Everlasting Immortal Firmament

Chapter 83

Chapter 83 - The Contention in the Colosseum

Flicking his robes slightly, Gu Hai, followed by nearly two thousand men all in black, slowly made his way towards the Colosseum!

Scar, on the other hand, was leading the Void Company and had already departed ahead of them. He paved a road filled with blood and corpses, swiftly and violently slaughtering everyone in his path. Very soon, the Golden Tong disciples who had been cordoning off the Colosseum were eliminated, allowing Gu Hai and his group to proceed smoothly towards the center.

A force of over a thousand black-robed men immediately caught the attention of cultivators all around.

"Hey! Are those hat-wearing black-robed men Golden Tong disciples, too?"

"It doesn't look like it!"

"Ah, look over there, a hat-wearing black-robed man has killed a Golden Tong disciple!?"

"Ah, there, another one was killed!?"

"There too, look, there as well!"...

The gamblers in the outer ring of the Colosseum immediately raised an uproar.

Although Scar had been killing everyone quietly, when all was said and done, the convicts did not specialize in a quiet assassination. All they could do was make sure that the Golden Tong disciples who were cordoning off the Colosseum did not open their mouths to shout; nothing more, nothing less.

Be that as it may, the Golden Tong disciples nearby did not discover their activities. However, as the gamblers were standing on high points at some distance, they had a clearer view of the things.

"Who are they? Are they trying to loot a burning house?"

[TLN: Loot a burning house, or fish in troubled waters, i.e. take advantage of opportunities]

"Are they enemies of the Golden Tong?"

"That's not right, it's an organized attack. Look, they are vanguards, they are silencing the enforcer disciples in the outer ring, making way for the rear team!"...

Many cultivators had noticed Gu Hai's team. Had it been a group of eight or ten people, it would not have been that surprising. But a group of nearly two thousand people was naturally grand and imposing.

Ninth Young Master, standing atop a peak, narrowed his eyes as he spoke between coughs, "Ke ke ke ke, that black-robed man leading them, his back!?" 

"Ah? Ninth Young Master, do you know those people?" one of his subordinates asked, curious.

Ninth Young Master furrowed his brow as he replied, "I am not sure, but that black-robed man in the lead, his back seems familiar. I just can't seem to recall where I’ve seen him!" 


Gu Hai was, leading the group of convicts, and slowly approached the Colosseum, coming closer and closer, moving into a key position while they were at it.

Scar promptly rushed over from not too far away.

"My Lord, almost everyone has been eliminated. Most of the Golden Tong disciples who are called enforcers have little to no status. All of them were low-level disciples in the Xiantian Stage, they were very easily eliminated!" Scar reported, blooming with a confident smile.

One after another, the Void Company ex-prisoners slowly returned after clearing the way.

In response, Gu Hai lightly nodded, he didn't care too much about it.

Slowly, everyone arrived at the edge of the Colosseum and moved into tactical positions as directed by Gu Hai.

Standing there, they could see everything inside the Colosseum.

"My Lord, all the enforcer Golden Tong disciples should have been wiped out. Only the disciples here remain!" Gao Xianzhi reported respectfully.

"Two thousand Golden Tong disciples!? Hahaha!" A sliver of cold smile immediately appeared on Gu Hai's lips.

Having said this, Gu Hai raised his right hand slowly.

Whereupon, the group of ex-convicts raised their bows and nocked arrows. Their eyes flickered with cold lights as they waited for Gu Hai to give the order.

At the sight of this, the eyes of the cultivators standing atop the high points went wide in surprise. Only now did they came to realize how terrifying this group of black-robed men was.

"They want to annihilate the Golden Tong once and for all?"

"All the enforcing Golden Tong disciples have been wiped out completely!?"

"Now they are pointing their bows towards the Colosseum, this will very likely obliterate the Golden Tong!"

"Who on earth are they? What a ruthless group of people!?"...

At the sight of the scene in front of them, countless cultivators were so shocked that their backs were drenched in cold sweat.

Nearly all the former gladiators who were here drew their bows to the utmost, staring at the Colosseum with resentful looks on their faces.

"What's that sound?" The Golden Tong disciples inside the Colosseum knit their eyebrows slightly upon hearing the sound the bows being drawn.

As the sound of fighting in the Colosseum was too loud, many Golden Tong disciples couldn't hear other sounds.

Suddenly, a thunderous roar came from the forest. "Enemy attack, the criminals have escaped!" In the blink of an eye, that voice suppressed all other sounds.

Gu Hai's face turned cold as he looked at Scar.

Scar's countenance also changed. "My Lord, this subordinate has neglected his duty. A fish must have slipped through!"

"Forget it!" Gu Hai shook his head. It was too late to do anything about it now. After all, their united attack was bound to be a bit disorganized with so many people taking part in it.


"Enemy attack, the criminals have escaped!" the thunderous shout rang out in everyone's ear in the Colosseum.

"What?" Hearing this, all the Golden Tong disciples' faces turned horrid as they turned around.

"Fire!" Gu Hai swung his right hand down sharply.

Hearing the order, the former prisoners promptly infused their True Qi into their bows and arrows before letting the arrows loose.

Arrows wrapped in True Qi whizzed towards the Golden Tong disciples in the Colosseum like a deadly meteor shower.

Thunderous bangs followed by miserable screams immediately covered the Colosseum.

Horrified looks immediately covered the Golden Tong disciples' faces. They quickly raised their swords to block. However, the arrows were simply too fast. In only a second, numerous Golden Tong disciples were riddled with arrows.

“Unfortunately, their archery isn't good. Even from such a close distance, a majority of the arrows missed their mark!”, Gao Xianzhi muttered to himself, frowning at the sight. "Fire again!" Gu Hai ordered again, in a louder voice.

"Yes, my Lord!" twenty-five hundred men shouted together, and arrows once again rained down on the Golden Tong disciples. It was terribly intimidating.

"Quickly run! Ah~!" "Not good, the criminals have regained their cultivation!?" "How is this possible?" "Run!"...

Horrified looks immediately plastered themselves across the Golden Tong disciples' faces. Everyone was well aware of how fearsome the criminals were. All the criminals were ruthless and resolute people. Looking at the True Qi infused in the arrows, their cultivations had surely been restored. The disciples knew they weren't a match for the escaped gladiators. All they could do was flee as quickly as possible!

The Golden Tong disciples panicked and fled helter-skelter immediately, trying to get away.

"Discard the bows. Charge!" Gu Hai ordered with a shout.

"Kill!" "Kill!" "Kill!"...

Over two thousand criminals, like ferocious tigers dashing down a mountain, charged at the Golden Tong disciples ferociously. Their hats were blown away as they came hurtling down, revealing the masks on their faces one by one.

The two sides were immediately locked in bloody close combat.

"Go to hell!" "Make way!"...

After the arrows rained down, no more a thousand Golden Tong disciples survived to attempt escape. However, the criminals had been suppressing their anger all this time, how could they possibly let them go?

All the ex-prisoners had crawled their way out through piles of corpses. Each and every one of them was a fiend who could fight off ten men alone, and all of them started slaughtering ruthlessly.

A Golden Tong disciple shrieked in agony, accompanied by a sound like wet leather giving way. He had been forcibly ripped apart, spilling his blood and guts across the ground.

"Didn't you give rats to your father to eat, didn't you whip me, didn't you beat me!?"

"I have sworn that I will kill all of you, I want revenge!"

"Rot in Hell for your father!"...

The group of criminals tore the Golden Tong disciples apart in crazed rage. The Golden Tong disciples, on the other hand, were utterly terrified.

"Ah~, Boss, save me!" "My arm, let me go, let me go, ah~!" "Boss, save me, ah~!"...

The outer ring of Colosseum was drowned in miserable panicked screams.

Li Wei, who had been suppressing Meng Tai one-sidedly, finally heard the screams, and his expression changed.

He raised his head to look up, and saw a group of masked individuals slaughtering his Golden Tong disciples.

"Bastards!" Li Wei's face changed. It seemed he wanted to step out of the arena.

Gu Hai, who stood in a wide open area overlooking everything, spoke up in a cold voice suddenly, "Meng Tai, I came to help you! You have to pin down Li Wei!"

Meng Tai, lying in a pool of blood, focused his eyes as he suddenly heard Gu Hai's voice.

Meng Tai let out a roar as he pounced at Li Wei with a loud crash, enduring through the pain he was suffering.

"Get the hell away!" Li Wei immediately followed up with a sword strike, glaring with his eyes bulging out in desperation.

Enduring the pain, Meng Tai roared as he swiftly clawed at Li Wei in response, a fierce beam shooting straight at Li Wei.

In the subsequent clash, Meng Tai was struck again with Li Wei's sword as his blood splattered in the air. However, Meng Tai's life force was extremely tenacious. With a savage look on his face, he charged at Li Wei once more, ignoring his injuries.

Once again, the duo was locked in a melee. Li Wei's sword left wounds on Meng Tai's body, time and time again.

"Noooooooo!" Watching the two mauling up each other, Feng Ling held her head in pain. "Who am I? I am Yue Yao! I am Yue Yao! Who am I? Don't fight, don't fight!"

Feng Ling seemed to have gone crazy.

Outside the arena floor, the fight was extremely brutal. Everyone who was trying to resist was struck down by the berserk convicts. Some of the men, after recognizing some of the Golden Tong disciples, became even more savage as they tore into their opponents with their teeth out of pure hatred. Surprisingly, they had even bit off pieces of flesh from their opponents and swallowed them down. The scene was extremely horrific.

The Golden Tong disciples who were merely heavily injured were all beaten to the point that they were unable to fight back, before being imprisoned to one side.

The battle was extremely fast and terribly brutal, and mostly many were used to defeat the few! Furthermore, with the ruthlessness of the criminals, the battle reached its end in the blink of an eye. The majority of the Golden Tong disciples had been killed extremely violently, most by energetic dismemberment. Only a small group of them, who were unable to fight anymore, were detained to one side.

Gu Hai slowly made his way to the front of the arena, followed by a group of convicts.

"Get away!" Li Wei let out a roar, his face covered with a frantic grimace.

A hundred sword qis struck Meng Tai's body, immediately carving a hundred bloody wounds all over his body. A bloody Meng Tai was sent flying immediately.

Meng Tai crashed into the ground, mangled and bloody. His eyes were wide open. He no longer had the least bit of strength to fight back.

Lying in a pool of blood, Meng Tai looked at Feng Ling, revealing a mournful smile. "Feng Ling, ke ke ke, my Feng Ling!"

As Feng Ling turned to look at Meng Tai, she immediately quivered on seeing Meng Tai's condition. He was on his last breath, as if he would die any moment. Step by step, she walked towards Meng Tai.

"Boss, save us!" the grievously injured Golden Tong disciples let out pitiful cries constantly.

Li Wei slowly flew out of the arena and looked around. At this moment, almost all of the Golden Tong disciples had been wiped out.

A furious look blanketed Li Wei's face as he stared at Gu Hai, who stood at the center of a group of freed prisoners.

"You bunch of rats actually escaped!?" Li Wei shouted, holding his long sword in one hand, a morbid grimace frozen on his face.

The imposing aura of a Nascent Soul Stage cultivator broke out from Li Wei's body, forming a tornado around him. At the center of this whirlwind was a giant turtle monster congealed out of True Qi. A savage look appeared on the monster's face as a billowing murderous aura spread from its silhouette, like a tsunami that threatened to wash everyone away, wrecking everyone and everything in its path.

"We are rats, but what about your Golden Tong disciples who were annihilated by the rats? Bugs?" A terrifying sneer appeared on Gu Hai's face as he stepped forward.

As Gu Hai stepped out, the four company captains followed suit. All the escaped men also had ferocious looks on their faces. They might not be able to resist the powerful imposing aura of a Nascent Soul cultivator, but all of them were content and fearless, having exacted their first bit of revenge. 

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