Everlasting Immortal Firmament

Chapter 61.2

Chapter 61 - Li Haoran, Part Two

"Gu Hai...!" A strange look appeared on that man's face as he answered.

"Oh? What happened to Gu Hai?"

"Gu Hai killed all the Ascendant Hall disciples, including Meng Tai!" that man finally opened his mouth and stated.

Ding Rui gaped "...!"

Long Wanqing stared. "...!"

"What nonsense are you speaking? How could Gu Hai kill Meng Tai, as well as all the Ascendant Hall disciples?" Ding Rui's eyes immediately went wide, she didn't believe it.

"Why would I lie to you? From the get-go, I knew Gu Hai was extremely powerful, so, I didn't partake in the great battle between them. That Gu Hai was really strong, he is my idol!" the cultivator suddenly burst out shouting.

"What great battle?" asked Grandmaster Liunian, surprised.

"About half a month ago...oh, it seems you really don't know! You have come late, Gu Hai, alone fought against tens of thousands of people, and forcefully plundered the Hundred Years Longevity Peach Tree. What's more, everyone, including Weiqi Empyrean Court disciples, was forced to the point that no one dared to get close," stated that man in an excited voice.

"What? Wait, what, Gu Hai, alone fought with tens of thousands of people? Weiqi Empyrean Court disciples and everyone were forced to the point that they dared not take another step?" Ding Rui was unable to keep up with that man's words.

"Of course, that Meng Tai was nothing. Eventually, he was killed by Gu Hai. It was really awesome! Gu Hai is indeed a man; for just a young snake, he didn't care about the Hundred Years Longevity Peaches and simply fed her a total of six. It was really awesome! Gu Hai is Water Throne Master, right! Is your Ascendant Hall still recruiting disciples? If so, can I join Water Throne and follow Throne Master Gu!?" asked that man excitedly.

Long Wanqing, "...!"

Ding Rui, "...!"

Grandmaster Liunian, "...!"

Li Haoran, "...!"

Everyone listened to cultivators all around as they all talked confusedly, describing the events from half a month ago.

Long Wanqing and Grandmaster Liunian glanced at each other.

In the beginning, Long Wanqing was not confident about Gu Hai. However, Gu Hai had outdone everyone... who would have imagined that Gu Hai would cause such a big stir? All ten Saturn Peaches had actually been taken away by him, and then, he had surprisingly wasted nine of them just like that!?

If that was not being wasteful, then what was it? So many of them had been eaten so casually!

"It seems we missed a lot!" said Grandmaster Liunian, smiling wryly.

"Wei Shengren has been found, he came out of the seclusion, awesome!" Long Wanqing's eyes, on the other hand, turned red; it seemed she would break into tears of joy.

"Empress Wa? Great Wisdom King?" The nearby Li Haoran's eyebrows twitched slightly.

"Gu Hai killed Meng Tai? He is really audacious!" Ding Rui said as her eyes went wide in anger.

"Humph!" Suddenly, a cold snort rang from high up in the sky. It was none other than Ninth Young Master. At this moment, he was staring at the two flying ships in anguish.

Just a moment ago, when the cultivators all around were giving a rundown of the events to Long Wanqing's party, they were singing Gu Hai’s praises, while at the same time, they were rudely belittling him, saying that he was like a clown in front of Gu Hai. Gu Hai was too lazy to even reason with a nobody like him.

Ninth Young Master has always been harboring anger in his heart. And now, he was even more depressed.

"How can the Ascendant Hall be so ill-bred that they would kill each other? No wonder your previous Hall Lord was killed by someone. Serves you right! Humph!" said Ninth Young Master cynically.

"What did you say? I dare you to say that again!?" Long Wanqing glared at him in anger.


Aboard the flying ship, one by one, the Ascendant Hall disciples immediately glared at Ninth Young Master in anger as they unsheathed their swords and sabers.

"I said, your Ascendant Hall Lord deserved to get killed, what can you do?" said Ninth Young Master coldly.


Suddenly, a long golden arrow shot towards Ninth Young Master. As soon as the golden arrow was fired, it shattered the space as it whizzed through the air, just like a golden rainbow. Immediately after, it pierced through a large number of cloud beasts in the blink of an eye and arrived in front of Ninth Young Master.

"What!?" A horrendous look immediately covered Ninth Young Master's face.


The hydra let out a roar as it blocked the arrow with its tail at once.


The golden long arrow clashed with the tail with a loud crash. Immediately, the long arrow pierced through the hydra's tail, leaving a big hole behind, while the powerful recoil rocked Ninth Young Master's internal organs. An intense premonition of death shrouded Ninth Young Master's body in the blink of an eye.

"No, no, no!" screamed Ninth Young Master.

Swish! Swish! Swish!...

All the eight snakeheads of the hydra appeared in front of Ninth Young Master, trying to block the long golden arrow.


The momentum of the golden arrow was simply too fierce. In the blink of an eye, it pierced through the eight snakeheads.

"Noooo...!" Ninth Young Master let out a blood-curdling scream.


Ninth Young Master's head exploded into pieces with a loud bang.

Hisss… Countless cultivators all around hissed in shock.

Amazingly, just an arrow had punctured nine holes in the hydra, and moreover, blasted Ninth Young Master's head into pieces!?


Immediately, the hydra collapsed while Ninth Young Master's corpse plummeted to the ground from high in the air.

Everyone turned their gazes in the direction the long golden arrow was shot from, only to see a man dressed in golden armor aboard the second ship, with a longbow in his hand, gazing coldly at the falling corpse of Ninth Young Master.

"You think you can insult my Ascendant Hall Lord? Ha!" The golden-armored man was none other than Li Haoran.

"He killed Ninth Young Master, he killed Ninth Young Master!" the natives screamed in shock and fear.

Retracting his longbow, Li Haoran coldly looked at the congregation of cloud beasts guarding the Hundred Years Longevity Peach Tree as he said coldly, "Weiqi Empyrean Court? You have already become history. In your current predicament, you cannot offend just anyone. If not for the sake of Elder Guanqi, I would have flatten your Weiqi Empyrean Court for this sentence, humph!"

A smile immediately bloomed on Long Wanqing's face as she watched Li Haoran venting on her behalf.

Li Haoran said, looking at Long Wanqing, "Wanqing, since we have the information, do we still have to wrack our brains about the whereabouts of Wei Shengren?"

Long Wanqing nodded and said, with a look of reverence on her face, "My mother has died already, we have just one last place to go, Nine-Five Island, Wei Shengren would definitely come looking for us, let's go!"

Li Haoran nodded in agreement.


The two flying ships slowly flew out of the entrance without tarrying any longer here.

Having watched that terrifying arrow, countless cultivators gasped in astonishment.

"Who is he? Who was that man? Just an arrow!?"

"Ninth Young Master is dead!?"

"It's the Divine Battalion, I remember, it's the Divine Battalion! He was Divine Battalion commander, Li Haoran!"

"What? Li Haoran personally came here!"...

A look of surprise appeared on the faces of many of the cultivators. Suddenly, the atmosphere of the Xiantian Endgame World became a lot stranger.


At the entrance of the palace...

Watching the two flying ships leave, Great Elder took deep breaths, only then could he suppress the anger in his heart.

"Ke ke ke ke!" the sickly young man nearby narrowed his eyes as a cold smile crept upon his lips, "Divine Battalion's Li Haoran? Hahaha, Nine-Five Island? Great Elder, I will leave this place to you, I guess, I will go to Nine-Five Island and take a look what great ability they actually have to boast that they can flatten my Weiqi Empyrean Court!"

Turning his head, Great Elder look at the sickly young man and said, "Are you sure you want to go to Nine-Five Island?"

"Ke ke ke, yes, I know what Grandmaster had said about Nine-Five Island, but it doesn't matter. Even though my Weiqi Empyrean Court is gone, the Thousand Islands Seas can still be considered as my Weiqi Empyrean Court's industry. How can we allow those outsiders to be so presumptuous!" stated the sickly young man in a cold tone.

"What should we do with that… that...!" Great Elder pointed at the falling corpse of Ninth Young Master.

"That thing is incompetent, it spoiled everything! Just bury it, I will find a substitute later! Ke ke ke!" said the sickly young man in a heavy tone.

"Yes! Ninth Young Master, have a safe journey!" Great Elder nodded.

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