Eternal Martial Sovereign

Chapter 150

Chapter 150 – Champion!

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Editor: Master Shadow

Xiao Yun held the Chilling River Sword as he walked across the Championship Stage. The blade shone with a piercing light and dripped with blood, giving off a chilling air.

The Qiu family’s other youths stared at the sword, their bodies uncontrollably shaking with a look of terror in their eyes.

At the same time, everyone felt a great sense of irony. This sword had been given to the Qiu family’s youths by the Qiu family’s elders to kill Xiao Yun. Not only were they unable to kill Xiao Yun, but this sword had resulted in the deaths of many of their geniuses. They had simply brought this on themselves!

After dealing with those five True Essence realm youths, Xiao Yun turned to look at the rest of the Qiu family’s youths. All of these people had participated in the Qiu family’s attempt on his life. Thinking to how he had been repeatedly attacked and ambushed, Xiao Yun’s eyes became filled with killing intent. If it weren’t for his abilities and trump cards, how could he be standing here alive?

“No! Don’t kill us!” Seeing the killing intent in Xiao Yun’s eyes, the Qiu family’s youths cried out in fear.

“You don’t want me to kill you?” Xiao Yun asked as he looked around at them.

“Back then, weren’t you all so arrogant when you were all hunting me down? How come you’re so afraid now and begging for mercy? It’s a pity that there’s no medicine for regret in this world, nor am I a soft person. If a person doesn’t offend me, I won’t offend them. However, if anyone offends me, I’ll pay them back ten times over. You can all go die.”

As he spoke, Xiao Yun’s eyes glinted as a wave of spirit energy swept out from his sea of consciousness, covering the Qiu family’s youths.

Feeling his powerful spirit energy, everyone’s minds trembled, their consciousness becoming hazy. The Qiu family’s youths’ minds were hazy to the point that they could only faintly sense that there was someone moving around and that there were rays of sword light shooting towards them. However, they could not react at all.

Swish! Swish!

The sword light flashed like silver snakes dancing, and each time Xiao Yun slashed out, it would be accompanied by a spurt of red.

The cultivators of the various families felt incredibly tense and felt a chill within their hearts.

Soon, the sword light stopped shooting out and Xiao Yun stopped moving around. By this time, the entire Championship Stage was covered with blood and gore.

All 44 of the Qiu family’s youths were on the ground – not a single person had survived. Adding on Qing Ming Hao and two other youths that Xiao Yun had killed earlier on, all 47 of the Qiu family’s youths had perished. Perhaps this was the first time such a thing had happened within the past hundreds of years within the Heaven Origin Hunting Grounds. All of the large families would always fight ruthlessly for the title of Champion, but no one had ever dared to openly commit a massacre like this. Otherwise, when Qiu Yu Hao captured Yan Zhen and Yan Mo, he wouldn’t have spared them. After all, no large family wanted to start a war with another large family.

Yuan Ming, Liu Wu Long and the others stared, feeling sweat run down their palms. Many other youths trembled, their eyes filled with fear.

Even though everyone present possessed quite a bit of talent, most of them had not been through much. Xiao Yun’s iron-blooded means completely horrified them, and they unconsciously made a note of him as someone who they would never offend. At the same time, many people rejoiced that they weren’t the ones who had offended Xiao Yun.

“It’s a good thing I apologised to Xiao Yun back then.”

Liu Jun’s face was incredibly pale as he stared ahead, his heart thumping. Xiao Yun’s performance was simply too violent and ruthless, and he looked like an asura from hell.

Xiao Yun did not pay any mind to these people’s stares at all. If they had gone through the life and death situations that he had been through, they would not have such expressions on their faces. Facing an enemy, one party had to die, so how could he be soft-hearted? In order to kill him, the Qiu family had gone all out this time!

Xiao Yun smiled and calmly glanced at the corpses before walking over to Qiu Yu Hao’s body.

“This spear’s quite a good magic item,” Xiao Yun said as he looked over Qiu Yu Hao’s Dark Origin Spear before putting it inside the Heaven-Devouring Tower. He then started to look around and eventually found the bone flute. It was about 20 centimetres long and had profound runes etched on it which gave off mysterious ripples.

“This is a peak level magic item and is nearly a spiritual armament!” the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow exclaimed as it turned into a sparrow that was as big as a fist and landed on Xiao Yun’s shoulder. After looking at the bone flute in Xiao Yun’s hands it said, “Even though this bone flute is quite extraordinary, it can only control demonic beasts at or below the True Essence realm. If you want to control Essence Core realm demonic beasts, you’ll need higher-grade monster-controlling magic items, and you’ll also need a high-enough cultivation as well.”

“It can only control demonic beasts up to the True Essence realm?” Xiao Yun asked as he raised an eyebrow and put the bone flute away, deciding to think about it later.

Qiu Yu Hao did not have much else on him apart from some medicinal pills that could help restore True Essence.

After settling all of this, Xiao Yun turned to look at the throne stage sealed off by the barrier. There were nine steps to this throne stage, and at the top was a golden, flashing throne. There were many complex runes on the throne which gave off a mysterious and profound aura.

“The Champion Throne! Now that I’ve completed both requirements, let’s see what your Qiu family can do to me.” Xiao Yun stared at the Champion Throne ahead, his eyes flashing with light as he turned to glance at the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow on his shoulder. Now that the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow had reawakened, his strength had become greater again.

Xiao Yun deeply breathed in and gathered a blistering stream of fire from within his body. He narrowed his eyes, falling into a wondrous state as a violet magic seal condensed in front of him.


After the magic seal condensed, Xiao Yun vigorously pushed it forwards. The violet light flashed as a flaming lion leapt out, swiping at the throne stage’s barrier with a massive paw.


The barrier trembled and caved in from the Flaming Lion Seal’s attack and its light became dimmer. However, the runes on the barrier flashed, returning it to normal.

Xiao Yun deeply breathed in and condensed the fiery seal again.

On the side, the Liu family, Yan family, Yuan family, Zhou family and other families’ youths silently watched. After witnessing all that had happened, not a single person dared to look down on this youth.

Xiao Yun continuously attacked, and after hitting it three times, the barrier buzzed and ripples emanated out as it disappeared.

After the barrier disappeared, the golden, flashing Champion Throne finally appeared to everyone.

“Is that the Champion Throne?”

As mysterious ripples emanated out, all of the youths stared ahead, their hearts beating faster and faster with a strange sense of excitement. Even though it wasn’t them who had become the champion, they still felt quite enthusiastic. After all, they had witnessed the birth of a true genius!

After the barrier disappeared, it was not just the people within the Heaven Origin Hunting Grounds who felt incredibly excited, but also the elders waiting outside. This was because the instant the barrier was destroyed, the platform they were standing on gave off ripples.

“Is the Champion about to be crowned?” Outside the Heaven Origin Hunting Grounds, the elders of the various families gathered together to wait for the results of the examination. After seeing the ripples, their pupils contracted as a look of deep anticipation appeared in their eyes. Everyone knew that this was a sign that the barrier on the throne stage had been destroyed.

The Champion was about to be decided.

“Did Yu Hao take the title of Champion?” Qiu Xuan Chong and the others narrowed their eyes, a hint of nervousness appearing on their faces. If they could not kill Xiao Yun this time, things would become quite difficult for them.

“That’s most likely the case,” one of the Qiu family’s elders said grimly as he nodded. The other Qiu family elders all slightly nodded.

Qiu Xuan Rong, who was standing with Manager Qin, looked quite calm. No matter what the outcome was, he had a hundred ways to deal with Xiao Yun. If he got rid of Xiao Yun now, it would prevent many troubles in future, and would also demonstrate the might and dignity of their Qiu family. Getting rid of Xiao Yun as soon as possible was the best course of action for them.

Near the military drill grounds, there were some other buildings. The Fifth Prince, Seventh Princess and some elders were currently staying within one of the pavilions. Feng Yu Yao’s beautiful eyes blinked as she looked ahead, as if she was quite concerned with the results of the examination.

“Imperial Father, do you think Xiao Yun will be able to take the title of Champion?”

“Do you even need to ask?” Emperor Feng replied with a smile, as if he felt incredibly confident in Xiao Yun.

Feng Yu Yao lightly breathed out and nodded, continuing to look ahead. For some reason, she felt a strange sense of worry that Xiao Yun would meet some danger within the Heaven Origin Hunting Grounds. However, thinking to Xiao Yun’s strength, she convinced herself that nothing bad would happen to him.


As everyone stared at the air, one of the crystal pillars on the platform lit up and rows of numbers and characters appeared on it. These were evidently the rankings for the examination, and the name of the Champion was extremely eye-catching.

Champion: Xiao Yun!

These few words revealed who the ultimate winner was.

After seeing who the Champion was, the entire region burst into discussion.

“Xiao Yun! The Champion really is him!”

“As expected of a true genius! Not only does he have talent in the way of pill refining, but he was also able to place first in this examination. One can only imagine how powerful his battle strength is; it’s definitely much greater than normal cultivators.”

This youth had such exceptional talent in pill refining and in the martial way – who would be able to compare to him in future?

“He didn’t let us down!” Within the Cloudsea Merchant Alliance’s people, Yuan Lin’s eyes lit up, looking like he was in glowing spirits. He had placed great hopes in that youth and had favoured him greatly. That was why he had recommended Xiao Yun to Emperor Feng to heal Princess Yu Yao.

“This time, Xiao Yun’s obtained the title of Champion – let’s see what the Qiu family has to say about it,” some of the Yuan family’s elders said as their eyes glinted.

Yuan Cheng and Yuan Tian Ju’s eyes lit up as they nodded. This matter was more or less resolved. They had brought in an amazing genius for their ancestor in the Heaven Origin Sect and made a great contribution. In the future, their juniors would be treated well in the Heaven Origin Sect.

However, in contrast to everyone’s excitement, the Qiu family’s people’s expressions darkened.

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