Everlasting Immortal Firmament

Chapter 72

Chapter 72 - Heaven, Earth, Void, Death, The Four Companies

Nine Five Island, Clear River Sect, within a grand hall...

Divine Battalion Commander Li Haoran was looking at an enormous map filled with mountains and rivers. The river streams were extremely distinct, so distinct that they were apparent to the eyes. Nonetheless, Li Haoran always found it insufficient. He kept looking at it again and again.

"Commander, you have been looking at this map of Nine-Five Island for over a month already! Your Subordinate has sent people to investigate the landscape from a century ago, and if there are any changes in the mountains and rivers!" said a Divine Battalion disciple respectfully.

"Quickly hand it over!" Li Haoran immediately ordered.

"Yes, sir!"

At this time, another Divine Battalion disciple rushed into the grand hall.

"Commander, we just received an information from island's west, the sea beast Bixi has appeared once again. Furthermore, this time it is bringing a large number of sea beasts along with it, seemingly wanting to step onto the island!" reported that Divine Battalion disciple respectfully.

"Oh? Bixi has appeared once again? Landing on the island!?" A solemn look immediately appeared on Li Haoran's face.

"Yes, sir. Bixi has appeared. The western sea is covered in dense dark clouds and a massive rainstorm is pouring down with the arrival of the Bixi!" replied that Divine Battalion disciple immediately.

Li Haoran narrowed his eyes. "This Bixi really has no idea of death and danger!? Humph!"

"Commander, sea beasts come and go following their senses. Commander, it is better to refer to the sea beasts as to where they are going than to calculate on a map. Perhaps, Commander can more conveniently find what Commander is looking for!" proposed that Divine Battalion commander carefully.

"Not bad!" Li Haoran's eyes immediately turned bright.

"Inform the Divine Battalion disciples, we are leaving for island's west immediately!" ordered Li Haoran.

"Yes, sir!"


West of Nine-Five Island, above the sea...


Dense dark clouds sprawled across the sky and the rain came lashing down, while tsunamis as high as ten thousand zhang raged across the sea. When this sight came into the view of the residents living by the seaside, horror shrouded the face of each and every one of them. Any ship on the sea was crushed by the raging tsunamis into pieces, without any exceptions.

Gradually, a huge dragon head emerged from the sea. A dragon's head with the body of a turtle, it was none other than the Bixi that Gu Hai had encountered in the past.

The Bixi was surrounded by numerous underlings. Each and every one of them was huge in size and was making a path for the Bixi.

With three thousand underlings cutting a path, the Bixi was gradually approaching the shore.

As the Bixi moved, the dark clouds blotting the sky also followed it towards the island.

Suddenly, the dark clouds marched a thousand li. In a flash, a torrential rainstorm came pouring down the western side of the island.

Wherever the Bixi went, the wind howled and the rain came crashing down.

"The sea beasts are on the shore, quickly run, the sea beasts are ashore!" "What a strong rain!?" "My crops, my crops!"...

Cries and shouts rang out everywhere. Following the rainstorm, the Bixi came ashore step by step.

ROAR! As the Bixi let out a long roar as it faced the sky, the rainstorm grew fiercer, while the dark clouds sprawled over a thousand li once more. Many places in the western half of the island had rainstorms ravaging them. It looked as if the world had come to an end.


The Golden Tong, the Valley of Crooks...

After a night of intense battle where Gu Hai had fought alone against thousands, everything returned to calm at the break of first morning light.

The convicts picked themselves up painfully. Many of their bones were broken. At the crack of dawn, they had to reset their bones, letting the fractures heal slowly.

After a night of hellish battle, everyone felt a chill whenever they looked in Gu Hai's direction.

That guy's cultivation was also sealed, but he fought for a whole night! There simply wasn't a strand of True Qi!

It was like a dream. How is this possible? I have never been beaten by other. Where has been there anyone to beat the shit out of me?

The criminals had firm wills. They did not yell out again and returned to their respective nests, covering their wounds, looking in Gu Hai's direction, looking at the criminal amongst the criminals, the king of criminals.

Some were afraid, some were helpless, but many more were just unwilling.


Outside the Valley of Crooks...

A group of Golden Tong disciples made their way to the summit of a mountain with several big boxes before looking down at the Valley of Crooks.

"You are here? Rats again!?" one of the guards at the summit said with a laugh. 

"We are already being generous by giving them rats. These criminals deserve to be damned, but we are still giving them something to eat, aren't we!?" said the man lifting the boxes, with a laugh of agreement.

"Throw them down!" the guard nodded.

Several big boxes were opened as countless rats were thrown down towards the Valley of Crooks.

The group of Golden Tong disciples watched it with unusual fascination. Every time they came here to watch the criminals fighting over the rats; they found it very interesting.

However, today, even when countless rats rained down from the sky, the entire Valley of Crooks remained completely calm, as if the criminals had turned meek all of a sudden. No one fought for the rats at all.

"Well? Are they on a hunger strike or something?" a rat-catcher asked, as a frown crept up on his face.

Only after a good long while did he see criminals in groups of twos and threes coming out to pick and eat the rats. However, this time, they no longer fought over the rats.

"What's going on? Something isn't right today! Did something happen in these last two days?" asked the rat-catcher as his face was lined with frowns.

"Nothing! However, last night, there were sounds of fighting coming up. Isn't that very normal? Every once in a while, things will get chaotic, but that's up to them. What are you afraid of, they can't escape anyway!"

"Alright! It's their wish to die; if they exhaust themselves, they will die in the arena. Generally, they don't dare to fight!"

"Okay, it's none of my business anyway!"...

The Golden Tong disciples discussed things for a while before leaving in succession. No one knew what happened the night before.

The criminals had suffered inhuman treatment at the hands of Golden Tong, and as such, all of them hated the Golden Tong. Naturally, no one would go and secretly inform them.


Gu Hai causally ate a healing dan before looking at the criminals in the Valley of  Crooks.

Chen Tianshan and Scar stood to the sides respectfully.

After last night's fight, the two no longer looked down upon on Gu Hai.

Inside the valley, the criminals in the group of twos and threes picked the rats' corpses and started chewing, trying to recover their strength. Their eyes radiated malicious gleams whenever they looked towards Gu Hai.


Very soon, the sky turned dark as the valley bid farewell to the sun and welcomed the night. 

Popping his neck, Gu Hai slowly stood up.

Inside the Valley of Crooks, having rested for an entire day, those who were unwilling teamed up once more. This time, they did not attack rashly and began teaming up before swarming Gu Hai's position, trying to surround him.

"Last night was the first time, tonight it's the second time. I will give you a chance again, but before the crack of dawn, if there is someone who is still unwilling, then there is only one choice he has, death!" A cold light flashed in Gu Hai's eyes.

"Attack!" "Attack!"...

The crowd of convicts pounced on Gu Hai once more.


Just like last night, another massive fight broke out.

At the same time, outside the Valley of Crooks, several guards were hugging a few stunning and flirtatious girls, while drinking wine, talking about some things that were somewhat inappropriate for children.

"Miserable screams are once again coming from inside, what the hell is going on?" asked a flirtatious girl who was sitting on the lap of a guard.

"Forget them, as long as those criminals don't escape, it's none of our business!" replied the guard as his hands wandered up the flirtatious girl's thigh.

"You scoundrel, you can go die!" the girl cursed, yet welcomed his attention.


Under a night spent with little to no sleep, countless battles were fought until the crack of dawn.

This time, Gu Hai had completely subdued the criminals.

Looking at more than three thousand criminals down on one knee before him, Gu Hai's eyes overflowed with battle-lust even though his face was completely swollen.

"Greetings, my Lord!" over three thousand criminals respectfully greeted Gu Hai.

"I know that some of you are still a bit unwilling. I can see it! However, it's all right. Over these two nights, I have beaten the hell out of you so that it's etched into your memories. For the next twenty years, I will be your Boss. And after twenty years, if you want to stay, you can stay, and if you don't want to, I will also let you leave. However, in these twenty years, whoever dares to escape, I will take your life!" Gu Hai looked at over three thousand criminals with his eyes wide open.

"Well!?" Over three thousand criminals raised their heads and looked at Gu Hai. A confused look was evident on their faces.

Gu Hai's gaze traveled over every criminal before he spoke in a heavy tone, "If you remain here, you will just be waiting to get killed, eating those rats, unable to pay back the grievances you have suffered to the enemy. And ultimately you will be killed in the arena someday; killed in front of your enemies; breathing your last while listening to the laughter of your enemies. Is this the life you want?"

"But...but what can we do?" a convict asked, gritting his teeth.

"I'll try to think of a way to escape, all you have to do is serve me for twenty years. Are you still feeling reluctant?" asked Gu Hai calmly.

"Escape? How can we escape?" asked the congregation of men, staring at Gu Hai.

"If you want to escape, you have to listen to me. However, it's not the best time yet, because there are two difficult problems in front of us!" stated Gu Hai evenly.

"The seal and the mask? The cultivation seal needs a powerful electric current which is only present in the Colosseum! Furthermore, I have heard that the Colosseum's electrical current also need to be stored every day," spoke up Scar.

"We don't need to go the Colosseum, I have a way to get the current. The most important thing is the mask!" revealed Gu Hai.

"Oh? Really? Can you dispel the seal?" everyone immediately asked gleefully.

"What?!" Gu Hai's face was covered with a serious look.

The criminals who were just in an uproar quieted down at once.

"Alright, no more nonsense. Remain calm during the day. Next, I will give you a pen and paper, and you will write down your names, abilities, specialities, why you were caught in brief, limit it to two hundred words; no more than that!" ordered Gu Hai coldly.

"Yes, my Lord!" the criminals readily obliged.

Under everyone's curious gaze, Gu Hai took out many pens and papers and handed them over to the criminals.

With two hundred words per person and over three thousand people, the total could very well amount to tens of thousands words. Very soon, the details were quickly handed over to Gu Hai. Gu Hai's mental arithmetic ability was extremely high. By the evening, he had already read the details completely and soon started to arrange the men.

"In the future, you will be my subordinates, divided into four companies, namely Heaven, Earth, Void, and Death. Every company consists of nine hundred people, every unit of a hundred people will lead by a lieutenant, every squad of ten people will be lead by a sergeant. I will appoint the lieutenants! As for the sergeants, you can discuss it amongst yourselves. I will now appoint the company captains. Gao Xianzhi will be the Heaven Company captain! Chen Tianshan will be the Earth Company captain! Scar will be the Void Company captain! And Shangguan Hen will be the Death Company captain!" commanded Gu Hai.

"Yes, my Lord!" the men shouted back.

Gao Xianzhi was still not back. However, he was sill appointed as the Heaven Company captain by Gu Hai, nonetheless, no one dared to say anything. Chen Tianshan and Scar respectively commanded a company each. As Golden Stage cultivators, the two also had some prestige. Gu Hai didn't value their ability. It's just that as the convicts here were just being organized, control was more important. Therefore, Gu Hai had appointed people by favoritism.

Lastly, Shangguan Hen.

It was the first time Gu Hai had met him. Gu Hai had no impression of this Shangguan Hen in the earlier fights whatsoever. However, this man had suffered the lightest injuries. Even more importantly, he had been in the Valley of Crooks for three decades already. The criminals in the Valley of Crooks had been replaced several times over, yet he had survived up until now.

Shangguan Hen looked like a middle-aged man. The stubble on his face gave him an extremely haggard appearance. However, an extremely sharp look was evident in his eyes. There was nothing about him on the resume. Shangguan Hen didn't write anything about himself, all he wrote were a few words: I have been in the Valley of Crooks for thirty years.

Such an introduction was enough for Gu Hai to understand him. Gu Hai firmly believed that anyone who could survive was the best. As for character and mentality, he could slowly understand them in the future. A resume could not clearly describe anything.


At sundown, just when Gu Hai was completely done organizing them...

A thunderous bang reverberated across the sky, and dense black clouds blotted out the sky.

"Rainstorm? How come there is a storm coming so suddenly?" The convicts raised their heads to look at the sky in astonishment.

Gu Hai, on the other hand, narrowed his eyes. This scene made Gu Hai immediately recall the shipwreck from over a month ago. At that time, the weather had changed suddenly just like now. Isn't this the scene caused by the arrival of a sea beast?

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