Golden Time

Chapter 105

Chapter 105

“Will do.”

Confirming the director’s reply, Suhyuk returned the phone to Kim and turned back.

He felt as if he were a victor.

“Where are you heading for now?” asked Kim.

Stepping backwards, Kim started taking a shot of him.

Suhyuk consciously felt that he was being filmed at the moment. 

“I’m seeing a patient who has undergone umbilical hernia surgery.”

Suhyuk would see patients after he’s done with all his jobs of the day.

That’s why nurses could not help but like him.

Suhyuk was listening to almost 80% of the complaints of the patients.

“What kind of disease is it?”

“In plain words, the organ is not located where it’s supposed to be, but pushed to the wrong place.”

Filming him, Kim nodded his head.

He soon arrived at the patient’s room. The patient was an old woman in her 70s.

When Suhyuk was approaching, a middle-aged woman watching the TV made a smile.

She was her daughter and guardian. 

“You’re here, doctor!”

“Has she eaten?” 

She nodded her head, looking at her mother. 

“Oh, she just wants more and more food every day.”

With a smile, Suhyuk came closer to the woman in bed. She was sound asleep.

The surgery went well, and she could be discharged now.

Suhyuk moved his hand to the IV line to check whether the fluid was dropping properly.

Then, the patient, who seemed to be in sound sleep, opened her eyes suddenly.

“Oh, you are here, young man!”

Though she spoke in a childish tone, Suhyuk did not care at all, and made a smile.

She has been suffering from dementia.

Suhyuk opened his mouth, “You recognize me very well even if I wear a mask?”

“What is this?”

As she moved her hand to his mask, he flinched and stepped back, but she was faster and pulled away his mask.

‘Ooops..I’m just helpless now.’

Thinking so, he moved his eyes to one side. It looked as if the big camera was scoffing at him.

Suhyuk suddenly hugged the old woman.

Though he was now without a mask, Kim was filming him from behind.

“How fortunate you are as you had a good surgery like this!”

She widened her eyes, clearly surprised by his unexpected act.

However, she also hugged him and stroked his back.

“How wonderful!”

The guardian could not help but smile naturally at that.

Is there another doctor like him? He is really a warm-hearted doctor who is just like a family member to them.


“Where are you heading for this time?”

“I’m seeing a patient who is being discharged today.”

“What kind of patient are they?”

“She is one who had acute appendicitis.”

Then Suhyuk stopped walking and opened his mouth again,

“Often they say they have had appendix, but the correct term is acute appendicitis.”

The cameraman nodded his head.

The two arrived at the patient’s room, where the woman patient who seemed to be in her early 20s was packing her stuff.

Opening her round eyes, she alternately looked at Suhyuk and the cameraman.

Suhyuk approached her and smiled.

Of course, as he was wearing a mask, only his eyes were seen to her.

“The TV network is making a documentary here. If you don’t want your face to be seen, please tell me.”

Stunned, she began combing her hair.

Kim took a shot of her.

“You must feel good as you’re being discharged today. What are you going to do first thing when you go out?”

She stroked her face as if she felt rather awkward.

“Well, I think I have to finish up my backlogged homework… I also want to have some delicious food… May I, doctor?”

Suhyuk nodded his head.

“Of course. Congrats on your discharge today! Don’t come back to the hospital!”

That’s the typical greeting Suhyuk says to a discharged patient.

“Do you have anything to say about Dr. Lee?”

At the cameraman’s asking, she made a smile and said,

“He’s been so nice and kind to me while I’m here. Even at a late hour he would come and check my condition…”

One day she was about to sleep after tossing and turning, when Suhyuk stopped by and pulled the blanket over her quietly.

‘I wish I had a boyfriend like him.’

She would think like that several times whenever she looked at him walking out of the room quietly.

“Ah! And my friends say he saved a person’s life by applying CPR…”


Suddenly Suhyuk made a big laugh, and opened his mouth,

“Congrats on your discharge today from the bottom of my heart!”

Astonished by his big laughing, Kim fixed his camera again at her.

“What did you say a moment ago?”


“Hahaha! Come with me. Let me help you get discharged.”

“Oh, yes…”

With a blush on her face, she pushed back her long hair to her ears.

‘Dr. Lee is helping me with my discharge directly? Does he like me by any chance? Will he ask for my contact details’

She could have a little hope like that is what she thought, however, it never happened like that. All he did was help her with the discharge process.

“Thank you.”

After saying such and bowing her head, she left the lobby.

Though she wanted to see his face, he did not remove his mask even to the end.


Suhyuk let out a sigh of relief. He could not lower his guard for even a moment.

“Oh, are you seeing a patient off like this?”

At Kim’s asking, Suhyuk said shortly, “Yes.”

He usually accompanied the discharged patient to the lobby.

Of course, when he was busy, he could not.

Kim was thinking the opposite, though.

“By the way, if you don’t remove the mask, your face might not appear on TV.”

“I don’t care at all. I can’t pass on my cold to the patients.”

Kim nodded at Suhyuk’s reply.

He was supposed to follow him for the whole week.

He would certainly take off his mask during that period.

Thinking so, Kim followed Suhyuk.


Making the rounds of the patients, Suhyuk checked and recorded their condition one by one.

Dressing after disinfection was basic practice to him.

There was nothing particular and no emergency patients.

Kim’s shooting continued into the afternoon.

While Suhyuk was turning over the chart, Kim paid attention to his stiff neck.

Even though he was not busy, Suhyuk never had a break time.

Was it because he was in front of the camera? Kim thought so.

Approaching Suhyuk, Kim said, putting his camera down on the chair,

“Dr. Lee, would you like coffee? Let me treat you.”
“It’s still business hour.”

Kim scratched his cheek, and felt embarrassed at Suhyuk’s stern tone.

“Ok, sir. I won’t shoot the film. So, take it easy. I’m afraid you’ll be out of sorts if you keep working everyday.”

Suhyuk smiled at his expression of concern.

“I’m fine. If you’re tired, please take a break and come back later.”

Shaking his head, Kim grabbed the camera again.

Then a phone placed before the PC buzzed. A nurse sitting nearby picked it up.

And she looked at Suhyuk.

“Sir, an emergency patient is being transported here.”

“What kind of patient are they?”

“I hear that they fell down the stairs…”

“Got it.”

Suhyuk raced toward the elevator and pressed all the buttons.

Still, the elevator was very slow.

Looking at the floor that the elevator stopped on, he called somewhere.

It was Prof. Han he called.

“Prof. Han, we’re having a heavy injury patient come in. Let me see him.”

Han quickly said, “Ok, let me come down in a minute. First, have him get the necessary tests.”

Suhyuk hung up the phone and moved.

Instead of waiting for the slow elevator, he was walking down the emergency exit stairs.

“Sir! Go with me!”
Walking down the stairs, Suhyuk moved more quickly.

He paid no attention to the cameraman, which was only natural.

For he did not feel it necessary to move with the cameraman.

The patient, who already arrived, was lying with pads on his chest.

A resident in his second year was checking the vital signs of the patient, when Suhyuk approached.

“I hurried here because of the call.”


Making a frown, the resident stepped back, and Suhyuk took his place.

The patient, moaning now, was bleeding. 

His front teeth were broken. Besides, there were small and large bruises all over his body.

It was certain that he fell down the stairs.

Now he began to scream, “It hurts!”

His mouth smelled strongly of alcohol. 

“Where do you feel hurt the most?”
“My chest hurts! My chest!”

Suhyuk cast his eyes at his chest. It was reddish as if his chest was hit by some object while he was falling down the stairs. Fortunately he was normal mentally.

Then Kim Woojin came up to him.

“What kind of patient is he?”

Did he not hear Kim?

Suhyuk was pushing the stretcher carrying the patient to the heavy injury unit.

“This really drives me crazy..”

Steaming with sweat, Kim followed him quickly.

Suhyuk’s response was swift, as usual.

Still, it took him as much as 30 minutes to perform tests on the patient, even though he acted very quickly.

First he collected blood from the patient, and then other tests were done.

From head to toe the patient was scanned.

Looking at the monitor, Suhyuk murmured.

“Liver laceration.”

Kim Woojin, who was taking a shot of the patient’s CT of his chest, asked what that meant.

Someone replied from behind.

“It means his liver was ruptured.”

He was Prof. Han. When he approached, Suhyuk opened his mouth,

“His vital sign isn’t improving, even with blood profusions. I think we need to start surgery.”

Han was looking at the CT carefully.

The black shade that should not be between the diaphragm and liver was caught in his eye.

It was a sign that there was internal bleeding.

“When did he begin receiving blood profusions?”

“More than 30 minutes ago.”

“Get ready for surgery.”

At Han’s order, the medical staff began moving the patient.

“I don’t want surgery! No.”

The patient, smelling strongly of alcohol, shouted suddenly.

The cameraman shooting Han asked, “Looks like he is an emergency patient.”

Han, nodding his head, opened his mouth,

“As for a patient with liver laceration, if their blood pressure and pulse can be maintained by appropriate conservative therapy, then you do not have to perform surgery. But I think he needs surgery.”

The blood was pooling in the diaphragm, and the pulse and blood pressure were dropping without improving for over 30 minutes. 

Blood transfusion and medication would be enough. 

There was no other choice but to open his belly and give a direct hemostasis.

Han headed for the operating room directly.

Han opened his mouth, washing his forearm with a disinfection brush,

“Looks like the patient has plenty of go in him.”

Suhyuk nodded his head. Intoxication made him dumb.

“Let’s go.”

Nodding, Suhyuk changed into an operating gown.

He also wore a new mask, and he turned back quickly with an eerie feeling. 

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