Eternal Martial Sovereign

Chapter 131

Chapter 131 – Who Dares Not To Acknowledge

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Phoobiee

Just as Qiu Ming Hao stared in fear and panic, Xiao Yun suddenly pushed out the violet magic seal.


The Flaming Lion Seal was sent out and an incredibly realistic violet lion rushed out from the magic seal. Violet light flashed in its eyes, as if there were violet flames burning within them.

As the lion rushed out, it swiped with its sharp claws, tearing the air as it leapt towards Qiu Ming Hao.

A violet light flashed, and wherever the flaming lion passed, the air would twist and turn. Essence Qi sizzled as it was incinerated, and the Essence Qi that Qiu Ming Hao’s Mountain Suppressing Seal was made up of reacted as if it was snow encountering a blazing sun.

The magic seal that had seemed incredibly mighty just a few moments ago lost all of its power and could not even withstand an Innate realm cultivator’s attack.

“This…” Seeing this change, all of the spectators felt incredibly shocked.

Qiu Ming Hao was completely flabbergasted, and felt that he was covered by an incredibly hot heatwave, as if he was within a sea of flames. He started to tremble, and a wet patch appeared at the front of his pants.

As countless people watched on, the gigantic lion swept its paws through the air, tearing apart the Mountain Suppressing Seal. Following this, a shining, violet magic seal descended towards Qiu Ming Hao. At a distance, it looked as if there was a violet sun descending on him.

“That’s fire!” Qiu Ming Hao felt incredibly shocked, and instinctively released all of his True Essence to defend himself, trying to stop that Flaming Lion Seal. However, the violet flames were too powerful, and seemed as if they could burn through anything.


The boundless True Essence was also incinerated, and the violet light was now right in front of Qiu Ming Hao, inundating him with a scorching heatwave. In the next moment, the massive lion sprang over, swiping at his chest and tearing through his breastbone.

As the lion slashed at Qiu Ming Hao, the seal also suppressed him.


A muffled explosion sounded out as the violet light flashed, and Qiu Ming Hao was sent flying backwards like a broken kite.


Qiu Ming Hao coughed up a mouthful of blood, his body completely blackened and his clothes completely destroyed. He landed off the stage, giving off a burnt smell as smoke rose from his body.

Anyone who looked over would find that Qiu Ming Hao’s body had been almost completely burned. When Qiu Ming Hao had been sent flying, the violet light had disappeared, and the searing heatwaves had also gradually decreased. However, the shock imprinted on everyone’s hearts in that moment could not be wiped away so quickly.

The entire Martial Arts Grounds fell incredibly silent, to the point that the wind could be heard clearly. All of the cultivators held their breaths as they stared ahead, because this was simply too unbelievable – a True Essence realm cultivator had been defeated just like that.

All of this felt like it was a dream.

Even the True Essence realm cultivators could not help but stare, unable to say anything. When they thought about it, they were not sure whether they could have blocked that if that was them. The answer was most likely not.

Now, all of the geniuses of the various families stared at Xiao Yun with respect, not daring to look down on him anymore. He was only at the Innate realm, but was already an existence that they could not defeat.

After considering the violet light and those searing heatwaves, they were struck with both fear and admiration.

Even though they were all quite far away from the stage, they could still feel the might that the violet magic seal gave off – those heatwaves made their skin blister, making them feel as if they were being roasted on a fire.

Looking at Qiu Ming Hao on the ground, everything became clear to them. That magic seal was most likely created from Fire Essence Qi.

After a moment of silence, a youth asked the people around him, “Did Xiao Yun use a Fire Martial Skill?”

“Only a Fire Martial Skill would be able to give off such an aura,” another youth said as he took a deep breath.

Someone asked in incredulity, “A Fire Martial Skill! Don’t you need to cultivate with Fire Essence Qi in order to use those? Could it be that this Xiao Yun has affinity with Fire Essence Qi so he can cultivate with Fire Essence Qi?” Those sorts of people were all rare geniuses.

Someone said, “I don’t think it’s that simple. Even if he has affinity with Fire Essence Qi, he shouldn’t be able to release such a powerful attack. He either has a Fire Spirit, or he has a variant flame, or even a Fire Martial Spirit!”

“What? A Fire Martial Spirit?” Everyone felt incredibly shocked. In that moment, everyone’s gazes once again fell on the youth’s body as they were filled with a deep sense of respect.

It had to be known that within the Moonwind Kingdom, or even the entire Nanjiang, those with a Martial Spirit were all geniuses among geniuses, and would be favoured by large sects, making their futures limitless. That was why Fang Hao had been chosen as one of the disciples of the Heaven Origin Sect’s elders.

Once these geniuses’ Martial Spirit had been verified, they could essentially join the Heaven Origin Sect without taking any other examinations. As for normal people, they would need to pass through many examinations, and might not even be able to enter the Inner Court.

Those present evidently did not have a Martial Spirit, which was why they had come to participate in the examination. Those who had Martial Spirits did not even come to this gathering – those people had more or less been already accepted into the Heaven Origin Sect, and would not need to come to such a thing.

“This Xiao Yun indeed has a Fire Martial Spirit,” another youth nearby said.

This was one of the Cloudsea Merchant Alliance’s youths called Yuan Ming.

“He really has a Fire Martial Spirit?” Everyone understood – such a person indeed had the qualifications to sit with Princess Yu Yao, and even though there were people with True Essence realm cultivation, none of them had a Martial Spirit!

“Not only that, he’s also a Pill Refiner,” Yuan Ming said calmly.

“What? He’s also a Pill Refiner?” Those present were completely dismayed – a Pill Refiner’s social status was not low at all!

“This Xiao Yun is also quite talented in the way of pill refining, and even my Fourth Uncle was incredibly impressed by him,” Yuan Ming said.

Everyone asked, their eyes widening, “What? Even Master Tian Ju was impressed by him?”

Yuan Ming nodded, but did not say anymore.

The True Essence realm cultivators all fell silent, and no longer felt angry that Xiao Yun could be so close with Princess Yu Yao. A young genius with a Martial Spirit who had defeated a True Essence realm cultivator despite being at the Innate realm sufficiently displayed his talent and strength. What’s more, he was even a Pill Refiner – who here could compare to him? Who did not dare to acknowledge him?

Yuan Tian Ju’s pill refining skills were famous within all of the Moonwind Kingdom, and if even such a person was impressed by Xiao Yun, just how monstrously talented did he have to be?

Some people even started to ponder how they could establish a relationship with Xiao Yun so that they could receive benefits in future!

The Fifth Prince and the 2 other Princes nodded, not looking too shocked. They had long since known about Xiao Yun’s circumstances, and now, they had confirmed what they had heard with their own eyes.

Feng Yu Yao smiled – perhaps there was no one present who knew more about this youth than her. If everyone found out that this youth could even help her extract her Essence-Corroding Heavenly Poison, perhaps the entire Moonwind Kingdom, if not Nanjiang, would be sent into an uproar. However, she did not reveal any of this.

This matter was a secret to the Imperial Clan, and it could bring great disaster to Xiao Yun, let alone the troubles it would bring on her. When she thought about those people who had poisoned her, a trace of chilling intent appeared in Feng Yu Yao’s eyes and she tightly clenched her fists.

One day, she would definitely take her revenge!

“For now, I’ll have to wait for my poison to be cured.” Feng Yu Yao looked at the youth in the distance, her eyes filled with anticipation. Within that youth, she could see hope in her life again, and it was difficult to describe her feelings.

Only after looking at the youth in the distance did Feng Yu Yao’s aura gradually calm down.

Compared to how shocked everyone was feeling, the Qiu family’s people’s faces were incredibly gloomy. This Qiu Ming Hao had lost too pitifully, and had lost much face for them.

Liu Jun being defeated in a single blow was understandable, but Qiu Ming Hao was a True Essence realm cultivator – not only had he not been able to slap Xiao Yun in the face, they were instead the ones who had been slapped on the face.

Qiu Yu Hao hurriedly went over and helped Qiu Ming Hao back.

After Qiu Ming Hao lost, the atmosphere in the Martial Arts Ground became incredibly different, and no one looked at Xiao Yun with doubt in their eyes anymore, only respect.

Standing on the stage, Xiao Yun could clearly feel this change. He knew that this was only because he had displayed sufficient strength. In this world where strength reigned supreme, as long as one was strong enough, they would be able to gain the respect and acknowledgement of others.

After winning, Xiao Yun did not seem proud nor arrogant. He remained just as calm as he had been before the battle began. In future, he would become a truly powerful expert that could look down on the Nine Heavens and would no longer be bullied by anyone else. One day, he would repay the Qiu family for everything they had done.

“Who still wants to fight with me?” Xiao Yun clenched his fists and swept his gaze around him as he spoke in a powerful voice. As he looked around, very few people dared to meet his gaze.

Finally, Xiao Yun’s gaze fell on the Qiu family’s people. Everything that had happened today was because of the Qiu family, and apart from them, no one dared to try to make trouble for Xiao Yun. After all, he was an exceptional genius with an unlimited future – who wanted to offend such a person?

The geniuses from the other families also looked at Qiu Yu Hao with strange smiles. All of them wanted to see if Qiu Yu Hao dared to fight. Qiu Yu Hao felt quite awkward feeling so many people stare at him

“Haha, brother Yu Hao, are you going to fight?” Yan Zhen laughed.

“That’s right, brother Yu Hao, it’s said that this Xiao Yun has quite some enmity with your Qiu family!” Another youth said with a smileless smile. After seeing Xiao Yun’s might, they wanted to see if Qiu Yu Hao dared to fight with him.

“Brother Yu Hao, I believe in you. Hurry and go fight him,” someone said seriously.

Evidently, all of these people were trying to pressure Qiu Yu Hao onto the stage.

“He’s just the descendant of some ordinary family, and has no power or authority. So what if he has talent?” Qiu Yu Hao was incredibly infuriated and calmly looked around him as he said, “The road ahead is incredibly long; who knows if he’ll be able to keep walking on it until the end? Hmph, are there not many geniuses who fell before they were able to grow?”

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