Eternal Martial Sovereign

Chapter 149

Chapter 149 – Taking Revenge And Wiping Out A Grudge

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Master Shadow

“Xiao Yun, you killed my Qiu family’s people? You’re simply seeking death.”

Qiu Yu Hao’s gaze darkened and the massive bell floated above his head, giving off a brilliant light.

“All of you hide behind the bell; we’ll attack together and kill this Xiao Yun.”

After giving instructions to the four True Essence realm cultivators beside him, Qiu Yu Hao flipped his palm and his Dark Origin Spear appeared within his grasp.

“Kill!” The four other True Essence realm youths’ eyes glinted as they unleashed their Black grade advanced level Martial Skill. With five True Essence realm cultivators working together, how could Xiao Yun face their combined attacks?

Nine Waves Heaven-Splitting!

Qiu Yu Hao stabbed out with his spear towards Xiao Yun.

In that instant, True Essence billowed out around the Championship Stage like a tsunami. The spear in Qiu Yu Hao’s hand gave off an incredibly sharp aura and created nine layers of waves that rushed towards Xiao Yun. The other four youths also quickly launched attacks: some formed seals that bore down Xiao Yun like mountains, while others’ fists flashed like meteors and tore through the air towards him.

The five people attacking simultaneously gave off a mountain-like aura. Even middle-stage True Essence realm cultivators would not be able to block their attacks.

Despite this, Xiao Yun stepped forwards, looking completely fearless.

Spirit-Destroying Spear!

Xiao Yun’s gaze became serious and a vortex appeared between his eyebrows as the Spirit-Destroying Spear shot out. A powerful wave of spirit energy rippled outwards, causing the minds of those nearby to tremble. However, Qiu Yu Hao coldly laughed, “Haha, you’re still trying to use this to deal with me?”

With the magic bell, he did not fear the Spirit-Destroying Spear at all.

The Spirit-Destroying Spear collided with Qiu Yu Hao’s spear, causing his body to slightly tremble. However, the other four youths’ attacks all slammed towards Xiao Yun.

“Let’s see how you die,” Qiu Yu Hao’s said as his body quivered and he gave a cold smile.

However, Xiao Yun remained calm, not looking worried at all. He put the Chilling River Sword away and guided a stream of blazing flames from his body, creating the Flaming Lion Seal in an instant and sending it out.


A muffled explosion could be heard as the Flaming Lion Seal was destroyed. A powerful shockwave rippled out, causing the four True Essence realm youths’ bodies to shake. They hurriedly retreated a few steps, but their expressions were quite savage – Xiao Yun had definitely taken more damage than them from that exchange.

But when they looked over, their pupils contracted.

“What’s that?”

A massive vortex appeared in front of Xiao Yun, continuously absorbing the shockwaves from the collision of the attacks.

After the shockwaves were gone, Xiao Yun only took a few steps backwards, and a trace of blood appeared at his lips.

“He blocked it?” the Qiu family’s youths asked as they stared.

At this moment, the Spirit-Destroying Spear, which had knocked back Qiu Yu Hao’s spear, shot towards Qiu Yu Hao. He hurriedly used his massive bell to defend against the Spirit-Destroying Spear, but the massive bell trembled and was blown back many metres.

However, the Spirit-Destroying Spear’s runes also became dimmer and its powerful spirit energy also grew weaker.

Luckily I blocked it,” Qiu Yu Hao thought to himself.

“Heaven Dread Water!” After bringing the Spirit-Destroying Spear back into his sea of consciousness, Xiao Yun roared as a vortex appeared between his eyebrows. As an azure orchid appeared, a light flashed and a jet of poisonous water shot forwards.

Just as Qiu Yu Hao and the others relaxed, they saw a stream of liquid shoot towards the massive bell. This caused them to feel quite confused and wonder, “Where did this water come from?

“Crap, there’s something off about that water.” After the water landed on the massive bell, the Qiu family’s cultivators’ expressions became grim.

“What’s going on?” Qiu Yu Hao was also incredibly flabbergasted, because after the water landed on the massive bell, it released runes that started to corrode it. The magic item’s defences were unable to stop this water at all, and what was even more shocking was that even the core runes engraved on the bell were being corroded.

In the blink of an eye, the magic bell’s light became much dimmer, and its surface became mottled with craters.

Following this, the magic bell trembled and gave off ripples, turning back into a metre-tall bell.  The small bell seemed to have lost its power, and its light disappeared as it fell to the ground.

As the magic bell fell to the ground, it gave a pleasant ringing sound. However, to Qiu Yu Hao, this sounded like a death knell. This was his trump card in fighting against Xiao Yun, so how would he fight him now?

The Monster-Controlling Bone Flute? Even if he used it, where would he find demonic beasts nearby?

There was a restriction barrier outside the Championship Stage which only allowed those with Points Medallion in. Demonic beasts did not have any Points Medallions, so they were unable to enter. Now, Qiu Yu Hao felt incredibly bewildered, not knowing what to do.

The Heaven Dread Water’s indeed quite extraordinary; it really can rot the earth and corrode the heavens.” Seeing the magic bell be corroded by the Heaven Dread Water, Xiao Yun slightly nodded – this Heaven Dread Water had not disappointed him. Not only was it a lethal poison, but it could even corrode magic items.

“A poison gas!”

As the magic bell fell to the ground, a poison gas spread from it, causing Qiu Yu Hao and the others to frown and quickly hold their breaths.

Two of them breathed in the poison gas and hurriedly used their True Essence to suppress it.

“Qiu Yu Hao, how are you going to fight me without your defensive magic item?”

Xiao Yun’s eyes gleamed, completely immune to the poison gas. He stepped forwards as a boundless wave of spirit energy rushed out from his sea of consciousness. At the same time, the Heaven-Corroding Orchid swayed, releasing more poison gas.

This poison gas was completely controlled by Xiao Yun and swept towards the Qiu Family’s people, not dispersing anywhere else.

Without the magic bell and under the effects of Xiao Yun’s spirit energy, the five True Essence realm youths’ hearts quivered, and they hurriedly released their True Essence to protect them.

Spirit-Destroying Spear!

Flaming Lion Seal!

Dragon Snake Dual Travel!

Xiao Yun stepped forwards, activating all sorts of Martial Skills and sent them flying towards Qiu Yu Hao and the others.

Qiu Yu Hao’s expression became serious and he stabbed out with his spear, activating the Nine Waves Heaven-Splitting Art. It was a pity that it held no advantage over the Spirit-Destroying Spear, and even though the Dark Origin Spear was a magic item, Xiao Yun’s Spirit-Destroying Spear was far superior.


The waves were destroyed as the Spirit-Destroying Spear let out a dark light, seeming as if it could suppress anything under the heavens. The aura that it gave off caused even those far away to feel terror; it was as if a god had descended. Their minds buzzed and they could only stare dumbly.

A massive explosion sounded out as Qiu Yu Hao’s hand quivered and he was blasted back five metres by the Spirit-Destroying Spear. He collided into the throne stage’s barrier, causing it to ripple. Nearby, Xiao Yun continued to attack, launching attack after attack at the four True Essence realm cultivators.

Even though these four people had stepped into the True Essence realm, because they had done it with the help of medicinal pills, their foundations were not solid. As such, their attacks were no stronger than the Flaming Lion Seal. Adding on the fact that two of them had been poisoned, Xiao Yun’s full-powered attacks sent them sprawling back.


Xiao Yun then flipped his palm, bringing out the Chilling River Sword, as he sent his powerful spirit energy at the four injured True Essence realm cultivators.


The youths’ minds trembled as they blanked out. Without the magic bell’s protection, they could not resist Xiao Yun’s spirit energy at all.


Xiao Yun’s eyes gleamed as he stabbed the Chilling River Sword into their hearts, seeming as if he could cleave through the clouds and pierce into the moon.

Chi! Chi!

Blood spurted out and the four True Essence realm cultivators’ eyes bulged as they came back to their senses. However, their eyes were full of fear and irreconciliation. They looked down at their chests, where blood was profusely flowing before the light in their eyes went out.

“You…” None of the four youths were able to say anything before the fell backwards onto the ground. Just like that, four True Essence realm cultivators had died, and the sounds of their bodies hitting the ground shocked the others near them back to their senses.

All of the spectating youths were completely flabbergasted – those were True Essence realm cultivators!

Who wouldn’t feel surprised upon seeing Xiao Yun kill them? After all, Xiao Yun was only at the complete stage of the Innate realm!

“Now this is a true genius of geniuses – he can even kill those with higher cultivation.”

Yan Mo, Liu Wu Long and the others’ respect towards Xiao Yun grew even greater. This sort of talent was even more monstrous than those who were directly taken in by the Heaven Origin Sect.

“You… you’ve killed yet another few of our geniuses!” Qiu Yu Hao looked at his dead family members as his pupils contracted, his voice slightly shaking. This youth was simply too powerful, to the point that he could not fight back at all.

“It’s not just them – you’re going to die as well.”

Xiao Yun stepped out, unleashing his spirit energy and covering Qiu Yu Hao with it. The aura it gave off was suffocating, and Qiu Yu Hao’s mind buzzed as if he had been struck by lightning.

Qiu Yu Hao’s mind was completely defenceless and soon collapsed. He no longer had anymore battle intent, so how could he resist this spirit energy?

Just as Qiu Yu Hao spaced out, Xiao Yun dashed over and pierced through his heart.

“Arghh!!!” Qiu Yu Hao screamed, his eyes blood-red as the massive pain woke him up.

“You actually…” Qiu Yu Hao stared at Xiao Yun, as if he was going to say something threatening. It was a pity that his heart had been pierced and his life was quickly flowing out of him. Soon enough, his lifeless body fell to the ground with a thud.

“Big brother Yu Hao!”

“Young master Yu Hao!” the Qiu family’s youths cried out, their eyes filled with terror.

Xiao Yun had killed five True Essence realm cultivators in a row, filling them with terror. Their minds were on the verge of collapse.

“He’s a true god of killing!” The other families’ youths breathed in a breath of cold air, shocked by Xiao Yun’s methods. Xiao Yun killing these five True Essence realm youths meant that he had killed the Qiu family’s cream of the crop.

“Isn’t this Xiao Yun afraid of the Qiu family taking revenge?” some people muttered. However, after thinking about it, they came to a realisation. The Qiu family had been trying to kill Xiao Yun the entire time, and there was now irreconcilable hatred between the  two parties. What was there for him to be afraid of?

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