Eternal Martial Sovereign

Chapter 138

Chapter 138 – Ambush?

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Phoobiee

“That demonic ape’s dead?”

“That’s right, I can feel its vitality disappearing, and its aura is becoming weaker,” someone cried out.

“It’s really dead?” Everyone felt incredibly shocked and stared at the youth. Just then, he didn’t seem to have done anything, so how did the demonic ape die? Everyone felt incredibly confused, and even Yan Zhen and Yan Mo deeply frowned.

“Was it Xiao Yun who killed it?” Yan Zhen wondered, feeling utterly confused. The youth who had suddenly appeared was naturally Xiao Yun.

“Xiao Yun!” Now that the demonic ape had died, the youth was able to get out of the way. Looking up at Xiao Yun, he felt incredibly shocked – even he had not seen how Xiao Yun had attacked. At that moment, the other demonic apes became enraged and rushed towards Xiao Yun.

“Perfect.” A faint smile appeared on Xiao Yun’s face as he sent out his spirit energy. The Innate realm demonic apes felt their minds tremble, and some even died on the spot, freezing in place.

Xiao Yun did not dally and stabbed towards the demonic apes with his sword.


The sword entered one of the demonic ape’s heart.

Even though these demonic apes had incredibly tough skin, after being affected by the spirit energy, they became completely defenceless, so even black iron weapons could kill them.

In the blink of an eye, Xiao Yun killed 6 demonic apes and gained their points.

“So fast!” Seeing this, the Yan family’s people stared in surprise. This was especially so for Yan Zhen and Yan Mo, who started to wonder if Xiao Yun was the True Essence realm cultivator or if they were. They still had no idea how he had made those demonic apes stop!


Seeing Xiao Yun kill a few demonic apes, the True Essence realm demonic ape was completely enraged. It beat its chest and swung its massive hand at Xiao Yun, its aura causing the nearby grass and stones to sway.

“It’s at the peak of the early stage of the True Essence realm!” Xiao Yun’s eyes glinted as he felt this demonic ape’s aura. “It’s indeed quite strong, and can fight against normal middle stage True Essence realm cultivators with its massive strength.”

Xiao Yun’s heart slightly trembled, but he felt no fear. He moved his hands, gathering the Violet Flame True Fire within his body and condensing it into a magic seal. A violet light flashed as he instantly created a Flaming Lion Seal. Under Xiao Yun’s control, the magic seal flashed with a violet light as a flaming lion leapt towards the demonic ape, slamming into it.


A muffled explosion sounded out as the violet light flashed and the flaming lion actually collapsed, destroyed by the demonic ape’s attack. However, the demonic ape’s body trembled, and it retreated a few steps as it looked at its burnt hand. It was only because of its powerful defence that it was not seriously injured by that attack.

Even though the flaming lion had been destroyed, the violet magic seal was still there, which pressed towards the demonic ape like a violet wall of flames. The magic seal brought with it scorching flames, and the heatwaves it gave off could cause one’s heart to tremble. It looked as if there was a sea of flames descending, causing even the surrounding grass and trees to catch on fire. Soon, the surroundings became a sea of fire, causing the demonic ape to panic as it counterattacked.


The demonic ape was unable to defend against the magic seal and was sent flying many metres. The violet flames caused its fur to start burning, and it immediately used its demonic qi to try to put out those flames. The other demonic apes started to panic, as if they were extremely afraid of these flames.

As the True Essence realm demonic ape was sent into chaos, Xiao Yun rushed over, sending his spirit energy out like sharp blades that buried into its head. This sudden attack caused the demonic ape’s mind to tremble and lose consciousness.


At this moment, Xiao Yun stabbed out with his sword towards the demonic ape’s throat, where its defences were the lowest. The sound of flesh being pierced sounded out as the True Essence realm demonic ape was killed, just like that.


Xiao Yun pulled his sword out, sending blood spurting out. The Yan family’s cultivators all held their breaths as they stared ahead, and they could almost hear their hearts thumping in their ears.

Everyone watched as this youth flipped his palm, bringing out his Points Medallion and recording the points, then putting the medallion away again.

The youths actions were incredibly casual, as if killing a True Essence realm demonic beast was nothing to him. The Yan family’s people were completely dumbfounded – that was a peak early stage True Essence realm demonic beast!

Just then, even with Yan Zhen and Yan Mo attacking it together, they were still hard-pressed, and yet, Xiao Yun had killed it so easily. Was he really an Innate realm cultivator? Everyone’s minds were filled with questions, and they could not help but look up to Xiao Yun.

This youth was an absolute genius; not only was he extremely talented in pill refining, he was also extremely gifted in the martial way. Thinking to there, the Yan family’s people did not even know how to express their feelings. This sort of person would be difficult to find even in 100 years! To be able to fight side-by-side with such a person would be their glory.

“What are you all waiting around for?” Xiao Yun said, seeing everyone stare at him. There were enemies right in front of them, so how could they just stand around like this?

“That’s right, let’s kill these demonic beasts together.” Hearing Xiao Yun say this, the Yan family’s people stopped spacing out and hurriedly attacked.

The remaining demonic apes were sent into panic. Even their True Essence realm leader had died – how could they survive?

Following this, the 17 people killed the remaining demonic apes.

“They’re all dead?” Looking at those dead demonic apes, the Yan family’s youths couldn’t help but sigh in relief, a hazy look in their eyes. Just then, they had been beaten incredibly pitifully by those demonic apes, but Xiao Yun had reversed the situation in an instant. Everyone’s gazes towards Xiao Yun became incredibly respectful.

“Haha, brother Xiao, many thanks for your help!” Yan Zhen laughed and cupped his hands towards Xiao Yun, his eyes filled with awe. Before, even though he had seen the youth fight, he never thought that he would be so powerful.

“It’s nothing,” Xiao Yun said as he calmly replied. “Let’s continue together.”

“Alright,” Yan Zhen smiled. Even though this youth’s words were quite calm and cool, he seemed to have a friendly attitude towards their Yan family. Otherwise, why would he help them? To be able to become friends with such a genius was already quite good.

Following this, Xiao Yun and the Yan family’s youths advanced, and their journey was quite peaceful. Although there were True Essence realm beasts here, there were very few demonic beasts that naturally had such great strength like those demonic apes. Yan Zhen and the others meeting those demonic apes was simply incredibly bad luck.

After passing over a mountain ridge, they came to a basin. In the distance, there was a hillside with a dense forest, and demonic beasts could be seen moving within it.

“This is the true depths of the hunting ground. There’ll be many True Essence realm demonic beasts around, so we’ll need to be careful.” After arriving here, Yan Zhen turned and spoke to everyone. True Essence realm demonic beasts were quite intelligent, so for most of them, as long as they were not attacked, they would not take the initiative to attack humans. This was because they were afraid of being injured and their cultivation being affected.

Xiao Yun would be able to deal with 1 or 2 True Essence realm beasts, but if they did not attack him, he saw no reason to go out of his way to kill any. Of course, Xiao Yun would not show any mercy to those bloodthirsty ones.

After advancing for a while, Xiao Yun suddenly stopped.

“What’s wrong?” Yan Zhen immediately asked, seeing the change in Xiao Yun’s expression.

“There are people ahead,” Xiao Yun said as he narrowed his eyes and looked ahead.

The Yan family’s people looked over as they asked, “People? Why can’t I see anyone?”

The forest in front of them was incredibly dense, and was about 1,000 metres away, and none of them could see anything.

“It’s the Qiu family’s people,” Xiao Yun said as he narrowed his eyes, chilling intent surfacing within them. With his powerful spirit energy, he was able to easily sense those people hidden 1,000 metres away.

“The Qiu family’s people?” Yan Zhen and the others’ expression became grim as they exclaimed, “Looks like they want to stop you from placing first!”

“Hmph, the Qiu family’s people are incredibly arrogant and don’t allow anyone to act against them though they often bully others. Don’t worry, brother Xiao, our Yan family will support you.” Yan Mo’s expression was extremely cold. After Xiao Yun had saved his Yan family’s people, he felt incredibly respectful towards him.

Even though this youth did not speak much, he had indeed saved his family’s people, but had not asked for anything in return. He had treated the Yan family’s people courteously, and had even given some of the points from killing demonic apes to the Yan family’s youths. This caused everyone to feel incredibly grateful towards him.

In actuality, Xiao Yun did not think much of these things. He had only helped the Yan family’s people because he had a favourable impression of them. Furthermore, Yan Shi Fei was part of the Yan family, so Xiao Yun treated them as his own.

As for the points, he had long since accumulated enough, so he would rather help the Yan family’s people. What mattered to him the most was the title of champion.

However, the Yan family’s people were incredibly touched by Xiao Yun’s actions, and remembered it within their hearts.

“Let’s see what they have planned.” Xiao Yun shrugged. Seeing how eager everyone was to help, he did not refuse. He stood on the spot, waiting for the Qiu family’s people to do something. If they dared to do anything, he would strike back with a thunderous attack.

Xiao Yun would act with absolute sincerity towards friends. However, Xiao Yun would not show any mercy at all towards enemies.

Within the woods, a few of the Qiu family’s youths frowned as they asked, “Big brother Yu Hao, why did that Xiao Yun stop?”

“Could he have discovered us?” A few others also felt confused. After hiding within the woods, it was almost impossible for any one to find them, so how could that youth detect them from more than 1,000 metres away? Could he have a pair of heavenly eyes?

“This boy’s quite wary.” Qiu Yu Hao raised his eyebrows and gave a savage smile as he said, “So what if we’ve been discovered by him? He has to pass by here to get to the Championship Stage; would he retreat? Once he retreats, he’ll have lost the opportunity to become the champion, and Emperor Feng won’t be able to protect him anymore. Let’s go and face him; that boy’s got quite a few treasures on him.”

“If we kill him, we’ll be able to take his True Fire and give it to young master Yu Feng. That way, we’ll have made a great contribution.” The other youths nodded. Not only did Qiu Yu Feng have exceptional talent in cultivation, he reached the True Essence realm by his own efforts. He also had affinity with Fire Essence Qi and cultivated his own True Fire, making him a Pill Refiner.

What he lacked was a variant flame like this. If they could help Qiu Yu Feng obtain this variant flame and help him become a Pill Master, they would receive great benefits after entering the Heaven Origin Sect. Variant flames and Fire Martial Spirits were priceless treasures to Pill Refiners!

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