Everlasting Immortal Firmament

Chapter 30.1

Chapter 30 - Spirit Source, Part One

Xiantian Endgame World, above a mountain peak...

An extremely handsome young man dressed in a red robe looked far into the distance towards the south. That handsome face was laced with a sinister expression as his eyes glinted coldly.

A black-robed man got down on one knee before the red-robed young man and said respectfully, "Ninth Young Master, this time, the outsiders are extremely cruel; they have burned and killed everything in their wake. Some residents at the center of the entrance wanted to block the outsiders, but all of them were massacred. Not long ago, the Carefree Valley was also plundered and burned to the ground; their cruelty has no bounds! Wherever they go, they kill, rob, and burn!"

A cold light radiated from the red-robed Ninth Young Master's eyes as he said, "These outsiders are getting more and more unscrupulous. Humph, if they don't want to deal with these outsiders, then I will do something about it. In any case, I will leave the Tianyuan Island soon, even if they want to hold me responsible, they can't catch me!"

"Does Ninth Young Master want to take action?" the black-robed man asked as his eyes lit up with excitement.

"There were more than a thousand people residing in the Carefree Valley, and the outsiders actually slaughtered them. Humph, if so, then force all of them to the Carefree Valley, we will also kill, rob, and burn them to the ground. However, this time it will be their turn to despair!" said the Ninth Young Master coldly.

"Since Ninth Young Master is going to take action, all of them are going to die for certain!" the black-robed man shouted excitedly.

"Notify the Demon Piper Team that there are outsiders north of my position, tell them to flush those outsiders into Carefree Valley!" the Ninth Young Master said in a cold tone.

"Yes, My Lord!" the black-robed man obeyed.


Xiantian Endgame World, inside a forest...

After having been treated, Song Qingshu was much better. Although he was still a bit weak, at the very least, the discomfort in his body had completely disappeared.

Next to him were a few Song Jia Sect disciples, all of them completely crippled. As for the rest, they all had returned to dust in the previous explosion.

Song Qingshu felt sad from the bottom of his heart as he looked at the few crippled Song Jia Sect disciples remaining. He was regretting ever hunting down Gu Hai, but hated Gu Hai even more.

"Thank you very much, Throne Master Meng Tai, for saving us!" Song Qingshu said gratefully.

There was a group of people before Song Qingshu, who were none other than the curly-bearded fellow who was the Earth Throne Master of Ascendant Hall, as well as a bunch of Ascendant Hall disciples.

"Forget it, Song Qingshu; in the future, you probably are going to be serving Ascendant Hall with us. I just couldn't bear when I saw you encountering this tragedy, that's all. Who would have thought that the newly appointed Water Throne Master would actually be so vicious that he did not even spare his own subordinates!" the curly-bearded Meng Tai stated with a frown.

Song Qingshu said, with changing emotions in his eyes, "Yeah, I didn't do anything to him, yet he actually set a trap to harm me. Under his command, even if I luckily survived today, he will certainly find ways to kill me!"

"Song Qingshu, what are you going to do next?" asked Meng Tai.

"Kill Gu Hai, until Gu Hai is alive, I will not be at peace!" Song Qingshu said hatefully.

A slight smile appeared on Meng Tai's lips as he said, "Water Throne Master has indeed gone over the top!"


Suddenly, a melodious flute sounded in the forest far away.

"En?" Meng Tai knit his brows.

The subordinates of Meng Tai were rather tacit as one among them suddenly rushed toward the direction of the flute to scout.

"It's bad, demon tide! Throne Master, leave quickly!" the man who went to scout suddenly shouted from far away, scared.


A thunderous explosion accompanied by a loud blood-curdling scream rang out before the man suddenly flew over like a bullet.


Immediately after, a giant monster landed not so far away, trampling over that man.

"Demon Wolf?" Song Qingshu's expression changed for the worse...

As he caught sight of a nearly one zhang tall, hideous giant wolf trampling his underling. The giant wolf's eyes were glowing red as it looked at the group of people savagely.

"Throne Master, save me!" the trapped disciple begged in fear.

"Evil beast! Stop!" Meng Tai's eyes went wide as he took out a double-edged saber and slashed across, before a Saber Qi directly thrust across the distance.


The demon wolf roared as he fired a ball of light from its mouth, directly clashing with the Saber Qi.


The Saber Qi and the ball of light mutually exploded with a deafening sound; apparently, the Saber Qi was launched from too far away.

However, in that instant, the group of Ascendant Hall disciples had already charged. Holding their respective sabers and swords, they wanted to kill the demon wolf and save their friend trapped underneath the wolf’s claws.

"Evil beast, get the hell out!" Everyone raised their blades to strike.

Just in that instant, huge silhouettes suddenly charged out of the forest one after another; all of them resembled the giant wolf.


Everyone who had attacked was suddenly struck flying.

"What?" Song Qingshu's countenance turned ugly.


The number of demon wolves was still increasing. In the blink of an eye, the demon wolves already numbered thirty and was still increasing.

The demon wolf that rushed out first opened its jaws suddenly bit the guy underneath its claws.


That person was bitten into half and subsequently swallowed by the demon wolf.


Along with the melodious flute, the number of demon wolves was still growing. In the wink of an eye, already fifty wolves had arrived.

A dozen or so subordinates surrounded Meng Tai. With the increasing number of these demon wolves, even Meng Tai had to weigh pros and cons if he fought.

"Let's leave quickly!" said, Meng Tai, as his expression flickered.

"Martial Uncle, save me, please save me!" the Song Jia Sect crippled disciples who were lying on the ground cried out, scared.

Looking at the pack of wolves, a chill gripped Song Qingshu's heart. He turned around and simply didn't care about his martial nephews. He fled far away even quicker than anyone. In order to save their lives, humans can tap into their hidden potential. The same was true for Song Qingshu; at this moment, his previous injuries were seemingly inconsequential, now there was only one thought in his mind: escape!


The group immediately escaped to the distance.

"ROAR!" The pack of wolves chased after them.

"Martial Uncle, save me, please save me, AHHHH!" The crippled disciples of Song Jia Sect burst into cries of despair.

However, no one could save them, and they were torn to pieces by the attacking wolves.

The pack of wolves chased after those who had fled.

Meanwhile, at the rear of the pack of wolves were two giant wolves, and black-robed men stood upon each of them. One of them was blowing the flute, commanding the pack of wolves.

"Ninth Young Master has ordered us to surround them, not kill them. We have to flush them into the Carefree Valley, let them enjoy the feel of an endless despair and then torture them to death!" stated the other black-robed man. 

"I know, I let the wolf pack eat those few people to appease them so that they could chase after the others more quickly. I will slowly hunt those outsiders down!" the guy who was playing the flute answered.

(Ed. Note: That’s some breath control. Hands and lips occupied blowing a flute, and he can still talk!)


At the Carefree Valley...

Having been implored by Gu Hai to inform them about three ethereal souls and seven corporeal souls, Grandmaster Lian Sheng spoke without reservation, as he had a good impression of Gu Hai.

"Did this small snake used to live here before? Did you perhaps come here for the spirit pool?" Grandmaster Lian Sheng asked with a sudden smile.

"Yes, indeed it's so!" Gu Hai admitted, nodding.

"All right, friends, you don't need to give up. Let's go to the spirit pool and immerse in it together. This pool is rather strange, seemingly it was laid out by Elder Guanqi in the past!" Grandmaster Lian Sheng said, still smiling.

"Ah? The spirit pool wasn't natural?" Chen Tianshan exclaimed with surprise.

"Elder Guanqi had the ability to arrange it!" Grandmaster Lian Sheng explained a bit.

"Oh?" Chen Tianshan was rather stupefied.

"Grandmaster, please!" invited Gu Hai courteously, with a smile on his lips.

Grandmaster Lian Sheng nodded.

Everyone gradually stepped into the cave after Grandmaster Liang Sheng.

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