Golden Time

Chapter 64

Chapter 64

Suhyuk’s body was pushed back and turned abruptly. 

When he was about to fall down, he could barely keep his balance with his one hand holding the victim’s head. 

Suhyuk scowled. Intense pain that started from his shoulder shriveled down his spine.

He moved his shoulders, and felt a stinging pain coming up to his brain, but he found his bones moving as they should. He also gave strength to his muscles. As expected, he found the muscles to be very sore. ‘It’s not too bad.’

The condition of his shoulders showed it was just a bruise. 

Suhyuk's head turned to the side to the loud exhaust sound. 

He looked at the man riding the bike wearing a helmet. 

It seemed as if the rider was watching him from the distance, but then he soon disappeared. 

Seeing the motorcycle disappearing, Suhyuk turned his head and opened his mouth, "I'm going to Daehan hospital."

The driver with his eyes wide nodded and moved the victim with Suhyuk.

When he was getting into the back seat of the car, Hana came to him quickly, asking,

"Suhyuk, are you okay?" 

"I’m okay." 

“Are you really okay?”

At a loss of what to do, she looked at Suhyuk's arm here and there.

He lifted his wounded arm and gave strength to it.

"Yes, I’m really okay. Let me go now. I’m afraid your father is waiting for you. So go back quickly.”

When Suhyuk closed the door, the driver quickly grabbed the steering wheel. 

The car then drove quickly like an arrow. Kim Hana pulled the left behind bike to the sidewalk, and watched the disappearing car leaving a red light behind like a tail. 

She was full of worries about him rather than the victim’s safety.

Meanwhile, Suhyuk in the car checked the patient’s condition.

"What's your name? Can you see me?" 

There were short sighs flowing out of his mouth that scattered into the air. 

The driver's eyes were reflected in the rear mirror. 

"I'm sorry I fell asleep for a moment..."

His sharp eyes were reflected in the rearview mirror. 

"You should not feel sorry to me. Please apologize to him when he wakes up."


Suhyuk went into the emergency room and laid the victim on an empty bed. 

The nurse on call walked to Suhyuk with surprised eyes.

"Do you know the victim?”

She was the one he had known him since his PK days.

"No. I took him here right after he had a traffic accident in front of my eyes.”

And then he was hectically busy taking care of the victim. 

The patient monitor that checks blood pressure, pulse, body temperature, etc. was wrapped around the victim's body instantly.

While the machine was registering the patient's body condition, Suhyuk lifted his eyebrows, and he illuminated the patient’s eyes with the pen light.

There was a pupil with no visible movement, and no consciousness. 

"Lee Suhyuk?" 

Resident Oh Byungchul approached.

Was he off today because he was not wearing a gown?

Oh checked the patient's condition quickly and opened his mouth, "Do you know him?"

"No, he was caught in a traffic accident in front of my eyes..." 

Suhyuk’s eyes were becoming wider rapidly. The patient monitor was showing a danger signal...

The patient’s blood pressure was dropping visibly while his pulse was soaring. 

When Suhyuk was about to speak up, Oh said first, "Hey, please take a scan of him now!"


When the bed was moved by the nurse, Suhyuk searched the victim’s clothes.

Fortunately, he could find his wallet and cellphone. 

“Let me contact his guardian.”

Oh nodded at his words. It did not matter who made the call as long as he could get consent for surgery from his guardian.

Suhyuk confirmed that the victim’s mobile phone was working. Fortunately, he could easily find his parents' contact because it was unlocked. 

There was a short beep on the phone, and out came a middle-aged woman 's voice. 

"Why don’t you come back home quickly? Are you coming late again?" 

At her crispy voice he wore a bitter face.

"Hello, I’m calling you from Daehan hospital. Are you Park Janghu’s mother." 

"Well, I am. Why are you calling with my son’s cell phone?”

"He was in a traffic accident and taken to the emergency room."

"What?" cried she with a surprised voice.

Suhyuk calmly continued, "I think Mr. Park needs emergency surgery, so you have to consent to the surgery." 

“Yes, of course. Was he hurt a lot? Which hospital did you say?”

"It's Daehan hospital." 

“Surgery or whatever treatment, please go ahead with it now! Please save my son’s life! Boohoo!

“Yes, our doctors will do their best. You can come here now. "

"Boohoo! Yeah, let me come to you right now!"

Suhyuk got the verbal consent and hung up the phone.

At that moment Oh came to him. 

"Hey, how do you judge whether or not the patient needs surgery?”

A surgery decision was usually made only after the patient’s condition was checked first, such as which area and how much he or she was hurt.

And there were non-surgical treatments in many cases. 

At his scolding, Suhyuk opened his mouth, "He seemed to have abdominal hemorrhage." 

His was a stubborn voice. There was no visible wound on his body, and his blood pressure and pulse went up and down. That indicated that the heart was trying to send blood to the whole body briskly. 

In other words, It was a sign that the blood was insufficient in the body. 

He could figure out the blood levels without checking. Obviously the injured organs would be pouring blood inside the body.

“Hey, that’s your own belief. What if the patient’s guardian makes a fuss if you’re mistaken? Huh?” asked Oh.

Then the nurse rushed toward them hastily.

"I think he seems to be suffering from a spleen injury. I think he needs a surgery right now.”

Oh, blinking his eyes, looked at Suhyuk, and asked the nurse, "Really?" 

"Yes, if you look here..." 

The nurse went to a PC on one side. Then she showed the scans taken of the patient. 

Oh, looking at the screen quietly, made an awkward laugh.

Momentarily he felt Suhyuk looked like a fortune teller.

Oh contacted the thoracic surgeon team quickly.

Then he turned around and said to Suhyuk, "How did you know?"

Oh then looked around himself because Suhyuk had disappeared somewhere. But he located him in his sight immediately.

He was standing next to a man wearing a grim face.


Suhyuk was staring at the driver.

“I'll call the police now,” said Suhyuk.

The driver let out a big sigh, and said, “It happened because I dozed off… Huuhh...”

Despite his dismal voice, Suhyuk’s eyes were icy because he could smell alcohol from his mouth.  

When Suhyyk was about to call the police, the man told him as if he was begging, "Let me get an agreement from the guardian to settle this." 

However, Suhyuk said with a decisive voice,

There is a hospital protocol we have to follow, and I can’t do anything about it.”

At his cold voice, the man sat down on his chair helplessly as if he lost all his strength. 

Suhyuk did not care about his feelings or reaction, and called the police. 

Oh, who had been listening to the whole conversation between them, approached Suhyuk. 

They moved a little distance away from the driver who caused the accident, and Oh opened his mouth,

"Well done young man. Drunk drivers are potential murderers and need to be reported."

Saying so, Oh looked at Suhyuk with a bemused expression. 

His coping with the patient was really quick. He treated patients swiftly like those with years of experience in the emergency room. Besides, he was called the ‘Prince of Blood Collection’ at the pediatrics department, and the ‘CT Genius’ at the surgery department. It meant that he was just that good at CT analysis.

Oh suddenly asked, "What was your nickname in high school?" 

"I didn’t have one.”

At his response, Oh made a curious expression. Was there anyone without a nickname in school? It is a possibility.

Prince of Blood Collection? CT Genius? Oh laughed slightly.

'When you’re later assigned to the Emergency Department, then I'll give you a proper nickname.' 

He patted Suhyuk on the shoulder several times. 

"Keep an eye on that man so that he can’t run away," Oh said, and then approached the surgery team who rushed into the emergency room and looked at them. 

Suhyuk turned his head slightly and looked at them. 

He could visualize the surgical scene in his head.

The ruptured part of the spleen is removed, and then the ends are sutured back together. 

Though it was not a dangerous surgery, it was not an easy one either. 

With a delicate caring touch, the hard time for both the doctor and the patient would soon pass.

When the staff of the surgical team disappeared, Suhyuk fixed his gaze on the driver again.

The man was making a blank look. It was no use for him to regret what he had done now. The accident already happened, and he would have to pay a reasonable price for it.  

At that moment, Suhyuk felt a painful soreness in the shoulder. With the situation involving the accident finally being sorted out, he began to feel the pain that he had forgotten. Suhyuk took off his clothes. He could see that the skin turned pale.

He let out a sigh without realising it. He thought he would have to suffer through a hard time for a few days first before he would get better. 

Suddenly, the man who struck him and then rode away came to his mind.

He could not identify his assailant’s face because he was covered by a helmet. 

He instantly figured out that there was no CCTV installed in that area.

He knew it because he used to walk on that road whenever he visited Hana’s Rice & Soup store. 

'Should I report it?' 

His agony did not last long. He felt that he had to report it in order to remind the police of the hit-and-run driver in the past. Suhyuk waited for the police to arrive. 

At that moment the emergency room door opened and there was a fuss.

"These sons of bitches! Get them all behind the bars!”

"We’re almost here, so please, be patient a little more.”

Several men poured in. They were helping up a man whose dress shirt inside the suit was stained with blood. At that moment, Suhyuk’s pupil expanded suddenly. 

Nothing came into his eyes as if everything was stopped or he was covered in darkness, except for one man coming into the emergency room, helped up by the men. 

Doctors and nurses quickly approached them.

Suhyuk was frozen like a stone statue. A hollow voice came out of his mouth, "Dongsu...”

Then Suhyuk walked his way through past the nurse and the doctor to approach him.

He took his suit off with his hand and checked his side. 

A man was blocking it with a towel, but it seemed inadequate. 

Red blood continued to pour from it.

Suhyuk slowly lifted his head and looked up at Dongsu.

With a big frown, Dongsu made an artificial smile at him, and said,

“Hey, man, it's Sunday, are you working without any rest?"

His pale face and lips were turning blue. 

Without replying, Suhyuk asked the man blocking his side with a towel, "Who did this? How did he get hurt?"

"He was stabbed while he was attempting to catch a criminal." 

Suhyuk turned his head quickly to Dongsu, saying, "You bastard! How many times did I tell you not to follow a criminal?!!”

Suhyuk could not continue, because Dongsu shouted...

"Get that bastard!"

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