Golden Time

Chapter 113

Chapter 113

In the office of Mr. Kim Hyunwoo, the president.

Kim in a black suit took hold of a keyphone and called somewhere.

“Wow, it’s a great honor for you to give me a call first like this. Did you have lunch, sir?”

“Oh, yes. I ate until I’m full.”

“I think I have to treat you, but I’ve been in Philippines for one month.”

“As you say you’re busy, I feel good. Now all you have to do is to rake in the money.”

“Hahaha... I owe all this to president Kim Hyunwoo. I’m always thankful to you.”

Suddenly his glittering eyes full of greed came to Kim’s mind.

Lee Dongman, who assumed the power of president only one year ago. As the previous president passed away because of cardiac infarction, Lee took his place.  

There flared some controversy over his taking over the position such as a behind-the-scene conspiracy or mobilization of gangsters, but Kim did not care.

Unlike the previous president, Lee Dongman’s way of doing business made him frown.

As he had found out, the kind of business he had been doing so far was wine and dine for his business partners, with boxes containing cash for them.

When Kim first met him, Lee’s flattering and walking on eggshells around him was an eyesore to him. 

Kim had forgotten Lee for a long time, but Suhyuk’s call suddenly reminded him of Lee.

Kim could make a judgment, namely, if such a figure is the president of Mirae Electronics, this company would not be able to grow under his leadership.

More than that, he would sue his nephew-like Suhyuk for defamation?

Lee’s wife and daughter exactly resembled him in terms of their behavior.

While Lee continued to flatter Kim, he just smiled, saying,

“You seem very busy, but I’m afraid I have to make you busier.”

“Wow! Are you thinking of helping me more? I am just so, so thankful to you…”

“I think the company bonds’ maturity comes to an end this month, right? “

“Oh, yes. Actually I was going to see you about that…”

“I’m going to collect on the debt without extending it. And the investment I mentioned to you separately is off!”

An urgent voice came out of the phone.

“President Kim, why are you saying that suddenly? Did I do anything wrong?”

“Well, because I feel bored.”

Talking with him shortly like that, Kim Hyunwoo hung up the phone.

Twisting his long legs, Kim stroked his chin, when the phone rang.

It was a call from Lee Dongman.

Rejecting it, Kim contacted his driver Kim for some direction,

“Mr. Kim, as for our 10% equity in Mirae Electronics, just sell them at the lowest price. And tip the press on it, okay?”

“Yes, sir.”

Rising from the seat, Kim stretched himself fully.

He was overlooking high-rise buildings outside the window.

“What a nice weather today!”


Dongsu, who was at the interrogation room of the detectives department, rose from his seat, and he patted Heyjin on the shoulder lightly, seated on the opposite side.

“Don’t worry about anything.”

Heyjin nodded her head.

“Detective Choi.”

At his voice, a detective came to him. 

“Please escort her to her house safely.”

“Yes, sir.”

The detective opened the door, when she turned back suddenly to look at Dongsu.

“Why? Do you have anything else to say?”

Heyjin shook her head from left to right, and she bowed her head,’”Thank you.”

“You don’t have to thank me at all. You can say thank you to that meddlesome doctor.”

Soon Heyjin went out with the detective, and Dongsu sat before the laptop, and he read carefully an affidavit that he wrote by himself.

Not only extorting money but also torture using water.

They took off her clothes and attempted to film her. Fortunately she could escape from them.

Dongsu knitted his brows.

School violence was turning nastier by the day and being developed sophisticatedly.

Beating, extortion, threatening, murder and even suicide. 

It was much like an organized gang.

What would have happened to Heyjin if Suhyuk had not found her?

The detectives department was in clamours with a woman’s voice.

“You guys are making a mistake. Don’t you know who I am? The moment you recognize me, you’ll have regrets.”

Picking his ears, Dongsu approached her.

“Are you Subin’s mother?”

She opened her mouth, scrutinizing him from head to toe,

“Yes, who are you?”

“I’m the prosecutor in charge of this Lee Heyjin’s case.”

She made a frown suddenly, arguing,

“What did my daughter do wrong? Did you see her? Any evidence?”

Dongsu smiled slightly, and turned his eyes toward the other girls.

“You guys did harass her, right?”

Hearing no reply from them, Dongsu nodded his head.

“Yes, you’re doing fine. You know how to exercise the right of silence, too. Most of the people here are doing it just like that. But they say the same thing at the end of the day, namely, ‘I’m sorry.”

Subin’s mother had bloodshot in her eyes now,

“You! Who’s your supervisor?”

Then a man came up to them. He was a lawyer she hired.

Soon the girls’ hardened faces became relaxed, and they took a glance at Suhyuk.

Dongsu could not help but giggle at that.

The lawyer opened his mouth right away,

“How could you detain them without any warrant…”

Dongsu presented to him a piece of paper.

“It is still hot, isn’t it? It’s just been issued…”

The lawyer could not respond. Instead he let out a long sigh.

Dongsu was the very prosecutor who had two prosecutors involved in wrongdoing put in jail.

He was very famous even among lawyers. He would catch anyone who commits crimes.

When her lawyer became dumb as an oyster, she made a frown suddenly.

“Lawyer Kang! My daughter Subin…”

“Now I’m going to start interrogating her. If you make any further noise, I would assume it’s an obstruction of justice. Do you understand?”

Dongsu’s smile was gone already.


Sweeping up her long brown hair, a lady was sneaking into the school gate.

She went into the school along with a man holding a camera.

With a little whisper, reporter Han Jihye opened her mouth,

“Looks like this is our own scoop, as there are no other reporters.”

“You’re right. Daughter of Lee Dongman, president of Mirae Electronics, under investigation for harassment. What a big news story!”

“Shh! Your voice is too big, as the students are taking classes right now. Let’s sit here for a moment.”

She squatted on the stairs of the hallway, and the cameraman opened his eyes wider.

“Won’t you go and cover the principal and the homeroom teacher?”
Shaking her head, she opened her mouth, “How many years have you worked with me?”

“Two years.”

“You have a long way to go.”

“What do you mean?”

“Just come to think of it. If you go and tell the principal and the teacher that we’re here to cover school violence, do you think they would welcome you and grant an interview? If you were in their shoes, would you want to do that?”

He scratched his head, adding, “Maybe they’re going to expel us.”

“Yeah, as the image of the school is damaged, they would make a big fuss by threatening to call the police.”

“What would you do then?”

When she gestured with her chin, he turned his head. 

2nd Year 3rd Classroom.

“Let’s interview the students first.”

She beamed brightly, thinking to herself, ‘What a lucky charm he is.’

What would the good luck charm Suhyuk be doing right now?

9pm that day.

News was coming out from the radio on the bus.

<Next news. As the stock of Mirae Electronics nosedived, its president, Lee’s daughter, is under investigation by police on charges of violence at school…>

The bus came to a stop with a shrieking noise.

Listening to the radio,Suhyuk got off the stop.

The white vinyl bag he was holding contained various medicines such as ointments to apply to wounds,etc.

Arriving at the orphanage, he went to the director’s office.

The noise of children resonated within the hallway.

Then a boy who just came out of the rest room noticed Suhyuk.

“Uh? Are you here again because you’re hungry? The meal time is already past.”

Suhyuk bent his knee and checked his face.

A scab on the wound fell off and new flesh was coming out in its place.

When Suhyuk smiled, the boy waved his hands, “Now I have to go to sleep. Come earlier next time.”

The boy said he wanted to be a doctor when he grew up. 

If his dream does not change, one day he could see the boy again.

The director’s door was open.

Rising from the seat, she held Suhyuk’s hands with a bright smile.

“Thanks so much. I don’t know how to repay your help…”

Suhyuk handed her the medicine bag, saying,

“These are the essential medicines for daily life. And the ointments with the names on are for Hayon, Jongwook, and…”

Tears fell down from the director’s eyes.

“How can I repay this… Thanks a million…”

Suhyuk made a bitter smile. When he saw the director at first, Suhyuk doubted her for a moment, though she was also such a good-hearted woman.

The children would grow up well because they had a good director like her.

“Goodbye then.”

When he was about to go out, Heyjin was standing there.


“Are you leaving now, sir?”

Suhyuk nodded his head, saying, “I’ve got many patients waiting for me…”

“You’ll come back, won’t you?”

“Sure, if you call me.”

When Suhyuk was going out the door, the director followed him.

“Don’t come out.”

The director, somewhat hesitant, told Heyjin, “Go and see him off.”

So, both of them walked through the hallway and went out into the playfield.

Suhyuk took a glance at her walking by his side.

There was no mention of her name on the internet or in the press. 

She appeared only as a ‘victim’, because he arranged it as such.

“I hear that you’re being transferred to another school?”

“You can study well there, right?”

“Yes, I’m determined to change.”

They arrived at the main gate of the school.

“Take care, then.”

“Goodbye, sir.”

Nodding his head, he turned back.

Heyjin was looking at him disappearing into the distance quietly, taking her two hands to her mouth, she shouted, “Uncle Dr. Lee!”

Suhyuk turned back.

“If our children get sick, can I take them to see you?”

He made a smile, but he was seen nodding his head only.

“How can I find you at the hospital?”

“Look for Lee Suhyuk, Lee Suhyuk.”

Suhyuk was walking back, with his back against her, and Heyjin was repeating his name,

“Uncle Lee Suhyuk, Lee Suhyuk…”

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