Eternal Martial Sovereign

Chapter 140

Chapter 140 – The Might Of Spirit-Destroying

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Master Shadow

These magic items were incredibly rare – even if one entered the Heaven Origin Sect, they might not necessarily obtain one. Only when one reached a certain level of strength or made significant contributions to the sect would they be rewarded with a magic item.

Of course, some elders would have quite a few magic items, and they would use them to reward talented juniors.

After hearing that the sword that Qiu Ming Hao was holding was a magic item, many youths revealed burning gazes. If they had such a treasure, they would be able to completely dominate those at the same realm!

“Who would have thought that you’d bring this sort of thing.” Yan Zhen and Yan Mo’s expressions darkened. It seemed that the Qiu family was truly determined to kill Xiao Yun at all costs this time.

“Haha, my uncle gave this Chilling River Sword to me. It’s made of Chilling Fine Gold, and not only can it defend against True Fire, but it also has runes that boost my battle power. Xiao Yun, so what if you have talent? How can you fight against me when I have this sword?” Qiu Ming Hao smirked as he looked at Xiao Yun, who had been forced to retreat.

A magic sword? Xiao Yun’s eyes glinted, a slight trace of surprise within them. However, they were soon filled with chilling intent.

“Alright, since your Qiu family is so determined to kill me, I, Xiao Yun, will carry out a blood purge to remind your family that descendants of smaller families are not to be bullied.  So what if you have a magic sword? Anyone who wants to kill me will die.” Xiao Yun gaze was cold as searing flames erupted from his body, quickly condensing his magic seal again.

“You’re using that fire seal again?” Qiu Ming Hao asked incredulously as he shook his head. “If that’s all you’ve got, you might as well obediently hand over all of your secrets and give us your True Fire. You didn’t have a Fire Martial Spirit before, so you definitely fused with a variant flame.”

A flaming lion leapt over, but Qiu Ming Hao continued chattering, as if he was still trying to make Xiao Yun surrender. In his eyes, Xiao Yun would not be able to take a single blow from him, much less fight on equal ground.

“If we knew that was all he could do, we wouldn’t have had to forcefully break through to the True Essence realm,” the other 2 youths sneered as they shook their heads. Previously, if Xiao Yun had used his True Fire to create this magic seal, they wouldn’t have dared to even receive the attack, but things were different now. After witnessing the might of Qiu Ming Hao’s magic sword, the Qiu family’s people calmly watched on, as if they were watching an entertaining play.

The incredibly-realistic violet lion leapt through the air as it gave a furious roar.

The lion’s flaming aura caused the air to become warped and set some of the grass and trees in the basin on fire. The area around them soon became a sea of flames, but Qiu Ming Hao still looked incredibly calm. He slashed out with his sword, and the runes on it flashed as an icy shockwave was sent out. Following this, the pressure from the violet flames was greatly reduced, and everyone saw an icy light tear through the air and stab into the violet flaming lion.


As a muffled explosion sounded out, the violet lion was torn apart, and the sword light continued on to destroy the magic seal.

Because Qiu Ming Hao did not have a Chilling-type constitution, he was unable to draw out the full might of the Chilling River Sword. Otherwise, his strike’s power would have been many times greater, and using it would not consume so much True Essence. If that was the case, Qiu Ming Hao would be almost undefeatable.


This time, Qiu Ming Hao was much more aggressive, speeding forwards as he slashed out with his sword. It seemed as if he was going to pierce through the clouds and chase the moon or stab through the sun. Each sword strike was incredibly powerful and was filled with killing intent.

This Rising Cloud Sword Art was a Black-grade advanced level Martial Skill, and after being used in conjunction with such a high-grade magic item, each strike became quite extraordinary. Qiu Ming Hao’s full-powered attacks descended on Xiao Yun like a mighty river, as if they would inundate him. Under such ferocious attacks, it seemed as if Xiao Yun would have no chance of success. He could only run.

However, Xiao Yun’s eyes coldly glinted and he rushed up, as if he was going to fight against the river of sword light.

“This brat’s dead.” Seeing this, the Qiu family’s people coldly smiled.

“Ming Hao, remember to keep him alive,” Qiu Yu Hao reminded.

“Xiao Yun!”

“That bastard.” The Yan family’s youths were filled with fear and apprehension and they clenched their fists, feeling their hearts rise to their throats. Just then, a single ray of sword light had destroyed Xiao Yun’s Flaming Lion Seal. With so many rays gathered together now, how could he block them?

Xiao Yun looked up at the sharp rays, feeling somewhat awed by this sword art. He indeed had no way of fighting – no sort of Martial Skill could turn the situation around, because his cultivation was too low. As such, he could only go all out this time.


Xiao Yun coldly gazed ahead, using his powerful spirit energy to calculate the trajectory of each ray. A vortex appeared between his eyebrows as a boundless wave of spirit energy flooded out. When this spirit energy erupted, the air around Xiao Yun began to tremble.

“What’s with those ripples?” A slight look of shock appeared in Qiu Ming Hao’s eyes. He looked ahead and his pupils contracted as he cried out, “What the hell is that? A magic item or a spiritual armament?”


The space between Xiao Yun’s eyebrows flashed as a 30-centimetre long, jet-black spear shot out. This was evidently the Spirit-Destroying Spear.

The Spirit-Destroying Spear’s runes shone with a dark light and gave off an aura that seemed as if it could kill gods and slay demons. This time, Xiao Yun had gone all out, using the Spirit-Destroying Spear to deal with Qiu Ming Hao.

“What are those ripples?” After the Spirit-Destroying Spear appeared, the nearby cultivators felt their minds tremble, as if they had been shocked by lightning. Their consciousnesses became hazy, and even Qiu Yu Hao was affected as well.

At this moment, the Spirit-Destroying Spear shot out with an unstoppable force, destroying the ray in front of it and sped on towards Qiu Ming Hao. Using his powerful spirit energy, Xiao Yun was able to avoid the rest of the rays.


A light flashed as the Spirit-Destroying Spear pierced through Qiu Ming Hao’s head, dyeing the air with red. Following this, the Spirit-Destroying Spear flashed and returned to Xiao Yun’s sea of consciousness.

As the Spirit-Destroying Spear withdrew, the powerful spirit energy waves also dissipated, and everyone’s minds gradually returned to normal. When everyone came back to their senses, they saw Qiu Ming Hao, whose head had been pierced.


Qiu Ming Hao’s Chilling River Sword fell to the ground, giving off an icy glow.

“Qiu Ming Hao’s dead?” Seeing this, everyone felt incredibly shocked and stared ahead. Just then, Qiu Ming Hao had clearly held an advantage over Xiao Yun, so how could he have died in an instant?

This sort of turn in events was difficult for everyone to accept, and they felt as if they were dreaming.

“Are there evil spirits around?” The Qiu family’s people stared at the dead Qiu Ming Hao.

“Could it be because of those ripples from before?” Qiu Yu Hao’s muttered to himself  as his gaze darkened. “Just what were those ripples? They could even affect one’s spirit! Could it be spirit energy? How could that Xiao Yun have such powerful spirit energy?” Thinking to there, Qiu Yu Hao’s heart thumped. Fortunately, he hadn’t rashly attacked, and had instead used Qiu Ming Hao to test Xiao Yun. He had long since felt that there was something special about this Xiao Yun – otherwise, how could he have killed the True Essence realm Qiu Yu Chen?

Now, Qiu Yu Hao’s suspicions had been confirmed.

“H-How were you able to kill young master Ming Hao?” The 2 other True Essence realm cultivators looked at Qiu Ming Hao, who was almost unrecognisable, then looked up at Xiao Yun. Now, Xiao Yun looked like a demon in their eyes, and could not be offended. They had personally experienced how powerful Qiu Ming Hao was, and yet he had been killed in an instant. This struck fear into their hearts.

“You can go and ask him in hell,” Xiao Yun’s calmly said as his eyes glinted. He sent out his spirit energy again and covered the 2 True Essence realm youths, causing their minds to tremble.

“Arghh!” The 2 of them felt as if their spirits had been struck by lightning and they cried out in pain. Just as the 2 of them were about to lose consciousness ,they saw a blur as a ray of sword light flashed towards them.


The sword light flashed, and the 2 True Essence realm cultivators’ hearts were pierced. Xiao Yun’s sword strikes were so fast that everyone could only stare in shock, and only realised what had happened moments later.

“He actually does have powerful spirit energy! Otherwise, how could Qiu Lin and the others space out like that?” Qiu Yu Hao muttered to himself. “Who would have thought that Xiao Yun would have such abilities? Looks like the legacy he obtained was quite extraordinary. We have to take it from him.”

“You all tie down Yan Zhen. I’ll deal with Xiao Yun,” Qiu Yu Hao said as he strode over to Xiao Yun.

“Yes!” The 4 True Essence realm cultivators beside him continued to fight with Yan Zhen and Yan Mo. The 2 of them were simply not able to fight back against 5 True Essence realm cultivators, let alone help Xiao Yun. Moreover, Qiu Yu Hao was at the peak of the early stage of the True Essence realm, and was quite powerful himself.

“Qiu Yu Hao!” Seeing Qiu Yu Hao walk over, Xiao Yun narrowed his eyes, not allowing himself to become careless. Since that youth had dared to come over, he definitely had a trump card up his sleeve.

If it was a magic item, Xiao Yun would not worry too much – he had confidence in his Spirit-Destroying Spear. However, the way of cultivation was simply too profound, and he could not afford to be reckless. Otherwise, it was possible that he could be met with unexpected defeat.

“Haha, I must admit – not only do you have exceptional talent, but you’re also quite lucky. You’re actually able to cultivate such powerful spirit energy, and I didn’t even know about it until now. However, if that’s all you have, I suggest that you obediently give in.” Qiu Yu Hao raised an eyebrow as he calmly looked at Xiao Yun, giving a gentle smile.

This youth’s elegant smile could make one feel as if they were being bathed by a spring wind, but Xiao Yun knew just how vicious and insidious he actually was.

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