Eternal Martial Sovereign

Chapter 123

Chapter 123 – Heaven Origin Sect’s Expert

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Phoobiee

An elder sitting beside the Ninth Prince coldly said, “Haha, since that little beast has been captured by us, if that Xiao Yun dares to come, he won’t be returning.”

This was one of the elders who had been injured by the little beast back then. As he spoke, he looked over at some other elders.

Those people had profound auras and incredibly icy looks in their eyes, and they gave off an unfathomable feeling. There were also a few youths sitting beside those elders, also giving off extraordinary airs.

“Since Elder Qiu and the others have come, how can that brat live?” The Ninth Prince smiled savagely. Evidently, these elders were all from the Qiu family. However, their auras were quite powerful, and 2 of them were already in the Essence Core realm.

What’s more, 3 of the youths had complete stage True Essence realm cultivation, and were coldly looking down.

Below the pavilion was a large formation flashing with light. Within it, the snow-white little beast was waving her paws, trying to break out.

It was a pity that the formation was too powerful. White runes of light shone around Yiyi, looking like a heavenly net.


The little fellow continuously roared out, furiously looking around her.

One of the elders with a malicious look said, “Ninth Prince, are you sure that boy will come?”

“This little beast has a close relationship with Xiao Yun. I’m sure he’ll come,” the Ninth Prince said coldly. “Even if he doesn’t come, I have ways to capture him. As long as he’s in the Imperial City, we don’t need to worry about not being able to deal with him.”

“This boy’s incredibly daring, and even dared to kill our Qiu family’s people. He’s simply seeking death,” one of the Qiu family’s youths coldly harrumphed.

These people were all from the Heaven Origin Sect, and were all geniuses. Because the Heaven Origin Sect’s elders had come out, they had followed them as well.

Suddenly, one of the people’s eyes lit up as he said, “He’s here.”

“Xiao Yun came?” Everyone in the pavilion looked down and saw a youth slowly walking towards them.

“A formation?” Looking over, Xiao Yun saw a formation of light giving off ripples. Through his spirit energy, he heard Yiyi’s furious cries, and his pupils constricted.

“The Ninth Prince?” Coming over to the formation, Xiao Yun raised his head and looked at the people within the pavilion.

“Who are those people?” When Xiao Yun saw the elders beside the Ninth Prince, he couldn’t help but frown. He felt an incredibly powerful aura from those people’s bodies – evidently, some of them were at the Essence Core realm.

“Heheh, you’ve finally come.” As Xiao Yun walked over, the Ninth Prince narrowed his eyes and gave an evil smile.

“What’s the meaning of this, Ninth Prince?” Xiao Yun asked as his eyes gleamed. “Could it be that you don’t know that I’m a guest invited by Emperor Feng?”

“Haha, guest?” The Ninth Prince savagely laughed and said, “No matter how courteously my Imperial Father treats you, it was because of you that I’m no longer able to cultivate. Do you think I would just let you go? As a Prince, how could I just accept this?”

“What a stubborn and pig-headed person. It seems that you’re one of those hedonistic princes,” Xiao Yun said.

“So what if I am? Today, you’re going to kneel down and beg in front of me,” the Ninth Prince coldly laughed. Xiao Yun ignored the Ninth Prince and looked at the elders.

“Are you Xiao Yun?” One of the long-beared elders stood with his hands behind his back, looking down at Xiao Yun with his hawk-like eyes.

“That’s right,” Xiao Yun replied. “Who are you people?” He felt that these people were the ones who were behind this whole ordeal.

“My name is Qiu Xuan Rong, and I’m one of the Heaven Origin Sect’s Managers,” the elder said with a cold gaze, a powerful aura sweeping out towards him. He glared at Xiao Yun like a snake and said, “I heard you killed my nephew Qiu Yu Chen; is this true?”

Xiao Yun understood. “Qiu family? So it’s you people. That’s right, Qiu Yu Chen wanted to kill me, so I retaliated,” Xiao Yun said.

Qiu Xuan Rong’s mouth twitched, and he said with a sinister gaze, “Alright, since it’s like that, today I’ll make you pay with your blood.”

“You want to kill me?” Xiao Yun raised an eyebrow as he looked at Qiu Xuan Rong.

“Do you think you can come out of this alive?” Qiu Xuan Rong asked coldly.

“Brat, you should’ve realised this as soon as you killed someone from our Qiu family,” one of the youths coldly harrumphed. “Not just you, but even your family will be affected by this. Soon, our Qiu family will crush your Xiao family, using your entire family’s lives to pay for Yu Chen’s death.”

This youth was only 16-years-old, but his gaze was extremely sharp, and he gave off a shocking aura. He seemed to have aura stepped into the True Essence realm, and his name was Qiu Yu Feng, Qiu Yu Chen’s little brother. His talent was extraordinary, and he had the right to join the Heaven Origin Sect even without taking the examination.

“You want to use my entire family to pay for Qiu Yu Chen’s death?” Xiao Yun’s expression darkened as he said, “As members of the Heaven Origin Sect, you dare to intervene in secular matters and attack my Xiao family? Aren’t you afraid of enraging the Heavenly Capital Domain’s Emissary?”

Qiu Yu Feng smirked. “Heavenly Capital Domain’s Emissary? You’re too naïve; who do you think you are? Would the high and mighty Emissary protect your tiny Xiao family? Haha, they’re not that bored.”

Another youth spoke out, “In this world, those who have strength reign supreme. As the descendant of a normal family, you should know that the world doesn’t revolve around you. Since you’ve killed someone from our family, you should be prepared for death. Remember, the Xiao family’s people will die because of you.” His gaze was incredibly sinister, and he spoke as if Xiao Yun and his family were already dead.

“Those who have strength reign supreme.” Xiao Yun’s eyes glinted as he clenched his fists. In front of these people, his strength was far from enough.

“Time, I just need time. I’ll definitely become a powerful expert and destroy the Qiu family.” Xiao Yun gnashed his teeth, his fingernails digging into his palms, causing blood to flow out.


Within the formation, Yiyi continuously attacked. However, she was still unable to break out of the formation. That formation had been created by Essence Core realm experts, and its might was extraordinary. It wasn’t something that could be destroyed easily.

Feeling the ripples from within the formation, Xiao Yun felt an ache within his heart. This snow-white little beast had saved Xiao Yun many times, but now that it was in danger, Xiao Yun could do nothing for it.

“Brat, surrender and accept your fate.” As Xiao Yun inwardly sighed with sorrow, Qiu Xuan Rong waved his hand and a terrifying might descended on Xiao Yun. It caused him to feel as if the sky was descending on him.

The aura of an Essence Core realm cultivator attacking made him feel completely helpless. Under that aura, Xiao Yun stumbled backwards, a trace of blood appearing at his lips.

“Haha, in our eyes, you’re a mere ant that can be killed easily,” Qiu Yu Feng said as he savagely laughed.

“To dare to harm this Prince, I’ll definitely cut you up into a thousand pieces,” the Ninth Prince said as he coldly laughed. After what had happened last time, he had wanted to take revenge, but it was a pity that no one dared to go against Emperor Feng. Luckily, he had found out about the enmity between Xiao Yun and the Qiu family, so he invited these people and wanted to use their hands to kill Xiao Yun.

“I, Xiao Yun, will remember this.” Xiao Yun gritted his teeth, doing his best to stay upright. He stared at the pavilion with blood-red eyes as he spat out each word. Right now, he was quite weak, and could not fight with Essence Core realm experts, but he believed that with enough time, he would be able to pay them back tenfold.

He had to take revenge in future!

“Such ignorance. Do you really think you’ll have an opportunity to take revenge?” Qiu Xuan Rong coldly said. Following this, he waved his hand, creating a gigantic palm that tore through space and grabbed towards Xiao Yun.

“Insolence! Who dares to fight in the Imperial Palace? Are you looking down on the Emperor?” Suddenly, a booming voice sounded out, and a sea-like aura descended, completely dissipating the aura that Qiu Xuan Rong gave off.


The air trembled and the fog dissipated, and Qiu Xuan Rong felt a powerful might shooting towards him. As he looked up, his pupils contracted, seeing a gigantic claw tearing through the air. This was an incredibly large and sharp claw, glowing with light, as if it possessed a godly halo. An ancient shockwave emanated out from it, completely destroying Qiu Xuan Rong’s gigantic palm and causing the sounds of bones cracking to sound out.

“Arghhh!” A pain shot through Qiu Xuan Rong’s wrist as he hurriedly retreated. His entire body trembled and the qi and blood roiled within his body, causing him to cough up a mouthful of blood.

“Second Patriarch!”

“Second Brother!” Seeing this, the Qiu family’s cultivators all hurriedly cried out.

“Imperial Father!” The Ninth Prince stared in shock, looking up at the man who was walking on the air towards him. That person was evidently the Emperor of the Moonwind Kingdom, Emperor Feng. Currently, he was walking towards them with his hands behind his back.

“Imperial Father? Do you even put us in your eyes?” Emperor Feng’s eyes seemed to burn with fire as he glared at the Ninth Prince.

“I…” Emperor Feng’s incredibly piercing gaze caused the Ninth Prince’s heart to tremble, and his body became weak.

Emperor Feng calmly glanced at the elders on the pavilion and waved his hand. A phoenix’s cry seemed to sound out as a light shot towards the formation below the pavilion, shattering it instantly.


Ripples were formed as the formation disappeared, revealing the grass and snow-white little beast within. The snow-white little beast looked up at the people in the pavilion and gave a furious ‘Yiya!’ before running over to Xiao Yun’s side.

“Yiya, yiya!”

Yiyi landed on Xiao Yun’s shoulder and waved her paws around with a furious expression on her face, as if to tell Xiao Yun that those were bad people and that they needed to teach them a lesson. Following this, she rubbed her head against his neck in an adorable manner.

“It’s alright, big brother Xiao Yun will definitely help you take revenge in future,” Xiao Yun murmured as he stroked the snow-white little beast’s soft fur.


The snow-white little beast meekly nodded, a gentle look in its eyes. Evidently, it was very dependent on Xiao Yun.

Evidently, Xiao Yun’s arrival during this dangerous time had made it feel very touched.

Seeing how Yiyi looked, Xiao Yun couldn’t help but inwardly sigh. If he was strong enough, why would the little fellow have had to suffer like this?

“Emperor Feng, what is the meaning of this?” When Emperor Feng released Yiyi, Qiu Xuan Rong recovered enough to talk. His gaze became sinister as he coldly stared at Emperor Feng in the air and asked, “Are you going to protect this youth?”

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