were trapped in the pit. How fortunate they were.

A fireplace made of cast iron prevented the stones from falling over onto them.

"Please take out my kid first..."

Suhyuk quickly pulled out the child crouching inside. A child with lots of dust covering his face. And now there was the sound of falling water like rain, and the cry of a child.

"I think he’s okay. Professor Lee, please take care of this boy.”

Suhyuk then reached his hands over to the woman.

"My husband..."

"Come out first."

Suhyuk pulled her out.

And he told her, with blood coming down from her hair, "Tell me where you are hurt."

Fortunately, her skull seemed to be okay, though she had a little bruise.

"Boohoo... I'm okay... Please save my husband!"

At her desperate screaming, Suhyuk jumped down.

And he could see that the man was trapped under a stone. One side of the wall was pressing down on his lower body, and he was bleeding terribly.

“Please come to your senses!”

Suhyuk waved him and took his hand to his nose. His breath was very weak.

Then his eyelids shuddered, and he said, "Where am I..."

"The house building collapsed. Are you okay?"

His eyes suddenly opened.

"Yerin, Mijin!”


His wife and child who was crying were seen in his eyes.

When he confirmed his family's faces and saw that they were alright, he began to moan.

He felt a great deal of pain down from his lower body.

Suhyuk took off his clothes and covered his upper body.

His lips were blue. He was suffering from hypothermia caused by the excessive bleeding.

Suhyuk had an embarrassed expression. There was nothing he could do.

Only a superman could move the stone that had been pressing down on him.

"Has the ambulance not come yet? It looks like he needs a blood transfusion quickly.”

At Suhyuk’s urging, Lee dialed 119 again and shouted, "Come quickly!"

It has already been five minutes since Suhyuk went inside the pit.

In the meantime, the sound of the ambulance could not be heard.

"Hold on a second," Suhyuk continued to speak to him.

However, the bleeding was so severe that it was not easy for him to stay conscious.

If he loses consciousness, the situation would go out of control.

"I don’t have any feeling in my body right now."

When the man said that, Suhyuk knitted his brows. That meant his body was getting more and more damaged. There was nothing he could do to help.

"The body of a man is mysterious. It breaks like an egg and yet it is also hard as a rock."

At Suhyuk’s words, the man smiled hard. He could understand what he meant.

Words of encouragement.

“Your kid looks wonderful.”

The man smiled with some effort. His family looking down on him with tears dripping.

"He takes after my wife."

Then Suhyuk heard a nice siren sound.

And soon the faces of the paramedics were seen up above. Suhyuk opened his mouth,

"Blood transfusion, first."

The blood transfusion was done immediately. While Suhyuk was carrying the blood sap, paramedics began to agonize about the situation because they could not break the stone or use the cutter to pull him out. The location of his being trapped was really exquisite. If they remove the stone covering the lower body of the man, the surrounding stones will collapse.

"We have to lift it from the top first."

In order to prevent any collapse, there was no other way for them to remove the stones from the outside.

While they were agonizing over it, Suhyuk was also thinking.

Even just a moment made the situation more urgent. Transfusion alone has its limitations.

As time went by, the life of the victim would get worse.

Looking at the lower body of the man quietly, Suhyuk opened his mouth.

"We could cut it.”

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