Golden Time

Chapter 124

Chapter 124

The white woman, covering her mouth a moment ago, spoke a barrage of words,

“I came to know about you through the internet. I was moved by the stories about you depicted as a white-robed angel over there.”

She was very interested in Korea.

Naturally she began googling for information about Korea on the internet and came to know about him.

Suhyuk scratched his head, and said, “Well I did what I was supposed to to.”

She held out a notebook for his autograph.

“Can I ask you for your signature here?”

“I’m not an entertainer…”

“Please sign here, I’m truly your fan.”

Suhyuk wrote his name on it, appreciating her genuine personality.

“Be happy!” she said.

Having said that, she gave him a light hug and left.

Han wore a surprised look at that.

“You’re even popular over here.”

With a smile Han then introduced Michael to him.

“This is the surgeon Michael.”

He was a tall guy with a rough beard reaching down his cheek.

“My name is Suhyuk Lee.”

“Welcome to New York. You’re in good hands.”

Then they got in a taxi, and Michael and Han started talking about various topics.

Suhyuk was gazing at the passing landscape outside.

It was clearly different from that of Korea.

He felt some sort of more liberal atmosphere here, and the people looked more relaxed.

How long did the taxi drive for?

Soon they arrived at an apartment building.

Getting out of the taxi, Suhyuk looked up at the apartment building.

“This is the place where we’re going to stay while we’re in the United States...”

“Dr. Han, see you tomorrow then.”

Waving his hands, Michael was driven away in the taxi.

They were already handed the room keys.

“Let’s go.”

Their room was on the 5th floor.

Stepping inside the porch, Han looked around, whistling.

“The people here don’t take off their shoes even inside the house.”

Suhyuk, taking off his shoes at that moment, went into the living room with a perplexed look.

Most of the furniture, including the sofa and TV set, were covered with white linen.

There were two rooms.

“Which one do you want to use?”

Suhyuk move to the room on the left.

“I want to take this one, sir.”

His room was smaller than the other one.

“I think we have to clean first.”

So both of them briskly moved here and there, cleaning up the rooms and the white linens.

They were able to finish all the cleaning in about two hours.

As the two bedroom apartment was well taken care of from the beginning, there was not much they needed to do. 

“Shall we eat?”

Suhyuk nodded at his words. Actually it was almost dinner time.

In Korea they could order food over the phone, but not here.

They had to go out for dinner.

After taking a shower, both of them went out of the apartment. 

As the apartment was near the main street, it was easy for them to move out and go find a restaurant.

“What kind of food should we order?”

“Any food is fine with me, sir.”

“Well, I already miss the spicy kimchi stew soup.”

They certainly will miss the Korean food as they’re going to stay here for one year.

Of course, they could find a Korean restaurant if they really wanted, but they would not feel the same taste of food that they are used to back in Korea. 

“How about that restaurant over there?”

Han looked over at one place. It was a fast food restaurant serving all kinds of hot dogs.

A long line showed that it was quite a popular place.

Just like the customers waiting in the line, Han and Suhyuk stood behind them. 

“When do we start reporting to work, sir?”

“Starting tomorrow.”

Suhyuk could have made a frown as he had wanted to report to work as soon as he arrived here, but Suhyuk did not. Actually working right away was what he wanted.

He wondered how the working atmosphere or the medical staff would be different from that of Korea.

Looking at the menu, Han ordered a hog dog mixed with lettuce and tomato.

Unlike Han, Suhyuk chose a spicy hot dog studded with slices of bacon and pork.

They sat on a bench nearby.

“Well, I think this is the first time I am eating with you like this.”

Suhyuk agreed. Though he dined with other professors at Daehan Hospital, he never ate with Han before. For both of them were very busy.

“Thanks for the food, sir.”

He took a bite out of the hot dog. Though he felt it a bit greasy, he could enjoy it anyway with its salty flavor. There were many other people eating hot dogs just like them here and there.

They were eating in a relaxed mood on benches, enjoying conversation with each other, and some of them were openly kissing. It all looked so natural.

Suhyuk made a little smile at them.

At that moment, Han said, “I feel that this sort of food is too greasy. We need to go shopping to buy some food. Can you cook?”

Suhyuk shook his head, “Not really sir…”

Han said, with a smile, “Well, you can learn how to cook during this time. I can cook spicy soup very well. Just learn how to cook. Girls will like you for it. I seduced my wife with cooking.”

Suhyuk smiled at his remarks. It was the first time he saw Han cracking a light joke like that.

Back ar their apartment, Suhyuk put down several paper bags on the floor.

Han bought several clothes for him.

Tidying up the new clothes in the closet, he opened the window to look out.

Various neon signs from the street lights and cars left long tails, which created some sort of fantastic atmosphere in the evening.

Then Suhyuk’s cell phone buzzed. It was a call from Dongsu.

“Hey, did you arrive there safely?”

“Of course, I did.”

“Do you see many pretty girls there?”
Suhyuk shook his head as he was talking about girls day and night.

“Stay alert man! I hear that they are shooting at people at their own sweet will.”

The problem with Dongsu was that he watched American movies way too much.

“Don’t worry…”

After he had a short call with Dongsu, he called his parents to tell them that he safely arrived, and then he lay on the bed. His heart was throbbing. 

He wished tomorrow would come quickly.


Getting up early in the morning, Suhyuk and Han had a light breakfast with cereal and milk, and finally they went out of the apartment.

They did not ride a taxi or use the public transportation.

For Michael was already waiting for them.

“Good morning! Get in!”

They got into Michael’s car.

The traffic jam here during the morning rush hour was the same as Korea.

As they left early, taking into consideration the traffic congestion, they could arrive at the hospital earlier than the regular time.

Suhyuk, now standing before the main gate of the hospital, looked up at the building.

<Saint Hopkins Hospital>

It was a huge building, which looked much, much larger than Daehan Hospital.

Han glanced at him, saying, “You might be very busy moving around the building.”

Like Han, he smiled. No matter how large it was, it did not matter to him because he could go anywhere with his two feet.

“Let’s go,” said Michael, who escorted them into the hospital lobby.

Suhyuk’s eyes became wide once he stepped into the lobby.

There were so many people in white gowns moving around.

“Lots of doctors, right?”
Suhyuk nodded his head at Han’s words.

“This is what they at Daehan Hospital should learn.”

The three of them got on the elevator to go to the 3rd floor.

It was a general surgery building.

They soon arrived at the conference room along the hallway, and several doctors sitting there stood up to greet them.

It was a white man in his late 40s who came to greet Han first.

“Long time, no see! Welcome!”

He was Dr. Daman, a surgeon.

Han held his hands with a smile. Actually both of them were very close friends.

Three years ago, when Han was here as a guest professor, he saved Daman’s life.

Han found his affliction and performed surgery, saving him.

“Welcome, welcome!”

While he was welcoming Han, Daman turned to Suhyuk, asking,

“Who is this…?”

Han replied immediately, “Well, he’s a very promising doctor, a rising star at my hospital in Korea. I’ve brought him here because he’s going to get good experience here. He’s better than me too, you know.”

With a smile Daman looked at him, and he cast an incredulous look at him.

In his eyes, Suhyuk looked young and inexperienced.

“How are you, sir? I am Suhyuk Lee.”

Nodding his head, Daman held out his hands for shaking.

“Welcome, Mr. Lee!”

Han smiled at his speaking like that.

In time, he will change the title ‘Mr. Lee’ before Suhyuk to Dr. Lee. 

Han could be sure of that...
Soon, all the surgeons gathered in the conference room.

Suhyuk was a bit surprised.

Except for some newly hired doctors, the other doctors all knew Han, but their surprise was instantly subdued because Prof. Han was such a capable doctor recognized by them all. 

Suhyuk said hello to them one by one.

Then Daman brought one young man, who was a white man in his late 20s.

Daman said, introducing him, “He’s a promising guy at our surgery department. He is a genius who understands one thousand things when he learns just one.”

He was a very handsome guy, whose blue eyes were crystal clear and deep like a lake.

“How are you, sir? My name is Phillip. Nice to meet you.”

Nodding his head, Han grabbed his hands and introduced Suhyuk.

“This is Suhyuk Lee. Looks like you’re about the same age. Hope you two can get along well.”

Suhyuk held out his hands, and Phillip grabbed them lightly.

Phillip’s eyes looking at him were kind of strange at that moment.

Only Suhyuk could catch it as he was looking squarely at him.

‘Is it because I’m an Asian?’

“I hope I’m in good hands,” said Suhyuk.

With that greeting, Phillip cast a mysterious gaze at him. 

And Suhyuk smiled back at him.

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