Eternal Martial Sovereign

Chapter 129

Chapter 129 – Do You Dare To Fight With Me?

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Phoobiee

As everyone watched in shock, they heard a massive sound as the vortex was destroyed and the dragon and snake savagely smashed into Liu Jun. Everyone stared at Liu Jun’s body as it was knocked high into the air. Under countless incredulous stares, Liu Jun coughed up a mouthful of blood in the air and fell outside of the stage. His eyes were filled with disbelief – how could he have lost in a single bout?

As Liu Jun crashed onto the ground, the youths watching in the buildings also felt quite startled.

“Wasn’t that too fast?” Everyone stared, not sure what to say. Just as they had started fighting, the complete stage Innate realm Liu Jun had been sent flying. None of the spectators felt satisfied at all.

In fact, many of the people did not even know what had happened. It was only the few Princes who had stepped into the True Essence realm who could tell what had just happened – evidently, Liu Jun’s comprehension of the martial way was far inferior to Xiao Yun’s. It resulted in him being defeated with a single blow, and being unable to retaliate.

One of the Princes muttered as his eyes glinted, “Could he have comprehended his own martial conception?”

This was the Seventh Prince, the Ninth Prince’s older brother. He was already half a step into the Essence Core realm, and would soon fully enter the Essence Core realm.

“Looks like this Xiao Yun is quite extraordinary!” The other Prince nodded.

Feng Yu Yao also slightly nodded with light flickering in her eyes. Just as she had expected, this youth was not ordinary at all, and was not someone who those ordinary people could compare to.

“What does everyone think of Xiao Yun’s strength?” The Fifth Prince laughed as he looked at the youths from the large families behind him.

“Haha, this Xiao Yun is indeed quite extraordinary, but I think the strength he displayed is his limit. He’s only at the complete stage of the Innate realm; there are people here who are at the True Essence realm – they’re the true geniuses. I wonder if he’d dare to fight against them.” This person was one of the Qiu family’s youths, and he was only at the complete stage of the Innate realm himself.

“Does that mean you remain unconvinced of his strength?” The Fifth Prince raised an eyebrow and smiled. Hearing this, that youth remained silent. That battle just then had been too strange, and none of them had been able to gauge Xiao Yun’s strength. As such, none of them wanted to fight with him. If they lost on this stage, they would become a laughing stock!

“Who wishes to fight?” Qiu Yu Hao’s eyes glinted as he looked around and asked.

Yan Zhen and the other youths from the large families calmly smiled, showing no intention to fight. Even the Liu family’s True Essence realm cultivators remained silent. These people all knew that Qiu Yu Hao wanted to use them to scope out Xiao Yun’s strength; how could they allow themselves to be used by him?

As such, even though some of them did not acknowledge Xiao Yun’s strength, they still chose to remain silent. The surroundings became silent as no one wished to fight.

“Who wishes to fight with me?” At this moment, Xiao Yun’s eyes glinted and he looked around as he spoke in a low voice. The youth’s tone was quite calm, and after seeing that no one had responded, his gaze fell on the Qiu family’s cultivators. He knew that the Qiu family wanted to use this opportunity to deal with him, so why not see how strong these Qiu family’s youths were?

“The Qiu family will probably act this time.”

“The Qiu family has people who have stepped into the True Essence realm; any one of them will be able to take care of Xiao Yun.” As Xiao Yun’s gaze fall on Qiu Yu Hao, the youths all watched on in expectation.

What would be the situation like if a True Essence realm cultivator fought with Xiao Yun? All of the youths present hoped that this would be so, so that they could see Xiao Yun’s true strength.

In actuality, apart from the Qiu family, there were youths from other families who had also stepped into the True Essence realm. However, they just didn’t want to compete. For example, that Yan Zhen was also in the True Essence realm. What’s more, he had attained his cultivation through his own talent. Some other people used medicinal pills to break through, hoping to do well in the Heaven Origin Sect’s examination and be looked on favourably by one of the Heaven Origin Sect’s Managers.

“Big brother Yu Hao, I’ll go to take care of this brat.” Beside Qiu Yu Hao, a youth walked over. He had a stately appearance, and incredibly sharp eyes. His aura was as deep and heavy as a sea, evidently stronger than most people. He was one of the youths who had stepped into the True Essence realm.

“Alright, but be careful. That Xiao Yun isn’t simple at all.” Qiu Yu Hao nodded.

“I’ll be wary.” Qiu Ming Hao nodded. His eyes glinted, tearing through the air like a sharp blade as he looked at the youth on the stage. He savagely laughed and said, “Haha, not bad, you were able to defeat Liu Jun. However, he was only an Innate realm cultivator; defeating him does not mean that you can look down on the rest of us. Do you dare to fight with me?”

This Qiu Ming Hao once again brought this to the matter of upholding justice for everyone, as opposed to resolving their own personal enmity.

“You want to fight with me?” Xiao Yun narrowed his eyes as he looked at the youth.

“Do you dare to fight with me?” Qiu Ming Hao raised an eyebrow, answering in a provocative tone.

Before, everyone had been quite interested to see Qiu Ming Hao fight, but seeing how arrogant he seemed, everyone else felt quite repulsed. He was a True Essence realm cultivator, and yet he was acting so arrogantly towards an Innate realm cultivator. Didn’t he feel ashamed?

However, these people wanted to know what Xiao Yun’s strength was like, so they did not say anything.

“I wonder if Xiao Yun will dare to accept this challenge?” Some of the young women felt quite excited, clenching their fists as they stared at Xiao Yun. They were filled with expectation towards this youth, and a fiery gaze appeared in their eyes.

Even though everyone here was a ‘genius’, there were stronger geniuses and there were weaker geniuses. Ever since they had seen him defeat Liu Jun in a single blow, the young women felt a great sense of admiration towards him.

“What’s there to be afraid of?” Xiao Yun smiled as he calmly looked at Qiu Ming Hao. “Aren’t you just a True Essence realm cultivator? Come, I want to see just how powerful your Qiu family’s geniuses are.” Xiao Yun’s blood started to boil as he thought about what the Qiu family’s youths said earlier.

One day, he would completely suppress this Qiu family with his might, showing them that even an ant could become a dragon one day. When that day came, whoever was an ant and whoever was a dragon would be revealed. Xiao Yun was sure that day would not be too far in the future.

“Haha, since it’s like that, I won’t hold back then.” Seeing Xiao Yun accept his challenge, Qiu Ming Hao felt delighted. He laughed as he glided down from the building like a bird, landing on the stage gracefully.

“This boy dares to fight Qiu Ming Hao! Can he really fight with True Essence realm cultivators?” The youths present were all shocked, and could not believe their ears. This youth was at the Innate realm, and yet he dared to accept a True Essence realm cultivator’s challenge so calmly. Just how powerful did he have to be to do such a thing?

“This Xiao Yun has quite some charisma.” Some of the young women looked on in admiration.

This was a world where might was supreme. These young women who had decent talents all liked people who were strong and had charisma. Evidently, Xiao Yun possessed both of these things; if he could defeat Qiu Ming Hao, he would become the love interest of many of these young women.

“Charisma? Heheh, he might not even last a single blow,” some youths coldly laughed, feeling quite annoyed and jealous.

Someone remarked, “Perhaps Xiao Yun really does have the strength to beat Qiu Ming Hao; wasn’t it said that he’s killed True Essence realm cultivators before?”

“He has indeed killed True Essence realm cultivators before, but that’s mostly because of a powerful little beast by his side. With that little beast, he’s even killed late stage True Essence realm cultivators. Otherwise, with his mere Innate realm cultivation, even if he’s incredibly talented, how could he kill True Essence realm cultivators?” Some people still doubted Xiao Yun’s strength, attributing all of his accomplishments to the snow-white little beast.

However, some people still watched with a serious gaze, such at that Yan Zhen. His eyes were slightly narrowed, staring in anticipation.

Even Qiu Yu Hao had a serious expression on his face, silently waiting for the battle to begin. Even though the Qiu family’s people who had gone to the Cloudsea Merchant Alliance might have been killed by the snow-white little beast, Qiu Yu Chen had been personally killed by this youth.

From the news that the Qiu family had received, when Qiu Yu Chen forced this youth into a corner, he had made a surprising retaliation, killing Qiu Yu Chen in a single blow and turning the situation around. As for how he did it, no one knew.

As such, Qiu Yu Hao felt a slight sense of dread towards Xiao Yun. Since Qiu Ming Hao wanted to fight, he was more than willing to step aside and observe Xiao Yun.

“Qiu family’s Qiu Ming Hao.”

Just as everyone was thinking to themselves, Qiu Ming Hao called out and walked up. Just as he landed on the stage, a powerful aura rippled out from his body.

This was the aura of the True Essence realm, and it caused the air on the stage to seem to stir restlessly.

Xiao Yun felt a sense of pressure, as if there was a large rock weighing on his chest, making it difficult for him to breathe. This was the difference between cultivation realms.

There was only a single step between the complete stage of the Innate realm and the early stage of the True Essence realm, but the difference between them was like the difference between clouds and mud.

Facing True Essence realm cultivators, normal Innate realm cultivators would feel paralysed, and would have lost before even fighting.

Evidently, Qiu Ming Hao wanted to use his pressure to shake Xiao Yun’s confidence.

You want to suppress me using your aura?” A faint smile appeared on Xiao Yun’s face, and he calmed his mind as he stepped forwards, sending his own aura out to resist Qiu Ming Hao’s aura. Now, Xiao Yun could barely feel Qiu Ming Hao’s aura anymore.

“Wanting to use your aura to suppress me is too naïve,” Xiao Yun said as he looked at the arrogant-looking Qiu Ming Hao.

The youth’s words were powerful and vigorous, and did not sound like he had been beaten down at all. Xiao Yun’s eyes were clear and piercing, which gave off an air of determination. Those who were watching from afar felt a sense of respect towards him.

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