Eternal Martial Sovereign

Chapter 143

Chapter 143 – Heaven Dread Chasm

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Master Shadow

“You’re seeking death.”

Seeing Xiao Yun attack, Qiu Yu Hao’s gaze darkened. He blew into his flute, causing the demonic beasts to become incredibly vicious and start to attack. He could only choose to take down this youth by force.


Eleven True Essence realm demonic beasts attacked together - there was a Vigorous Demonic Ape, a Gale Tiger and Violet-Eye Golden Lions, among others. With all of them attacking together, the air trembled, as if the sky was falling.

Xiao Yun also attacked with his full strength, sending out his spirit energy, but could not affect the demonic beasts at all. Even though his spirit energy was powerful, in the face of absolute power, it would still be dissipated.

How could eleven True Essence realm beasts attacking together be ordinary?

Xiao Yun could only send out the Spirit-Destroying Spear. It flashed through the air and pierced through one of the demonic beasts’ head, but there were others rushing towards Xiao Yun and their powerful auras overwhelmed him. A massive paw destroyed the flaming lion, then continued on to Xiao Yun, its massive aura causing him to cough up a mouthful of blood.

Heaven-Devouring Tower!

Xiao Yun’s gaze darkened and he activated the Heaven-Devouring Tower. A vortex appeared within his dantian, creating the image of a massive tower.

The massive tower gave off a boundless might, suppressing the demonic beasts. At the same time, a massive vortex appeared at the bottom of the tower, giving off a powerful suction force. The moment this gigantic tower appeared, the pressure from the ten or so True Essence realm beasts decreased.

Looking at this tower, Qiu Yu Hao’s pupils contracted and he felt incredibly shocked.

“Is this massive tower also a spiritual armament? This boy has quite a few treasures, and all of them are more powerful than mine. I have to capture him and take them from him.”

A fiery look appeared in Qiu Yu Hao’s eyes as he continued to play the flute. The ten or so demonic beasts slammed towards the Heaven-Devouring Tower. At the same time, tens of complete stage Innate realm demonic beasts leapt towards Xiao Yun.


The attacks of the True Essence realm beasts were incredibly powerful and caused the air to quiver. The image of the Heaven-Devouring Tower trembled and collapse. Xiao Yun evidently could not resist such powerful attacks.

After the image of the Heaven-Devouring Tower was destroyed, Xiao Yun’s body swayed, his mind taking damage and his eyes becoming dim.

Xiao Yun was sent back around five metres and stopped near a pile of large rocks.


A few demonic beasts immediately rushed over. Even though they were at the Innate realm, they were not to be looked down upon. Xiao Yun hurriedly attacked, creating a magic seal, and a fiery light exploded out as a flaming lion beat the Innate realm demonic beasts back. Some of them caught on fire and howled pitifully.

Just as Xiao Yun caught his breath, a few True Essence realm demonic beasts sprang towards him. Qiu Yu Hao also walked over with a savage expression and laughed, “Haha, there are demonic beasts in front of you and a chasm behind you. There’s nowhere you can run anymore. There’s no better time for you to surrender. If you hand over all of those secret techniques and spiritual armaments, I’ll spare your life.”

“I, Xiao Yun, have always been resolute and unyielding, and never give in to enemies. You wanting to use my life to threaten me is simply a pipe dream,” Xiao Yun said as he licked the blood of his lips, then continued, “Today, you’ve won, and have forced me into helplessness. However, as long as I am not dead, I’ll take revenge. I’ll repay you ten times over for everything today.”

“What a joke. D you think you can still survive?” Qiu Yu Hao asked as he raised an eyebrow, then coldly said, “Behind you is the Heaven Dread Chasm. It’s said that it is a forbidden area left behind from a battle between ancient experts. There’s Heaven Dread Water inside – water that even the heavens dread – so you can only imagine how poisonous it must be. I’m sure that you’ve heard that the air here is poisonous, and it’s because of that chasm behind you. Hurry up and surrender, and I’ll spare your life, and you’ll be able to at least make it out of the Heaven Origin Hunting Grounds alive.”

“Heaven Dread Chasm?” Xiao Yun narrowed his eyes and said in a determined tone, “No matter what, I won’t submit. Qiu Yu Hao, as long as I don’t die, I’ll find you to take revenge. And it’s not just you – the entire Qiu family will pay.” Xiao Yun’s words were vigorous and forceful, and the hatred in his eyes overflowed to the heavens. As he spoke his last sentence, he leaned backwards and fell into the chasm. Surprisingly, he would rather die than to submit to Qiu Yu Hao. This caused some of the youths watching far away to feel flabbergasted.

Xiao Yun’s body fell like a kite into the chasm filled with poison gas and soon, he disappeared.

“Damnit, why is that fellow so stubborn!”

Xiao Yun’s actions were too sudden, and Qiu Yu Hao could not react in time at all. By the time he had realised what had happened, it was too late. He stared ahead, looking extremely disappointed.

“It’s all gone! The secret techniques are gone, and the spiritual armaments are gone. I’ve wasted so much True Essence,” Qiu Yu Hao muttered as he blankly stared ahead. In order to use the Monster-Controlling Bone Flute, he had expended much of his True Essence, to the point that he had injured his foundations.

Previously, he thought that he could obtain everything Xiao Yun had, so he did not mind making those sacrifices. However, he never thought that this youth would be so stubborn, causing all of this to become wasted effort.

Qiu Yu Hao shook his head and sighed, “Hopefully the uncles will reward me with some miraculous medicines, seeing as I at least killed him.”

That way, he would at least recoup his losses. After sighing, he released all of the monsters and left.

In that moment, Qiu Yu Hao felt incredibly exhausted. After controlling so many demonic beasts for such a long period of time, his True Essence was completely spent, and he needed to find a place to rest for a while.

Some people were gathered on the other mountains, wanting to see what had happened. However, upon seeing this final scene, they felt incredibly sorrowful.

“What a pity – a genius among geniuses was forced to death by the Qiu family.”

“Now that Xiao Yun’s fallen into the Heaven Dread Chasm, his corpse won’t even be left intact. It’s said that even Essence Core realm cultivators don’t dare to go into that forbidden area because of the Heaven Dread Water which can corrode anything!” the youths in the distance sighed, while others secretly rejoicing that they had not offended the Qiu family because of Xiao Yun.

As the youths muttered inwardly, some of them looked at a group of people in the distance. There, the Yan family’s youths were gathered together, looking extremely worried.

“Who would have thought that brother Xiao would die here,” Yan Mo said with a deep frown.

“Ai,” Yan Zhen could not help but sigh.

Not too long after they had been captured, they were released by the Qiu family. The Qiu family’s people did not dare to do anything to the Yan family’s people. Otherwise, the two families would engage in a bloody war with unimaginable consequences.

“That Qiu family’s too savage – they actually gave their people so many treasures to deal with young sir Xiao,” some of the youths nearby spoke out furiously. Thinking to the Monster-Controlling Bone Flute that Qiu Yu Hao had used, they felt a chill within their hearts. The multitude of demonic beasts could strike fear into anyone.

“Qiu family?” Yan Mo’s gaze became cold as he said, “Didn’t they just rely on some magic items? After entering the Heaven Origin Sect, I’ll cultivate diligently and become an expert. When that time comes, I swear that I’ll kill that Qiu Yu Hao and take revenge for brother Xiao!”

“That’s right – we need to work hard and take revenge for young sir Xiao,” some of the other youths agreed.

For a nobleman to take revenge, ten years was not too long!

Even though they could not currently deal with Qiu Yu Hao, as long as they worked hard, they would definitely have an opportunity in future.

“Let’s go,” Yan Zhen said. “Right now, the most important thing for us is to join the Heaven Origin Sect.”

“Mm.” The other youths nodded. After looking at the Heaven Dread Chasm again, they left with heavy hearts.

The summit of the mountain was enwrapped by fog, and the youths of the various families left, each of them lost in their own thoughts. Most of them felt quite sorry for the young genius and remembered the ancient saying that geniuses who did not have time to grow would never be worth mentioning. No one knew when a genius would fall.

But was Xiao Yun truly dead? Of course not –Xiao Yun had chosen to go down the chasm, so he naturally had his reasons.

Within the chasm, a fog of lethal poison swirled around. Normal people who breathed it in would immediately die.

However, after Xiao Yun fell into the chasm, he immediately awakened his Martial Spirit in his sea of consciousness. Even though the Heaven-Devouring Tower was his greatest trump card, his Martial Spirit’s miraculous abilities were a secret that he had never exposed to anyone.

With a slight thought from Xiao Yun, his Martial Spirit shone with a jade-green light, covering his body and separating him from the poison gas.

At the same time, Xiao Yun sent out a few branches and stabbed into the side of the chasm. That way, he would not fall all the way to the bottom.

As he did this, he also controlled the Heaven-Devouring Tower to release some runes, attacking the seal that the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow had created and trying to wake the bird up. However, despite trying many times, the fellow did not react at all.

Despite this, Xiao Yun could feel the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow’s aura becoming stronger, as if it sensed the disturbance that he was making, but it still did not wake up.


Two jade-green branches stretched out from Xiao Yun’s sea of consciousness and tried to stab into the side of the chasm. Just as Xiao Yun was going to control these two branches, they trembled and buzzed, as if they were incredibly happy. The Martial Spirit in his sea of consciousness flashed with a bright jade-green light and covered Xiao Yun as they continued to fall. Xiao Yun was like an arrow that shot towards the bottom of the chasm.

“What are you doing?” Xiao Yun felt speechless. He had heard that there was Heaven Dread Water at the bottom of the chasm, something that even Essence Core realm cultivators did not dare to come into contact with, and yet it was so happy to throw itself into it? This Martial Spirit had given Xiao Yun quite a few heart attacks in the past.


The Martial Spirit buzzed, as if it was telling Xiao Yun not to be afraid.

“Are you sure about this?” Xiao Yun felt quite doubtful, but he could not do anything about it. It was his own fault that he had not yet awakened his source energy, so he could not control this Martial Spirit. At this moment, Xiao Yun wanted to cry, desperately hoping that he could quickly awaken his source energy and fully fuse with his Martial Spirit!

If he fully fused with his Martial Spirit, he would no longer have to be so fearful, and would have more knowledge about the Martial Spirit’s abilities.

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