Eternal Martial Sovereign

Chapter 122

Chapter 122 – Refining a Soul Heaven Pill

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Editor: Phoobiee

The Feng Clan was one of the peak powers in the Heavenly Capital Domain, so just what sort of existence could make even them feel apprehensive? This caused Emperor Feng to be quite shocked.

“There have been quite some changes in the Heavenly Capital Domain, and there may even be a storm coming,” Mo Shao Zhong said.

“What should we do then?” Emperor Feng asked.

Mo Shao Zhong said, “Let nature run its course. This youth is quite extraordinary, and if he grows, he may reach his father’s heights. Since we’ve been able to meet him by fate, we should try to befriend him. As for everything else, there’s no need to worry too much about it.”

“Mm.” Emperor Feng nodded, feeling quite curious. He thought, “Just what sort of origins does this boy have?” However, Emperor Feng did not ask too much. Since even Mo Shao Zhong felt so fearful, it would not be good for him if he knew too much.

After observing for a bit longer, the 2 of them departed, as if nothing had happened.

Within the room, Xiao Yun continued extracting poison for more than 2 hours. The duration that he could extract poison for had increased, and the toll it took on him was much lighter due to his Martial Spirit becoming stronger.

Xiao Yun let go with his hand and retracted his Martial Spirit, and started to refine the Essence-Corroding Heavenly Poison still within his body.

Feng Yu Yao felt slightly surprised, and slowly awakened from that marvellous feeling. She blinked, staring at the youth in front of her. This youth had a handsome-looking face, and gave off a resolute air.

Just who is he?” Feng Yu Yao thought to herself. From their contact just then, she could feel that Xiao Yun’s abilities in extracting poison had become stronger, making her feel quite surprised. Xiao Yun completely refined all of the Essence-Corroding Heavenly Poison within his body, and his mind came out of his sea of consciousness.

Feng Yu Yao felt incredibly grateful to Xiao Yun, and invited him to stay in the palace to dine. Xiao Yun felt like having some leisure time, so he agreed and did not rush off to cultivate.

With the Heaven-Devouring Divine Art, his cultivating speed was extremely fast. All he needed was resources.

In the afternoon, people from the Yuan family came and delivered medicinal ingredients, Xiao Yun was ecstatic to see that there were 2 Violet Orchid Marrows. Apart from them, Emperor Feng also ordered people to bring over some medicinal ingredients. All of the medicinal ingredients had effects of cultivating essence and solidifying foundations, as well as nurturing one’s soul. Of course, there were also many Fire spirit grasses, all of which were things that Xiao Yun needed. Xiao Yun was also both shocked and overjoyed to see that Emperor Feng had even given him a thousand-year Fire Ginseng.

“Haha, with this Violet Orchid Marrow, you can finally refine a Soul Heaven Pill,” Heaven-Devouring Sparrow said excitedly. “Lil Yun, hurry and refine this pill for me. As long as this Lord can return to the Essence Core realm, we won’t be bullied in future.”

Xiao Yun nodded and said goodbye to the Princess, and took the medicinal ingredients to the Heavenly Phoenix Ridge. Now that he had the medicinal ingredients, if he could refine a Soul Heaven Pill, he would have much more confidence in future.

After returning to the Heavenly Phoenix Ridge, Xiao Yun entered a room and started the pill refining process. This Soul Heaven Pill’s refining process was quite difficult, and was not something that normal cultivators could refine.

Even with the Violet Flame Martial Spirit and extremely powerful spirit energy which allowed Xiao Yun to control the medicinal ingredients perfectly, he did not have complete certainty. After many tries, he had destroyed many of the medicinal ingredients, including 1 of the Violet Orchid Marrows.

Luckily, not only did the Cloudsea Merchant Alliance give him 2 Violet Orchid Marrows, the Imperial Clan had also given him a few, so he was not too worried.

However, he only had 1 soul essence, so Xiao Yun would not carelessly refine it unless he was completely sure about his success. Finally, after 4 hours, Xiao Yun refined all of the other medicinal ingredients into a medicinal paste, and prepared to refine the soul essence.

This was the flame serpent’s remnant soul. It no longer had any consciousness, but it still had powerful spirit energy, making it a key ingredient for refining the Soul Heaven Pill. Only with this soul essence would the Soul Heaven Pill have such heaven-defying effects.

“Lil Yun, it’s all up to you now.” When it saw the medicinal ingredients had been refined into a medicinal paste, the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow watched on with a burning gaze. It waved its claws, and the flame serpent’s soul essence appeared in the air, giving off a powerful wave of spirit energy within a fiery light.

Breathing in even a bit of this spirit energy could cause one’s mind to tremble.

Feeling that berserk spirit energy, Xiao Yun slightly frowned. The ripples that it gave off were very powerful, and even though he had advanced to the Second Layer of the Spirit-Destroying Divine Art, it was very difficult for him to control these ripples. This was especially so when he had to carefully control the flames to refine the medicinal paste.

That was why very few people could refine this sort of medicinal pill. Not only did it require abundant experience, but also a powerful control over one’s spirit energy. Xiao Yun’s eyes gleamed and light flashed in his sea of consciousness as he brought out a jade-green dewdrop.

This time, the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow did not say anything, because he had seen the effects of the Mysterious Congealing Pill refined using such a dewdrop. In fact, even the successful refining of the Sun Antidote Pill had to do with these sorts of dewdrops.

After taking out the jade-green dewdrop, Xiao Yun asked the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow to throw the flame serpent’s soul essence into the cauldron. Once it entered, violet flames covered it, trying to fuse it with the medicinal paste. However, a powerful wave of spirit energy swept out, looking like an exploding volcano, causing Xiao Yun’s spirit energy to tremble.

If it wasn’t for the fact that he had broken through to the Second Layer of the Spirit-Destroying Divine Art, he definitely wouldn’t have been able to go on.

“Hopefully this dewdrop can once again cause a miracle,” Xiao Yun thought as he cast the dewdrop into the cauldron.


A jade-green light shone out as the dewdrop landed into the cauldron. The light seemed to contain intricate runes, absorbing the ripples of spirit energy, and making it so that Xiao Yun’s spirit energy was no longer assaulted by that powerful spirit energy.

“Looks like those dewdrops really are quite extraordinary.” Seeing this, the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow nodded in awe at those dewdrops. It seemed that the dewdrops could devour and absorb all sorts of energy.

After the berserk spirit energy ripples were suppressed, Xiao Yun was able to fuse the medicinal paste into a pill. Otherwise, just that spirit energy alone was able to make it so that he could not progress at all.

After adding the dewdrop, everything was once again under Xiao Yun’s control, and he started to fuse the Soul Heaven Pill. After 10 or so minutes, the medicinal pill fused into the shape of a pill. Under the intense flames, it was continuously refined, turning its exterior smooth and glossy. Finally, a light green medicinal pill was formed, and a dense wave of spirit energy emanated out of the cauldron.

“What dense spirit energy!” Xiao Yun narrowed his eyes, his eyes burning with desire.

If he consumed this medicinal pill, would he immediately break through to the next Layer of the Spirit-Destroying Divine Art? Perhaps he would be able to skip multiple Layers.

Seeing the look on Xiao Yun’s face, the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow hurriedly spoke out, “Lil Yun, don’t you dare to fight with me over this.”

“Don’t worry, since I already promised it to you, I won’t fight with you over it.” Xiao Yun shrugged and took the medicinal pill out and offered it. “Here.”

This Soul Heaven Pill would be quite useful to Xiao Yun, but it was not enough. So what if he stepped into the Third Layer of the Spirit-Destroying Divine Art? He still would not be able to fight with Essence Core realm experts.

As such, allowing the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow to return to the Essence Core realm was the best course of action. Xiao Yun was also quite familiar with the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow’s abilities: if the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow returned to the First Layer of the Essence Core realm, he would be able to fight with those at the Second Layer of the Essence Core realm.

“Haha, it’s good that you’re such a loyal and trustworthy person,” the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow said as it received the Soul Heaven Pill, feeling ecstatic.

This pill was a light-green colour, and was quite different to how normal Soul Heaven Pills looked. However, the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow could feel a dense aura of life within it. This aura of life was incredibly valuable to it, and this pill was definitely superior to a normal Soul Heaven Pill.

“Just consume it,” Xiao Yun said.

The Heaven-Devouring Sparrow was fairly reliable, so helping it become stronger was also helping himself. That was why Xiao Yun did not feel any pain in giving this pill to the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow.

“Don’t worry, after this Lord returns to the Essence Core realm, I’ll help you sweep across all the lands.” The Heaven-Devouring Sparrow grabbed the medicinal pill and returned to the Heaven-Devouring Tower as it said, “It’ll take me some time to absorb this medicinal pill and regain my strength, so be careful in the meantime.”

“I’ll be fine,” Xiao Yun calmly replied. Now that he was in the Imperial Palace, who would dare to do anything to him?

The Heaven-Devouring Sparrow entered the Heaven-Devouring Tower and opened its mouth, swallowing the Soul Heaven Pill. As the medicinal pill entered its mouth, strange ripples began to emanate out, and a jade-light shone, covering its body.

The Heaven-Devouring Sparrow lapsed into silence, starting to absorb the Soul Heaven Pill’s medicinal energy.

After refining the Soul Heaven Pill, Xiao Yun also refined a few Fire Essence Pills for himself.

These were all medicinal pills made from refining all sorts of Fire medicinal ingredients, and had benefits for those who practised Fire Martial Skills or those who had Fire Martial Spirits. After consuming the pills, Xiao Yun’s Violet Flame Martial Spirit slowly became stronger, and his own Martial Spirit also absorbed some of that Fire Essence Qi.

His Martial Spirit needed all sorts of Essence Qi, and was an absolute glutton.

“I wonder where Yiyi went?” After refining a few more medicinal pills, Xiao Yun went out, but he could not find her. Even after sending out his spirit energy, he could not find any traces of her. This caused Xiao Yun to frown.

Xiao Yun started to walk around to look for her. When he walked about halfway up the mountain, a light flashed as an arrow shot out towards him.

“A concealed weapon?” Xiao Yun’s eyes gleamed, grabbing the arrow. Upon the arrow was a scroll of paper.

If you want to find that snow-white little beast, come to the Imperial Palace’s Jasper Forest Park.

Seeing this line of words, Xiao Yun’s pupils contracted, and had a bad feeling. There was also a detailed map on the letter, showing him how to get there.

“Could it be someone from the Imperial Clan?” Xiao Yun wondered to himself and looked out into the distance. “Ninth Prince? Since you want to play, I’ll play with you all.” Apart from him, Xiao Yun could not think of anyone who he had enmity with within the Imperial Palace.

The other side wanted to use the snow-white little beast as bait, and even though Xiao Yun knew that there was definitely danger, he could not just sit by.

Back then, when he had been in danger, the snow-white little beast had stood up for him time and time again. Now that it was in trouble, how could he just leave it be?

Xiao Yun followed the map, and soon, he came to a garden. There were many majestic trees planted there, as well as many birds and other animals moving about. It was one of the relaxational areas used to entertain guests.

Within the garden was a large open area, with flowing water and grasses and flowers.

On top of a pavilion sat a few men, looking into the distance. One of them was evidently the Ninth Prince.

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