Godly Model Creator

Chapter 143

Chapter 0143    Sun Yaotian’s card

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Both punches clashed!


An echo resounded in the air as the two of them groaned while making their retreat. 

Su Hao took a step back while Sun Yaotian took two. 

The first confrontation had been one of direct force and Su Hao had won!

“Boss had to retreat?”

The short boy exclaimed with an amusing look. They were very familiar with how strong Sun Yaotian was after equipping his iron cloth armor.AFter all, that was an origin ability skill! Sun Yaotian’s iron cloth armor already had the qualifications to be called an origin ability skill!

When he returned with a fist, even if it was only a fist, it was a perfect iron fist! 

That powerful force, nobody could match it!

But…this Su Hao had been able to block it with his own physical strength. Not only that, but he had taken a single step back after their confrontation while Sun Yaotian had taken two. What did this mean? It showed that Su Hao’s strength was still above that of Sun Yaotian’s! Exactly what level had his physical fitness reached? 

Perhaps…his physical fitness had been maxed out?


The fat boy laughed as he voiced out, “Don’t worry. Su Hao had committed himself entirely to offense and the boss had to hastily defend himself. That was why he’d been unable to use the entirety of his strength. If Su Hao is really stronger than boss, would he have needed to invade in the beginning?”

As both of them discussed the situation, Sun Yaotian attacked once again.


With a loud roar, Sun Yaotian fearlessly rushed forward. His body hadn’t received any damage!

Seizing a short term advantage was meaningless. Iron cloth armor not only increased his strength, but also gave him a terrifying defense. Su Hao hadn’t managed to leave any lasting injuries. After their clash, the remaining force did push him back, but it was completely filtered out by his iron cloth armor. 


A pair of iron fists made their way over once again. Su Hao’s stature flashed and once again, he dodged.

Su Hao’s eyes flashed as he coldly stared at Sun Yaotian. 

Model analysis, start!

Character modeling!


Blue light rays began flashing in the surrounding. The character model was quickly built. Su Hao locked his view onto the card he’d been aiming for all along, beginner origin ability refinement. 

Card modeling!


“Card selection completed…beginner origin ability refinement…model analysis…model establishing…”

Origin ability energy was established as blue light flashed. The powerful analytical ability of his model analysis began to work. At the beginning, a card only need an instant to establish. As the strength of cards increased, more time would be required.


Once again, Sun Yaotian threw another fist, but Su Hao easily evaded. Both eyes stared directly at Sun Yaotian, not losing any focus. 

“Let me see how long you can escape!”

Sun Yaotian sneered. He threw punch after punch at Su Hao. Under these consecutive punches, Su Hao moved like the wind. Every time, it would appear as if he was going to be struck. However, he would manage to evade by the tiniest sliver. Every subsequent punch looked as if it would blast Su Hao away, but they would always return empty handed. 

“Boss is indeed domineering!”

The short clown sighed, “Under the violent attacks of boss, Su Hao can only passively evade. Sure enough, that rumor is true. Since entering natural selection class, Su Hao has encountered a bottleneck, not managing to improve whatsoever.”


The fat boy nodded, “Hehe, since boss’s iron element control had a breakthrough, the power has entered another tier. Already a complete body origin ability skill, its strength is much more terrifying than the previously scattered iron covering!”

Both of them took turns praising Sun Yaotian.

But that priest like youth interrupted at this moment, “Something is not right!”

“En? What’s wrong?”

The short guy asked.

The gray cloth youth then replied, “Su Hao.”

“Su Hao isn’t right?”

The short guy was a little speechless, “Bro, can you speak more words? Every time, you only say a word or two. You’re not sick, but I’m sick of this!”

The gray cloth youth was silent for a moment before continuing, “The situation is not good.”


He really increased his words by such a tiny bit!

Cherishing words like gold, he shouldn’t be taking things this seriously!

The fat boy, as if he had achieved enlightenment, said in surprise upon taking a closer look, “What bro meant is that the duel is not right. Although Su Hao seems to be in a tight spot, didn’t you notice that Su Hao has not even been touched once? Looking at this scene, I have a feeling that boss has been toyed with this entire time by Su Hao...”

“Toying around, how could this be?”

The short guy was a bit dissatisfied, “That is our boss…ah?”

As he was mid sentence, he looked at the situation of the duel. Once again, Su Hao evaded Sun Yaotian’s attack by a hair’s width. Everything seemed to be so different now.

Sun Yaotian was indeed being toyed with!

While the person on the spot might be baffled, onlookers would have a clear look! 

At this moment, in the eyes of spectators, the movements from the two of them gradually became clearer. Su Hao seemed to be keeping pace with Sun Yaotian. However, every time Sun Yaotian threw a punch, Su Hao would increase his speed by a tiny bit. Sun Yaotian was too focused to notice the situation.

Su Hao’s speed was far above that of Sun Yaotian.

This was the absolute advantage of Su Hao!

Iron cloth armor allowed the entire body to be covered with iron element, increasing strength and defense, but not speed! Although wearing it wouldn’t be a detriment to his speed, his 200 points of physical fitness didn’t hold a candle to Su Hao’s 350 points! 


The gap in speed was something which couldn’t be made up for. Su Hao easily toyed around with Sun Yaotian. Everytime he evaded, he would leave a tiny opening for Sun Yaotian to attack, making this duel breathtaking. It was just that…this was only on the surface.



Once again, two fists passed through Su Hao’s body. Sun Yaotian appeared to feel as if something wasn’t right. 

Something is fishy!

After directing another punch forward, he finally understood what was wrong. 

With Su Hao’s physical fitness…such speed wasn’t something he could match with. Even with his iron cloth armor, he could only reach 300 points of physical fitness during attack.

Su Hao had once again improved his physical fitness!

As he thoguht back to the rumors about Su Hao obtaining body forging technique, Sun Yaotian finally understood. Su Hao must had learnt body forging technique and successfully made progress in it!

That was why he could easily toy around with Sun Yaotian.

After realizing the situation, Sun Yaotian’s figure halted its attacks. 

“You’re waiting for my energy to be completely consumed?” Sun Yaotian sneered at Su Hao, “I never imagined that your physical fitness would improve again. However, do you really believe that I will let myself continue to be toyed with?”

Su Hao shrugged, “At the very least, I managed to toy with you for such a long time”


Sun Yaotian sneered, “The only thing to be scared of is the unknown. Since I’ve already discovered your plan, do you really think you can succeed? I will let you experience the true power of iron element control!”


After Sun Yaotian finished his sentence, he actually went all out with his complete strength!

However, the atmosphere was completely different, causing Su Hao to be on alert. 

In a blink of eye, Sun Yaotian had already rushed in front and directed a punch. Su Hao subconsciously evaded to the side. The iron fist passed to the side of Su Hao, but at the last possible moment, a sharp spike emerged from the iron fist.


The terrifying spike erupted outwards, spanning several tens of centimeters. Su Hao’s pupil contracted simultaneously. 


“Pu ci...”

The spike travelled across Su Hao’s shoulder, leaving a long trace.

Despite managing to dodge in the nick of time, it had still passed over his shoulder, leaving a deep wound.

This time, Sun Yaotian was victorious in their clash.

Su Hao raised his head to look at Sun Yaotian. His eyes finally revealed an amazed look. This Sun Yaotian…his control over iron element had reached this stage!

At the beginning, he had completely relied on the hardness of iron.

But this time, he could already control the fine adjustment of the element. That moment of sudden emergence was a masterpiece of the fine adjustment!

This hardness, compared to Su Hao’s physical fitness, was just that. Compared to his body, what was so hard about steel? 

But facing this simple spike, especially that tip…

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