Golden Time

Chapter 103

Chapter 103

Getting up early in the morning, Suhyuk could not help but stand blankly in the lobby.

There was a news report about him on the TV.

Though it did not mention his name, the report introduced the series of things he had done before, ranging from his cutting the cricothyroid membrane at middle school to identifying the cause of death of a cadaver. And then there was additional piece about his having caught a thief who broke into empty houses and this time saving a woman’s life with CPR. 

Those who had been gradually forgetting about him recalled the stories about Suhyuk once more, and those who did not know of him began to find out who he was.

Obviously it was not Han Jihye who wrote the report because he had earnestly requested her not to do so.

Probably those reporters who recognized him might have weaved the story like that.

“Isn’t he doctor Lee Suhyuk?”

Suhyuk quickly got on the elevator, hearing someone’s abrupt voice like that.

“Huuuuuh…” He let out a sigh without realising it 

He just wanted to focus on the patients, but instead found himself the subject of attention and focus.

<The door opens>

The elevator door opened, and Suhyuk moved with a bitter smile.

“Good morning!” 

At Suhyuk’s greeting, Im Gyungsu nodded his head. Beside him was a man who he did not know. 

He was standing still like a tree, and bowed his waist as soon as he saw Suhyuk.

And then he opened his mouth hesitantly, “How are you, sir? I’m intern Park Sungjae who has just been assigned to the cardiothoracic surgery!”

Im knitted his brows, saying, “Hey, lower your voice! Some patients passing by might have a heart attack at your loud voice.”

“Yes, sir!”

With a smile, Suhyuk asked to shake his hands.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Lee Suhyuk.”

Park’s eyes became wide. He was about reminded what they said when he was assigned here.

‘Just work as hard as Lee Suhyuk, no more or no less.’

“My service to you, sir!” 

Im shook his head at that. Who is saying it to whom?

It was Im himself who would be in charge of Park. 

“I don’t see the chief doctor. Something wrong with him?”

Yes, Suhyuk was right. Chief Kang was not seen there.

Im said in bitterness, “I heard his grandfather passed away. I should visit him, but I can’t find time..”

Suhyuk nodded his head.

Though lots of patients were coming in, there were not a sufficient amount of doctors.

The situation was more serious because cardiothoracic surgery was unpopular as a specialism choice.

“We’re going to collect some comfort money later. You know nurse Han Binna, right? She is supposed to collect the money, so hand the money to her today.”

Then, Prof. Han Myungjin came up. They were supposed to make the rounds in the morning.

“I told you to take a day off today…”

Han just made a perplexed smile at Suhyuk, looking at him.

The figure in question on the TV news channel... Though his name was not mentioned, Han could infer from the report that he was Suhyuk. 

Even on a day off, he went around to save a person’s life.

Suhyuk slurred, scratching his head, “It happened to be that the alley was right beside my house…”

Han, shaking his head, walked ahead. 


Checking the patient’s conditon, Han asked intern Park,

“This is chylothorax. What is the cause?”


Park became dumb as an oyster at that question. The moment he was asked, he just could not think of anything. However, Han made a smile, saying it’s understandable.

Now he looked at Suhyuk, who opened his mouth reflexively,

“It is the state where the chest tube which is the largest lymphatic organ is damaged and the chyle in the chest tube is accumulated into the chest cavity.”

Suhyuk explained it in a calm and orderly manner as if he wanted someone to listen to it.

“Generally speaking, there may be many causes, but it is caused by lymphoma or wounds.”

Saying that, he took a glance at Park. 

Park was taking notes quickly about what he said.

“Yes, that’s right. What’s the remedy?”

Han looked at Im Gyunsu, but instantly cast his eyes to Suhyuk.

Just in case Im could not answer in front of the intern, Han was considerate enough to have Suhyuk reply instead.

Suhyuk opened his mouth, and this time his reply was not easy to deliver. 

Suhyuk explained as easily as possible so Park could understand.

“There is conservative therapy first. There is a method of inserting a chest tube into the target and draining it. At the same time, the patient needs fasting, so intravenous infusion should be provided. Oral ingestion at this time is absolutely taboo. This is because it increases the amount of chyle in the chest.”

Han shook his head. Suhyuk’s explanation was easy enough that even ordinary people could understand it.

Suhyuk continued, but Han raised his hand to stop him.

He could go on and on like this. What’s important was that the patient was recovering.

Han went out of the room, and the three followed him.

Im, walking next to Han, explained about the disease of the next patient.

Then Park cautiously opened his mouth, asking Suhyuk,

“Sir, you mentioned a secondary method to treat…”

Suhyuk said with a smile, “Well, it is universal to check any damaged caused by surgery, and then sew it.”

Taking notes quickly in his notebook, he nodded.

Suhyuk made a pleasant smile as if he was proud of Park.

Then Park stopped walking, and thought to himself while looking at Suhyuk walking on.

Was there any doctor who explained to him so easily while he was leading a tough internship?

Suhyuk’s posture, walking with his gown fluttering in the air.

He looked like a real doctor.

When he made the rounds with the professor, Park asked Suhyuk question after question. There were so many things he wanted to learn.

When he asked other doctors, he would be told off, but Suhyuk was completely different from them.

His soft voice made Park relaxed, and whatever he mentioned, Park could easily digest.

He wished there were other doctors like Suhyuk at other departments.

Park thought he would just follow Suhyuk while he was having his internship at the cardiothoracic surgery department.


As soon as they were done with the rounds, it was lunch time. Suhyuk moved to the cafeteria.

Park quickly came toward him. With a doubtful look, Suhyuk asked, “Did you finish your work?”

Im was not the type of person who let the interns or residents take a break on time, especially interns. Im really gave them a hard time. 

“Oh, Im told me that I should follow you for more learning.” 

That was possible.

Im already recognized Suhyuk’s capabilities, but he had other motivations too, namely getting the troublesome intern to be taken care of by someone else. 

Unaware of this, Park was all smiles.

Suhyuk made a bitter smile at that because he could detect Im’s such intentions.

He did not care, though. For teaching was not hard anyway, and it was neither clinical treatment nor surgery that Suhyuk ordered Park to do.

“Sir, I hope you can give me lots of teaching and scolding.”

Like he did the first time, he bent his waist to show respect.

“If you work with me, you may be tired quite a bit.”

At Suhyuk’s words, he showed some anxious look. Was he intent to give me enormous assignments? Suddenly that kind of thought came to his mind.

Then Suhyuk continued,

“Well, I often make the rounds to check the patient’s condition.”

Park welcomed it more because that was a good opportunity for him to learn while following Suhyuk. 

“Let’s go.” 

When Suhyuk moved to the cafeteria, Park followed him briskly.

The two went out right after lunch.

Even though it was for a moment, Park could size up Suhyuk to some degree.

He would not open his mouth unless Park talked about patients.

Park felt very awkward while eating with him.

They still had 30 more minutes of lunch time left.

“Sir, I’d like to treat you to a cup of coffee because I was so thankful to you a short while ago.”

With a smile, Suhyuk opened his mouth,

“Next time, Mr. Park. I have to see a patient now.”

Park then followed him, with a crisp reply, “Yes, sir.”

Though it was still lunchtime, Park did not have anything to complain about.

All this would be of immense help to him anyway.

He certainly could not miss the golden opportunity to learn from someone like Suhyuk.

Until then Park would not know it yet, namely that he would be destined to face many hellish days.

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