Eternal Martial Sovereign

Chapter 166

Chapter 166 - Flawless Martial Spirit

Translator: Enrei


“Quality?” The elder couldn’t help but laugh at Manager Qin’s response. “So you have quite some confidence in this boy then?”

“Of course,” Manager Qin said.

“Hoho, a cultivator who is only at the complete stage of the Innate realm is quality?” Manager Huang grinned and scoffed, “If he really did have talent, how could he still be at the Innate realm? Haven’t you seen that most people here have stepped into the True Essence realm?”

Many of the other the elders also cast some mocking glances towards Manager Qin.

There were indeed two people here who were only in the Innate realm, but they were both 15, a whole year younger than the other recruits.

“Cultivation realms can be improved, but talent is something you’re born with. This disciple might just be able to stand up to everyone here.” Manager Qin ignored everyone’s ridicule, and said lightly, “If such a genius really starts to grow, his true worth will be immeasurable.”

“Don’t get so cocky,” Manager Huang sneered. “You think a kid that you recruited is going to be able to take on everyone here?”

“Brother Qin, aren’t you a little too petty?” The portly manager was also annoyed, and he said coldly, “You just lost a chance, that’s all. Just wait till a few years later and you’ll be able to bring back another genius. What’s the point in deriding us?”

“Facts speak louder than words.” Manager Qin smiled lightly and didn’t say any more. He narrowed his eyes slightly before locking his sights ahead of him. Xiao Yun had already walked next to the crystal pillar, and he paused, glancing at the crystal ball as he seemed to be considering something.

“Why’s this kid stopped?”

“What a country bumpkin; is he looking at the crystal ball?” The youths who had already finished their assessments all had mocking smiles. They weren’t happy about Manager Qin saying that Xiao Yun could possibly outdo all of them.

“Does he even have a spirit body?” Manager Huang and the others began to throw mocking glances at Manager Qin as well.

Manager Qin merely narrowed his eyes and ignored their words.

“Little Brother Xiao, you just have to inject your Martial Spirit’s power or your spirit body True Essence into the crystal ball and that will do,” the young man next to the crystal pillar said gently, a smile in his eyes. His name was Zhang Tianlong, and he was just over 20 years old and had stepped into the Essence Core realm long ago.

“Is it true that the higher my test score, the more resources I get?” Xiao Yun raised his eyebrows and looked at the young man before him. He had been debating about which ability to use in this assessment - after all, his situation wasn’t so simple as just having one Martial Spirit.

“That’s right,” Zhang Tianlong said with a smile. “The higher your score, the more corresponding resources you will receive. Your data will also be compared to the new recruits from a few months ago. The better your results are, the easier it will be for you to rise up the ranks in the future.”

“Thank you, Big Brother, for your guidance.” Xiao Yun nodded. He no longer had any worries. All he needed now were resources, and so he had to rank first and gain the equivalent resources. This way, he would be able to have a great advantage when he competed with the older disciples in the future.

“I’ll use the Violet Flame Martial Spirit’s fire abilities for the assessment,” Xiao Yun decided with a mutter.

His having the power of True Flame was a known fact to a majority of the powerful figures in the Moonwind Kingdom, so there was no need for him to purposely conceal it. As for the Life Martial Spirit, that was too unknown, and he didn’t want to expose himself. After all, most of the Heaven Origin Sect’s managers were worldly experts in the Essence Core realm, and perhaps they would be able to detect something from it.

Xiao Yun glanced at the crystal ball in front of him. He could feel a complicated formation on it, but it was so abstruse that he felt dizzy after looking at it for too long. Clearly, this wasn’t a formation that any cultivator could touch.

Xiao Yun shook his head, and after a brief moment of deliberation, he began to circulate his Violet Flame Martial Spirit’s True Essence within his body. A stream of hot air spread from the center of his palm, and it made the surrounding air vibrate.

The managers were extremely sensitive, and as soon as the air began to fluctuate, they all noticed it and immediately snapped to attention. Their eyes betrayed their surprised - this wasn’t an ordinary stream of fire!

“What an intense heat!” Just moments ago, Manager Huang had been mocking Xiao Yun and waiting for him to trip up, but now he furrowed his eyebrows and watched Xiao Yun, flabbergasted. He gaped at the youth before him, his heart pounding wildly as he felt a hint of unease.

Not only did the managers notice the difference in the air, even the disciples who had already been assessed noticed it as well, and they all had a strange look in their eyes. Most of them had reached the True Essence realm, and though their perception was not as sharp as someone in the Essence Core realm, it was still better than that of ordinary people.

In an instant, all of the people on the platform had focused their gazes on Xiao Yun. Compared to the mocking looks from before, the crowd was a lot more solemn now.


At this time, a wave of purple fire gushed from Xiao Yun’s palm, and, under his control, it flowed into the crystal ball. The runes on the crystal ball rippled at the agitation of the flames, and it soon absorbed the stream of fire. After the crystal ball absorbed the fire, the crystal pillar under it began to flash with a purple light, and the watermark started to rise slowly.

“It’s rising” Everyone held their breaths at the sight, their eyes watching the watermark’s movement closely. They suddenly remembered Manager Qin’s words, which, combined with this youth’s violet True Essence, served to make them feel inexplicably threatened.

Chen Feng, who had thus far been ranked first, was especially worried, his brows furrowed tightly.

The watermark on the crystal pillar rose slowly and steadily, and within the span of two breaths, it had reached ten.

“It’s at ten,” some people exclaimed, as they stared ahead with sweaty palms.


Now it was at thirty-three!

“It’s still rising?” As they saw that the watermark was still rising after reaching thirty-three, everyone’s hearts leaped into their throats. They were all incredibly nervous. Among the assessed disciples, thirty-three was already a good score, but if Xiao Yun’s rating was still rising, then did that mean he would reach thirty-seven? Or even forty?


In just a blink of an eye, the watermark reached thirty-six.

“It still hasn’t reached the end?” Everyone was tight with nerves.

The violet True Essence in the crystal pillar was still gradually rising, and it showed no signs of stopping.

“This kid from the Moonwind Kingdom seems to have some potential. Brother Huang, looks like the prodigy you discovered won’t be keeping his ranking for much longer!” One of the managers grinned and gloated. Manager Huang had been quite arrogant earlier, and now he couldn’t help but take a dig at him.

“Isn’t it only at thirty-six? As long as it doesn’t reach forty-one, then it doesn’t matter. Even one point of spirit value can make a world of difference when you’re talking about future potential. And even so, Chen Feng has a Mystic Eagle Martial Spirit. That’s not something anyone can match.” Manager Huang scoffed. In his eyes, Xiao Yun only had a fire spirit body, that was all. It was nothing in comparison to a Mystic Eagle Martial Spirit.

Spirit bodies could utilize Heaven and Earth Essence Qi, and they did indeed have extraordinary potential. But Martial Spirits were something one was born with, and they had remarkable powers as well. An ordinary spirit body couldn’t compare to a matured Martial Spirit.

“It’s at thirty-nine!” Someone shouted, just as Manager Huang was grinning to himself.

“No way, it’s not showing any signs of stopping. Is he going to break forty percent?”

“Thirty-nine?” Manager Huang’s pupils rapidly contracted as he heard the news, and he stared at the scene ahead of him.

“Forty?” The watermark had reached forty already.

Manager Huang couldn’t help but clench his fists, and his Adam’s apple quivered as he swallowed nervously.

“Forty-five! He’s gone as far as forty-five!” Just as the previous exclamation had faded, the watermark had reached forty-five, and it didn’t seem like it was going to stop any time soon. The crowd was going wild, and those young geniuses couldn’t help but shout.

“How could this be? His spirit value marker is still soaring upwards. Am I seeing this correctly?”

“It’s still rising. How much potential does he have?” The youths who had previously scoffed at Xiao Yun now had faces full of awe, and even a little fear. This youth was too frightening.

Who could match his talent?

Xiao Yun’s spirit value was dozens higher than that of the others!

The watermark didn’t stop, however, and the managers were already stunned into silence.

“It seems that his talent is far beyond what I imagined.” Manager Qin’s expression had some unreadable emotion in it as well, because the watermark was at forty-nine now, and it was still rising. Even within the Core Temple, this level of genius was a rare sight.

The atmosphere on the platform seemed to have frozen, and not a single person remained who dared to underestimate Xiao Yun. Even Temple Master Jiang nodded slightly, his gaze satisfied.




The watermark rose incessantly, and the crowd watched the numbers, dumbstruck.

“Is it still rising?” Zhang Tianlong, who was in charge of the assessment, stared at the watermark, and he couldn’t help but furrow his eyebrows. It was hard to articulate the utter shock in his head. He’d assessed so many disciples, but even the strongest had only reached a spirit value of 72%.

Was this Xiao Yun going to set a new record?


Suddenly, a muffled noise sounded, and the watermark stopped.

Everyone took a deep breath and mumbled, “It’s finally stopped!”

But when they saw what number the watermark had stopped at, they were completely dumbfounded.

One hundred!

“Impossible! It’s at one hundred; could it be a flawless spirit body?” The eight managers were all speechless, and they all had incredulous looks on their faces. The watermark had shot up to one hundred, something that was unprecedented even in the hundred years that the Heaven Origin Sect had existed for.

“How could the Moonwind Kingdom have such a genius?”

Just as everyone was exclaiming, the crystal ball flashed with light, and a line of text began to appear.

“What kind of constitution does he have?” At this moment, everyone felt like their hearts were about to jump out of their throats. Their gazes were riveted to the scene in front of them.

Because now, it was time for the results to be revealed.

Xiao Yun, Acquired Violet Flame Martial Spirit, 100% integration of Martial Spirit and mind, 100% Flame Martial Spirit value.

It was a Flawless Martial Spirit!

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