Everlasting Immortal Firmament

Chapter 82.2

Chapter 82 - The Uprising (Part Two)

Although there were a couple thousand Golden Tong disciples, the gamblers numbered over ten thousand.

The closer to the Colosseum people came, the more hustle and bustle filled the air. However, the curious cultivators were simply unable to approach too closely. Some of the Golden Tong disciples were stationed at checkpoints around the Colosseum, blocking the cultivators from entering the gambling quarter. However, watching from a distance might not necessarily be a bad idea. Many cultivators stood atop the peaks in the vicinity of the Colosseum, watching the fight in the arena.

On one of those peaks stood a young man dressed in white robes, four subordinates standing behind him.

The young man was dressed in white robes, and covered his mouth with a handkerchief. He was coughing frequently as he watched the distant Colosseum with narrowed eyes.

This white-robed young man was none other the sickly young man who had reprimanded the false Ninth Young Master in the Xiantian Endgame World.

"Ninth Young Master, that man is actually called Meng Tai?" a black-robed subordinate behind the young man cried out in astonishment.

"Didn't Meng Tai die in our Xiantian Endgame World? Maybe they both have the same name?" another black-robed subordinate wondered, astounded.

Ninth Young Master, after coughing for a while with his mouth covered, replied as a sinister smile bloomed on his face, "It is truly getting livelier and livelier, all kinds of ghosts and demons have jumped out! This is going to be interesting, ke ke ke!"


A large number of Golden Tong disciples stood in the grandstands of the Colosseum, gazing at the arena with wide eyes.

Like peals of thunder, loud booms constantly shook the arena, deafening the whole Colosseum.

"Meng Tai, you sure are good at playing possum! Just to make me save Yue Yao, you really feigned lying in a pool of blood after I kicked you! However, even if you hadn't pretended, I would have saved Yue Yao for sure!"

"She is Feng Ling, not your Yue Yao, she is my Feng Ling!"

"I said, she is Yue Yao, my Yue Yao!"

A series of loud bangs once again shook the Colosseum, as deafening as thunderclaps in a storm. All the onlookers in the Colosseum were deafened by the thunderous blasts. The Colosseum itself had a multitude of arrays engraved all around it, so it was quite sturdy and unharmed by the forces unleashed inside.

Feng Ling, on the other hand, stood in a secluded corner of the arena, holding her head. There was a painful look on her face. Her body was quivering constantly, as if she was struggling with something.

The Colosseum was covered in an oppressive aura. However, this oppressive aura avoided Feng Ling again and again.

"Who am I? I am Yue Yao, I am Yue Yao! I am Brother Li Wei's woman! Who am I?" Feng Ling held her head, which was splitting with pain.

In the other half of the arena, Meng Tai and Li Wei were slamming together in a life and death battle again and again.

Meng Tai's entire body was covered in blood. All about his body, a sandy-colored True Dragon congealed out of earth qi had emerged, guarding Meng Tai as well as attacking Li Wei, baring its fangs and brandishing its claws. It was the True Dragon Xiantian Exercise.

In contrast, a turtle-form True Qi had emerged around Li Wei. It had an uncanny resemblance with the Bixi, it was just lacking the dragon horns. It bit the True Dragon around Meng Tai, time and time again.

As Li Wei sent out a punch, a thunderous turtle roar resounded in the arena before ten volleys of sword qi flushed towards Meng Tai.

The sword qi was incomparably fierce and exceptionally fast. They landed on Meng Tai's body in a flash.

The sandy-colored true dragon let out a miserable roar as Meng Tai was promptly sent flying. Multiple bruises had appeared on his body once again.

Meng Tai smashed into a wall with a loud crash. However, he crawled back up immediately and once again looked at Li Wei, a savage expression on his face.

In response to Li Wei's strike, Meng Tai followed up with a stamp on the ground.

In response, spikes emerged from the ground, one after another, rushing straight towards Li Wei's position.

"Break!" Li Wei immediately followed up with a punch on the ground.

Many spikes immediately broke into pieces with a loud bang, shooting everywhere. Pieces of rock rained down from the sky.

"Meng Tai, you are in the Nascent Soul Stage, same goes for me. Indeed, no matter how desperately I cultivate, I am still inferior to you. Since childhood, I have never beaten you. But you have been imprisoned for twenty years. In these twenty years, you have already exhausted much of your vigor. Yue Yao is mine, don't try to poke your nose into it!" Li Wei said coldly.

Li Wei immediately drew and thrust his sword at Meng Tai.

A hundred sword qi immediately whizzed in from all directions, sealing off all paths of escape for Meng Tai.

A multitude of sword qi drove into Meng Tai's body. This time, Meng Tai could not mitigate the impact, no matter what he did. Realizing this, a grim and resolute look flashed past Meng Tai's face. He rushed at Li Wei, sending a punch into Li Wei's stomach.

Li Wei was sent flying, but Meng Tai didn't come out unscathed. Li Wei's sword had punctured a hole in him.

Meng Tai spewed a mouthful of blood, covering the wound on his chest. There was a horrid look on his face.

On the other side, Li Wei slowly picked himself back up.

Li Wei also spat out a mouthful of blood, along with the contents of his stomach, before glaring at Meng Tai with a savage look on his face. "Come again! I want to see how many of my swords you can endure!"

"Ke ke ke!" Meng Tai coughed up blood a few times.

The battle between the two was extremely tragic. Meng Tai's defeat was already set in stone, it seemed he would not last for much longer.

Feng Ling, on the other hand, held her head, a pained look on her face. She couldn't watch the two men fight.


In the stands, the congregation of Golden Tong disciples knit their eyebrows as they watched.

"Elder, shall we help Boss?"

"Elder, why does that man looks like Old Boss!?"

"Senior Brother, are we going to take action?"

"They are Nascent Soul Stage cultivators, just the aftershocks from their battle can tear us apart. Are you looking to die?"

"I am not going, I am not risking my head!"...

The Golden Tong disciples furrowed their brows, but in the end, no one dared to step forward.


Meanwhile, twenty-five hundred black-robed men came marching out from the inner section, and slowly took up positions.

The former prisoners stood around Gu Hai in an extremely respectful manner.

Soon, they withdrew a bit before Gu Hai walked slowly up on a high stand that overlooked the surroundings.

Gao Xianzhi's face changed as he said, "My Lord, there is something wrong here. Not just the Golden Tong disciples, gamblers from all around the Thousand Islands Seas are also here!"

"By my estimate, there are close to ten thousand people on the surrounding hills. This...!" Chen Tianshan's countenance turned unsightly as he spoke.

"Don't worry, they are not going to help the Golden Tong disciples. Scar!" Gu Hai pursed his lips into a cold smile as he called out.

"Here!" Scar immediately answered.

"There are some Golden Tong disciples around the Colosseum, blocking the gamblers from approaching. Take your Void Company, and clean them up. Make sure it’s not too noisy!" Gu Hai ordered.

"Yes, My Lord!" Scar obeyed.

Immediately, Scar took hundreds of his men into the forest.

Gao Xianzhi, on the other hand, still had a sliver of worry in his eyes. He lowered his voice and said to Gu Hai, "My Lord, I know that these gamblers won't help the Golden Tong disciples, I am just worried that your identity will be revealed in the subsequent battle!"

Countless cultivators had been looking for Gu Hai over these past few months. But with Gu Hai hidden here, they were unable to do anything. But now, if he appeared in such a high profile manner, what would they do if Gu Hai was found out?

"It's alright. I should show my face. They want to get their hands on me, huh? Let's see if they have the ability to do so!" Gu Hai replied in a coldly confident manner.

"Yes, my Lord! It seems this subordinate was worried for nothing!" Gao Xianzhi nodded.

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