Everlasting Immortal Firmament

Chapter 76.2

Chapter 76.2 - Meng Tai, Feng Ling, Li Wei, Yue Yao, Part Two

The memory scene switched once again. This time it was inside a small garden…

Where Meng Tai and Feng Ling were hiding behind a rock, looking for a new stimulation…

"No, husband!"

"Give me a kiss!"

"Lower your voice, someone is coming!"

Meng Tai and Feng Ling held their breath.

"It's Li Wei and Yue Yao!?" whispered Meng Tai.

"This is so embarrassing! Don't speak another word!" Feng Ling immediately covered Meng Tai's mouth.

"Yue Yao darling, why are you always grimacing! We are soon about to be married! What's making you so unhappy!" said Li Wei gently, cuddling Yue Yao and sitting in a little arbor.

Yue Yao, on the other hand, deeply knit her brow.

"Brother Li Wei, just look at your Great Senior Brother, and then look at yourself. Great Senior Brother is now Ascendant Hall Earth Throne Master, there are tens of thousands of people under him alone. Wherever he goes in the Thousand Islands Seas, every sect and clan worships him. Whereas you are just a little Boss of Nine-Five Island!" Yue Yao said unhappily.

"What's Great Senior Brother's is mine!?" said Li Wei, smiling.

"I don't care, today, wherever Sister Feng Ling's husband arrives, he is treated as a big shot. My husband cannot be worse than hers. Brother Li Wei, how about we also go out and see the world, okay?" urged Yue Yao in a gentle voice.

"Yue Yao, according to Great Senior Brother, although he is well-off, it is also very dangerous. Moreover, I still want to help Senior Brother look after the Golden Tong, help senior brother earn money. You shouldn't think too much about it!" advised Li Wei gently.

"I don't care, I don't care, I want to be the bride of a bigshot. I want my life to be grand and magnificent, I don't want to stay in this god-forsaken place, I don't want this!" shouted Yue Yao capriciously.

"Alright, alright, alright, you are my life. After our wedding, we will talk with Senior Brother and leave this place!" said Li Wei gently.

"That's better!" Yue Yao gave a peck on Li Wei's cheek.

Li Wei's face was immediately brimming with happiness.

"Brother Li Wei, recently, many people seem to be arriving at the Nine-Five Island. Besides the Ascendant Hall, there are some other forces as well. What do you think, what on earth do they want to do?" asked Yue Yao, curious.

"I don't know!"

"You don't know? What on earth have you been doing?" Yue Yao's eyes went wide as she glared.


"I know a bit!" Yue Yao bent her eyes, smiling. 

[Something like this- https://pic1.zhimg.com/80/v2-4d467210d9ca0e09e82e824a89fc34ad_hd.jpg]

"You know? What do you know?"

"Just you wait! I have already reached out to a bigshot on your behalf. As long as the matter is finished, I guarantee, you can also be as magnificent as Great Senior Brother. No, you will be better than Great Senior Brother!" stated Yue Yao confidently.

"What's the matter? My dear Yue Yao, tell me, please!"

"No, you just have to wait and watch. You are my husband, my husband must be upstanding and dauntless, must have tens of thousands of people under him! I want my husband's name to be known by all the sects of the Thousand Islands Sea, all of them should worship you whenever they see you!"

"My dear Yue Yao, please, tell me, I am dying to know!"

"Not telling, you just wait and watch! Hehehehe, don't tickle! Heheheh!"


The scene once again changed. Seemingly after a very long time…

Inside a grand hall stood a lady with her hands crossed behind her back, facing away from Meng Tai.

"Meng Tai, has the intel been confirmed?" asked the woman in a calm voice.

"Yes, Hall Lord, don't worry, the intel is absolutely reliable. This time, my Ascendant Hall has found it first!" Meng Tai's eyes flickered excitedly as he spoke.

"That's good. After searching for so long, we have finally found it. Are you sure no one else knows about this?" The woman clenched her fist in excitement.

"Only my wife knows about it!" reported Meng Tai solemnly.

"It's a matter of great importance, you mustn't reveal anything! Or, you are dead!" ordered the woman.

"Yes, Hall Lord!" obliged Meng Tai.


The scene changed once again. Slowly, Meng Tai arrived at a courtyard.

"Feng Ling, Feng Ling, where are you?"

Meng Tai looked everywhere for Feng Ling. Very quickly, he arrived inside a small courtyard.

However, this small courtyard was currently in a mess, as if a fight had taken place here. Walking in, Meng Tai's face immediately changed as he saw a paralyzed Feng Ling, whose entire body had turned purple, with a dagger placed on her neck. The person holding the dagger was none other than Yue Yao, who was currently keeping a very close eye on Meng Tai.

"Yue Yao, what are you doing? Let go of Feng Ling!" roared Meng Tai immediately as his face changed.

"Great Senior Brother, don't come any closer!" Yue Yao shouted nervously.

"Yue Yao, let go of Feng Ling!" Meng Tai looked at this scene, horrified.

"Husband, quickly, quickly, the messaging-crane is flying away, it's passing the dragon vein information, quickly, chase after the messaging-crane, quickly!" A feeble Feng Ling pointed towards the horizon.

Looking up at the horizon, Meng Tai saw a celestial crane holding a disc in its mouth flying away quickly.

"Passing information?" Meng Tai's countenance changed. He was just about to chase after the messaging-crane.

"Don't move, Great Senior Brother, if you chase after it, I...I...I will kill Sister Feng Ling!' cried out Yue Yao, trembling.

"Yue Yao, what are you doing? Are you crazy?" shouted Meng Tai.

"I am not crazy, Great Senior Brother. You have now become the Ascendant Hall Earth Throne Master and have endless future prospects, you have such great authority in hand. But why...why don't you ever think of Brother Li Wei, he is your Junior Brother, we have been relying on each other for so many years, but why don't you care for Brother Li Wei, why?" cried out Yue Yao, staring at Meng Tai.

"Yue Yao, don't cause any more trouble! Where did the messaging-crane go?" asked Meng Tai anxiously.

"Great Senior Brother, don't take another step, let the messaging-crane go. If you are not going to help Brother Li Wei, then I will help him. Originally, you came to Nine-Five Island for some dragon vein? I have already sent the information to Sir Li, Brother Li Wei will definitely be put in an important position. Great Senior Brother, considering the senior and junior brother feelings for so many years, please don't chase after it, don't chase it!" demanded Yue Yao, her words sounding more then a little unhinged.

"Husband, quickly chase after the messaging-crane, Feng Ling apologizes to you for falling into Yue Yao's trap. Quickly recover the messaging-crane, if you don't catch it, we are all going to die, quickly, quickly!" cried Feng Ling in a weak voice.

"Yue Yao, you are crazy, you simply don't know the seriousness of this matter!" Meng Tai was endlessly anxious.

Taking a step, Meng Tai was just about to soar into the sky.

"If you chase… if you chase after it, I will kill Feng Ling!" Using the dagger, Yue Yao cut Feng Ling's neck.

"Chase after it, husband, quickly chase after it, or you will die, quickly chase after it!" shouted Feng Ling.

Meng Tai looked anxious. He didn't know what to do.

"Husband, if you are not going to chase, I will kill myself in front of you, you will watch me die!" Feng Ling was about to crash her neck into the dagger.

"Going, I am going after it!" An agonized Meng Tai flew away.

"Great Senior Brother, you know my character! If you go after it, I will kill Sister Feng Ling!" A savage expression crossed Yue Yao's face.

As Meng Tai flew away, a fierce snarl appeared on Yue Yao's face. She was just about to slit Feng Ling's neck.


Instantly, Meng Tai drew his long sword, firing a dazzling sword arc in the blink of an eye. The instant Yue Yao was about to cut Feng Ling's neck, Yue Yao was beheaded.


Yue Yao's head flew away, a look of disbelief flashing past her eyes. Meanwhile, the dagger in her hand also fell on the ground.

"Yue Yao, Yue Yao!" Feng Ling immediately rushed to the beheaded Yue Yao, panic-stricken.

However, at this moment, only a look of disbelief remained in Yue Yao's eyes. Great Senior Brother, the very Great Senior Brother who used to love me, actually beheaded me instantly!?

Feng Ling, who was incomparably weak due to being poisoned, had a panic-stricken look in her eyes.

Meng Tai, on the other hand, flew into the sky, quickly catching up with the messaging-bird and killing it with a sword strike, before retrieving the disk and burning it completely.

Having done that, Meng Tai returned flying in the blink of an eye.

"Hus...Husband, Yue Yao is dead!" Feng Ling was seized with terror.

Meng Tai's eyes flickered with agony.

"Yue Yao brought it upon herself, sigh! She was crazy!"

"Can you still save her? Can you still save her?"

Meng Tai's eyes flickered sadly; he didn't say anything.

Shortly after, Meng Tai found a coffin, and he and Feng Ling quietly buried Yue Yao. No one said anything. Even Li Wei didn't know about it.


The scene once again changed. Scenes of Meng Tai's memories kept on playing...

Having watched this scene in surprise, Gu Hai turned his head and took a glance at Li Wei. At this moment, Li Wei's entire body was trembling. His fist were clenched as he stared at the scene like a dead man.

Then, Gu Hai looked at Ding Rui and the Song Jia Sect Chief. Almost everyone had their eyes focused at this scene. And when they heard “dragon vein”, they especially gave it their utmost attention.

After a moment of silence, Gu Hai slowly withdrew.

Gu Hai withdrew from Meng Tai's second level dreamland, and once again returned to the first level dreamland.


In the blazing fire, Meng Tai was being burned down as his soul was squeezed into revealing those scenes.

Watching Meng Tai amid the raging flames, Gu Hai remained silent for a good long while.

Suddenly, a blue water ball appeared in his palm.

This was what Gu Hai had just created by fusing his mind and Throne Master token, and than mobilizing the dreamworld energy.


The water ball was thrown into the sea of fire, drenching Meng Tai's entire body in the blink of an eye.

Ci! Ci! Ci! Ci! Ci!

A series of crackles rang out as the water was being evaporated by the flames.

"So, dreamworld energy can also be used this way!? Gu Hai looked at his hands in astonishment.

In the outside world, this could only be imagined. But in here, it could be used for real, which made Gu Hai endlessly happy.

"Who are you? Dreamworld water?" Having been drenched in the water, Meng Tai's suffering seemed to have been eased a lot.

"Ascendant Hall new Water Throne Master greets Earth Throne Master!" Gu Hai introduced himself calmly.

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