Eternal Martial Sovereign

Chapter 135

Chapter 135 – Grade 3 Pill

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Editor: Master Shadow

This youth controlling 7 separate flames at once was already quite impressive, but the fact that he had not destroyed even a single medicinal ingredient in the process was simply incredible. How was this a 16 year old youth? He was like a master who had been refining pills for more than 10 years.

“Looks like everything that Yuan Xu said was the truth.” Yuan Rong continuously nodded. Now, he was certain that what Yuan Xu had said was definitely the truth.

Everyone waited in anticipation for the pill to be completed.

After refining all 7 medicinal ingredients, Xiao Yun started to fuse the medicinal paste into a medicinal pill. A dense pill aroma wafted out from within the cauldron.

Everyone present couldn’t help but hold their breaths, feeling incredibly tense.

“Will he be able to succeed?” everyone wondered as they tightly stared at the platform.

The atmosphere became incredibly serious, and it was so silent that even a whisper could be heard clearly.

The Qiu family’s cultivators gnashed their teeth with malicious gazes on their faces, hoping that this youth would fail in fusing the pill.

“As long as it’s not a Grade 1 Pill, you’ll have lost your right to participate,” Qiu Xuan Rong and the others thought. If that happened, they would be able to kill the youth immediately.

This was what the Heaven Origin Sect had ordered, so even Emperor Feng would not be able to protect Xiao Yun. In Nanjiang, a tiny Kingdom was nothing to those large sects. Kingdoms were only places for them to recruit new disciples.

After a few moments, the pill cauldron trembled and a smile finally appeared on the youth’s face. Seeing this, everyone felt even more nervous – it was the moment of truth!

Under countless gazes, Xiao Yun opened the lid and took out a medicinal pill. This medicinal pill was a light yellow colour and was completely transparent. There was also a mist swirling around it, which gave off a pill aroma. When they smelt this aroma, everyone felt as if their minds had been refreshed.

“He completed the pill?” Seeing the medicinal pill in the youth’s hands, everyone’s hearts trembled. Some people felt a strange sense of happiness in witnessing that a medicinal pill had been successfully refined right in front of them.

After all, pill refining was one of the most mysterious professions, and Pill Refiners were admired by everyone. Pill Refiners would normally only refine pills in isolation, and it was incredibly rare to be able to see this process with one’s own eyes. Even for the Heaven Origin Sect’s members, most of them could only see such a spectacle during Pill Refining Tournaments, so they were incredibly excited to have seen this process.

“Did he succeed?” Qiu Xuan Rong deeply frowned.

“Is it a Grade 1 Pill?”

“If it isn’t a Grade 1 Pill, he will have still failed,” the Qiu family’s people muttered as they glared at Xiao Yun maliciously. However, it was evident that only the Qiu family was hoping for such a thing.

“Looks like this medicinal pill’s quality is quite good!” the Heaven Origin Sect’s Managers exclaimed as they smiled. Even though they did not look at it closely, they could tell that it was definitely of good quality from the pill aroma alone.

“Let me have a look.” Yuan Rong went over with an excited look on his face.

Xiao Yun did not hesitate and immediately handed the medicinal pill to him.

After Elder Rong took the pill, he began to carefully examine it and would occasionally smell it, trying to determine its grade.

“Haha, not bad, not bad. A rare pill refining genius indeed!” After studying the medicinal pill for a while, Elder Rong laughed heartily, not hiding his fondness of the youth at all. Such a genius was simply too rare.

“Oh! What grade is this medicinal pill?” the other elders asked.

Manager Qin also looked quite curious. From Elder Rong’s expression, the medicinal pill was definitely not just Grade 1. Could it be a Grade 2 Pill?

Thinking to there, Manager Qin couldn’t help but feel more respect towards this youth.

He was only a 16-year-old and had not even entered a sect to study. Yet, he could already refine a Grade 2 Innate Pill. Even within the Heaven Origin Sect’s history, this sort of genius was incredibly rare.

Seeing the Heaven Origin Sect’s elders react in such a way, the youths all felt quite confused.

“What grade is that medicinal pill?” Everyone clenched their fists, staring ahead as they waited for the answer.

Why doesn’t that old fellow hurry up and announce it?” some people muttered inwardly as they began to feel incredibly impatient.

“Haha, this is a Grade 3 Innate Pill, and is quite rare,” Yuan Rong said with a smile.

“What?! A Grade 3 Pill?” Hearing this, the Heaven Origin Sect’s other Managers stared, asking, “Senior Martial Brother Yuan Rong, are you sure about that?”

A Grade 3 Pill?! What did that mean? Even the Medicine Peak’s disciples who had studied there for many years might not be able to refine a Grade 3 Innate Pill!

After all, advancing from one grade to the next was as difficult as scaling the heavens; it was an extremely tough test for Pill Refiners.

Hearing this, the Qiu family’s people were completely dumbfounded, and their eyes were filled with doubt, unwilling to believe it.

“Haha, you can have a look for yourself if you don’t believe me.” Seeing everyone’s looks of doubt, Yuan Rong laughed and handed the medicinal pill to Manager Qin.

Manager Qin had long since wanted to examine this medicinal pill, and he began to look at it closely. The other Managers also crowded around, feeling incredibly curious.

“That’s right. No matter if it’s this medicinal pill’s colour and lustre or medicinal effects, they’ve all reached the requirements for a Grade 3 Pill,” Manager Qin announced as he held the medicinal pill. As a Manager of the Heaven Origin Sect, he had seen many medicinal pills, and was also quite proficient at appraising their grades.

“It’s really met the requirements for a Grade 3 Pill?” Hearing this, the other Managers were all dumbfounded.

“You can all have a look as well.”

Manager Qin handed the pill to the elder closest to him. These people were all cultivators of the Heaven Origin Sect, and also had the right to appraise such things.

“It really is a Grade 3 Innate Pill.”

“Let me have a look.”

“Quick, let me have a look.” In just a moment, the elders began to fight over the pill, wanting to examine it for themselves. The youths below stared in surprise – these elders had completely lost their demeanour as experts.

Only the Qiu family’s cultivators remained passive by the side. Now that so many Managers had checked it, it was definitely a Grade 3 Pill.

“It really is a Grade 3 Pill.”

“What a young genius!” After looking at the medicinal pill, the elders continuously cried out and praised Xiao Yun.

“That brat actually refined a Grade 3 Innate Pill?” The Qiu family’s people looked incredibly bitter. However, since the situation had unfolded in this way, they could only secretly gnash their teeth.

Grade 3 Pill? Hearing this, the youths below felt their hearts tremble.

Was this Xiao Yun even human? He was only 16-years-old and was part of a smaller family, so how could he have made such accomplishments in the way of pill refining? Was he the reincarnation of some Pill Master?

In just an instant, waves crashed within the hearts of all of the youths, and their looks towards Xiao Yun became even more respectful.

“It would be great if I could be married to him.” Some young women’s eyes blazed, completely infatuated with Xiao Yun.

“Xiao Yun has passed this examination, and is a genius among geniuses who should be nurtured greatly. Manager Qiu, do you have any objections?” After everyone had a look of the medicinal pill, Manager Qin looked over at the sullen Qiu Xuan Rong.

Apart from the Qiu family, who wanted to make things difficult for Xiao Yun, none of the other Managers had any objections, so Manager Qin only needed to ask Qiu Xuan Rong.

“Since everyone has already confirmed it, I have no objections.” Qiu Xuan Rong’s eyes twitched, and his tone were incredibly cold as he continue, “However, he killed the sect’s disciples and committed grave sins, so this is not enough. Only after he becomes the champion of the next examination will it be sufficient.”

“Xiao Yun, do you have any objections?” Manager Qin slightly nodded and looked over at Xiao Yun, his tone noticeably warmer.

Before, it was they who had set the terms, not asking for Xiao Yun’s opinion at all. Manager Qin asking Xiao Yun was not merely wasting his words, but was instead showing his respect for this youth. Evidently, this Grade 3 Pill had caused all of the Managers to see Xiao Yun in a new light, and realise that his future was limitless.

“Junior has no objections,” Xiao Yun said as he calmly smiled.

“That’s good. You can participate with everyone then,” Manager Qin said. “This examination is split into 2 hunting grounds. The one you will be in will be quite dangerous – not only will there be True Essence realm cultivators participating in the examination with you, but there will also be some True Essence realm beasts.”

Manager Qin explained the differences between the 2 hunting grounds to Xiao Yun in depth. This examination was based on receiving points for killing demonic beasts. The stronger the demonic beast killed, the more points one would receive. Moreover, it was possible to take another person’s points and add them to one’s own total.

Those who had more points would be treated more favourably. As for those who wanted to fight for the position of the champion, they needed to go onto a Championship Stage. One could enter the Champion Stage after accumulating enough points.

Those with the least points would either be eliminated or be taken as Outer Court disciples.

The examination was split into 2 hunting grounds and 2 rankings, which made it quite fair.

Xiao Yun committed everything that Manager Qin had said to memory so as to prepare himself for the upcoming examination.

“Next, we’ll give out the Points Medallions.” As Manager Qin spoke, a few youths walked out from behind him and gave out Points Medallions to the participants. These Points Medallion were made from jade, and had inscriptions on them, which made them look quite profound. When a participant killed a demonic beast, it would be able to detect the demonic beast’s strength and record the appropriate amount of points.

At the same time, one could use their Points Medallion to steal other peoples’ points. If someone’s Points Medallion was destroyed, the examination would be over for them.

Xiao Yun received a Points Medallion and after sending in his Essence Qi, he saw his name written on it. It was also a type of identification.

“Now, we’ll head to the Heaven Origin Hunting Grounds for the examination.” After giving out all of the Points Medallion, Manager Qin’s gaze became serious as he waved his hand. A colourful light appeared and turned into a circle, covering everyone within and beneath the platform.

Everyone only felt their surroundings blur, as if they had entered another world. Looking closely, they found that they were on a magic carpet, but their surroundings were covered with light.

“Is this a magic treasure?” Seeing this, everyone had the same question, and felt even more in awe towards the Heaven Origin Sect. To most people from ordinary families who had never seen such a thing before, this was like a divine skill.

“Let’s go!” Manager Qin and another elder took a group of people each and left the Imperial City. In the military drill grounds, the elders of the various families were also led out by some Essence Core realm cultivators.

Now that the examination was about to begin, they also wanted to know the results as soon as possible.

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