Eternal Martial Sovereign

Chapter 133

Chapter 133 – The Examination Begins

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Master Shadow

“If you can refine a Grade 1 pill in public and place first in the examination, your crimes of killing Fang Hao and Qiu Yu Chen will be absolved, and not only that, you’ll directly become an important disciple and will be greatly nurtured,” Elder Yuan said.

“That should be possible,” Xiao Yun said as he nodded.

He had seen the other youths who were participating, and there was no one who made him feel too nervous. Furthermore, the cultivators from the other families weren’t stupid enough to come and make trouble for him. As such, he only needed to worry about the Qiu family’s people.

“That’s good,” Elder Rong said. “This time, the examination is very simple. Soon, all of the youths who have the right to participate will be gathered, and a hunting ground will be opened. You will hunt demonic beasts to gain points, and only with enough points will you be able to enter the final stage,” Elder Yuan explained to Xiao Yun. “As long as you can place first, everything will be easily solved.”

Hearing Elder Yuan’s words, Xiao Yun nodded, feeling more confident. “Thank you, Elder Rong, for telling me these things. I won’t let you down, and will definitely place first,” Xiao Yun said as he cupped his fists to the elder. This was not Xiao Yun being arrogant, but was rather because he was truly powerful, and there was no one else he had seen who could contend with him. After all, Xiao Yun had not even revealed his full strength!

“Very well.” Seeing how confident this youth seemed, Elder Rong smiled.

Following this, Elder Rong and Xiao Yun chatted together. The matter regarding Yuan Xiao came up, and he expressed his family’s apology to Xiao Yun. In response, Xiao Yun only calmly smiled, indicating that it was in the past and he had let the matter go.

Yuan Xiao had been banished from the Yuan family, and Yuan Lin had apologised to him on behalf of the Yuan family many times. Adding on this Essence Core realm cultivator once again apologising to him, it was evident that the Yuan family was truly sincere. If Xiao Yun still did not let this matter go, he would not be giving them any face at all. After all, they had given him face, so if he did not act appropriately, it would only bring harm to himself. Mutual respect was important.

“The examination will be in 3 days, so do your best to prepare.” After giving Xiao Yun some reminders, Elder Rong left.

“3 days”? Xiao Yun slightly narrowed his eyes, his heart beating faster. He was filled with anticipation towards the examination because this was a key turning point in his life, and was an opportunity for him to prove himself to the world.

As long as he passed this examination, he would successfully join the Heaven Origin Sect. With enough resources, why would he need to worry about not being able to become stronger? Right now, what Xiao Yun lacked most was resources!

After saying goodbye to Elder Rong, Xiao Yun returned to the Heavenly Phoenix Ridge.

There were only 3 days until the examination, but Xiao Yun had long since started making preparations. Even if he had not stepped into the True Essence realm, he still had the confidence to be the champion.

“It’s a pity that the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow and Yiyi are asleep.” Xiao Yun shook his head as he looked inside the Heaven-Devouring Tower. However, he soon smiled – when they awoke, they would definitely be much stronger. When that time came, he would not even fear normal Essence Core realm cultivators.

Three days passed in the blink of an eye, and Xiao Yun spent all of that time in the Essence-Gathering Formation, making his Martial Spirit even stronger. The new leaf had finished growing, and had started gathering a mist, preparing to condense it into a dewdrop.

Now, Xiao Yun’s Martial Spirit’s aura became even deeper, and seemed to possess more lifelikeness. Jade green inscriptions moved around on the Martial Spirit, and started to condense, as if they were about to make a transformation.

Xiao Yun walked out from the Essence-Gathering Formation and looked inside his Heaven-Devouring Tower. Inside, the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow and Yiyi were both still sleeping, but there were mysterious ripples gathering inside. This was especially so for Yiyi. The ripples covering her body shone with a divine light, and the aura she gave off could make one’s heart pound.

There seemed to be a divine beast within the Heaven-Devouring Tower, giving off a shocking aura.

After making some simple, final preparations, Xiao Yun headed out.

Feng Yu Yao was standing outside, looking slender and elegant. She had a graceful bearing and a perfect figure, with full breasts and slim legs. Her skin was like jade, and seemed to radiate a divine light, as if she was a celestial goddess. Currently, she was waiting silently for Xiao Yun.

“Today’s the day of the Heaven Origin Sect’s examination. I hope you’ll be able to achieve success and become the champion,” Feng Yu Yao said as she gave a beautiful smile which could make the heavens and earth lose their lustre.

Beside Feng Yu Yao was another person – Yuan Wan Ting. Compared to Feng Yu Yao’s warmth, Yuan Wan Ting seemed more reserved, and did not reveal her true emotions. After all, this Feng Yu Yao was simply too outstanding.

“Thank you, Princess.” Seeing that Feng Yu Yao was personally waiting for him, Xiao Yun felt somewhat moved, as well as surprised.

“How’s Miss Wan Ting’s body?” He asked.

“I’m fine now.” Hearing Xiao Yun ask about her well-being, a trace of redness appeared on Yuan Wan Ting’s face. She lowered her head like an embarrassed girl, but then stole a glance at him.

Even Yuan Wan Ting could not feel a trace of emotion for this youth.

“It’s good that you’re fine,” Xiao Yun nodded. “Everyone else is about to gather as well, right?”

“Mm,” Yuan Wan Ting said. “They’ll all gather in 1 hour outside the Imperial Palace, and will travel together to the Heaven Origin Hunting Grounds for the examination.”

Feng Yu Yao led Xiao Yun to where the gathering point was. Normal cultivators were given their own courtyards to stay in, but because Xiao Yun was invited by Emperor Feng, he did not stay with the others. As Feng Yu Yao and Xiao Yun walked out from the Heavenly Phoenix Ridge, they found that the Fifth Prince was waiting for them.

“Haha, little brother Xiao, I’ve come to bring you to the gathering point,” the Fifth Prince said with a warm smile.

“I’ll have to trouble Fifth Prince then,” Xiao Yun said as he smiled and cupped his fists towards the Fifth Prince.

“Little brother Xiao is too courteous.” The Fifth Prince gave a calm smile and waved his hand. A colourful light appeared, turning into a colourful cloud that brought Xiao Yun, Feng Yu Yao and Yuan Wan Ting with him into the air. Soon, a large military drill ground appeared before them, with a tall platform in the middle.

On the platform were 10 or so elders.

These elders were all dressed similarly, most of them were around 50 or 60 years old, and they all gave off a deep and profound aura.

Looking over, Xiao Yun saw that Qiu Xuan Rong and another Essence Core realm expert were within that group of people. These 2 people had tried to kill him, but had been injured by Emperor Feng.

Apart from them, there were also a few youths by their side – evidently, these were the Qiu family’s youths who had the right to participate in the Heaven Origin Sect’s examination.

Yuan Rong was also within that group of people. In the Moonwind Kingdom, many elders of large families were in the Heaven Origin Sect, but not many of them wielded any power. This was because the Heaven Origin Sect did not only choose disciples from the Moonwind Kingdom, but also from other places as well within Nanjiang.

Nanjiang was incredibly vast, and contained hundreds of kingdoms. The Moonwind Kingdom was only one of them.

The Fifth Prince brought Xiao Yun and landed on the platform. Seeing Xiao Yun, the elders all looked over with curious gazes.

The Qiu family’s gazes were incredibly dark and malicious, while other elders looked at Xiao Yun in silent approval, their eyes filled with expectation.

“You’re Xiao Yun?” a man with a long beard asked as he looked over. This person was the Heaven Origin Sect’s Manager and was in charge of the Moonwind Kingdom’s examination.

“That’s right,” Xiao Yun nodded as he greeted everyone else, “I greet all elders and seniors.”

The elder’s strength was quite strong, and he was at the Essence Core realm. He was more powerful than normal Essence Core realm cultivators.

“This old man is in charge of this examination and is surnamed Qin.” Elder Qin said. “This old man already knows about your circumstances. Your crimes in killing our Heaven Origin Sect’s disciples are unforgiveable, but seeing as it was in self-defence, we’ll give you a chance.”

“Thank you Elder Qin for your lenience,” Xiao Yun bowed as he expressed his thanks.

“Our Heaven Origin Sect is a sect that values talents, so you don’t need to thank me. As long as you’re strong enough, there will be no problems. However, if there is nothing special about you, this old man will be powerless to do anything. After all, our sect is not one to be offended,” Elder Qin said seriously. “As such, you need to show the world how extraordinary you are. Only then will you win our sect over.”

“Mm.” Xiao Yun nodded, feeling a favourable impression towards the Heaven Origin Sect. If the Heaven Origin Sect truly valued talents, he would have nothing to worry about.

“Alright, just wait here for now,” Elder Qin said.

Xiao Yun nodded and silently waited with the others. The Fifth Prince and the others waited beside him, and did not say any more.

Even though the Imperial Clan was quite powerful, the Heaven Origin Sect had its own rules, and could not be slighted.

With Manager Qin present, even the Qiu family’s people did not dare to act out of line, while a few others were filled with expectation towards Xiao Yun. These were the Managers of the various Peaks of the Heaven Origin Sect, and had come to find disciples for their own Peaks.

Not long after, the participating youths all arrived. The military drill grounds became filled with talented youths, creating a bustling atmosphere. Looking at these youths, the Heaven Origin Sect’s Managers slightly nodded. These were all fresh bloods for the Heaven Origin Sect, and would build it up in the future.

Even though not all of them would become peerless experts, there would always be a few who would distinguish themselves. That was enough.

After a while, everyone had gathered, totalling 923 people. There were more people than at the gathering, because they had only just arrived for the examination.

All of these youths looked up towards the platform with hope in their eyes. This examination would determine their futures, and they all felt a deep longing for the boundless martial world.

“Alright, everyone present is a genius of the Moonwind Kingdom. Anyone who passes will become a disciple of our Heaven Origin Sect.” Elder Qin looked at the youths and gave a slight nod before saying in a deep voice, “Everyone can rest assured that this examination will be very fair. The requirements for disciples from smaller families will be slightly lower, while those from larger families will be raised slightly higher.”

Descendants of smaller families often had less resources, so even if they had the same talent as someone from a larger family, it would be difficult for them to stand on the same level.

In order so that the true geniuses would not be overlooked, the Heaven Origin Sect had arranged for descendants of smaller families to take the examination together. The descendants of larger and more powerful families would be in a different hunting ground.

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