Eternal Martial Sovereign

Chapter 139

Chapter 139 – Magic Item

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Phoobiee

Qiu Yu Hao led the Qiu family’s youths over to the basin, giving off an aggressive air.

“They’ve come.” Within the basin, Yan Zhen and the others’ eyes gleamed.

“If they’ve come, they’ve come.” Xiao Yun shrugged, looking quite calm as a hint of chilling intent appeared in his eyes. He had nothing to fear – if worst came to worst, they would just fight. What could Qiu Yu Hao and the others do to him? Since the Qiu family wanted to make things difficult for him, a battle was inevitable.

There were 47 people in the Qiu family’s group, and they walked over in a grandiose manner, causing the atmosphere in the basin to become quite serious. The Yan family’s youths bit their lips as they felt a large sense of pressure – the other side’s aura felt like that of a mountain’s, and seemed unstoppable.

Xiao Yun stood at the front, coldly gazing at Qiu Yu Hao.

“Haha, you look like you’ve been doing well!” Qiu Yu Hao led his group of people over, stopping about 30 metres away from Xiao Yun as he savagely laughed.

“Why are you lying in wait here?” Xiao Yun asked with a cold expression.

“Why?” Qiu Yu Hao raised an eyebrow as he replied, “You offended our Qiu family time and time again, so of course we’re here for your life! Haha, you want to enter the Heaven Origin Sect? No way in hell is that going to happen – with our Qiu family here, you’re definitely going to die!”

“Your Qiu family’s too arrogant; do you really think you can cover the sky in the Moonwind Kingdom?” Yan Zhen said in a cold tone.

“Yan Zhen?” Qiu Yu Hao calmly looked at Yan Zhen as he coldly smiled and asked, “Are you planning on interfering?”

“So what if I am?” Yan Zhen replied.

“Qiu Yu Hao, it’s best if you leave,” Yan Mo said. “It’s not just us, but the Cloudsea Merchant Alliance’s people also support Xiao Yun. When Yuan Ming and the others arrive, do you think you’ll have any chance at winning? Don’t blame us for being merciless if we start fighting.”

Before, Yuan Mo did not care much about Xiao Yun’s situation. However, ever since Xiao Yun had helped them, his impression towards Xiao Yun became much better. Since the Qiu family dared to act against Xiao Yun, he definitely would not retreat, and would support him fully. The other Yan family’s youths also glared at the Qiu family, preparing to fight.

“Haha, the Cloudsea Merchant Alliance’s people?” Qiu Yu Hao laughed. “Do you think you’ll have time to wait for them?” As Qiu Yu Hao spoke, a few of the youths behind him stepped forth, giving off a powerful aura.

“True Essence realm!” When Yan Zhen and the others felt this aura, their pupils contracted in shock. Beside Qiu Yu Hao, there were 6 True Essence realm cultivators as well as Qiu Ming Hao.

A few days ago, they had only been at the complete stage of the Innate realm!

“You used Pure Essence Pills to forcefully break through?” Yan Mo asked with a serious gaze.

Qiu Yu Hao smirked. “That’s right. In order to deal with Xiao Yun, our family’s elders gave them Pure Essence Pills so that they could deal with people like you. Yan Zhen, Yan Mo, it’s best that you don’t step in. Otherwise, don’t blame our Qiu family for not holding back.”

“8 True Essence realm cultivators!” Seeing the Qiu family’s might, Yan Zhen’s expression darkened. “You’ve really gone all out!”

Those 6 cultivators had decent talent, because if they joined the Heaven Origin Sect, they would have been able to easily step into the True Essence realm. However, after using those medicinal pills, they would suffer from side effects, and their future cultivation would suffer. During this period of time, they would be left far behind by others, and would receive less resources. It could be said that the Qiu family was truly desperate this time.

“Sacrificing a few peoples’ futures isn’t that big of a deal,” Qiu Yu Hao said calmly. “Moreover, with our Qiu family’s foundations, as long as we find some rare medicines, we’ll be able to remedy the side effects from taking the Pure Essence Pills.”

“8 True Essence realm cultivators!” Yan Mo’s eyes gleamed as he said sharply, “So what if you have even 10 True Essence realm cultivators?”

“Fight!” As Yan Mo yelled out, a powerful aura swept out from his body.

Yan Mo was quite slender and tall, and his long, dark hair billowed in the wind. As True Essence swept out form his body, there was a heroic air about him.

“That’s right, fight!” Yan Zhen’s eyes glinted as he said, “So what if you have more people? Who can contend with brother Xiao?”


“Fight! Our Yan family doesn’t have any people who are greedy for life and afraid of death!” The Innate realm cultivators’ battle intent soared. Before, when they were in danger, Xiao Yun had saved them. They had been incredibly touched, so how could they retreat now when Xiao Yun needed them? Wouldn’t they be utter cowards?

As a cultivator, if they became cowards upon facing someone more powerful than them, what use was it to seek the peak of the martial way?

In an instant, all of the Yan family’s youths started to radiate boundless battle intent. Seeing the Yan family’s youth’s attitude, Xiao Yun felt quite moved. These people were true friends.

“You’re all incredibly stubborn.” Seeing the Yan family’s people’s stance, Qiu Yu Hao shook his head, and his gaze darkened as he said, “You guys, come with me to take down Yan Zhen and Yan Mo; Ming Hao, you and the others go and take down that Xiao Yun and force him to reveal his secrets.”

“For him to suddenly go from a mediocrity to a genius again, he definitely has secrets.”

“Yes!” Qiu Ming Hao said and brought 2 True Essence realm cultivators with him to attack Xiao Yun.

“Haha, Xiao Yun, let’s see how you’ll escape from my hand this time,” Qiu Ming Hao said with a savage expression as he coldly glared at Xiao Yun. Back then, he had lost all face because of this youth, so he wanted to take this opportunity to take revenge and wash away his shame.

“Let’s see if you have the ability to do anything to me,” Xiao Yun said as he calmly glanced at Qiu Ming Hao and the 2 True Essence realm cultivators behind him.

Even though they had more people, the new True Essence realm cultivators’ auras were quite unstable, and were weaker than normal True Essence realm cultivators. For these people to fight Xiao Yun was simply playing with fire, so he did not worry too much.

It was that Qiu Yu Hao who Xiao Yun was wary about. That youth was incredibly devious, and almost never personally acted. Instead, he would use others to test the waters while he watched by the side. This sort of person definitely had cards up his sleeve, and could not be underestimated. As such, Xiao Yun did not let his guard down.

“Haha, you think we’re unprepared?” Qiu Ming Hao coldly laughed.

“Brat, if you’re wise, you’ll separate your True Fire from you and tell all of your secrets to us. For a descendant of a small family like you to be able to refine a Grade 3 Pill, you definitely encountered a miraculous opportunity. Haha, they should all belong to our Qiu family.”

The other True Essence realm cultivators glared at Xiao Yun savagely. If they could obtain Xiao Yun’s secrets, their Qiu family could foster a Pill Master, and their status within the Heaven Origin Sect would rise even higher. When that time came, what would the Cloudsea Merchant Alliance be to them? Wouldn’t they also have to obediently submit to their Qiu family?

“Cut the crap, just attack,” Xiao Yun said with a cold gaze as a heatwave emanated out from his body.

He did not want to drag out the fight against so many True Essence realm cultivators, so he immediately started to use the Violet Flames True Fire to condense the Flaming Lion Seal.

As the violet flames shot out, the temperature around them rapidly rose, and even the True Essence realm cultivators’ faces fell. Just a few days ago, they had personally witnessed the might of this True Fire – even Qiu Ming Hao had nearly been burnt to crisp!

However, Qiu Ming Hao smirked, as if he did not fear Xiao Yun’s magic seal at all.

“Haha, you want to use this to attack me again? What a joke,” Qiu Ming Hao laughed. A 2-metre-long sword appeared in his hand, giving off a cold light. There were mysterious runes carved on it, which gave off a shocking aura.

The instant that sword appeared, the might of the heatwaves seemed to be reduced.

The 2 True Essence realm cultivators beside Qiu Ming Hao let out a breath of relief, and they looked at the sword in Qiu Ming Hao’s hand with a sense of desire, as if they were going to start drooling.

At this moment, a roar sounded out as a flaming lion leapt towards them. The searing aura seemed to descend like a milky way, causing the 2 other True Essence realm cultivators to retreat.

Their cultivation, which had been raised using medicinal pills, was not enough to face this Martial Skill, and they felt a sense of fear.

Rising Cloud Sword Art, chasing clouds and seeking the moon; piercing the sky with a single sword!

Qiu Ming Hao remained calm, a cold smile appearing on his face as he moved his sword, sending rays of rainbow-like sword light towards the flaming lion. The sword light was incredibly sharp, and gave off an awesome might, as if it really could pierce the sky.


The sword light flashed, causing the air to tremble, and a hole was torn in the flames. Following this, the sword light landed on the flaming lion’s body, and the aura it gave off caused those nearby to stare in shock.

“That sword’s so powerful!”

“What’s going on?” The Yan family’s youths were incredibly surprised. After all, when facing this attack from Xiao Yun just a few days ago, Qiu Ming Hao had not been able to receive a single blow!

As everyone watched in shock, the sword light only fought with the violet flames for a moment before destroying the flaming lion, then continued to travel forwards towards the large violet magic seal with an unstoppable force.


A loud explosion sounded out as the sword light flashed, splitting the magic seal and continuing on to Xiao Yun.

Seeing this, waves of shock crashed within everyone’s hearts, and the Yan family’s cultivator’s hearts sank. How did this Qiu Ming Hao become so strong?

“Is that a magic item?” Xiao Yun’s pupils contracted, sensing that Qiu Ming Hao’s sword was quite extraordinary.

Despite his shock, Xiao Yun quickly moved, narrowly dodging that shocking attack with his remarkable senses.


However, that attack was incredibly sharp and powerful, and as it slashed past his right arm, it still tore his sleeves.

It was only because Xiao Yun’s spirit energy was quite powerful that he was about to detect that sword strike’s trajectory. Otherwise, he would have lost an arm.

“A magic item! Qiu Ming Hao, you have a magic item?” Nearby, Yan Zhen, who had been surrounded by Qiu Yu Hao and the other True Essence realm cultivators, looked incredibly shocked and cried out. They held quite high statuses within the Yan family, and knew the significance of a magic item.

Evidently, the sword in Qiu Ming Hao’s hand that was giving off mysterious ripples was a magic item. Not only were the materials used to craft magic items more powerful than those used to craft Black grade weapons, there were also runes inscribed on them, giving them all sorts of abilities.

Some increased the cultivator’s battle power, while others gave defensive abilities, and others allowed the cultivator to fly! With a magic item, one would be able to even fight against those with higher cultivations without magic items.

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