Everlasting Immortal Firmament

Chapter 79

Chapter 79 - Feng Ling

"Meng Tai, let Yue Yao go!" cried Li Wei, glaring with his eyes wide open.

The Colosseum arrays seemed to have turned into Meng Tai’s personal weapons. Red energy ropes danced in the air, just like long whips. None the Golden Tong disciples were able to approach him at all.

Li Wei, who had suddenly appeared in the air, gazed at Meng Tai, stupefied.

"Li Wei, you are here?" Meng Tai turned his gaze towards the sky, a cold smile creeping up on his lips.

When Li Wei appeared in Yue Yao's view, a witless look covered her face at first, before she opened her mouth, "Brother Li Wei! I am Brother Li Wei's woman, I am Yue Yao!"

"Meng Tai, how did you come out? Weren't you turned into a vegetable? Weren't you crippled?" Li Wei was shocked.

"How did I escape? Twenty years, hahaha, my dear junior brother, after master died, it was I who brought you all up, it was me who taught you cultivation! Twenty years!? Twenty freaking years!" Meng Tai, his face brimming with cruelty, roared at the other man.

On his side, Yue Yao was scared shitless, her entire body quivering.

"Let Yue Yao go, let Yue Yao go!" Li Wei said anxiously.

"Now you know how to be scared? She sure is tenacious, still alive after being killed by me once!? Although she is no different than a walking corpse, you, Li Wei, are still so infatuated with her!" Meng Tai said, revealing a savage and cold smile on his face.

Slowly, Li Wei landed inside the Colosseum.

At this moment, the red energy ropes did not block Li Wei.

Staring at Meng Tai, an agonized look showed up on Li Wei's face as he spoke, "Meng Tai, yes, we have been raised by you, but…but weren't you just using us to help you earn spirit stones? I remained in the Golden Tong. Didn't I earn money for you? I was just a money-making tool for you; nothing more, nothing less!"

"Tool? I raised you, I gave you so much, gave you a stable life, but why couldn't you be satisfied with it? Back then, Yue Yao wasn't satisfied, but why were you also not satisfied? Back then, you sure did help me earn spirit stones, but what about now? Aren't you helping Ding Rui, that old slut? Look at yourself, can you do even do anything yourself? Without my protection, what can you even do?" Meng Tai retorted coldly.

"Whatever you said, whatever you wanted me to do, I did everything. I never went against you. But...but you knew Yue Yao was my fiancee, we were about to get married, but you killed Yue Yao, you killed Yue Yao!" Li Wei's eyes turned very red as he said.

"It was what she brought upon herself! Where is Feng Ling? Where have you imprisoned Feng Ling?" Meng Tai roared, glowering with his eyes wide open.

"Do you know how this eye of mine got blind?" A red-eyed Li Wei pointed the eye-patch. "I gouged it out myself!

"The moment I saw Yue Yao's corpse, I gouged it out myself. I was so blind that I only listened to you! I was so blind that I listened to and attended to your every order! I was so blind that I didn't notice that what my most-admired Great Senior Brother, who had even killed my fiancee, showed me was all a lie! From the moment I saw Yue Yao's corpse, I told myself that Yue Yao can't die in vain. I wanted to avenge Yue Yao! I gouged out my eye, which couldn’t even tell black from white, myself. Now, I can see everything clearly, I want to get back at you, I want to make you suffer all kinds of torture!" Li Yao seemed to have grown crazy as he roared at Meng Tai.

Meng Tai's face grew gloomy by the sight of Li Wei’s crazed state. Meng Tai took a deep breath before he opened his mouth to speak, "Yue Yao getting killed wasn't my fault. However, after torturing me every day for so many years, isn't it enough!? Let Feng Ling live, give Feng Ling back to me, and you and I will be squared!"

"Squared!? Squared!? What about Yue Yao? What about Yue Yao?" The red-eyed Li Wei broke into roars.

Meng Tai looked at the Yue Yao by his side. At this moment, she looked incomparably witless; she was no longer as lively as she used to be two decades ago. With just an ethereal soul remaining, she would only ever be dull-witted.

"Li Wei, I am not discussing anything with you until you answer me! Where is Feng Ling!?" Meng Tai said, roaring.

"Hahaha, Feng Ling!? Feng Ling is already dead. Since you killed my Yue Yao, I also have to kill your Feng Ling, naturally. It's fair, isn't it?" Li Wei said, with a forlorn smile on his face.

"No, no, you said...you said Feng Ling is still alive. When you had just imprisoned me, you said you will make sure that I will be in utter misery, I can neither live nor die, you said, if I died, you would kill Feng Ling. You said, as long as I am alive, Feng Ling will remain alive!" Meng Tao burst out roaring, staring wildly at Li Wei.

The Colosseum had been surrounded by numerous Golden Tong disciples from outside, but no one dared to go down. At this moment, each and everyone had wide eyes.

"Dead, Senior Sister Feng Ling is already dead, she is dead already!" Li Wei shook his head.

A maddened look flashed past Meng Tai's eyes, but he calmed down in the next very moment.

"No, if you hate me so much, you are even less likely to kill Feng Ling. Feng Ling is still alive, she is definitely alive. Let Feng Ling go, otherwise, I will completely kill Yue Yao!" Meng Tai's face burst with a grim look as he grabbed towards Yue Yao.

"Ah~!" Yue Yao broke into painful cries immediately.

"You have already killed Yue Yao once! I have told you already, Feng Ling has long been dead. Let my Yue Yao go, let my Yue Yao go, I will give you whatever you want!" An anxious look immediately showed up on Li Wei's face.

"Kneel down!" Meng Tai shouted as he looked menacingly at Li Wei, his eyes wide open.

Looking at Yue Yao in pain after having been grabbed by Meng Tai, a gentle look flashed past Li Wei's eyes. Li Wei gradually knelt down as he looked vacantly at Yue Yao. "Yue Yao, my darling, you will be fine, you will be completely fine!"

Perhaps Li Wei's comforting worked, as the panic-stricken Yue Yao slowly relaxed and started mumbling to herself, looking at Li Wei, "Brother Li Wei, I am your woman, Yue Yao!"

A satisfied looked covered Meng Tai's face seeing Li Wei kneeling down.

"Very good! Now tell me, where is Feng Ling?" Meng Tai stared at Li Wei.

"Feng Ling is already dead, she is truly dead!" Li Wei retorted, agonized.

"Are you dead certain that I won't dare to obliterate Yue Yao again?" Meng Tai was short on breath from his sudden grief.

"Great Senior Brother, please let Yue Yao go, I beg you!" Li Wei suddenly started sobbing.

"Humph, do you truly think I won't dare? Since you didn't let Feng Ling go, I want Yue Yao to die immediately!" Meng Tai shouted.

While speaking, Meng Tai stretched his hand out, activating an array.

A blue screen appeared above the Colosseum, covering the entirety of it. If the mask on Yue Yao's face came in contact with this blue screen, it would explode.

"No, Great Senior Brother, don't!" Li Wei cried out anxiously at once.

Smacking a palm towards a contraption and breaking it into pieces, a sliver of a cold smile appeared on Meng Tai's face as he snorted, "You see that, I have broken the device into pieces. Very soon, the blue screen will be upon us. I also cannot stop it. When the blue screen washes over your darling Yue Yao, you will know the result!"

Li Wei eyes went so wide in shock that they were about to pop out.

"Boom!" Meng Tai imitated the sound of a terrifying explosion.

A horrified look immediately dawned on Li Wei's face.

"I want Feng Ling; otherwise, Yue Yao's head will explode. You know, it's you who forced me to do this! You don't have much time!" Meng Tai stared at Li Wei.

"Great Senior Brother, Feng Ling is truly dead, she is dead for sure, please let Yue Yao go!" Li Wei cried anxiously.

"I don't believe you, I don't believe you!" Meng Tai roared back, staring madly.


In a faraway corner, Gu Hai's face was covered in gloom. "Sure enough, I can't rely on Meng Tai for anything. He simply isn't thinking of helping us remove the masks. He has just been calling for his Feng Ling only! Hmph!"


"Brother Li Wei, I am afraid!" Yue Yao rushed towards Li Wei at once.

Her head was just about to crash into the blue screen.

"No!" Li Wei cried in fear instantly.

Meng Tai's face was madly distorted as he fiercely pulled Yue Yao, promptly pulling her back. If Yue Yao dies, with me so weak at this moment, I won't be able to save Feng Ling. The instance, Meng Tai pulled Yue Yao back, Yue Yao's sleeve was torn apart, revealing a peach-like birthmark on her right arm immediately

Meng Tai suddenly started trembling, before he started rubbing his eyes. "How is this possible, why does Yue Yao have Feng Ling's birthmark?"

An agonized expression instantly blanketed Li Wei's face.

Meng Tai ran his hand through Yue Yao's hair, shaving off a large patch of her hair using his True Qi, revealing her clear scalp at once. On Yue Yao's scalp, a peony flower-like tattoo was revealed at once...

"No, no, no!" Meng Tai staggered a bit, as if he was about to fall down, looking at the tattoo on Yue Yao's scalp, stupefied.

Without any delay, Meng Tai gazed at the scars underneath Yue Yao's chin. A long scar stretched upwards from her chin, circling her entire face."Feng Ling? You are Feng Ling?" Meng Tai blurted out in shock.

Yue Yao, uncomprehending, looked at Li Wei, seemingly about to recall something.

"You are Feng Ling? But, why do you look like Yue Yao? Changing appearance? You changed Feng Ling's appearance!? She is Feng Ling!? She is Feng Ling, am I right!" Meng Tai bellowed, his eyes bulging.

Not far away, the blue screen seemed to be moving closer. At the sight of this, a horrified look covered Meng Tai's face in a flash.

"Li Wei, she is Feng Ling!? Quickly, quickly remove her mask, quickly!" Meng Tai seemed as if he was about to collapse.

Li Wei quickly picked himself up, his face laced with an agonized look.

"She is Yue Yao, she is my Yue Yao!" Li Wei said, his voice incomparably firm.

"Brother Li Wei!" Seeing Li Wei coming over, Yue Yao cried out emptily.

"I understand, I understand... you kept Feng Ling by your side, changed her face, in order to torture me. Yue Yao is already dead. I said how could you possibly use the Corpse Refining Technique on Yue Yao... Instead, you have changed Feng Ling's face to Yue Yao's. You tortured Feng Ling every day, you wanted to use her to torture me, that must be it!" Meng Tai collapsed immediately, he slumped down as weakness took over his body.

"I said, she is Yue Yao, she is my Yue Yao!" Li Wei shouted, his eyes red with madness.

"Quickly, Li Wei, third junior brother, I beg of you, please quickly save Feng Ling, I beg you!" Meng Tai looked at the blue screen coming closer and closer, horrified.

The mechanism has already been destroyed by me, I am simply unable to stop it. Feng Ling is about to die because of me. Meng Tai could not wait to whip himself to death. What a stupid thing I did.

"Kneel down to me!" Li Wei shouted, agonized.

Meng Tai knelt down, without a shred of hesitation.

Li Wei walked over. Meng Tai simply didn't dare to resist.

Li Wei ruthlessly kicked Meng Tai right away, sending him flying.

From the beginning, he was seriously injured. That kick broke Meng Tai's leg, bending it at a horrible angle, before sending Meng Tai slamming into the Colosseum walls, accompanied by a loud crash.

Meng Tai spewed out a mouthful of blood right away. His breathing was ragged. A trembling Meng Tai crawled out of the wall. "Quickly, quickly save Feng Ling, quickly!"

"Brother Li Wei!" Yue Yao vacantly looked at Li Wei.

An anxious look appeared on Li Wei's face as he stretched his hand out, placing it upon Yue Yao's mask.

Immediately, his hand seemingly slipped. However, at this moment, he simply had no time to think as he pushed energy out of his hand fiercely.

The mask fell down right away.

As the mask was flung back, the blue screen swept over Yue Yao's face in the next moment.

"Brother Li Wei!" Yue Yao looked vacantly at Li Wei.

"Yue Yao, my Yue Yao!" Li Wei pulled Yue Yao into his embrace right away, his entire body trembling.

"My Feng Ling, that's my Feng Ling! Li Wei, what kind of torture did you put Feng Ling through that turned her into this? Li Wei!" Meng Tai, who was lying in a puddle of blood, screamed at Li Wei.


In a corner of the outer ring of the Colosseum, Gu Hai, on the other hand, had been looking at that bronze mask thrown away by Li Wei.

Feng Ling's cognizance has been forcibly changed for twenty years. In these twenty years, she has been brainwashed by everyone into thinking that she is Yue Yao. She has been completely consumed by Yue Yao's will and has already recognized herself as Yue Yao for twenty years. Twenty years! She has already forgotten that she is Feng Ling. She only knows that she is Yue Yao! As for Li Wei, for twenty years, did he hypnotize Feng Ling or himself? He can't even differentiate between who is Yue Yao and who is Feng Ling! Meng Tai, you acted wrongly!, Gu Hai shook his head. Without dilly-dallying anymore, Gu Hai retreated.

At this moment, all the Golden Tong disciples had been drawn over here. It was the right moment for the criminals to escape. Such an opportunity seldom knocked twice!

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