Eternal Martial Sovereign

Chapter 142

Chapter 142 – Monster-Controlling Bone Flute

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Master Shadow

“What does that Qiu Yu Hao still have up his sleeves?” the Yan family’s people wondered as they deeply frowned.

Xiao Yun thought for a while before sending his mind into the Heaven-Devouring Tower to try and contact the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow. It was a pity that the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow was still asleep. Even though its aura was becoming stronger and stronger, it still showed no signs of waking up. Evidently, it was at a key stage. Otherwise, with the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow, Xiao Yun would easily be able to trample on the Qiu family’s youths.

Yiyi was also asleep, so it was not possible to ask them to help.

Moreover, the examination’s rules stated that participants were not to use the help of spiritual creatures – everyone needed to depend on their own strength.

However, the Qiu family had evidently skirted this rule through giving their youths various magic items.

After thinking for a while, Xiao Yun picked up Qiu Ming Hao’s Chilling River Sword. It was a fine sword and could easily cut through Black grade weapons. However, even if Xiao Yun used it, it would be difficult for him to unleash the might that Qiu Ming Hao had revealed, because his cultivation was still too low.

“The Qiu family’s people retreated?” Around the basin, there were some cultivators who had hidden themselves away to observe.

The shockwaves from the battle were too big and had drawn many youths here to spectate. However, those who were watching were only enjoying a show and did not know about the situation.

“Should we continue advancing, or…?” one of the Yan family’s youths asked after seeing Xiao Yun fall silent.

“You can all go,” Xiao Yun said, then continued, “Even though the Qiu family caught Yan Zhen and Yan Mo, they won’t dare to do anything to them. After all, too many people have been watching, and if anything happens to them, the Yan family will know.”

Hearing this, some of the other Yan family’s youths nodded and said, “That’s right. If they wanted to do anything to us, they would have done it already. Our Yan family is quite powerful, and not only do we have people in the Heaven Origin Sect, but also the Sea Mist Sect. Our strength isn’t much weaker than the Qiu family’s.”

“But what will you do, young sir Xiao?”

Some people frowned, saying, “If you can’t take the title of champion, the Qiu family’s people will be able to deal with you freely!”

Xiao Yun frowned, feeling quite conflicted. At this moment, his pupils suddenly contracted and his gaze became serious.

“What happened?” the Yan family’s youths hurriedly asked.

“Things have become problematic,” Xiao Yun said as his gaze darkened. “Hurry and leave – otherwise, you’ll be dragged into this as well! Hurry!”

The Yan family’s people were unwilling to leave.

“Why? How can we abandon you?”


As the Yan family’s people hesitated, a deep rumbling sound could be heard from the hillside, as if there were tens of thousands of beasts running. The ground trembled and rocks rolled down the nearby mountains, following which loud bestial roars could be heard.

“A group of demonic beasts!”

“What a terrifying might. Is it a beast tide?”

“This isn’t right! How could there be a beast tide in this hunting ground?”

The Yan family’s people were incredibly shocked as they stared ahead. They saw that there were groups of massive beasts charging towards them and couldn’t help but tremble. The beast tide was simply too monstrous and gave off a terrifying aura, as if there were hundreds, if not thousands of demonic beasts charging towards them. Some of the beasts had incredibly powerful auras and filled the region with their demonic qi. Evidently, they had reached the True Essence realm.

“You should all hurry and go,” Xiao Yun said as he sighed.

“What about you?”

The Yan family’s youths were completely dumbfounded and they did not dare to stay anymore. In this sort of scenario, staying was completely pointless.

“I should be able to make it out,” Xiao Yun said as he sent his spirit energy forward, looking for a way to escape.

“Take care,” the Yan family’s people sighed as they hurriedly ran towards a hillside. Xiao Yun ran the other way, trying to put as much distance between them as possible.

From his spirit energy, he could tell that there were 1,000 or so demonic beasts within that beast tide. There were nine True Essence realm demonic beasts, but even without them, the multitude of Innate realm beasts would be able to rip him into shreds. As such, Xiao Yun could only helplessly retreat.


Not too long later, a group of massive beasts burst out. There were Vigorous Demonic Apes, Iron-Tail Scarlet Wolves, Violet-Eye Golden Lions and Fire Armour Beasts, among other various species.

Within the group of demonic beasts, Xiao Yun could see a youth sitting on a Gale Tiger, rushing closer and closer. The youth was holding a bone flute and was continuously playing it, causing the sound of the flute to echo around him.

Those with powerful spirit energy would find that when the youth played the bone flute, runes would flash upon it and give off mysterious ripples before entering the demonic beasts’ heads. That was how the demonic beasts were controlled. That youth was naturally Qiu Yu Hao.

“That bone flute can control demonic beasts?” As Xiao Yun was running, his spirit energy sensed the ripples amongst the group of demonic beasts.

“That’s a Monster-Controlling Bone Flute!” someone cried out.

“What? A Monster-Controlling Bone Flute? Qiu Yu Hao has such a treasure?”

“That thing is incredibly mysterious – it can use runes and soundwaves to control demonic beasts, and is even more precious than higher-grade magic items. Who would have thought that Qiu Yu Hao would have such a thing? Could it be that the Qiu family’s elders gave him this to deal with Xiao Yun?”

“I think that’s most likely the case.”

“Looks like the Qiu family is completely determined to kill this Xiao Yun!”

“Xiao Yun’s going to be met with disaster this time.”

“What a pity.”

The youths who were watching by all sighed. Who could defend themselves against so many demonic beasts? Even a complete stage True Essence realm cultivator would most likely die! Only Essence Core realm cultivators, who could fly, would be able to evade this group of demonic beasts.

Within the group of demonic beasts, Qiu Yu Hao stopped playing the bone flute and gave a savage smile, looking at the youth who was desperately escaping as he laughed, “Haha, Xiao Yun, just accept your death. With my Monster-Controlling Bone Flute, how can you survive? As soon as I play it, demonic beasts from all around will attack you.”

With his bone flute, Qiu Yu Hao was filled with absolute confidence. This bone flute was from one of his family’s elders and was used to protect their family from powerful demonic beasts. In order to guarantee Xiao Yun’s death, the Qiu family had given this bone flute to Qiu Yu Hao.

Previously, Qiu Yu Hao never expected to use this, but after that battle, he had no other option. No matter what, even if he lost the right to enter the Heaven Origin Sect, he had to kill this youth. Xiao Yun was simply too talented and had too many secrets. If he was allowed to grow, he would be able to rise to great heights.

Xiao Yun completely ignored Qiu Yu Hao’s words. No matter what, if he was alive, he had an opportunity to survive, so how could he just give up? Even if he could not gain the Heaven Origin Sect’s protection, he would still be able to leave safely if the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow awakened.

“Such stubbornness.” Seeing that Xiao Yun refused to give in and was nearing a hillside, Qiu Yu Hao’s gaze became cold and he continued to play his bone flute. As the music sounded out, bestial roars sounded out from around them and started to gather.

As Xiao Yun stepped onto the hillside, a few beasts immediately rushed towards him, trying to stop him.

“Seeking death.”

Xiao Yun’s gaze became cold and he sent out his spirit energy, causing the demonic beast’s minds to tremble. As they stood there blankly, Xiao Yun swiftly killed them with the Chilling River Sword as he ran forward, wanting to find a safe place.

Behind him, the demonic beasts roared as they rushed at him together with Qiu Yu Hao, and their numbers continuously increased.

“That Xiao Yun’s doomed,” many people sighed, and decided to leave.

Xiao Yun was slowed down by the demonic beasts, which allowed Qiu Yu Hao to come closer and closer.

“If this goes on, there’ll be nowhere for me to escape to.”

Within a forest, Xiao Yun deeply frowned. The situation was worse than he had thought – he was slowly being caught up to, and when they did catch up, he would be dead beyond a doubt.

“I need to find a way out of this impasse,” Xiao Yun thought as he looked for a dangerous region that even demonic beasts did not dare to enter. Only then would he have a chance at surviving. Xiao Yun sent out his spirit energy and soon, he found a chasm. This was at the summit of a mountain, and fog swirled around it. The ground was quite bare, with only large rocks lying around.

There was a striking smell in the air and upon breathing it in, one would feel quite dizzy.

There were very few demonic beasts here. Xiao Yun sent his spirit energy out and deeply frowned.

“What a dense poison gas! It seems to be able to corrode a person’s spirit energy.”

Xiao Yun’s heart thumped upon feeling that the poison gas could almost corrode his spirit energy. One could only imagine what sort of poisonous creatures existed below!

Xiao Yun stood at the summit of the mountain, his heart pounding. What would happen if he jumped down? Would he be able to resist the poison?


As Xiao Yun hesitated, the roars of demonic beasts sounded out from behind him. He looked back and saw that there were demonic beasts rushing towards him. These were all fairly agile and were surrounding the summit, but seemed unwilling to come any further due to the poison gas. Only ten or so True Essence realm demonic beasts dared to go up, including the one that Qiu Yu Hao was riding on.

“Haha, Xiao Yun, there’s a chasm behind you. Are you still going to resist?” Qiu Yu Hao asked with a savage gaze. “As long as you hand over your spiritual armament, I’ll spare your life. How does that sound?”

Qiu Yu Hao grinned, as the massive bell above his head not only defended against Xiao Yun’s spirit energy, but also the poison gas. The poison gas caused him to feel slightly apprehensive, reminding him of a legend that within the Heaven Origin Hunting Grounds. There was a forbidden area that even Essence Core realm cultivators did not dare to enter.

That place was called the Heaven Dread Chasm – it seemed that this was the place.

“Come and take it from me if you have the abilities to do so,” Xiao Yun said coldly.

“Looks like you won’t give in until you’re dead.”

Seeing Xiao Yun’s attitude, Qiu Yu Hao’s gaze darkened as he started to play his bone flute again. The flute’s music sounded out and a group of demonic beasts leapt towards Xiao Yun.

The ten or so True Essence realm demonic beasts also charged at Xiao Yun, their might causing the entire summit to tremble. Some rocks rolled down into the chasm, and the sound of them hitting the bottom could only be heard after a while. It was evident how deep this chasm was.

“Hand over your spiritual armament!” The demonic beasts came closer and closer to Xiao Yun, but Qiu Yu Hao did not control them to attack. Evidently, he still wanted to obtain Xiao Yun’s treasures and secrets, and if he killed him, he might lose the opportunity to do so.

“Enough of your useless drivel,” Xiao Yun said as he sent out his spirit energy. At the same time, he moved his hands, forming the Flaming Lion Seal.

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