Eternal Martial Sovereign

Chapter 152

Chapter 152 – Bringing To Account

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Phoobiee

After he saw how Manager Qin acted, Qiu Xuan Rong withdrew his aura and said, “Apologies, I lost myself in my anger. It’s just that this is a grave matter, and if we don’t investigate it, the masses may be displeased; in future, the various families won’t dare to allow their juniors to come to this examination. If we don’t severely punish Xiao Yun, it might harm our Heaven Origin Sect’s development.”

“I don’t need you to order me around,” Manager Qin said in a cold and severe tone.

“I wouldn’t dare – I was just thinking of our Heaven Origin Sect.” Qiu Xuan Rong’s eyes twitched. Even though he felt incredibly displeased, he still spoke coolly and brought it back to the Heaven Origin Sect.

Manager Qin calmly glanced at Qiu Xuan Rong and did not say anymore. He then looked down at Xiao Yun as he asked, “Did you kill all forty-seven of the Qiu family’s people?” Manager Qin’s tone was no longer severe, but warm and friendly.

“Mm.” Xiao Yun nodded.

“What?! You fiend, you dared to kill forty-seven of our Qiu family’s geniuses?!”

“You deserve to be cut into ten thousand pieces! Pay for my child’s life with your own!” The Qiu family’s elders almost went mad and wanted to leap over and kill Xiao Yun. Normally, it was always their Qiu family bullying others; when had they ever suffered like this before?

“Silence!” Manager Qin frowned, his gaze stabbing out like knives on those people, which caused them to feel a wave of pain. The Qiu family’s elders quelled their anger and darkly stared ahead.

“Manager Qin, this boy has killed forty-seven members of our Qiu family; you must punish him severely. Otherwise, how else can you prevent a public outcry?” Qiu Xuan Chong’s eyes were filled with killing intent. He was from the same generation as Qiu Xuan Rong and was the current authority of his generation. Most of the others were either at the Essence Core realm or not in the Qiu family, so they had given him these ordinary affairs to take care of. The other Qiu family’s elders nodded in agreement.

“This Seat has already said that I will take of this matter, so all of you quiet down,” Manager Qin said in a displeased manager. [TLN: ‘Seat’ refers to a position of power, symbolised by the seat they sit on]

“We’ll wait for Manager Qin’s decision then,” Qiu Xuan Chong coldly replied.

On the platform, Qiu Xuan Rong’s gaze also darkened, and he did not say anything else. He trusted that this Manager Qin would not be so bold as to protect Xiao Yun. After all, a Manager’s position in the Heaven Origin Sect was still quite limited and could not cover the sky with their hand.

The Qiu had Elders within the Heaven Origin Sect! Those were the true important figures.

“Why did you kill the Qiu family’s people?” Manager Qin continued to speak in a warm tone as he looked at Xiao Yun. Xiao Yun seemed to possess quite some confidence from his calm demeanour. Moreover, from what he could tell, this youth was not an impulsive and reckless person.

“The reason’s very simple,” Xiao Yun said as he met Manager Qin’s gaze and spoke in a powerful and resonating voice. “Because not only did the Qiu family make their juniors forcefully break through to the True Essence realm using Pure Essence Pills to deal with me, they even gave Qiu Yu Hao and Qiu Ming Hao magic items to kill me in the Heaven Origin Hunting Grounds. Since they were so determined to kill me, how could I spare them? What does everyone think?” Xiao Yun looked at the elders on the platform.

“What? Qiu Yu Hao and the others used magic items to try to kill you?” Expressions of disbelief appeared on the faces of the elders on the platform as they asked, “Is this true?”

Even the elders of the various other families looked at Xiao Yun in surprise.

“Yan Zhen and Yan Mo can attest to this,” Xiao Yun said. “Back when Qiu Yu Hao tried to kill me, they were there.”

“Is this true?” Manager Qin’s gaze became cold as his heart started thumping and he felt a strange sense of excitement. If this was true, this youth’s strength would be simply monstrous. He could even kill True Essence realm cultivators who had magic items? What’s more, it was not just a single person.

The other Heaven Origin Sect Managers also felt completely dumbfounded and questioned their hearing. Their expressions became even more shocked and they were completely dismayed by this youth’s strength. If he really did have such strength, how heaven-defying did he have to be?

The entire area fell silent, and everyone held their breaths as their gazes fell on Yan Zhen and Yan Mo; the atmosphere became incredibly tense.

“That’s right, Qiu Yu Hao and Qiu Ming Hao used magic items to try to kill Xiao Yun. We were unable to stop them and ended up being captured by them. They didn’t dare to do much to us, and after releasing us, Qiu Yu Hao took out a Monster-Controlling Bone Flute and controlled hundreds of demonic beasts to attack Xiao Yun… and forced him into a chasm.” Yan Mo told everyone everything, and whenever he mentioned Qiu Yu Hao, a hint of chilling intent would appear in his eyes. The hatred that he emanated was not something that could be faked, which added to the truthfulness of his testimony.

In fact, some people could even start to imagine the roars of the hundreds of demonic beasts.

“Finally, Qiu Yu Hao and the others were killed by brother Xiao,” Yan Zhen continued after Yan Mo as he described the events up until the present.

Everyone present more or less understood what had happened.

At the same time, the cultivators of the various families couldn’t help but breathe in a breath of cold air, and their stares towards Xiao Yun became even stranger, and even filled with fear. Who would have thought that this complete stage Innate realm youth would have such power!

He was able to kill numerous True Essence realm cultivators – was he even still human?

“Just how did he do it?” Everyone was filled with shock. Even Manager Qin and Yuan Rong, after hearing Yan Mo and Yan Zhen’s words, were completely dismayed.

“This is a true peerless genius!” Many of the Managers deeply breathed in, and their gazes towards Xiao Yun became even more passionate. Even among the geniuses who were taken in directly, this sort of strength was incredibly rare. What’s more, Xiao Yun also had talent in pill refining. Those who were talented in both pill refining and the martial way were incredibly rare even within the Heaven Origin Sect! This sort of person had an unfathomable future.

“I would like to ask everyone, if you were plotted against and ambushed like this, would you be so soft as to spare them?” Xiao Yun asked as he looked around at the silent crowd.

“No, I would kill their whole family.”

People immediately yelled out, “The Qiu family has gone too far!”

Most of the people shook their heads – this sort of hatred was irreconcilable. If Xiao Yun continued to show mercy, wouldn’t he be an idiot?

However, some people stayed quiet, not daring to offend the Qiu family.

“That’s just one side of the story,” Qiu Xuan Chong said angrily.

Xiao Yun coldly harrumphed, “Just one side of the story? It wasn’t just them who witnessed this.” After saying this, Xiao Yun looked around at the people beside him. His intention was clear – he wanted these people to testify for him.

“Who else can attest to this?” Manager Qin understood and asked as he looked around.

“Don’t worry, no one will dare to do anything to you here. Moreover, as cultivators, if you live your lives in fear, how can you become a powerful expert? Those of you who are unwilling to take the risk should just stay in the Moonwind Kingdom; after all, it’s safer here. The world of experts is much more dangerous and cruel,” Manager Qin said.

“You…” Qiu Xuan Chong and the others’ expressions darkened. However, Manager Qin’s words were true, and they could not say anything in response.

Someone immediately spoke; it was Liu Wu Long. “I can testify to that. Not only did I see Qiu Yu Hao use the Monster-Controlling Bone Flute to try to kill Xiao Yun, he also used a spear magic item and a bell magic item. Both of these magic items were incredibly powerful and are not things that normal people would have.”

“That’s right, I can also testify to that.”

“The Qiu family disregarded the rules and gave their younger generation to kill Xiao Yun; being killed is what they deserve.”

Many youths started to speak out, especially the Yan family’s people. Their words were sharp and incisive, as if they wanted to kill Qiu Yu Hao again. The fury in their tones caused the atmosphere to seem to burn.

The Qiu family’s elders gnashed their teeth. However, the youths who spoke out all came from powerful families, and they could only inwardly curse at them, but could not do anything about it. After all, their Qiu family was unable to face so many families.

The Liu family, Yan family and Cloudsea Merchant Alliance – none of those were any weaker than the Qiu family.

“Enough.” Manager Qin waved his hand, causing everyone to fall silent.

“The matter is quite clear – your Qiu family disobeyed the rules first. What do you have to say about this?” Manager Qin looked towards the Qiu family’s elders with a cold look, then looked towards Qiu Xuan Rong and Qiu Zhong.

Another Manager said angrily, “The Qiu family has gone too far. This examination should be a fair examination; how could we allow them to do such a thing?”

The Qiu family’s elders deeply frowned, but they could not say anything in response. They felt furious, which caused their faces to go red. Since they were in the wrong, anything they said was pointless.

“This old man does not know about that, but since everyone said that Xiao Yun killed Qiu Yu Hao and the others, how did he do it if they had magic items? How did he not die in the chasm? Could he too have used a magic item?” Qiu Xuan Rong said darkly as he gnashed his teeth and wished that he could kill Xiao Yun on the spot.

“What does me using or not using magic items have to do with you?” Xiao Yun said with a cold look in his eyes, “I was born into a small family, and participating in the inner hunting ground was already quite unfair. Even if I used magic items, I obtained them through my own abilities. Moreover, who has seen me use magic items?”

Manager Qin looked around.

“He didn’t use any,” Yan Zhen and the others said as they shook their heads. “And even if he did, it was the one he took from Qiu Ming Hao.”

Manager Qin looked around at the other youths. Everyone shook their heads, because they had seen how Xiao Yun had attacked. This was because as soon as the Spirit-Destroying Spear appeared, they all spaced out. Only Qiu Yu Hao had seen its true appearance.

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