Eternal Martial Sovereign

Chapter 136

Chapter 136 – Heaven Origin Hunting Grounds

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Phoobiee

The Heaven Origin Hunting Grounds was outside the Imperial City, and had been barriered off by the Heaven Origin Sect to use as an examination grounds. It was said that the Heaven Origin Hunting Grounds used to be a battlefield during ancient times, and had been used by the Heaven Origin Sect as an examination grounds for hundreds of years. This place had witnessed the rising and falling of countless people.

Manager Qin continued to travel forwards with his group, and after half an hour, they reached the mountain range where the Heaven Origin Hunting Grounds was located.

Looking down from the air, the youths could only see a misty mountain range that gave off a mysterious aura. Looking closely, one would find that the mist seemed to flash with runes, as if there was a restriction barrier there.

This was the Heaven Origin Hunting Grounds.

In front of a ravine, there was a gigantic platform on which crystals glittered, and there were profound runes carved.

Manager Qin’s body moved and he landed on the platform. Following this, he waved his hand, and the gigantic magic treasure brought everyone to the ground. A piece of beastskin inscribed with runes returned to his hand, and was placed into his spatial ring. That was evidently the magic treasure from before.

The other Manager arrived and placed his group of people on the ground below the platform.

“This is the Heaven Origin Hunting Grounds?” One of the youths looked around him, his heart slightly trembling as he felt the mysterious aura. That aura was as boundless as an ocean, and seemed as if it could inundate the heavens and earth. It was difficult to imagine just what sort of person had placed down that restriction barrier.

“You will now enter into 2 different hunting grounds,” Manager Qin said in a low voice. “One is the outer hunting ground, while the other is the inner hunting ground. After your Points Medallions come into contact with the restriction barrier, you’ll automatically be taken to your hunting ground. Inside, it is incredibly dangerous; you will be tested not only on your cultivation and battle sense, but also your wisdom. I hope you will all do your best.”

After Manager Qin spoke, he waved his hand and a medallion appeared within it. The medallion released a dazzling light that shot up, dispersing the mist and revealing a dome of light that covered the sky. This dome of light was evidently the Heaven Origin Hunting Grounds’ restriction barrier.

“What a massive restriction barrier.” Everyone looked up, feeling incredibly shocked and wondering what sort of divine skill could set up such a powerful restriction barrier.

“Alright, you can all go in now.” At this moment, a screen of light also appeared behind Manager Qin – it was a passageway to the Heaven Origin Hunting Grounds. “All you need to do is send your Essence Qi into your Points Medallion, after which you’ll be able to enter the Heaven Origin Hunting Grounds.”

Hearing this, everyone excitedly started to send their Essence QI into the Points Medallion. At the same time, the youths started to secretly talk amongst themselves, wanting to band up as soon as possible.

“Haha, brother Xiao, I hope we’ll be able to meet inside and help each other advance,” Yuan Ming said as he walked over to Xiao Yun’s side and gave a flattering smile.

At the same time, Yuan Ming glanced at a Qiu family’s youth in front of him, as if he was trying to say that they would try to do something.

“We’ll leave it to fate,” Xiao Yun said as he smiled. Once they entered, they would be split up, so meeting up was not so easy.

“I think that brother Xiao will definitely be the champion.” Yan Zhen walked over with a few of the Yan family’s people following behind them. They all greeted Xiao Yun amicably, their intent obvious – they wanted to stop the Qiu family from causing any mischief.

Xiao Yun felt quite touched, and noted their good intentions.

There were also some youths who greeted Xiao Yun, but did not dare to show any hostility to the Qiu family. After all, the Qiu family was simply too powerful, and was not something that ordinary people dared to resist.

Since the Qiu family had openly declared their enmity with Xiao Yun, standing on the wrong side would bring them great trouble. For most people, it was not worth to stand with a genius who had not yet grown. As such, most of the participants decided to remain neutral.

“You may enter the Heaven Origin Hunting Grounds now.” As Manager Qin called out, the youths of various families leapt up towards the screen of light on the platform. The youths were all incredibly eager to get in, as if they were worried that they would be left behind if they entered too late.

As each person passed through the screen of light, it rippled as if it was a lake that had a large stone thrown into it. As each person passed through, they were immediately taken to their corresponding area to take the examination. However, rather than an examination, this was more of a learning experience.

At the side, Qiu Yu Hao gave Xiao Yun a malicious look as he waved his hand and brought the Qiu family’s youths into the screen of light.

If you dare to act against me, don’t blame me for being merciless.” Seeing that look in Qiu Yu Hao’s eyes, Xiao Yun’s gaze became serious, and his Points Medallion’s inscriptions flashed as he leapt into the screen of light.

After entering the screen of light, Xiao Yun felt as if his body was within a vortex, and thrown out like a ball. In the next instant, Xiao Yun felt his body go light and the light in front of him disappear as a tall mountain range appeared before him.

Lush trees grew around here, and the mountain range seemed to reach the skies, and the roars of demonic beasts could be heard from ahead. Evidently, their entrance had disturbed the demonic beasts that lived in this hunting ground, and looking around, Xiao Yun could see some figures flashing as they appeared.

By now, there were already people who had started to kill demonic beasts. As long as they received enough points, they would be able to enter the Championship Stage.

Xiao Yun muttered to himself, “For the Innate realm, early stage demonic beasts are worth 10 points, middle stage are worth 20 points, late stage are worth 30 points and complete stage are worth 50 points. True Essence realm demonic beasts are worth 1,000 points, so I shouldn’t waste any time on those lower-grade demonic beasts.”

After thinking for a few moments, Xiao Yun started to run towards the depths of the hunting ground. The deeper within the hunting ground, the higher cultivation that the demonic beasts had, and the more points Xiao Yun could obtain.

The Championship Stage was also in the depths of the hunting ground, as was the exit to the Heaven Origin Hunting Grounds. This was because near the Championship Stage, there was a restriction tunnel that led out of the Heaven Origin Hunting Grounds.

In order to reach the Championship Stage, Xiao Yun would have to pass through many mountain ridges and valleys.

Xiao Yun passed through dense forests, and would occasionally kill some Innate realm demonic beasts on the way.


A massive, jet-black bear appeared, and black inscriptions flashed on its armour-like skin. This was a Black Inscription Demonic Bear, and its skin-armour was incredibly thick and possessed incredible power. Normal cultivators would find it incredibly difficult to deal with it.

This Black Inscription Demonic Bear in front of Xiao Yun was at the complete stage of the Innate realm, and gave off an incredibly violent air. Just as it saw Xiao Yun, it leapt over, causing even the ground to tremble.

“An Innate realm demonic beast?” Facing the vicious-looking bear, there was not even a trace of fear within Xiao Yun’s eyes.

The massive bear leapt towards him, its paws creating large gusts of wind which gave off a shocking aura. Xiao Yun moved like a lithe snake, yet also like a furious dragon, sliding past the bear.

Dragon Snake Leave Sea!

Xiao Yun’s hands moved as the Essence Qi in front of him swept out like a dragon and snake towards the Black Inscription Demonic Bear.

The snake shot out like an arrow, piercing a bloody hole through the gigantic bear’s waist. The massive snake wrapped around the bear, dragging it off and slamming it into a pile of rocks. A massive explosion sounded out as sand and dust filled the air. The bear could only howl as it fell on to the ground, lying motionless.

Xiao Yun walked over and flipped his palm, drawing out his soft sword and stabbing it towards the bear.


A sword light pierced through the bear’s heart, and Xiao Yun put his soft sword away. He took out his Points Medallion, and as he sent his Essence Qi into it, a row of numbers appeared. After killing a complete stage Innate realm demonic beast, Xiao Yun received 50 points. He now had 320 points, and was ranked 35th.

“Only 35th?” Xiao Yun said as he muttered, “Looks like I need to kill more demonic beasts!” After putting his Points Medallion away, Xiao Yun sent his spirit energy out, looking for demonic beasts nearby.

“There’s a pack of Iron-Tail Scarlet Wolves over there with middle stage Innate realm cultivation or above, and there are 42 in total.” Xiao Yun’s eyes suddenly lit up. “You’ll do.” He immediately started to run towards the pack of demonic wolves, planning to kill them all.

The Iron-Tail Scarlet Wolves were about 1.5 metres tall and nearly 3 metres long, and were covered with scarlet fur. They looked as powerful as a lion, and what was shocking was that they had 2 metre long tails. These tails were incredibly strong, and even sharp swords would not be able to injure them.

These massive tails could unleash 5,000 kilograms of force, and as their tails swished around, the sounds could cause even Innate realm cultivators to feel fearful. There were also late stage and complete stage Iron-Tail Scarlet Wolves that were even more terrifying.

If a group of 3 to 5 Innate realm cultivators met this sort of pack, they would try to get far away, and even early stage True Essence realm cultivators wouldn’t dare to be careless.

Xiao Yun had an excited look on his face as he rushed forwards. To him, killing single demonic beasts was simply too slow – only by killing groups of demonic beasts would he be able to reap large amounts of points, allowing him to step onto that Championship Stage and take the title of champion.

When Xiao Yun came near the pack of Iron-Tail Scarlet Wolves, the wolves immediately discovered him. However, they were not scared off, and instead raised their heads and howled, then rushed towards him.

Their howls and blood-red eyes could strike fear into anyone’s hearts. Demonic wolves were incredibly bloodthirsty, and would immediately attack anyone who they saw. Normal people would stay as far as them as possible.

The wolves rushed over and surrounded Xiao Yun, wanting to cut off any paths of retreat for him.

“These Iron-Tail Scarlet Wolves are indeed quite savage.” Xiao Yun’s expression became serious as he continuously condensed the Essence Qi within his body.

“Awoooo!!” A wolf howled as 6 massive wolves rushed towards Xiao Yun, their sharp paws tearing through the air. At the same time, 6 long tails whipped towards him, bringing with them massive gusts of wind.

6 Iron-Tail Scarlet Wolves attacked simultaneously, making it impossible for Xiao Yun to retreat.

This sort of ferocious attack could cause any ordinary complete stage Innate realm cultivator to feel terrified.

“These wolves are quite intelligent, and know how to work together to attack.” Seeing how well the wolves were working together, Xiao Yun felt quite shocked. He did not dare to be careless, and started to circulate the Violet Flame True Fire within his body. He created a magic seal in front of him.

Flaming Lion Seal!

As the seal formed, it gave off a brilliant violet light. Xiao Yun gave a low shout as a violet flaming lion leapt out, giving a majestic roar before leaping towards the Iron-Tail Scarlet Wolves.

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