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Chapter 149

Chapter 0149    Fleeing in an absurd manner

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: SourGummies

One hit kill!

The belly of drunk rat beasts was the most vulnerable part of their bodies. After being pierced by such a large fang, there was only one possible outcome.  

“Zhi, zhi~”

The rich iron taste of the blood seemed to agitate the primal instincts of the drunk rat beasts. Traces of red flashed through their beady little eyes. The three of them grouped together, baring their teeth. 

“You think I’ll be afraid if you regroup?”

Su Hao sneered. He marched forward without hesitation, the fang in his hand harvesting the lives of the drunk rat beasts like the grim reaper’s sickle. 

Although their advantage in numbers had made things harder for Su Hao, the gap in strength meant that he was still easily able to dispose of them!


Su Hao’s punch killed the last remaining drunk rat beast. Without delay, he rushed forward. 

“200 meters remaining.”


Another handful of drunk rat beasts appeared. It was the same number as before, four in total. There were two in front of him and two to his rear. With his previous experience in dealing with them, Su Hao was able to easily deal with them. 



The four drunk rat beasts were all massacred in an awful manner!

As he moved forward, Su Hao noticed that the drunk rat beasts were simply too few in number. It seemed that every section of the route would contain them, but only in limited numbers. At most, there would be four, incapable of providing any threat to him. 

Too little!

Did Machinery wine factory really possess such a small number of drunk rat beasts?

Something wasn’t right!

The information he had obtained had shown that this location was a hotspot for drunk rat beasts. This meant that there should have been countless such beasts here! It definitely wouldn’t be like this, with drunk rat beasts randomly appearing here and there! 

Moreover, these drunk rat beasts gave Su Hao a strange feeling.

These drunk rat beasts seemed to have undergone training. Regardless of their numbers, they appeared to have attacked with a plan in mind. Who had taught them all of this? Did these beasts have such wisdom?

No, definitely not!

If they were that intelligent, how would they let themselves be slaughtered by him so easily? 

He shook his head as he put this absurd notion behind him. Su Hao mumbled to himself, “Perhaps these drunk rat beasts had warred with other beasts before. The result was so tragic that only these small numbers remained.”

Su Hao carefully moved forward as he analyzed the limited information he had. 

Based on the data, they must have suffered from a disaster. With such a large scale event, there must be a leader directing them. In other words, within these drunk rat beasts, there was a king! 

However, the moment Su Hao had entered, he had faced wave after wave of drunk rat beasts. They had lacked both organization and discipline in fighting. In short, they had rushed forward without any thoughts about whether or not they could defeat Su Hao. That was why Su Hao had been able to easily dispose of them. That was too silly! 

If they had an organizational structure, the result would certainly be different!

Su Hao continued to kill them until he reached the end. He had finally passed through the winemaking area. He was now facing a large warehouse that had previously been used to store wine. 

The length and width were both around 100 meters. If Su Hao sprinted, a few seconds were more than enough to travel its length. 

However, Su Hao had an ominous feeling similar to before. As he thought back to his absurd idea, he became even more wary. Had the drunk rat beasts outside really been acting on their own?

Su Hao carefully walked into the warehouse and took a peek, leaving him in shock. 

A large number of drunk rat beasts were lying around, intoxicated from drinking wine. All those pairs of red eyes shifted towards Su Hao. Upon noticing him, their mood shifted. 



Countless drunk rat beasts suddenly charged at Su Hao. Su Hao’s face took on an awful expression. He quickly turned around and ran. 


Although the back door was less than 100 meters away, Su Hao didn’t hesitate to retreat. Behind him, countless drunk rat beasts were in hot pursuit! For some reason, it seemed as if those that had feasted on wine were faster, almost managing to catch up with Su Hao several times. 

Su Hao’s clothes were now in rags after several close calls. 

Rush! Rush! Rush!

After a full minute, Su Hao was finally able to escape from Machinery wine factory. The drunk rat beasts stopped their chase after reaching the perimeter. They stared at Su Hao one by one before returning inside.

Obviously, they wouldn’t leave Machinery wine factory.

Su Hao bitterly smiled. As he looked at his clothes, he couldn’t help but think that if he were any slower, he would have easily perished! He could easily handle three to four drunk rat beasts. If there were six, he could at least put up an effort. Anything more than ten and he could only run for his life. As for the number that he had just encountered...he could only laugh at himself. 

Standing in front of the main door of Machinery wine factory, Su Hao could only sigh at his current appearance. 


A crisp laughter resounded within his mind.

Su Hao annoyingly said, “Hey little brat. How could you just watch me get chased around?”


A blue light flashed as the blue dream butterfly quietly revealed herself, happily soaking in Su Hao’s bedraggled appearance. 

“Remember how angry I was when you saw me naked?”

Su Hao grinned, “Perhaps you want me to repay the favor?”

After saying so, Su Hao acted as if he was going to take off his clothes. The blue dream butterfly obviously hadn’t expected this and flew to the side. Su Hao let out a laugh.

Come on, as if I’d really do so.

Once the blue dream butterfly noticed she had been played by Su Hao, she stared at him in anger.

After laughing to his heart’s content, Su Hao said to her, “Come on, little brat. This time, I need your help…I will hand over those countless rats to you.”

The blue dream butterfly violently shook her head.

What a joke. The number of drunk rat beasts just now was not any less than a berserk beast tide! In such a small body, she’d simply be courting her own death! 

“Don’t worry, I won’t let you charge in recklessly.”

Su Hao mysteriously smiled, “In order to deal with them, I have prepared a number of things.”


Machinery wine factory’s warehouse.

Countless of drunk rat beasts were lying inside, enjoying their nap. The huge inventory of wine in the warehouse had been consumed at a terrifying speed. Hundreds of thousands of bottles of wine had been consumed over these past few years. Despite this, these berserk rat beasts had continued their drinking habits, unaware that their stock was about to run dry. 

Within the warehouse, there was a huge pond.



The drunk rat beasts casually threw bottles of wine into the pond. As the bottles broke, the glass fragments sunk to the bottom of the pond, leaving the contents of the bottle within the pond. A drunk rat beast lying beside the pond began to slurp up the wine. 

Nobody noticed that at this moment, a transparent ripple flashed through the air. 

A few drops of liquid were inserted into the wine pool before quietly disappeared.

A few minutes later, the drunk rat beasts began collapsing one by one. 



A group of drunk rat beasts fainted to the floor. The remaining drunk rat beasts kicked them to the side and began enjoying the pond of wine for themselves. 

Outside Machinery wine factory.

Su Hao set a timer on his communication device as a blue light flashed in the air. The blue dream butterfly had come back.

“How was it? There shouldn’t have been any problems.”

Su Hao asked.

“Mission accomplished.”

The blue dream butterfly proudly wrote this sentence. 


Su Hao smiled and pointed at the timer on virtual screen, “One hour later, after all the drunk rat beasts have fainted, we will go.”


The blue dream butterfly nodded.

“Just now… I still feel that something strange is going on.” Su Hao muttered to himself.

“What’s strange?” The blue dream butterfly asked.

“Drunk rat beast king!”

Su Hao continued, “The data says that drunk rat beast kings exists. However, he still haven’t seen one. Plus, there are other issues. For example...the wine. Those drunk rat beasts have been here for several years. With their manner of drinking, all the inventory should have been consumed long ago, regardless of how large it was to begin with. However, there was still a lot of inventory remaining!”

“Where did all of this wine come from? All of these are problems! If a drunk rat beast king really did exist, it might have obtained some wisdom and learned to command them. However, we didn’t see it. I don’t feel good about the current situation.”

Feeling strange, the blue dream butterfly wrote, “How could you know that you didn’t see it? It might’ve been among those rats.”

Su Hao was unconvinced, “Impossible! As a leader, the drunk rat beast king must have a superior body. One would easily be able to distinguish it.”


The blue dream butterfly was confused, “Why would the size of drunk rat beast king be more outstanding?”

“Aren’t all berserk beasts like that?”

Su Hao asked.

“Who said so?”

The blue dream butterfly didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

Keeping his silence, Su Hao glanced at her.

The blue dream butterfly looked down and had a look at her body, which was obviously bigger by a size compared to ordinary blue dream butterflies. Her face became tense, “Aiya, it’s not the same. The leaders of berserk beast species all have different characteristics. Some would grow bigger, others smaller. There are even some that look the same as ordinary ones.”

“Oh, so it’s like that…”

A fine light flashed within Su Hao’s eyes. If so, perhaps the drunk rat beast king really was among them.

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