Eternal Martial Sovereign

Chapter 130

Chapter 130 – Cross-Realm Battle

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Phoobiee

He actually resisted my aura?” Seeing that Xiao Yun was not in as sorry a state as he expected, Qiu Ming Hao felt quite surprised, and an expression of disbelief appeared in his eyes. Following this, he realised something – Xiao Yun definitely had a trump card.

Was it that snow-white little beast?

The cultivators in the distance also felt quite confused, but looking around, they could not see a snow-white little beast.

“Just what does he have up his sleeve?” Everyone looked over in curiosity, feeling quite confused. It was difficult to imagine how an Innate realm cultivator could resist a True Essence realm cultivator’s pressure and still speak with such force.

Qiu Ming Hao, who had wanted to take the advantage by using his aura to suppress Xiao Yun, had evidently failed, reducing his confidence.

However, his skin was quite thick, and he immediately said, “This is a competition between you and me, and it should be determined by our own abilities, as opposed to external help. Otherwise, the victory does not count. After all, only your own strength is what matters.”

This Qiu Ming Hao evidently wanted to cut off any paths of retreat for Xiao Yun and prevent the snow-white little beast from interfering.

That snow-white little beast was an existence that even late stage True Essence realm cultivators could not deal with; how could he possibly contend against it?

“Since we’re competing, we’ll naturally compete using our own strength.” Xiao Yun understood what Qiu Ming Hao was trying to do, but he did not mind. Instead, he gave a calm smile – he wanted to see just how strong this Qiu family’s genius was.

“Everyone has heard this. If you want to go back on your word, don’t blame everyone for disciplining you,” Qiu Ming Hao said in a loud voice. His words were quite cunning, and left a way out for himself. If Xiao Yun went back on his word, the Qiu family’s people would be able to justly retaliate against him. In fact, they even had some powerful experts hidden nearby. Since there was this agreement, they could do as they wished.

“There won’t be any need to go back on my word against you.” Xiao Yun shrugged. Even though this Qiu Ming Hao’s talent was not bad, he was nothing in Xiao Yun’s eyes. However, saying anything right now was meaningless; what mattered was speaking with one’s might, “Come.”

“Haha, alright.” Hearing Xiao Yun’s words, Qiu Ming Hao was able to feel at ease. Even if this youth was extremely talented, as a True Essence realm cultivator, it was almost impossible for him to lose. Not just Qiu Ming Hao, but the other cultivators were quite shocked upon hearing Xiao Yun’s words. It seemed that this youth possessed absolute confidence in himself!

Now, everyone felt a great deal of anticipation for the battle.

“Haha, let’s begin then.” Qiu Ming Hao’s eyes glinted as he moved his hands and a majestic wave of True Essence swept out from his body, swirling in front of him and giving off a berserk aura.

After converting Essence Qi into True Essence, the energy that every bit of True Essence contained was hundreds of times more powerful than Essence Qi.

As such, when this True Essence swept out, the air on the stage seemed to solidify. As Qiu Ming Hao released his True Essence, he moved his hands, activating a Martial Skill.

The boundless True Essence continuously gathered, looking like a heavenly curtain that covered the entire area.

“This is the Origin Opening Palms, one of the Qiu family’s lower-ranked Earth grade Martial Skills.” As Qiu Ming Hao attacked, there were people who immediately recognised his Martial Skill.

“This is an Earth grade Martial Skill? It’s quite profound!” Some of the youths from smaller families looked on in awe. The best Martial Skills that their families had were Black grade, and only the Moonwind Kingdom’s large families had such Earth grade Martial Skills. As for higher grade Martial Skills, only the Imperial Clan had such things.

 “Will this boy really be able to fight against a True Essence realm cultivator?” Everyone turned to look at Xiao Yun, and saw that he had his eyes slightly narrowed as he calmly looked at Qiu Ming Hao.

Xiao Yun had seen this Origin Opening Palms when he first came to the Imperial City, and its might was indeed quite fearsome. However, he knew many different ways of dealing with it, so he only calmly smiled and guided his boundless Essence Qi out from his body.

Even though Xiao Yun’s Essence Qi seemed quite powerful, it evidently could not compare with Qiu Ming Hao’s True Essence. However, Xiao Yun did not care – he narrowed his eyes, sinking into a profound mental state.

Someone cried out, “What’s he doing?” This youth was simply too calm! He didn’t even seem like he was fighting against someone with a higher cultivation! How come he didn’t look nervous in the slightest? Many people felt incredibly shocked, and were even more nervous than Xiao Yun himself. After all, this Qiu Ming Hao was in the True Essence realm!

“Has he really comprehended a slight martial conception?” Only the Fifth Prince and the other Princes’ eyes lit up, understanding what Xiao Yun was doing. This youth was evidently putting all of his focus into his Martial Skill so that he could fully release its might.

Most Earth grade Martial Skills were already quite extraordinary, but most cultivators never comprehended their essence. If a cultivator gained a comprehension of their martial conception, they would be able to release the full might of an Earth grade Martial Skill, allowing them fight against those who had a higher cultivation.

This was why Xiao Yun was fully concentrating on his Martial Skill. This caused even Essence Core realm cultivators like the Fifth Prince to feel shocked.

Dragon Snake Dual Travel!

Xiao Yun’s eyes glinted as he fell into a wondrous state. The Essence Qi around him turned into a dragon and a snake coiling around his arms. The gigantic dragon looked ferocious and spirited, giving off a domineering air. The snake had a sinister look in its eyes, looking as if it would suddenly strike out and take a life.

Even though this dragon and snake were quite basic-looking, they seemed to possess sentience. After Xiao Yun attained some enlightenment from the Heavenly Phoenix Ridge’s stone stele, he had gained some comprehension towards the Dragon Snake Dual Travel Martial Skill, and could release an unimaginable might. What’s more, this was just his first experimentation with it, and if he spent some more time on it, he would be able to develop it in the future.

“What a genius.” The other 2 Princes who were half a step into the Essence Core realm felt a sense of admiration towards the youth.

Just as Xiao Yun created the dragon and snake, Qiu Ming Hao’s hands moved, and a palm seemed to tear through the sky as it descended towards Xiao Yun. The palm seemed to be able to split open the earth, causing the air to tremble.

The might of a True Essence realm cultivator unleashing an Earth grade Martial Skill was quite extraordinary.

The gigantic palm descended, surrounded by fog, creating a scene like the primal chaos. Just as the fog was about to cover the youth, Xiao Yun’s hands suddenly moved as the dragon and snake leapt upwards.


The dragon and snake were accompanied by a roar that seemed to be able to travel to the ends of the sky.

Following this, the stage trembled as the gigantic dragon and snake smashed into the palm, causing the fog around it to dissipate. Before the palm could land, it had lost all of its might, and the dragon and snake coiled around it, crushing it into nothing. As a muffled explosion sounded out, Qiu Ming Hao’s body trembled as he rapidly stepped back.

Only after taking 5 steps back did he steady himself.

Xiao Yun’s body also trembled, and he was forced 7 steps back.

“This…” Seeing this scene, everyone’s hearts thumped, feeling incredibly shocked.

An Innate realm cultivator and a True Essence realm cultivator exchanging blows had resulted in such a scene.

Xiao Yun had only taken 2 more steps back than Qiu Ming Hao; evidently, he was able to fight with True Essence realm cultivators. This showed just how monstrous this youth’s talent was. After all, from the ancient times to now, those who could fight cross-realm battles were all incredible individuals, and had limitless futures!

“What sort of Martial Skill is this?” Qiu Ming Hao frowned, revealing an expression of shock as he stared at Xiao Yun.

The True Essence realm is indeed quite profound; wanting to use Martial Skills to defeat him won’t be enough,” Xiao Yun thought to himself. After that exchange of blows, Xiao Yun was able to gauge his own strength. Even though his comprehension was far superior to Qiu Ming Hao’s, his cultivation just wasn’t enough.

Even after using all of his strength in the Dragon Snake Dual Travel, after their attacks had clashed, Xiao Yun’s qi and blood tossed and turned, and he had almost been injured. On the other hand, Qiu Ming Hao had only taken a few steps back and looked completely fine – this was the difference in cultivation realms, and was difficult to be bridged.

If they continued to fight like this, it would be difficult for Xiao Yun to last very long. So many True Essence realm cultivators were surprised, but were not overly shocked. After all, this youth had not yet stepped into the True Essence realm, and geniuses who had not yet grown were of no threat to them.

“Looks like you have a few tricks up your sleeve. However, that wasn’t my full strength. This time, I’d like to see how you’ll stop these attacks. The Essence realm isn’t something that an Innate realm cultivator like you can resist, so bring out your most powerful Martial Skills.” Qiu Ming Hao smirked, giving a sinister look as he started to circulate his True Essence again.

Just then, he had only been testing this youth.


A boundless wave of True Essence swept out, causing the air to tremble. This aura was simply too powerful, and even the Innate realm cultivators far away felt fear within their hearts.

Mountain Suppressing Seal!

Qiu Ming Hao released his full strength, creating a seal in front of him. This time, he wanted to completely defeat Xiao Yun without giving him a chance to resist.

This magic seal was huge, and descended towards Xiao Yun from the sky. There were also inscriptions on the magic seal, looking as if it was going to seal away a mountain. This aura was much more dominating than the Origin Opening Palms from earlier.


As the magic seal landed, the air trembled, bringing down a wave of pressure on Xiao Yun.

This Martial Skill was too powerful, and could crush any cultivator at the early stage of the True Essence realm. Under the magic seal’s might, Xiao Yun felt an incredible pressure, but he did not panic, because there had long since been a majestic aura building up within his body.

At the same time, Xiao Yun moved his hands and a searing heatwave swept out from his hands.

Flaming Lion Seal!

Xiao Yun’s eyes glinted as he moved his hands, and a violet light shone out. The fire gave off a resplendent light, condensing into a magic seal as a scorching air erupted out from it.

Under the scorching aura, the air started to twist and turn, as if it was being incinerated and was unable to take this temperature.

“What a searing aura.” The flames seemed as if they would incinerate everything, and Qiu Ming Hao’s pupils contracted, feeling his Mountain Suppressing Seal tremble. It then started to crackle, as if it was going to collapse.

As Qiu Ming Hao watched on, he found that a magic seal was condensing in front of Xiao Yun, and the searing aura was coming from that magic aura. A sense of danger was struck into his heart, causing Qiu Ming Hao’s eyes to twitch and feel a slight sense of horror.

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