Eternal Martial Sovereign

Chapter 146

Chapter 146 – Fusing With The Heaven-Corroding Orchid

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Phoobiee

“What are you doing? Hurry up and fuse with this spiritual creature!” The Heaven-Devouring Sparrow rolled its eyes, feeling incredibly envious – how come it didn’t have such luck? It just knew of a secret but was hunted down for it and was almost killed. And yet, this boy had been gathering treasure after treasure.

Even though this Heaven-Corroding Pearl was damaged, since it was able to nurture such a spiritual creature, it was definitely still useful.

“Alright, since it’s come to this, what do I have to be afraid of?” Xiao Yun’s gaze became serious and he activated the Heaven-Devouring Divine Art and Spirit-Destroying Divine Art. A vortex extended out from his dantian, and an illusory tower appeared behind him, which brought Xiao Yun’s Martial Spirit’s jade-green light and the azure orchid into the tower.

Xiao Yun’s Martial Spirit could be absorbed into his body, but after the azure orchid was brought into the Heaven-Devouring Tower, the Martial Spirit did not go back into Xiao Yun’s sea of consciousness. Rather, it stayed by the side, helping Xiao Yun to fuse with the azure orchid so that nothing unexpected happened.

Since this azure orchid was growing out of the Heaven-Corroding Pearl, Xiao Yun decided to call it the Heaven-Corroding Orchid. The Heaven-Devouring Divine Art reduced its strength while the Spirit-Destroying Divine Art slowly destroyed its spiritual sense.

The Heaven-Devouring Tower helped by releasing waves of runes and devouring the azure orchid’s aura and reducing its strength. Afterwards, a powerful spirit-destroying energy emanated into the azure orchid’s spirit ring.

Before, even though this Heaven-Corroding Orchid was a spiritual creature, it did not have its own consciousness. Only after developing a spirit ring did it develop consciousness. Even though it was quite weak, it allowed the Heaven-Corroding Orchid to tell when it was in danger and to retaliate, as well as to take some resources for itself.

People would often die as a result because of how difficult it was to fuse with spiritual creatures like this. If Xiao Yun did not have the Heaven-Devouring Divine Art and Spirit-Destroying Divine Art, he would not dare to be so reckless either. Even with them, he still felt quite tense, and did not dare to relax at all. This was because if he became complacent and the Heaven-Corroding Orchid created more poisonous liquid to attack him, he would be in trouble. After all, that poisonous liquid was created using its essence, and was its source poison – even the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow feared that terrifying poison.

However, opportunity and risk came together. If Xiao Yun could control this Heaven-Corroding Orchid, he would also control the Heaven Dread Water. That way, Xiao Yun would have a true trump card. After all, this was a lethal poison that even Essence Core realm cultivators feared!

As Xiao Yun used the Spirit-Destroying Divine Art, a vortex descended and devoured the Heaven-Corroding Orchid’s consciousness. This Heaven-Corroding Orchid was quite stubborn, and knew that it was in danger, so it used more of its essence to create its source poison and try to attack Xiao Yun. Xiao Yun could only retreat in the face of this poison.


At this moment, Xiao Yun’s Martial Spirit’s spirit ring trembled, giving off a jade-green light which continuously neutralised the poison. The Heaven-Devouring Divine Art also created a vortex, devouring much of the poison.

As for Xiao Yun, he used the Spirit-Destroying Divine Art to continuously create runes and send them towards the Heaven-Corroding Orchid.


The runes flashed and fell on the Heaven-Corroding Orchid’s body, but were corroded by its poison, causing Xiao Yun’s spirit to be injured.

However, these losses could not be compared to the benefits he would receive if he fused with this Heaven-Corroding Orchid. Xiao Yun continued to use the Spirit-Destroying Divine Art to devour the Heaven-Corroding Orchid’s consciousness, and as they continuously fought, Xiao Yun tried to send a trace of his own spirit into the Heaven-Corroding Orchid’s spirit ring.

This spirit ring had not fully formed yet, and did not possess many abilities, though it did have lethal poison. Xiao Yun’s spirit was surrounded by his Martial Spirit’s runes, and he did not dare to be careless. Soon, his spirit was resisted by the Heaven-Corroding Orchid, and a poison gas swept towards his spirit, trying to destroy it.

Luckily, Xiao Yun had his Martial Spirit protecting him, or that poison gas would have corroded that trace of his spirit into nothing. Luckily the Heaven-Corroding Orchid’s spirit ring had not fully developed either – otherwise, if it could use its source poison as it wished, things would have been much more dangerous. Both sides struggled for a long time, and it seemed as if one hour, or one year, or ten years had passed. A battle of the mind was much more profound than other types of battles.

Sometimes, a few moments felt like a year, while at other times, a year felt like a few moments. As time passed, the Heaven-Corroding Orchid’s consciousness was finally wiped out by the Spirit-Destroying Divine Art, which caused it to stop resisting.

 Xiao Yun once again tried to fuse with the spirit ring, so that he could control the Heaven-Corroding Orchid. After the Heaven-Corroding Orchid’s consciousness was destroyed, Xiao Yun was finally again to fuse with it.

“Looks like this Heaven-Devouring Spirit-Destroying Divine Art can really help me fuse Martial Spirits and spirits!” Xiao Yun let out a sigh of relief. Now, he could feel a strange connection between him and the Heaven-Corroding Orchid, as if they shared the same body.

Xiao Yun controlled the hazy spirit ring and sent it back within the Heaven-Corroding Orchid. The spirit ring belonged to the Heaven-Corroding Orchid and was one with it.

After the spirit ring entered the Heaven-Corroding Orchid’s body, Xiao Yun slightly frowned. The vital essence within was running dry, and its aura was quite weak. Evidently, that battle had greatly weakened it, but its roots were continuously absorbing nourishment.

This nourishment was from the Heaven-Corroding Pearl, and just as Xiao Yun was going to investigate its roots, a wave of light shot out and sent his spirit back, as if there was something stopping him.

I’m unable to connect with this pearl? Xiao Yun frowned, feeling quite annoyed. He wanted to see just what was so mysterious about this pearl and did not think that such a thing would happen. However, after thinking about it, this only served to prove how extraordinary that pearl was.

The pearl was about as large as a fist and had many cracks on its surface, and the Heaven-Corroding Orchid had taken root through one of the cracks. However, it was impossible to see what the pearl contained, as if there was some kind of Restriction. Perhaps there was a whole universe within it and was not something that the naked eye could see.

Xiao Yun brought the Heaven-Corroding Orchid into his sea of consciousness. It had potential for growth, so he needed to place it in his sea of consciousness and nourish it.

“Looks like I’ll have to slowly investigate this pearl,” Xiao Yun muttered. Now, he could observe the Heaven-Corroding Orchid whenever he wanted, because he had erased its consciousness and had linked his own consciousness to it.

This Heaven-Corroding Orchid is still too weak. I need to help it recover some of its vital essence, Xiao Yun thought after bringing his mind out of his sea of consciousness. He looked around him, and even though he had fused with the Heaven-Corroding Orchid, the water in this pool still contained lethal poison.

There’s still some Heaven Dread Water that the Heaven-Corroding Orchid released; I’m sure if I gather all of it, I’ll be able to help the Heaven-Corroding Orchid recover somewhat, Xiao Yun thought as he started to control the Heaven-Corroding Orchid to absorb the Heaven Dread Water.


With a slight thought from Xiao Yun, the Heaven-Corroding Orchid in his sea of consciousness gave off azure ripples, and its three leaves moved as a large vortex appeared between them. A vortex also formed between Xiao Yun’s eyebrows, and an azure light flashed as it gave off a powerful devouring power. The water in the pool started to toss and turn as traces of the Heaven Dread Water essence flowed towards the vortex and were subsequently devoured.

At the same time, Xiao Yun’s Martial Spirit gave the Heaven-Corroding Orchid some of the Heaven Dread Water essence that it had initially collected. Now that Xiao Yun had fused with the Heaven-Corroding Orchid, there was no need to withhold anything from it.

The amount of Heaven Dread Water essence in the pool continuously decreased as the Heaven-Corroding Orchid continuously absorbed it. However, this amount of Heaven Dread Water essence was far from enough to help the Heaven-Corroding Orchid recover what it had expended during its fight with Xiao Yun and his Martial Spirit. However, with this much Heaven Dread Water essence, Xiao Yun was already quite satisfied – after all, this Heaven Dread Water essence was quite amazing.

After all of the Heaven Dread Water essence was absorbed, Xiao Yun stopped the absorbing. However, the remaining water was still quite extraordinary and contained a lethal poison that normal cultivators would not dare to come close to.

Time to leave, Xiao Yun thought to himself as he swam towards the surface of the water pool. There was still a poison gas within the chasm, and after Xiao Yun surfaced, he controlled his Martial Spirit to stab into the side of the chasm. After this, he leapt onto a rock that was jutting out, and looked up. The chasm seemed to be a thousand meters deep, making it incredibly difficult to get out of.

“What a trifling matter. Let this Lord take you up,” the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow said as it came out from the Heaven-Devouring Tower.

The Heaven-Devouring Sparrow’s body glowed with a fiery light, and its fiery feathers looked even more corporeal. The Heaven-Devouring Sparrow gave a cry and shot upwards with Xiao Yun, reaching the top in just a breath’s time. Even a flying magic item would not be able to compare to its speed.

Even though it existed as a demonic soul, the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow had become much more powerful after returning to the Essence Core realm. One would think that it was a true bird of fire from a distance.

“I’ll rest for a bit before going to the Championship Stage,” Xiao Yun said as he stood on the summit of the mountain and rested. He had used up much of his Essence Qi during his battle with Qiu Yu Hao and he had also been injured, so he needed to recuperate for a bit.

“Since these dewdrops are so miraculous, I might try one.” Xiao Yun took out a jade-green dewdrop from his sea of consciousness and consumed it. He had given these dewdrops to Ling Xi in the past, and they had displayed miraculous effects. However, Xiao Yun had never tried them before, and now that he was injured, he decided to try them to restore his Essence Qi.

After consuming the dewdrop, Xiao Yun felt as if all of his pores had been opened, and a cool and refreshing aura passed through his body. He felt incredibly comfortable as his Essence Qi also recovered; even his mind and spirit felt reinvigorated.

After an hour, Xiao Yun opened his eyes, radiating with health and vigour. By now, night had fallen.

“I’ll continue resting for today and start moving tomorrow,” Xiao Yun said as he looked up at the sky, his eyes full of confidence. Now that he had recovered and the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow had awakened, what did he have to worry about?

“Qiu Yu Hao! I’ll repay you for everything from yesterday!” Xiao Yun got up, his eyes as sharp as a hawk as he clenched his fists. Tomorrow, he would make the Qiu family’s people pay in blood. Since the Qiu family had been so vicious, he would not hold back either.

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