Eternal Martial Sovereign

Chapter 97

Chapter 97 – Heaven-Devouring Fire Formation

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Master Shadow

Qiu Xuan Feng stumbled back and suddenly discovered that there was someone ahead. He was filled with delight and immediately rushed towards Xiao Yun. Behind him, the flame serpent demonic spirit continued to give chase, not willing to let him off.


Seeing the flame serpent, the snow-white little beast’s eyes flashed as it gave a strange cry. Its gaze when looking at the flame serpent looked somewhat hazy, as if it recognised it.

Hearing the snow-white little beast’s cry, the flame serpent stared for a moment as a trace of fear appearing in its fiery eyes. “Is it her”? the flame serpent muttered in hesitation.

“No, it can’t be her. Otherwise, how could she only have this bit of strength?” Following this, the flame serpent continued forwards.

At this moment, Qiu Xuan Feng was only tens of metres away from Xiao Yun.

“Brat, you haven’t died yet?” Qiu Xuan Feng’s expression was savage as he coldly yelled at Xiao Yun. Even though Qiu Xuan Feng was heavily injured, he was still just as powerful.

“Alright, since it’s like this, you can go block that demonic serpent for me. Hahaha…” Qiu Xuan Feng stretched out his hand, trying to grab Xiao Yun. “Lord demonic serpent, if you want to be reborn, how about you take this person? I’m already an old man, so even if you take my body, your future will be limited. However, this boy’s different – he’s still quite young, but he has already stepped into the Innate realm and made it to this place. He’s definitely quite extraordinary.”

Qiu Xuan Feng was actually tempting the demonic spirit to take Xiao Yun instead.

“This boy?” the demonic serpent asked as it stared at Xiao Yun with its fiery eyes. “He’s indeed quite extraordinary.”

“Damnit!” Xiao Yun’s gaze became cold, his hatred towards Qiu Xuan Feng swelling. He his palm, taking out the concealed weapon, while also starting to activate the Spirit-Destroying Spear.


However, the snow-white little beast moved first, rushing towards Qiu Xuan Feng.

“Snowy!” Xiao Yun frowned as he yelled out – Qiu Xuan Feng was an Essence Core realm expert!


The snow-white little beast swiped out with its claws as a white claw-like light slashed through the air towards Qiu Xuan Feng’s hand.


The claw light and the hand clashed, causing runes to flash, as well as shockwaves to burst forth.

However, the might of an Essence Core realm cultivator was simply too powerful. Qiu Xuan Feng’s hand was like a mountain seal, completely destroying the little beast’s claw light. His hands gave off powerful shockwaves, causing the air around them to tremble.

Xiao Yun continuously retreated, a hint of blood at his lips.

The snow-white little beast’s body also trembled. However, it did not retreat, and instead opened its mouth to spit out a fireball. The fireball was incredibly hot, as if it was going to incinerate the air. The Essence Qi around Qiu Xuan Feng’s palm sizzled, and was burned to nothing.


Another explosion sounded out as Qiu Xuan Feng once again attacked, destroying the fireball. He had been in the Essence Core realm for many years, and even if he was injured, he was still quite powerful.

“Eh?” Seeing the little snow-white beast attack, the flame serpent slightly stopped.


Under the might of that attack, the snow-white little beast was sent flying and landed heavily on the ground. However, it quickly got up and bared its fangs, as if it was uninjured.

“You have a spiritual creature like this?” Qiu Xuan Feng asked in shock. “It’s a pity that it won’t change your fate.” His eyes stared coldly as he continued to stretch out his hand and rushed towards Xiao Yun.


At this moment, Xiao Yun’s eyes glinted and the concealed weapon shot out like an arrow.

“A concealed weapon?” Qiu Xuan Feng raised his eyebrows and coldly laughed, “Mere parlour tricks.”


At this moment, the concealed weapon exploded, giving off mysterious ripples. The ripples were nearly at the Essence Core realm, and would strike fear into anyone. The metal shards contained within burst out and flew towards Qiu Xuan Feng.

This concealed weapon had been thrown out the moment Qiu Xuan Feng had destroyed the snow-white little beast’s attack. By the time he noticed it, it had already exploded.

“Poison!” Qiu Xuan Feng frowned and hurriedly retreated.


Just as Qiu Xuan Feng retreated, the flame serpent’s tail whipped around him. With the fiery tail wrapped around him, his clothes were instantly incinerated.

“Arghhhh!!” Qiu Xuan Feng cried out, saying, “Why must you take me?”

“You’re already at the Essence Core realm; why shouldn’t I take you?” the flame serpent coldly said.

“But that youth’s still young!” Qiu Xuan Feng yelled.

“That youth?” the flame serpent laughed, “After eating him, I’ll still be able to replenish some vital essence.” Following this, the flame serpent sent out powerful wave of spirit energy into Qiu Xuan Feng’s mind.


Qiu Xuan Feng’s mind trembled and his soul nearly collapsed.


Following this, the flame serpent turned into a ray of fiery light and entered into Qiu Xuan Feng’s head, preparing to take over his body.

“I won’t let you succeed!!” Qiu Xuan Feng furiously roared. Following this, his expression froze.

“He was taken over?” Xiao Yun asked as he raised an eyebrow.

“It’s not that easy,” the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow said. “Quickly attack their minds.”

“Mm.” Xiao Yun nodded, preparing to unleash the Spirit-Destroying Spear. A powerful wave of spirit energy emanated out from him and covered the area as the Spirit-Destroying Spear shot out from Xiao Yun’s sea of consciousness.


The Spirit-Destroying Spear shot out like a ray of light, reaching Qiu Xuan Feng in an instant.

“What powerful spirit energy!” Qiu Xuan Feng’s mind cried out inwardly.


The Spirit-Destroying Spear slammed into Qiu Xuan Feng’s mind, and a powerful wave of spirit energy erupted within his sea of consciousness. Qiu Xuan Feng, who was desperately defending against the flame serpent, felt his soul quiver and cried out, “What sort of spiritual armament is this? How could it have such might?” He felt incredibly shocked – the youth was the only person outside, so it must have been him who had just attacked.

However, before he could react, his spirit was obliterated. He never thought that he would fall at the hands of an Innate realm youth.

Following this, the Spirit-Destroying Spear shot towards the flame serpent demonic spirit.

“Is this a spiritual armament?” the flame serpent cried out in shock as it felt a massive sense of pressure. “Fortunately, you’re unable to release this weapon’s full might. Haha, this is far from enough to be able to deal with me. You might as well gift it to me.”

The flame serpent savagely laughed and attacked the Spirit-Destroying Spear.

Within Qiu Xuan Feng’s sea of consciousness, the flame serpent and the Spirit-Destroying Spear clashed together.


A massive explosion sounded out, and Qiu Xuan Feng’s head nearly exploded. Following this, a dark light trembled and a short spear hurriedly retreated out.

“So close!” Xiao Yun’s spirit trembled, almost collapsing. He hurriedly brought the Spirit-Destroying Spear back into his body. Just then had been too dangerous – the flame serpent was more powerful than what the Spirit-Destroying Spear could deal with. If he did not retreat in time, things would have taken a turn for the worse. Right now, Xiao Yun’s spirit was still buzzing, as if it was a large bell that had been struck. It wasn’t that the Spirit-Destroying Spear wasn’t powerful enough, but that Xiao Yun’s spirit energy was far from enough.

“Who would have thought that an Innate realm youth like you would have such a godly item?” The flame serpent turned into a humanoid form and walked towards Xiao Yun, speaking with a savage expression, “Heheh, who would have thought I would encounter such a godly item after escaping? The heavens are truly helping me!”

After saying this, its eyes glinted as it sent out a flame serpent that rushed towards Xiao Yun. This demonic serpent was extremely powerful and could create its own weapons at will. If it had not lost its fleshly body, it would be able to suppress any Essence Core realm expert with its power.

Feeling its might, Xiao Yun tightly frowned. He was completely defenceless.


Xiao Yun’s qi and blood tossed and turned, causing him to cough up a mouthful of essence blood. This flame serpent was too strong, and Xiao Yun could not resist it at all.


The snow-white little beast rushed over and landed on Xiao Yun’s shoulder. It waved its little claws, yelling at the flame serpent, looking determined to protect this youth. This caused Xiao Yun’s heart to feel warm and touched. Even though this little fellow couldn’t speak, it seemed to value friendships, which was quite praiseworthy.

The flame serpent deeply frowned, and looked at the snow-white little beast with a trace of fear. For some reason, it felt that this little beast’s aura was quite familiar. However, after thinking about it, it felt quite confused – how could that demon only have this bit of strength?

If it was that demon, it would be able to take its life with a single thought.


As the flame serpent hesitated, a fiery light appeared, covering the area around him.

“A formation?” The flame serpent was quite surprised. It looked around, and saw that the area around it had become a world of flames.

Xiao Yun also stared in surprise. It seemed that the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow had used some sort of secret technique to create this large formation.

This formation was created purely from flames, and looking closely, one could see fiery runes moving around. These runes continuously flashed, and anyone who even glanced at them would feel as if their spirit was being devoured.

“Hmph, you think this formation can stop me?” A venomous look appeared in the flame serpent’s eyes as it stared at the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow. Following this, it stomped its foot as a powerful might swept out from its body. However, this was much weaker than before.

After its battle with Qiu Xuan Feng, it had used up much of its strength, and then had consumed even more in beating back Xiao Yun’s Spirit-Destroying Spear. Now, its strength was only on par with an early stage Essence Core realm cultivator. Even so, it was still a terrifying existence.

“Really, now? Feel the wrath of my Heaven-Devouring Fire Formation!” The Heaven-Devouring Sparrow’s eyes glinted as its wings started to move, as if a person’s hands were controlling the formation.

“Raging flames, devour the heavens for me!” the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow coldly harrumphed. In the area above the formation, a vortex was formed through runes made of Fire Essence Qi. Runes stated to descend, covering the flame serpent.


The vortex continuously spun and an aura that seemed to be able to devour the heavens burst forth. It was enough to strike fear into anyone’s heart.

Even though Xiao Yun was outside the vortex, he felt as if his blood was going to be drawn out by the devouring power. Everything within the formation rushed towards that vortex, and even the flame serpent’s body trembled as strands of Fire Essence Qi were drawn out.

“Just what sort of formation is this?” The flame serpent revealed an expression of fear. It could feel that as its Essence Qi was being devoured, and its strength as quickly falling, “However, it’s not enough.” The flame serpent’s eyes glinted as it once again changed back into its form of a massive snake. Its tail swept out at the runes around it, and even the vortex above it trembled.

“Your formation isn’t enough!” Xiao Yun yelled with a frown.

“Nearly…” The Heaven-Devouring Sparrow’s eyes flashed, feeling the pressure. Just then, it had spent a long time setting up this formation!

“Roar!!!” The flame serpent flew towards the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow with its mouth wide open.

“Bind!” The Heaven-Devouring Sparrow’s eyes gleamed, spitting out a strand of vital essence that entered the formation.


The formation suddenly flashed with light as its might increased several times, and a wave of runes descended and bound the flame serpent.

“Watch me devour your Essence Qi and vital essence,” the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow said coldly as it started to use the formation to devour the flame serpent.

Evidently, the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow was planning on refining this flame serpent to raise its own strength. Otherwise, why would it risk staying here?

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