Everlasting Immortal Firmament

Chapter 82.1

Chapter 82 - The Uprising(Part One)

There was a vast mountain valley inside the Golden Tong, filled with a sickening stench.

Heaps of organic waste were all thrown here. As a gambling house, the Golden Tong had a huge inflow of guests. Naturally, the subsequent waste was also huge in quantity, not to mention the many corpses from the Colosseum. All this trash was thrown into this valley. At this time, the waste had piled up in such humongous quantities that it resembled a mountain.

Most of the Golden Tong disciples despised this place. But on the other hand, this place was a paradise for rats. There were innumerable rats living here, running around, squeaking happily with all they could eat.

At this moment, a dozen or so Golden Tong disciples, their noses covered, were looking at the valley in disgust.

"Senior Brother, why are we catching the rats again? It's disgusting!"

"We have to catch them for the criminals to eat. Stop bullshitting and get moving!"

"How could those criminals even eat those things? I feel like vomiting!"

"Criminals are humans too, why don't you treat them as such?"

"I never treat them as humans, ever! Any criminal who dies in the Colosseum we will throw in here, to be eaten by the rats."

"The rats eat the criminals, and the criminals eat the rats! This is a cycle! We are really not wasting anything! Hahaha!"

"Therefore, just treat those criminals as the rats, okay! Hahaha!"...

A group of rat-catching Golden Tong disciples was having a hearty discussion.

Suddenly, the sound of someone retching came from behind the group of Golden Tong disciples.

"Hahaha, the rats who ate human flesh were given us to eat? A cycle? Hahahaha, good, very good! Hahaha!"

Gloomy sounds of barfing, one after another, started up behind the Golden Tong disciples.

"Who's there?" The Golden Tong disciples' faces immediately distorted as they turned around to look.

And to their surprise, they saw a hundred men dressed in blood-soaked black robes of their own Tong standing behind them. All of them had bronze masks on their faces. More importantly, each of them had a sword or saber in hand, and were either constantly barfing, or emanating a dreadful bloodlust.

All the convicts felt like vomiting when they used to eat rats, but at the end of the day, they had to adapt for survival. However, who would have ever thought that the rats they used to eat were cultured by feeding them the corpses of other criminals?

Having come to know this, a chill ran down everyone's back. Everyone felt like vomiting.

"Lieutenant, my Lord wanted us to capture the Golden Tong disciples, he didn't want them killed. In the past, we were forced to fight in the Colosseum. I wanted them to savor the cruelty of the Colosseum. I would have enjoyed it, but, having heard this, I have changed my mind!"

"Yes, Lieutenant, we can catch other Golden Tong disciples. As for these twelve, I cannot bear it!"

"I want to cripple them, I want to break their tendons and ligaments and then throw them in this valley, and feed them to the rats. Gods damn them! I can hardly control myself!"

"I also can hardly control myself, Lieutenant!"...

The words of the escaped convicts made the Golden Tong disciples go pale. "They… they are the criminals from the Valley of Crooks? How did they manage to escape?" one gasped.

"How did so many escape?" another blurted out, looking gravely uncertain.

"Are you tired of living? How were those guards of Valley of Crooks guarding anything?" another swore.

"Hmph, all of you, kneel down, or we will throw you into the mouse pit!"...

These dozen or so Golden Tong disciples still didn't realize the danger they were in. They were actually cursing the escaped convicts!

Having retched for a good long while, the lieutenant in charge looked at the dozen or so rat-catchers with a gloomy face.

"I will apologize to my Lord, handle them as you see fit!" the lieutenant said in a cold manner.

"Yes, sir!"

Without further ado, a hundred criminals swarmed the congregation of Golden Tong disciples.

"What? Their cultivation is restored!?"



At the inner section of the Golden Tong...


"F**k, intruders, intruders! Ah~!"...

Sounds of fighting rang out everywhere. Having been let out of their cage, the convicts unscrupulously attacked the inner section of the Golden Tong.

As a majority of the Golden Tong disciples of the inner section had left for the Colosseum, less than half of the usual number of disciples remained in the inner section. How could they possibly stand up against three thousand hardened gladiators?

All the resentment that the three thousand ex-prisoners had accumulated in their hearts exploded out in the blink of an eye. Endless grievances gave endless power.

Escape? The disciples simply could not escape. Even if they could, where would they escape to?

"Don't come over, the criminals have escaped… Ah~!" Mournful cries rose everywhere.

"Go to hell!" was the answering universal snarl.

"You fed us rats every day! Rot in hell!"...

At this moment, Gu Hai stood quietly in the square before the great hall of the Golden Tong Boss, overlooking the fog and rain-filled surroundings. As for the fighting happening all around, he turned a deaf ear, as he was the one who had ordered it all.

In just the short span of two hours, all the Golden Tong disciples in the inner section had been killed. A few of them had also been captured, and were now being escorted back to him.

"The criminals have escaped, the criminals have escaped!" the group of captives wept in panic.

"Shut your trap. If anyone speaks another word, I will kill them personally!" Scar swore, staring at them with bulging eyes.

The whimpers quickly turned into terrified sobs.

"My Lord, about five hundred had been captured!" Gao Xianzhi reported respectfully.

"Earth Company, leave five hundred people to watch over them!" Gu Hai ordered in a calm manner.

"Yes, my Lord!" Chen Tianshan obliged immediately.

"The rest of you, follow me to the Colosseum!" Gu Hai commanded in a calm voice.

"Yes, my Lord!" everyone answered.

At this moment, everyone had changed their clothes to black robes already. They immediately followed Gu Hai to the gambling quarter, with swords, sabers, and bows ready in their hands.

In the heavy downpour, twenty-five hundred criminals, led by Gu Hai, slowly made their way to the gambling section, paving a road filled with corpses and the blood of Golden Tong disciples. Even this heavy downpour could not wash away the blood on the ground, but the group of black-robed convicts remained indifferent as they walked upon the road of blood.

It was extremely quiet. Apart from the sounds of the footsteps of twenty-five hundred former prisoners, and the ever-present rain, there were no other sounds.


Although the commotion in the Valley of Crooks and the inner section was huge, the heavy rainfall covered everything, and so it failed to attract the attention of the other sections of the smoke-filled Golden Tong... mostly because everyone's attention was completely focused on the Colosseum.

The commotion caused by Gu Hai's men was due to fights between Xiantian Stage and Golden Core Stage cultivators. However, the two who were fighting in the Colosseum were Nascent Soul Stage powerhouses.

How could the disturbances caused by a fight between Nascent Soul Stage cultivators be even measured together with those caused by measly Xiantian and Golden Core Stage cultivators?

The gamblers in the VIP section were from all over the Thousand Islands Seas. They were taken aback by the racket from the Colosseum. Even in this heavy rain, many people quietly approached the Colosseum to investigate.

The Colosseum became the focus of everyone’s attention!

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