Eternal Martial Sovereign

Chapter 144

Chapter 144 – Heaven Dread Water

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Phoobiee

Xiao Yun's Martial Spirit caused him to continuously fall, and soon, he could tell that he had nearly reached the bottom of the chasm. Xiao Yun could see a green-colored pool beneath him from the jade-green light.

Even though it was a pool of water, the poison gas above it could strike fear into anyone's heart. Xiao Yun would have instantly died if his Martial Spirit's light did not cover him. Not only this, but when Xiao Yun tried to send his spirit energy out, it was instantly corroded. This poison gas had reached an unimaginable level.

No wonder why even Essence Core realm cultivators don't dare to come here, Xiao Yun thought. In fact, perhaps even Essence Soul realm cultivators would not come here because of how terrifying this poison was.

After falling closer to the water pool, Xiao Yun could see that there were bubbles popping on the surface of the water to let out a fog. The bubbling sent a chill through his heart; if he came into contact with this poison water, even his bones would melt.

This Heaven Dread Water is too monstrous! Xiao Yun thought to himself. Just as Xiao Yun thought this, his Martial Spirit stabbed into the water and brought him with it. His Martial Spirit seemed as excited as a bird diving into water to catch food, which caused Xiao Yun to feel quite depressed. It seemed that he would have to take each step as it came.

Xiao Yun fell into the water pool, covered by his Martial Spirit's light. The two branches extended out, releasing a resplendent jade-green halo and drawing thin streams of water towards it. Looking closely, Xiao Yun found that the thin streams were quite special and glowed with a green light. They gave off a special aura and left behind bubbles wherever they passed.

Could those streams be the true Heaven Dread Water? Xiao Yun thought, feeling quite curious. He knew that his Martial Spirit only took the cream of the crop and would ignore most normal things. Back in the sea of flames, it did not bother to absorb any of the normal flames and instead set its target as the Violet Flame Martial Spirit. As such, Xiao Yun was able to conclude that these thin streams of water were quite extraordinary. The jade-green halo started to corrode as the thin streams of water were drawn over it.

"These streams of water are so powerful; they're definitely the true Heaven Dread Water," Xiao Yun said in astonishment. He knew that his Martial Spirit's jade-green light was incredibly strong and could suppress all Heaven and Earth Essence Qi. Back then, it had absorbed the flames easily, but now, it showed signs of being corroded. It was not difficult to imagine just how monstrous this Heaven Dread Water was.


However, Xiao Yun's Martial Spirit seemed absolutely fearless. It trembled, causing the jade-green halo of light to release a wave of incredibly profound and complex runes, to the point that Xiao Yun was unable to see them clearly. These runes of light surrounded the essence of the Heaven Dread Water then brought them into the Martial Spirit's halo of light.

"That's it?" Xiao Yun said as he stared. It seemed that his Martial Spirit had indeed become much stronger.

The halo of light hovered above Xiao Yun's head, continuously absorbing the Heaven Dread Water essence. However, the Martial Spirit did not refine the Heaven Dread Water essence, merely storing them within the halo of light.

This water pool was quite deep, but there was not actually very much Heaven Dread Water essence. The remaining poisonous liquid was not good enough for Xiao Yun's Martial Spirit, so after gathering most of the Heaven Dread Water essence, it brought Xiao Yun even deeper.

Xiao Yun did not have to worry about being corroded at all with the Martial Spirit's jade-green light, so he just calmly observed his surroundings.

There was evidently more Heaven Dread Water essence as they went deeper, and after absorbing some more, the Martial Spirit excitedly continued venturing deeper.

What's this? Xiao Yun's eyebrows suddenly shot up as he saw a shocking scene. There was an azure light at the bottom of the water pool, which caused ripples to spread throughout the water. That light was incredibly gentle, but after sending out his senses, Xiao Yun discovered that there was an aura of life, as if there was some sort of spiritual creature there.

"This is a pool of poisonous water; how can there be a spiritual creature living here?" Xiao Yun said in astonishment.

Even Essence Core realm cultivators would fear this Heaven Dread Water, so what sort of heaven-defying existence would be living here? Just how monstrous did it have to be?

The Martial Spirit brought Xiao Yun towards that azure light, and before the jade-green branch could come into contact with the azure light, it gave off a strange devouring power.  Xiao Yun was incredibly shocked.

"What is that thing? How can it absorb my Martial Spirit's light?" Xiao Yun stared at the azure vortex that was a few meters wide, feeling flabbergasted. This was the first time he had seen something like this happen!

However, Xiao Yun's Martial Spirit did not retreat. Rather, the jade-green halo above Xiao Yun's head trembled and released a wave of light, suppressing the azure vortex and defending against its devouring power. Afterwards, it stabbed the two jade-green branches into the vortex and dragged Xiao Yun downwards.

The halo of light above Xiao Yun's head was his Martial Spirit's special spirit ring, but it had not fully formed yet. It would only fully develop after his Martial Spirit completely awakened and he fused with it. Xiao Yun's Martial Spirit dragged him into the azure vortex, where he saw a shocking scene; there was a 1-meter tall plant.

This plant looked like an azure orchid. It only had three leaves, which looked like three hands gathered together. Azure glowing lights in the center of the leaves sent out ripples as the leaves moved. The vortex was evidently created by this azure orchid, and there was a halo of light around this azure orchid.

The azure orchid's halo of light looked quite similar to Xiao Yun's Martial Spirit's jade-green halo of light. However, the azure orchid's halo was very blurry and had not yet fully formed. Evidently, it was much weaker than Xiao Yun's Martial Spirit.

"Could it be that this azure orchid is about to create a spirit ring?" Xiao Yun said as he stared in surprise, his eyes glowing. This was an incredibly rare thing, and once a cultivator fused with a spiritual creature with a spirit ring, they would be able to gain some abilities.

Spiritual creatures that created a spirit ring would then be able to create its own spirit, giving it sentience.

Back when Xiao Yun had met the Violet Vine, trying to subdue it was quite difficult. After sending his senses out, Xiao Yun slightly frowned – even though this azure orchid had barely formed a spirit ring, it already had powerful abilities. It seemed that subduing this azure orchid would not be easy either.

What sort of spiritual creature is this azure orchid? How can it live here? Xiao Yun thought to himself.

How could such a creature that lived in the Heaven Dread Water be something ordinary? 

After looking closely, the azure orchid was not rooted in the ground, but rather in a shattered pearl. This pearl looked ancient and had runes inscribed on it. However, the runes were incredibly blurry and badly damaged.

"It's rooted in a pearl?" Xiao Yun felt incredibly confused; why was there something so mysterious in this world?

At that moment, Xiao Yun's Martial Spirit trembled and released a jade-green light that covered the azure orchid. It seemed like Xiao Yun's Martial Spirit wanted to take this azure orchid.


The azure orchid's leaves continuously swayed, releasing an azure light and creating a vortex that blocked Xiao Yun's Martial Spirit. What's more, it gave off a satisfied buzzing sound as it released azure runes to devour that jade-green light to raise its own strength.

This azure orchid was evidently quite extraordinary and did not fear Xiao Yun's Martial Spirit at all. In fact, it tried to devour it to make itself stronger.

However, Xiao Yun's Martial Spirit did not show any signs of weakness at all. It pierced through the azure vortex with a branch that had runes flowing across it, trying to seal the azure orchid. As the runes descended, the azure orchid's aura became weaker and weaker.

Xiao Yun watched in wonder as these two spiritual creatures fought for dominance; they were both quite extraordinary.

"Why does my Martial Spirit want to take this azure orchid?” Xiao Yun wondered as he tried to connect to his Martial Spirit.

It was a pity that he had not fused with his Martial Spirit and did not know what his Martial Spirit was thinking. However, from how much effort his Martial Spirit was putting in, Xiao Yun could tell that it desired this azure orchid greatly and did not want to give it up.


The azure orchid suddenly trembled, and some of the mist around its leaves condensed into liquid.


The azure orchid swayed as the liquid shot towards Xiao Yun's Martial Spirit.

"What's that liquid?" Xiao Yun's gaze became serious as he watched in shock.

The jade-green light became corroded wherever the liquid passed through, and some of it fell onto the halo of light. As the liquid touched the halo of light, sizzling sounds could be heard as a hole was made on the Martial Spirit's halo.

"It can even corrode my Martial Spirit's halo?" Xiao Yun felt dumbfounded. After all, that halo was like a divine light, and could even block the poison from Poison Master Feng's concealed weapon. And yet, it was currently being corroded – just what was this liquid?

"Could it be that this is the true Heaven Dread Water?" Xiao Yun's heart trembled as he realized something.

Xiao Yun's Martial Spirit let out a wave of runes, hurriedly trying to stop the powerful poisonous liquid.

These runes came from the Martial Spirit's main body, and they started to neutralize that poisonous liquid. Despite this, some of the poison liquid passed through the runes of light and shot towards Xiao Yun, which caused his pupils to contract.

Fudge, even you can't stop it? Aren't you playing with fire? Xiao Yun felt speechless, and his scalp felt numb. What would happen to him if he came into contact with even a little of this poison? Perhaps even his bones would be corroded.

Heaven-Devouring Divine Art!

In his shock, Xiao Yun hurriedly activated the Heaven-Devouring Divine Art, causing a vortex to appear and absorb the poisonous liquid into his dantian. At the same time, Xiao Yun unleashed the Heaven-Devouring Tower, transferring the poisonous liquid into the tower.

As the vortex brought the poisonous liquid into the Heaven-Devouring Tower, Xiao Yun hurriedly activated some of the tower's runes, hoping that they would devour this poison. Otherwise, the tower would be damaged, and the consequences were not ones that he could bear.

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