Golden Time

Chapter 80

Chapter 80

She was in her early 20s. Taking off her mask, she grinned. She was such a beauty that she could be compared to an idol singer.

“Are you Dr. Lee Suhyuk?” she asked, thinking to herself, ‘Hmmmm.. I can’t believe he’s so handsome.’

At her asking, Suhyuk nodded his head slowly and opened his mouth,

“Are you talent Lee Soyon by any chance?”

Though Suhyuk was not the type to watch TV, it was just impossible that he would not know of her.

She always appeared on the TV in the lobby or on the TV in the patient's room.

All of this showed how popular Lee Soyon was these days. 

Suhyuk asked her quietly while the medical staff spoke in whispers, "Where do you feel hurt or sick?”

Putting her hand on her head, she said, "I feel like I have a fever, and I feel dizzy." 

"Have you ever felt like this before? What did you eat in the evening?"

"No, never. And I ate some chicken breast, banana, and yogurt for dinner."

Suhyuk nodded his head and took the stethoscope from around his neck.

"Wait a minute..."

Then Oh Byungchul came over, asking "Where does she feel uncomfortable?" 

"Well, I feel she needs to have a test taken, but in my opinion she has a little bit of anemia." 

"Really? Let me take care of her. Take a break.”


Suhyuk moved without any hesitation. 

"Do you feel dizzy?" asked Oh. 

At his asking, she nodded, staring at Suhyuk blankly, thinking ‘What a man… Should he not ask me for my signature?’

Looking at Suhyuk’s back, she turned to Oh Byungchul now and spoke,

"Well... can I get an examination done from Mr. Lee Suhyuk?" 

"Do you know him?” Oh Byungchul smiled and asked. 

‘How can she look for an intern when she has a specialist in front of her?’ He had no choice but to feel bitter about it. 

"I do not know him... But I want to be treated by a famous doctor at Daehan Hospital. And he has been on TV several times."

"He is an intern but ok, no problem.”

Oh turned back and called for Suhyuk immediately, "Please take care of her.”

Oh then tapped him on the shoulder and left while whispering to Suhyuk, "Get her signature for me.”

Smiling a bit, Suhyuk turned to her and asked, "Did you say you have a fever?”

"I feel like I do." 

“I’ll be done checking in a moment.”

Suhyuk put his hand into his gown pocket, and took out the Thermo Checker and took it to her forehead. As it is a non-contact type thermometer, it can confirm her temperature from only 2 or 3 centimeters away. 

The machine sounded and the Thermo Checker measured her temperature as 36.7 degrees. It was about 0.2 degrees higher than the average body temperature, but could be said to be a normal body temperature.

"I do not think you have any fever.”

She whispered, sweeping up her long hair and muttered, 

"Could it be due to my mood?" 

"Did you say you also felt dizzy?" 

Lee Soyon nodded.

Suhyuk then said,  "There are many reasons for dizziness: overwork, stress, lack of sleep, as well as symptoms caused by problems with the ear. Why don’t you try having a simple blood test done? For an accurate diagnosis, you had better also have an X-ray taken.”

At Suhyuk’s words, her eyes became wide. 

‘Do I really need to do such a test?’

"Then blood test only,” she said.  

Suhyuk brought a syringe right away. 

"It will sting a bit."

When Suhyuk took the syringe to her arm, she closed her eyes and turned her head.

"It's done." 

Lee Soyon blinked. No sooner had she felt it sting than it was done.

A kind voice came out from Suhyuk’s mouth, "It will take some time to get the results of the blood test, and if you come tomorrow, you can receive it. If the dizziness does not go away, you might want to take another type of test."

Lee Soyon, who was staring at Suhyuk's face, nodded her head. 

"Goodbye then." 

Suhyuk turned back to head for the clinical pathology department. 

Then a nurse came to Lee Soyon.

"You are so beautiful, I am a fan! Please follow me this way.”

Smiling at the nurse, she fixed her eyes on Suhyuk though.


Lee Soyon, coming out of the emergency room, recalled Suhyuk. 

He was kind, but that was all. 

His eyes looked at her without any emotion, and she was just a patient in front of him. No more or no less, and that offended her self-esteem a little.

'But he does look quite a but handsome.‘

Suddenly, she recalled what her uncle told her, “Won’t you meet a handsome and cool doctor?”

She refused it many times, but her uncle called her about this several times a day. 

What kind of person is he?

Because of the uncle’s repeated push, she came to accept his request like this, after all. 

Lee Suhyuk was the doctor her uncle told her to go meet so many times. He was quite handsome, like a male actor that one could see only at a broadcasting station.

“How come he didn’t ask for my signature?”

A bit upset, she went straight to the front door of Daehan Hospital to go home. 

Then she sighed deeply. Except for her cellphone, her pockets were empty. 

"How stupid I am! I left my wallet in the car." 

Touching the dial pad of the cellphone to contact her manager, she then looked at the hospital building suddenly. 

"I wonder if he is still there.”

Actually she did not tell her uncle that she would come here. Having been recalling her uncle, she decided to call him.

"Uh, yeah. So, have you thought about the blind date?"

As soon as he said that right after he picked up the phone, she just laughed, embarrassed. 

"I've already met him..." 

"You saw him? What are you talking about?" 

"I'm in front of Daehan Hospital right now."


Lee Soyon was sitting in a professor's office.

"So, what do you think about him? He looks much better than male actors just like I told you, right?”

At her uncle’s words, she shook her head. However, what he said made sense to some degree.

He was a doctor with great looks. 

She wanted to know a bit about his personality because he just regarded her, a TV talent, as a patient, No more or no less than that. Is it because he has many girlfriends?

Putting down a coffee cup, Lee laughed with a satisfactory smile, saying,

"As time goes by, there will be no one in this country who doesn’t know the name Dr. Lee Suhyuk.”

Of course in this medical field, Lee was convinced that he would go that far. 

‘Neurosurgeon Lee Mansuk's disciple Lee Suhyuk.’ 

That thought made him smile before he knew it. 

"When are you available?”

“Why?" Soyon opened her eyes wide.

That image of hers was so beautiful he just kept smiling. 

She was his niece, who lost her mom and dad in an accident. Since then, he has been taking care of her. Actually he did not do much for her. Pressed hard by the busy life of a doctor, he found himself staying at the hospital for far too many nights. Whatever help he offered her was just financial help. Still, she grew up so beautifully into the person she is now. Along the way, she did not make any trouble, for which he felt thankful.

"Let’s have a meal together with Lee Suhyuk one of these days. He’s a terrific guy, taking care of patients so well, with such a good heart.”

At his words, she lifted the coffee cup, as if she was shy, and opened her mouth. 

"I’m available next week. By the way, uncle, you should be responsible for any scandals involving me."

Showing off his white teeth, Lee nodded his head and said, "Do not worry about it, because I know a quiet Korean restaurant." 

Of course, it would be much better if a scandal broke out involving her and Suhyuk.

"Let's go now."

"I’m surprised to know you’re going home with me like this. Don’t you have any patients to see today?” 

"No. Actually I was just about to go home when you called. Shall I buy some of the spicy chicken feet that you like?”


So, the uncle and his niece left the faculty office.


Suhyuk was in the lobby. He was not alone, but with Binna who was on call for the day.

"Every time you treat me to food like this. I'll buy it next time by all means." 

Binna, who handed over the lunch box to him, waved her hands and said,

"No, sir. I just made another one when I was preparing for my lunch because I felt that you like sushi rolls, so I packed it together for your night snack.”

Her face turned red. She saw his face many, many times, and still she found her face in a blush whenever she looked at his. She saw him in her dreams. 

When her cheeks made dimples, Suhyuk pulled two cokes from the vending machine.

"Have not you eaten anything yet? Let’s have it together. Shall we go to the Sky Park?”

There was no particular break time for the medical staff working through the night. 

Whenever they could find time available, they had to take care of the meals for themselves.

Suhyuk moved toward the elevator with Binna nodding her head.


At that moment, Lee Mansuk’s eyes, who came out into the lobby from the other elevator, became big, because Suhyuk, who was holding a lunch box, was standing side by side with a nurse.

The images of them talking to each other in a friendly manner seemed unusual to him. 

"What’s the matter with you, uncle?" 

Soyon's gaze was directed to the front.

"It's nothing" Lee, who blocked her gaze, pressed on her, saying, "Let's go quickly." 


Lee grabbed her shoulders lightly, and took her to the door as if he was dragging her.

“Ooops, you have to wear a mask Soyon. People in the street will recognize you otherwise and bother you.”

Soon Lee and Soyon, who was wearing a mask, left the hospital.


Suhyuk looked back. Was he mistaken? That feeling as if someone was looking at him? 

The elevator door was opened and the two moved inside.

At that moment, there was a ringing sound in his robe pocket.

"I think you should go..."

At Binna’s words, Suhyuk smiled bitterly. 

"I'll treat you to a meal next time."

So he moved with a running stride.

Left alone in the lobby, she murmured while looking at the lunchbox she was holding, "Doctor Lee, it’s good to take care of patients, but you have to take care of yourself too. You must be hungry…”
The emergency room was noisy. 

Those men in black suits and sportswear were foul-mouthed. 

“He was hit by a golf club, please do something about him."

"Doctor! Don’t you see my boss hurt like this? Come here quickly!”

The nurses flinched at their rough voices. 

The doctors felt the same. Their facial expressions, tinged with tiredness, were replaced with some sort of tense look. 

There were around 15 stout men.

The man with a pot belly, who was in the middle of the group, shouted out. 

Oh Byungchul approached the man in bed. His white shirt was soaked with blood.

“How did you get hurt?” he asked.

“I was stabbed by a fish knife.”

Oh felt anxious as soon as the man said that. Then Suhyuk was coming into the emergency room. Looking around, he walked into the middle of the men to see the man in bed. 

Then, a guy shouted to him, "Hey, doctor, come here. My boss’s head is bleeding. 

So, you have to treat him quickly. " 

A small sigh came out of Suyuk’s mouth. 

Sweeping his hair. Suhyuk looked at each one of the hooligans that he could see.

"Please be quiet."

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